Turkish Aggression Trail

  1. Greek Borders General -a definite showcase of Turkish aggression towards the Greeks the last few years.
  2. 'No Common Ground Between Turkish, Greek Cypriots' - after International Jewry helped fund the Young Turks who then committed several genocides against Greeks, Armenians, and Assryians, with the help of more Westerners they invaded and annexed the northern part of Cyprus to commit more massacares as if their cup needed another fill of blood. The man behind the peacekeeping mission (in real speak: rewarding animals known throughout history for their bloodletting for their habitual aggression) was then Canadian PM Lester B. Pearson. It was this WASP betrayal that earned Canada and Pearson credit for the creation of the peacekeeping forces.
  3. The Martyrdom Of Smyrna And Eastern Christendom: A File Of Overwhelming Evidence, Denouncing The Misdeeds Of The Turks In Asia Minor And Showing Their Responsibility For The Horrors of Smyrna - Compiled and Prefaced By Dr.Lysimachos Oeconomos (1922) - even the Ottomans didn' t resort to the level of the Young Turks, oh so full of Republican zeal, by destroying the iconic Christian city of Smyrna and also, it was the Triumvirate Atlantic states (America, Britain, France) that would watch Smyrna and then later Constaniople burn while offering a few of the victims of their Balance of Power games a token boat ride out of there. Both times they watched the Young Turks destroy an iconic piece of their heritage in typical traitor fashion to their master's benefit. Both times they could have destroyed the army that committed these atrocities while in the following years their behaviour has not changed one iota as they preach about "human rights" and "democracy".
  4. Greek community president in Armenia: History repeated itself and Armenia was left alone again - the century+ long campaign to remove Armenia and Armenians from their homeland continues to this day.
  5. Azerbaijan’s War Against Artsakh and Armenia - Azerbaijan is a Little Turkey in many ways and Aliyev is a Pan-Turk like his big Pan-Turkic brother Erdogan. Azeris were originally Azeri Turks from Iran and are generally disliked by their kin in Iran.
  6. Turkish Generals Led War on Artsakh. This Was a Turkish, Not Azeri, Victory - a Turk state aided a Turk state in aggression against native Armenia and Armenians.
  7. Azerbaijan And Turkey Sign Shusha Declaration on Alliance - preparation for more aggression...
  8. Azerbaijan Destroys More Armenian Monuments Than the Terrorists Do in the Middle East – US Ex-Senator - when the West it is only proper to ignore obvious contradictions to your rhetoric as champions of "human rights" and "democracy" when your allies are worse transgressors than your enemies.
  9. Israel’s Secret Staging Ground - all Western roads lead to Tel Aviv... Baku Oil is Rothschild Oil (The Break Up)
  10. The Real Perpetrator of the 2020 Artsakh War - "It was Aliyev who, back in 2015, claimed that international law does not work and international agreements have no value."
  11. The Story of Foreign Money In Armenia - Velvet Revolution = Colour Revolution. To highlight the dumbed down state of the world; few saw the symbology of velvet used in this context. The symbology is an old European one where a velvet glove hides an iron glove. Is this not the true nature of democracy?
  12. Erdoğan uses syncretism of neo-Ottomanism and pan-Turkism to build Greater Turkey - and if successful, luckily highly unlikely due to the Dog's mental illnesses, all the East and the West would be drawn into war because the Turks and Islam are; <sarcasm> the bastions of peace and prosperity </sacrcasm>. Offhand, notice how many Republics (fallaciously taking the Young Turk rhetoric at face value as Republican) throughout history ended in a worse tyranny than they overthrew. Think Jacobite (French) Revolution, America, Rome, and many more examples throughout the annals of history.
  13. The Great Betrayal Of Armenia by Jake Arminius - my writing on the 2020 Artsakh War.

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