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[This is a scrap collated into a wikipage. Most of it is in Greek but the English headlines tell a story themselves. It is a very long page, you have been forewarned. P.S. Done formatting part 1, part 2 forthcoming. -JA]

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Legality of the situation (Check images "Articles" 1, 2 and 3 on mediafire),

Ottoman/Turkish Genocides, Crimes & Violations




Immigrants making kids inhale smoke so they could cry for the cameras

Greek coast guard pushing back boat

Greeks on Lesvos are burning down a UNCHR Migrant reception center

Warning shots by our army at Greek-Turkish borders against immigrants

The representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for immigrants getting attacked by Greeks in Lesvos

Greek patriots tell economic immigrants to turn back

Immigrants destroyed church in Lesvos

Greek army reinforcements heading to Evros

Islamist illegal immigrants shouting Allahu Akbar wanting by force to invade Greece

Algerian migrant NGO activist records a video while standing together with the thousands of migrants that are trying to storm the Greek border

Amnesty International releases Politically Biased video Blaming only Greece

Anry Immigrants storming the greek border.

Migrants burn tires and other things at the border in Evros

Large Group of immigrants attempted to cross the border near Feres

Pomak minority in Greece assists Hellenic Armed Forces and Hellenic Police by delivering food and drinks to the frontline!

hunters and fishermen helping police and army

Dutch aid workers Lesbos 'attacked with metal bars

video shows Turkish Police shooting something towards what it seems to be the Greek border

Greek Reporter at Turkish side of the border talks to immigrants who said they paid 50 Euros to human traffickers to cross border but were confronted by greek soldiers and forced to go back

Another NGO (Mare Liberum) attacked in Lesvos and has to flee, they also anchored their boat away from the shores

Migrants from various countries speak out while stuck in Greek-Turkish buffer zone

Turkey is releasing criminals and sending them to the border

Turks beating foreigners continues, probably as "incentive" to make them move to europe

A Turkish lorry accompanies a boat heading to Lesvos

Immigrants arriving by taxi at border


President of the Hellenic Border Guard ends the "women and children" narrative

Bristol volunteer Lesbos migrant aid worker feels 'hunted'

Greek Soldiers stop group of immigrants trying to cross the border through the woods

Mare Liberum NGO being told to leave

Protestors blocking access to Moria camp

Afghan immigrant days:Turkish Soldiers helped us trespass the Greek borders when we failed they beat us, stripped us off our clothes, threw us water,stole our mobiles & money

Residents of Moria trying to get to the port after a rumor spread that the refugees will be sent to Athens

NGOs staging photos

People in Berlin and Barcelona protest in support of immigrants and against Borders berlin


Greek military arrested migrants that were able to cross the border in Evros

NGO warehouse destroyed by fire in Panagia Letsena Greece

video and pictures of orthodox church destroyed by immigrants

immigrants protest against living conditions in Moria camp

1000 immigrants marching towards the city of Mytilene

people camping and marching towards Mytilene classhed with police

508 immigrants at Mytilene port to be sent to detention center

riot police blocks 400 illegals from boarding a train from Athens to Alexandroupolis in an effort to support their immigrant friends at the border


immigrants throwing a lot of CS Gas Grenades at Evros border guards

Greek residents have formed vigilante groups to find immigrants, catch them and deliver them to border guards

Images from Turkish Police in riot gear and shields shooting gas grenades towards greek border(video from Greek Official sources)

police in riot gear stop migrants trying to get on a ferry to Athens at Lesvos

Immigrants being put into Greek Landing Craft at Mythilene, more information to be released(update, will be sent to pre-deportation camps)

BREAKING: Armed men directing immigrants towards greek border, shots can also be heard in the background

Immigrants that have boarded the Greek Navy Ship will be sent to pre-deportation camps

journalists sent away by the Greek police at the Mytilene port

Turkish Police officers force Iranian asylum seekers to go to the Greek border and threatens to shoot them

"refugees" protesting and asking to go through greece so they can go to other european countries

turkey is putting fences up to stop people from giving up and going back into turkey

Polish minister of internal affairs will propose sending 100 border guards and about another 100 policemen to help Greek counterparts

Video from inside a Turkish bus taking people to the Greek border mostly men

Greek army transporting more barbed wire and other reinforcements to the border

Migrant throwing rocks at the Greek border guards while waving a Turkish flag

immigrants riot outside Kos camp, barricaded themselves and set fire to the barricades, the police arrived and an NGO van was attacked by the citizens of KOS

Local Greek residents and national guard, blocked the invasion of illegal immigrants


Turkey sent 1000 police special forces to the border to prevent "refugees" from going back

Turkey is stopping any journalists or cameras 2km away from border, no filming or reporting allowed

leftists protest in solidarity with "Refugees" in Thessaloniki

Greek patriots unite to defend their borders

Greece reinforces border with additional 40km fence

Only 4% of people who entered Greece were from Syria, most are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey

Two men shooting 40mm Gas Grenades at Greek Border

Greece BAN Navigation from Lesvos to Samos to halt illegal immigration

Increased activity over south east Aegean sea, Greece, amid high tensions in the boundaries in Evros

Erdogan supporters ask man if he is turkish, after he said no they beat him, these are their tactics to scare away foreigners and force them to go to the Greek border

Just as Russia announced a deal with Turkey the border with Greece started clearing up

people leaving the border, Turkey said they will bus/ferry them back home or let them try the smuggling routes by themselves


EU puts list of several measures to be taken to secure border and Greece, one of them includes funding new asylum camps


Ankara Bar Association: "Refugees" are forcibly transferred to the border

Greek Frontex leader ordered Danish Frontex patrol boat to force 33 rescued immigrants back in their dingy and to tow them across the sea border. The Danish patrol boat refused to follow the order from "Operation Poseidon" headquarters

66 NGOs express their deep concern with letters to EU/PM Mitsotakis

Syriza MP calls on citizens NOT to help Evros

Video of NGOs staging shipwreck footage

Turkey sends special forces army units to Turkey-Greece Border

Visegrad Group countries say they are prepared to send very concrete help to the Greeks

Video shows Turkish military beating migrants who try to come back to Turkey

Video shows Turkish Forces shooting Gas Grenades over Greek Border

Video shows Greek Border being targeted by several Gas grenades and Moral effect Grenades

Turkish Coast Guard vessel attempts to ram Greek coastguard patrol boat in the Aegean

Immigrants keep trying to tie ropes to the Greek border fence and take it down by force while shouting "Allahu akbar" and "Turkiye"

Greek Border Police fires gas grenades at immigrants after attempts to break in

Image of immigrants trying to take down fence by tying a rope to it


Immigrants set fire to Vegetation at turkish side of border to cause a wildfire

The Greek military has been placed in a state of high alert, after huge provocation of Turkey

Turkish military/police helping immigrants bring down fence by shooting tear gas at Greek forces.

Turkish armored vehicle trying to bring down the Evros border

Immigrant entertainment area operated by the NGO "One Happy Family" is on fire in the island of Lesvos (several images)

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban: his government is ready to help Greece

No more benefits for asylum seekers

EU-Turkey deal is 'dead' because of Ankara, Mitsotakis tells CNN

"Refugees" or Turks trying to break the fence with bolt cutters

12 immigrants arrested at athens airport pretending to be a handball team, 11 of them with fake passports and 1 had the passport of another person

Video seems to show a Greek soldier shooting towards immigrants

Turkish policemen fragrantly throw chemicals towards Greek territory while illegal immigrants cry “allahu akbar”

Lesvos locals attack NGO cars on the streets

Cars belonging to NGO members burned down - Lesvos

Spy-app "open eyez" advertised in Lesvos, it says it will help right wing groups to organize better

Excavator digging on the Turkish side of the border

Immigrants get arrested during BBC interview

videos show Turkish police shooting gas grenades at GreekBorder to help immigrants in several occasions

Paramilitary are constantly among the immigrants (exposed)


More images from "One Happy Family" NGO building fire

Excavator sinks into river after attempting to create a floating structure

Farmer in Evros spray Immigrants with pig manure (pig shit and urine) at border

more images of Pro-Erdogan groups in turkey beating immigrants to force them to pack their bags and move to greece in Marash

pile of barbed wire the Greeks use for repairing the border fence that is constantly being damaged

women in Grey Wolves vests on the Turkish side of the border

illegal immigrants have broken the windshields of greek army vehicles

Greek Army patrol at the train station of Kastanies village, near the Greek-Turkish border

Immigrants refuse to go back into turkey even while standing directly in front of greek soldier and receiving orders to go back

High Ranking Grey Wolves members identified in Greece-Turkey border

Other Gray Wolves members identified

Greek deputy Minister of Defence, was interviewed about the border situation

Cyprus reinforcements arrive to Greece

Turkish kid makes video jumping on and ripping Greek flags

Austria sends to Greece 13 Cobra Team officers, 1 Drone, 1 Armored vehicle and 1 Million Euros


Germany announces that it will take in between 1000 to 1500 children from Greek Camps

Turkish reporter identified as Vedat Sezer working for Erdogan family owned news channel is seen here guiding & trying to convince an immigrant on how to cross Evros river with a boat and make it to Greece

Greek PM Mitsotakis: Europe knows how to overcome obstacles, and so does my country. We have demonstrated during the past ten days that we're capable of defending both national and European sovereignty. Greece and Europe shall not be blackmailed by anyone.

Illegal immigrants from Afghanistan have occupied an Orthodox Church on the Greek island of Lesbos

Belgrade - Serbians rally against illegal Immigration in support of Greece

Merkel: Unacceptable behavior from Turkey

Dutch European Court of Human Rights rejects sanctions against Greece for suspending asylum

Red Crescent workers charging the immigrant's phones

Erdogan leaves EU meeting without any statements with EU leaders

"they (Immigrants) have destroyed our lives, our children are frightened, enough" said greek woman during interview

Mare Liberum NGO cries about fascists

Dutch media interviews "16 year old" boy from Afghanistan

Media asks migrants why they wont go to Bulgaria

Video from 08/03 shows provocations only escalating at Greek-Turkish border

4000 Armed Greek Citizens patrol the border to stop Illegal Immigrants

Lesfitst Protest against borders and in solidarity with immigrants also leads to several vandalism acts in Athens

Turkish Police officer dressed as immigrant opened a hole at the Greek border fence, the Greek officers noticed that he was armed

Turks attack UN Peacekeepers in Cyprus

Greek troops of the 32nd Marine's Brigade transferred to the islands of the Eastern Aegean

Erdogan's Moderate "Refugees" Attack 20 Churches in Greece to enter other European Countries (video on mediafire)


Image shows message being shared among immigrants teaching them how to get Asylum

NGOs keep complaining about "fascist" attacks

Greek citizens keep donating supplies to the army and border patrol, this group of ladies sent gas masks and lab grade gloves

Last night ,farmers at Evros with guidance from the Greek Police force line up their tractors with headlamps on at different passings & passages to prevent the entrance of the illegal immigrants

Greek Fisherman patrol Evros river

Greek authorities patrol the border by helicopte and have set up barbed wire along the banks of the Evros river

Erdogan Denies, but coronavirus case in Maryland returned to US from Turkey

Last night a group of immigrants crossed the border to Evros and were immediately detained

Woman left everything behind and went to Evros help defend the border because she loves her country (video on mediafire)

Bulgaria has opened their valves of the dam upwards of the Marista River flowing down to the Evros river in Greece, to rise the water levels making it much difficult for the illegal migrants to cross the river.

Turks disrespect and burn Greek flag

Greeks built embankment as second line of defense at Evros border creating a strong barrier and choke points (video on mediafire)

Turkish Coast Guard KAAN29 class patrol boat TCSG107 violate Hellenic Terittorial Waters near Vatos (blue square) islet in southeast part of Oinousses islands. Karaburun peninsula (red square) in background can be seen.

HellenicArmy SpecialForces pair of RHIBs Magna 960 patrolling northbound Chios Strait in east Aegean Sea. Hellenic Security Forces in high alert ready to intercept rubber boats with migrants from Turkey to Greek islands

HellenicNavy Roussen class Fast Attack Craft P-69 HS Krystallidis spotted today afternoon northbound Chios Strait in east Aegean Sea

The Greek Army arresting illegal immigrants from Afghanistan at the border village Ardanio (Video on mediafire)

the Exalco company donated to the military a truck full of materials to reinforce the border such as barbed wire and other military essentials

Poles and Austrians to join Greeks in defense efforts

Oguz Bulut, indicted in the Ergenekon case and a former MHP (Gray Wolves) youth president in Sivas (Turkish City) was arrested for sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy >

Video from inside Greek Navy Vessel in Lesvos where illegal immigrants have been transferred to

BREAKING: Turkish Forces Shot directly at Greek forces trying to escalate situation, the shots were not fired into the air

NYT shares conspiracy theory of "secret refugee detention centers" and gets exposed as fake news AGAIN

Mitsotakis and Sebastian Kurtz meet and talk about ways to enhance the cooperation between Austria and Greece


Coronavirus in Greece

Turkish coast guard reportedly hit Greek Coast guard boat in Greek territorial waters

Austrian special forces Cobra operatives arrive in Greece

Greek border guards on standby for possible mass push by migrants assisted by Turkey, because Turkish forces have opened up a road parallel to the banks of the River Evros to help migrants pass.

Turkish airforce, violated twice the Greek airspace in Evros, couple of Turkish F16 flew low and harassed Greek helicopter which was monitoring the border

Immigrants attack Kastanias border with molotovs and try to take down fence (video on mediafire)

Immigrants yell offenses at Greek forces and cheer turkish forces at Evros


13 Austrian policemen of Cobra unit, with their special armored vehicle are patroling Evros today. Turkish gendarmes are nervously observing them

The Greek army is using a huge fan, so that when the Turkish army police is throwing chemicals and smoke canisters, these are redirected to their side

Polish Border Guard reinforcements have arrived to the Greek-Turkey border

BREAKING: Abtin Parsa, An Iranian anarchist and "refugee" in Athens, has called for the arming of illegal migrants in Evros because that is the only way to open the border

Greece will reinforce border with concrete blocks

Greece sets up and starts using the giant fan, turkish soldiers across the border can be seen running away from wind (video on mediafire)

Immigrants throwing more Molotovs at Evros border near Kastanias

"The West is not the name of civilization, it is a total lie, but rather the name of murderers, barbarians, cannibals, enemies of Turks and Muslims" says Turkish morning show host

BREAKING: Erdogan alludes to holy war compares Turkey to the last Islamic army and quotes a famous poem "26 Ağustos 1922", about the day the Great Offensive in the Turkish War of Independence destroyed the Greeks in Anatolia & drove them into the sea (video with subs mediafire)

BREAKING: Turkey's President Erdogan's son Bilal tells young people to stake a claim for the entire world, not limit themselves with current borders of Turkey, He recalls Ottomans controlled a territory of 2 million km2, lamented that territory reduced to 780K now

Article points out and details some Turkish escalations and provocations

Syriza politician Giannakopoulos calls Georgiadis far-right, but endorses his brother's participation in a demonstration with the flags of Al Nusra, the Islamist, jihadists of Syria.

Debunking the "Black site" conspiracy theory

Turkish soldiers are landing in a Greek islet in Evros river challenging Greek border guards


BREAKING: Afghan ex-military member Osman Azizi, has been living in Turkey for at least 2 years and now is at the Greek border with "friends"

Greek manufacturer Theon Sensors donates 25 night vision goggles to border guards + 5 thermal scopes

15 Egyptians managed to illegally cross the border and were immediately arrested by the border guards

Great video from Greek side of the border at Kastanias

Turkish Armed Forces drone Baykar Savunma TB2 UAV patrolling over Thrace with interesting call sign 1453TB2

Italian Police arrived to support our Greek brothers in Evros

Polish, Italian and Dutch border security forces deploy at Kastanies

Turkey's private hospitals do not accept patients with suspected coronavirus infection

"We will stay with nothing (money) in Turkey. We will wait here for Europe to open its borders, no matter how long it takes, "said Mark and Eric, two Syrians from Cameroon.

Greek F-16 dogchase exercise over Chios at very low altitudes simulating the defense of local airport

Greek Military placed a wall of concrete blocks at the border of Kastanias

43 from Congo! one from Togo! and one from Burkina Faso! This is a "Syrian refugee" boat that stopped the port outside Mytilene

Possible conflict of interest at the European Court of Human Rights, at least 22 of the 100 judges who have served since 2009 are former staff or leaders of these seven NGOs.

Fortifications at Greek side of the Border near Kastanias (both videos on mediafire)

Today's gathering of illegal immigrants at the Greek borders

BREAKING: Erdogan says that he will keep borders open for migrants until his demands of free movement, opening of chapters, updating of the customs union and financial assistance are tangibly met

Peaceful Immigrant yells "I will take your head no problem,I want you dead, I want you dead" and makes gestures

More clashes with the border Guards near Kastanias


Turkey tries to attack Greece with false information to be delivered to foreign media: Greek Embassies in Washington, London, Berlin and Paris are on alert

BREAKING: Turkish propaganda tries to show soldiers doing good things at Greek-Turkish border, but a soldier wearing mask and gloves is shown playing with a child, indicating possible coronavirus outbreak among immigrants (video on mediafire)

Immigrants at "refugee camp" in Moria invade olive oil mill, burn down olive trees, cut the trunks at the roots, dismantled the mill, it's stonework and now are building something else in the same place

This NGO keeps on bringing immigrants to Greece by boat. They even post their contact info for appointments and details. they give contact info to schedule when the immigrants will be brought to Greece

8 MRAP Τyphoon GSS-300 and 5 Toyota Land Cruisers have just been discovered abandoned in Piraeus Port for THREE YEARS

Turkish drones fly near border and spy on Greek-European troop movements (video on mediafire)

Konstantinou of KERFA group calls for a rally in the midst of a coronavirus to open the border and for immigrants to enter

Turkish authorities have started checking people for fevers and other coronavirus symptoms at the border

Immigrant at border lifting baby near the fence, very dangerous

Hundreds of Illegal immigrants who came by boats are waiting to be sent to a camp in northern Greece, they are being provided with accommodations at the port of Chios

Turkish Navy aircraft ATR72-600 serial number TCB701 with callsign MARTI25 south of Chios island inside the Hellenic airspace

the Immigrants have devastated the Turkish side of the Kastanias forest, cutting down trees, burning them and leaving a lot of trash everywhere


Large convoy of military vehicles is seen near Belgium-Dutch border

LRAD (Long-range Acoustic Device) systems being reviewed for probable use at the border

videos from National Technical University of Athens (Metsovio). Police evacuated classes occupied by immigrants with the help of some students

French citizens put posters up warning about the invasion and in support of Greece protecting its borders

the 436 immigrants who were staying in the Navy ferry Rhodes were transferred to Malacasa

Soran Qurbani, reporter that was at Turkish side of border has just tested positive for Coronavirus, he was taken to the hospital in Turkey and had TWO tests that were negative


Cargo ship with 193 immigrants stranded outside Kea, 13 trafficers also among them

Cargo ship taking 193 immigrants has wrecked, it was heading to Italy (videos on mediafire)

(MIGHT BE UNRELATED) Four vehicles of the Thessaloniki Water Supply and Drainage Company (EYATH), which were parked at the company's pumping station behind the Evangelist Cemetery, were burned down at 4:00 AM

Turkish drone "1453TB2" continues to patrol Evros border

Fire at Moria "refugee camp" in Lesvos (10 videos on mediafire)

Athens bracing for possible planned Turkish escalation


Blaze at Moria camp in Lesvos caused by a cooker

3000 year old olive trees are being cut down by "Refugees" to be used as firewood, in farms that are not being rented by NGOs (older article)

Turkish Morning show host once again compares Greeks to murderers and spreads false information about them mistreating "refugees"

Turkey had two drones patrolling the border near Evros and one patrolling the borders from Evros through Lesvos all the way to Chios

Some of the MRAPs confiscaded 3 years ago and abandoned at the Piraeus port have been put into operation and are on their way to the Evros border

MILTECH HELLAS SA donated 5 LS thermal systems of types MLT-IRS-60 and MLT-IRB-75A.

Immigrant camps located in Greek islands placed on lockdown

Greek soldier tells Turkish Soldiers to go fuck a goat (video on mediafire)

Turkish Armed forces seems to have been suffering from Coronavirus outbreak

"Refugees" set fire to Eleonas camp in Athens & shout allahu ackbar

(unrelated) On order of Iran's Ministry of Health, the Masoumeh Shrine which is now hotspot of CoronaVirus/COVID19 outbreak in Qom was closed on Shiite extremists. An hour ago, the Shiite extremists broke its doors to enter there, pray & also to lick its metal poles

Turkey tries to contain pilgrims who returned from mecca and are quarantined in student halls, estimate of 20 000 people have returned from Saudi Arabia

Images and video from confiscaded MRAP that will now be used by the Greek Border guard

35 "refugees" from Nepal have been caught in Evros this morning (video on mediafire)


Thermal video from greek side of border shows movement of guards and immigrants last night - >

last night an attempt to breach the border fence was made with the backing of Turkish forces and their CS gas grenades, specialists suspect it was to test the response time of Greek and international forces

Austrian forces "Cobra" came face to face with a Turkish patrol last night that asked them why they were there, it was not their country, the Autrians responded "This is our country, we are defending European Borders"

SYRIZA MEP recorded with two full shopping carts at supermarket

BREAKING: Erdogan admits there is a problem due to coronavirus for the first time

Video from today shows several immigrants coughing at Evros border near Kastanias, Turkish side (video on mediafire)

This afternoon Turkish forces once again assisted Immigrants at another attempt to breach border fence (video on mediafire)

Immigrants shout Allahu Ackbar as Turkish forces assist them on another attempt to breach border fence (video on mediafire) >

BREAKING: Immigrants seen carrying a big structure, seems like a battering ram, Rafts or maybe a ramp (video on mediafire)

Turkish journalist talks about Islam necessity to conquer every country

Video of Greek water cannon being used after more attempts to breach border (video on mediafire)

Images from MRAP convoy heading to Evros

BREAKING: Turkish News just announced the death of a Military officer Aitac Yilman due to coronavirus, his wife and daughter are currently also in quarantine

More images from Evros border, Greek forces using has grenades to curb attempt of breaching border (video on mediafire)

CCTV footage of Fan truck being used to blow off CS gas away from Greek forces

More Images and Videos of new arrivals at Chios being placed at a camp in the port, in one of the videos the immigrant is ironically saying "thank you thank you very good"

BREAKING: Turkish conspiracy to influence American policy makers through proxies has been exposed and a court filling has been issued by an U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California


Turkish Commandos at the Evros river talk to illegal immigrants and indicate to them where to go (cross), after the boat takes off they almost lose control several times due to ripples (Video on mediafire)

Two Turkish drones are again patrolling the borders between Greece and Turkey, they have apparently increased their activities in the past few days

Fears of infected immigrants among the 193 that shipwrecked in Kea

Video from 18/03 shows even more immigrants yelling Allahu Ackbar as they attempt to breach fence

Video from inside ship that crashed into the Stones in Kea, heading to Italy with 193 immigrants mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Somalia

videos from Turkish side of the border yesterday show the immigrants gathering and some seem to be celebrating

(non related to border but with immigration) Convict (60 year old Turkish man) from 2013 illegal arms shipment arrested thursday in Athens

(non related to border but with immigration) 13 arrested on Drug bust at Exarchia, gang that dealed drugs composed mostly of immigrants

BREAKING: Video from Last night shows immigrants trying to use improvised stairs to breach border(videos on mediafire)

38 new airspace violations in the Aegean by Turkish Jets and one virtual dogfight but with no real aggression, all aircraft intercepted, four of the Turkish aircrafts were armed

New attempts to breach border with once again assistance from Turkey using gas grenades (video on mediafire)

Immigrants tried to break the fence by dropping a tree on fire on top of it (Video on mediafire)

Twenty people died in Turkey after drinking rubbing alcohol to protect themselves from Coronavirus

Two Turkish fishing boats were fishing inside Greek territorial waters right outside Chios, after two hours of chasing they went back into Turkish waters

IMPORTANT: very good and extensive analysis of the Border crisis

Videos from border, image taken with drone shows more chaos by migrants throwing rocks and Turkish forces shooting CS Gas Grenades while trying to take down border


Immigrants at moria "volunteer" to become part of the UN White Helmets and want the program to exist in Greece now (video on mediafire)

Video from another night of chaos at the Evros border with Turkish police shooting gas grenades and illegal immigrants shouting Allahu Ackbar (video on mediafire)

Video from 19/03 in Evros border shows immigrants throwing rocks at Greek Border patrol

284 Illegal Immigrants were transferred today from Chios island to the mainland, where they will be returned to their country of origin(supposedly) after a short while

At a migrant centre in Greece today, customers complained about the "service" and how nobody is cleaning their bathroom or that they dont have rooms with less people

Arson at NGO building that belonged to "One Happy Family" was caused by THREE PALESTINIANS

Apparently Turkey has removed immigrants from borders and took them to Constantinople due to coronavirus


Despite claims that Turkey has removed immigrants from Evros border, video shows several fireplaces and people at the border at night (video on mediafire)

Drones continue to spy on Greek borders, 1453TB2 drone in Evros and TCB804 from Lesvos to Rodos

Turkish drilling boat Oruc Reis continues to sail around Kastellorizo, Cyprus and EEZ waters

forecasts for Coronavirus infection in Turkey are of possible 200 000 infected, Erdogan's government is considering opening prisons and releasing 100 000 criminals, only excluding those related with terrorist activities

Leftist movements ignore quarantine orders and perform a small protest in Athens to demand open borders and to let the immigrants in

Albania received 30 000 "refugees" from Turkey, sent them to Greek villages inside Albanian borders in North Epirus, also instituted Matial law due to coronavirus concerns

Video from 21/03 morning shows the devastation created by the immigrants to the Kastanias forest on the Turkish side, extremely deforested, trees burned and a lot of smoke (Video on Mediafire)


video shows Turkish forces shooting more CS Gas grenades in Greek Territory (video on mediafire)

Turkish forces shoot gas grenades at Greek personel trying to repair border fence (video on mediafire)

CCTV Footage shows immigrants trying to cut through Greek border fence with several tools (video on mediafire)

Series of videos from Today's afternoon shows more attempts to take down border and responses from Greek Border guards shooting gas grenades (video on mediafire)

CCTV footage shows large amount of Gas and Smoke grenades being shot at Greek border guards by Turkish forces to help and provide cover to immigrants to tear down border fence (video on mediafire)

Video made by Turkish propaganda agency shows Turkish forces shooting gas & smoke grenades at Greek Border

Video shows a large group of people working on dismantling the Greek border fence in Evros

more videos showing Turkish Gas and Smoke grenades being shot at the Greek borders to provide cover for people taking down the fence

a total 1345 immigrants who arrived after March 1st are being transferred to a closed facility in mainland greece, they cant apply for asylum and will be deported

CCTV Footage shows Greek side of border taken by Smoke and CS Gas grenades with extremely low visibility


"refugees" pretend they are new arrivals to leave islands faster and be transferred to mainland Greece

boat with 56 immigrants arrived to Lesvos 50 from Afghanistan and 6 from Africa, 116 people arrived to the islands yesterday

Greek forces had to use their giant fan once again due to Turkish smoke and gas grenades (video on mediafire)

Helicopter flies over Chios "refugee camp" after cases of chinese flu were reported inside the camp

more videos of Turkish forces shooting Gas and Smoke grenades at Greek Border Guards


A couple of Greek F-16 flew over Evros at lower altitudes

The MRAP Typhoon GSS-300 armored vehicles have arrived in Kastanies, Evros and will soon patrol the border

Videos from this afternoon show people at the Turkish side of the border, very few women and children, mostly men

(partially unrelated) literal truckloads of coffins seen all over Turkey

"refugee" camp in Kos erupts with fights between Arab and African immigrants (video on mediafire)


Turkish Coast guard ship makes dangerous maneuvers around Greek Navy ship in Greek territorial water near Chios

Greek border guards mock and laugh at Turkish forces that had a vehicle to break right next to the border and had to be towed by a tractor (video on mediafire)

Greek border guards sing the Greek anthem at the Evros border (video on mediafire)

During the Greek national anthem, two Greek F-16 flew over the Evros region near the border (video on mediafire)

NATO calls Greek Independence Day "National Day" and does not address the border crisis caused by Turkey

Additional fence fortifications arrive at Evros

Images of houses from Moria region that had their roofs dismantled by immigrants who wanted wood to burn


Immigrant posts video saying that Turkey is preparing for evacuation or wants to force them to leave their camps, some were told to pack their things and leave, others had their shelters destroyed

Farmers in Lesvos woke up to see entire fields of olive trees cut down to the root and entire stone terraces disappeared

Another church in Lesvos vanalized by four immigrants according to eye witnesses, they smashed the door and broke in

Turkish F-16 commit 18 airspace violations and fly directly over several Greek islands

Prosecutor's Office denies violation of airspace by Turkish jets on 25/03 over Alexandroupolis, Kavala, Lemnos and Chios


BREAKING: Turkish police forces set fire to immigrant tents in an effort to drive them away from the border and back into turkey, massive wildfirefire at the border is the result of it (videos on mediafire)

after last night's fire all migrants were evacuated from the Border and will be kept in Quarantine hostels until the Turkish government find a more suitable place according to them (videos on mediafire)

Confiscated MRAPs now being used at Evros border get new paintjob

video from immigrant shows them inside a bus going back into Turkey after evacuation of border (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Turkish Interior Minister says that nothing will change and that they will not stop sending refugees to the Border, they will simply hold them at a few facilities and wait until the Coronavirus threat goes away (video on mediafire)

According to this new source, Turkey's government is not happy with the evacuation of the border which might escalate tensions even more

Turkish Jets are once again violating Greek airspace and trying to escalate tensions in the Aegean

the news about the 28 "new refugee camps" are FAKE they were build by the last government and were controlled from NGOs now they will be passed to the police

4 Samos residents identified for damaging NGO vehicles and buildings


BREAKING: Turkish F-16 jets violated Greek airspace four times today in northern Evros

(somewhat related) Video leaked from Turkey shows the government creating several graves for supposed Coronavirus victims (video on mediafire)

Video from immigrants who were evacuated from Evros for fears of coronavirus outbreak are at a gymnasium in Edirne (video on mediafire)

NGOs start petition led by Amnesty International to request that Mitsotakis protect the "refugees"


no relevant news today


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Illegal immigrant in closed camp in Serres found passed out on the ground with high fever

Five illegal immigrants that were moved to a closed camp in Serres to await deportation fled last night and reached a nearby village, local residents dont feel safe and demand the camp to be removed from the region

Video from Athens shows immigrants freely roaming the streets despite quarantine laws and Greek citizens getting fines and arrested (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Turkish news says that Greece has occupied the islet of Platis (small islet above Kos) after a visit from Greek Deputy Defense Minister Alkiviadis Stefanis visited the island of Kalolimnos and the islet of Platis on March 14


pictures of Austrian and Greek special forces still protecting the Evros border

Turkey announces that they will release 90 000 inmates with new amnesty bill due to coronavirus, jailed journalists, political prisoners, critics & dissidents are excluded

Athens prepares itself for more Turkish escalations following reports from Evros

(unrelated to border) Mohamed Elgamasy, Egyptian immigrant arrested for raping and robbing Greek woman

"refugees" at Moria camp vandalized car that entered the region around the camp (video on mediafire)


Turkish Navy to move ships away from ports to avoid contamination, almost a quarantine

(unrelated) 13 countries including Greece issue letter to the EU concerned about the rule of law and the current measures being taken

(unrelated) EU announces it will send 240 million Euro in support of "refugees" in the middle east

64 illegal immigrants arrived at Greek islands today, 39 in Lesvos and 25 in Samos

25 illegal immigrants arrive in Samos by boat

NGO "Sea-Eye" that refuses to cooperate with Italian and Libyan authorities by bringing more illegals into Europe announces that they are going to the Mediterranean

Greek Army points out at electronic warfare that was going on during the Evros crisis where Turkey used massive interference tools and listened to Greek radio frequencies

(news from 26/03) Turkey deliberately and unilaterally lays UN coordinates to define their borders in the Aegean and violates Greek territorial waters and EEZ zone


African immigrant shows off welfare money to his friends during video-call (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Turkish military helicopters and jets commit 35 airspace violations including flying over Oinousses and Panagia islands

BREAKING: 23 cases of coronavirus in Ritsona "refugee" camp

"Refugees" at Ritsona camp attack doctors who made coronavirus tests and call results fake

Illegal immigrants are still crossing the Evros border, residents of villages at the border report movement of small groups going through their villages and today they tried to take apart the roof of a chapel to steal the wood

25 illegal immigrants arrived by boat in Samos yesterday, nobody knows where the group is hiding in the small island or if they are infected

Campaign made by "lighthouse relief" NGO shows that they receive funding from an extremist Islamic organization

BREAKING: Man arrested in Chios after shooting at "refugees" according to him to defend his father that has been attacked by them and that has been also attacked previously at the same place

IMPORTANT: Aegean islands start asking to be quarantined one by one to reinforce isolation and prevent more people from fleeing to the islands and risking an outbreak

BREAKING: Video from Leopigi, Kastoria shows immigrants moving towards Albanian border (video on mediafire)


Greece expects escalations at both maritime and aerial borders, with Turkey also preparing to send immigrants by boats to Greek islands

Turkey is deploying old cargo ships and repairing them in order to send illegal immigrants to Greek islands and maybe even Italy

BREAKING: New Turkish escalations with more F-16 flyovers and airspace violations

BREAKING: Airspace violations by Turkish jets in Greek airspace today, with 5 virtual dogfights (no shots fired)

Police officers struggle to keep immigrants inside their camps and facilities during quarantine

Immigrants complaining about the conditions at the camps not being great and that nobody cleans it for them

Total population of "refugee camps" in Greek islands reduced by 5.3% with decongestion measures

BREAKING: Immigrants broke out of the Ritsona camp, which is under quarantine/lockdown due to 23 confirmed coronavirus cases

the spread of coronavirus among immigrants at camps, ships and other locations is a concern of the authorities, plans have been made to contain it

(non related, older news) Body with amputated arm found in Ritsoma, no information regarding age or identity of the deceased


BREAKING: Turkish cargo ship in Central Aegean has Greek Navy in Red Alert when it approached Agathonisi island, it did not answer radio calls and changed course going back to Turkish waters

Turkey officially releases 90 000 inmates amid coronavirus outbreak

BREAKING: Thousands of cars seen leaving Constantinople after it was announced that it would be under lockdown along with other 30 MAJOR CITIES

Turkish tanker seen moving suspiciously between Samos and Chios

Leader of "Advocates Abroad" NGO, Ariel Ricker, caught on tape saying "We train them to play theater and pretend to be stupid people seeking asylum" and also posted about the FIRST time she saw a boy getting gang raped and she did nothing

IMPORTANT: Greece to reinforce Evros border with additional 25 TONS of cement

IMPORTANT: Around 5000 Olive trees have been cut down (some also burned and then cut) by "refugees" at olive groves all over the Moria region to be used as firewood and stone work and terraces at such groves also demolished


Video from 30/03 shows hundreds of immigrants near the Moria camp armed with sticks tried to confront Greek Authorities/Police

Miltech Hellas to donate Thermal imagery gear to supply Central Port Authority of Alexandroupolis and meet their needs

Immigrants decide to disrespect the camp quarantine and decide to play football in a field near Moria, the police was called

In Thessaloniki, an immigrant disrespecting the quarantine of the Ritsoma camp has been seen in the city and fined by police after getting "strict recommendations"

Immigrant camp in Malakassa is also now under quarantine after one case of coronavirus was confirmed

The fortification of the Evros border is still happening to this day and several additional KM of fences will be put up along with other concrete barriers and reinforcements

BREAKING: Albania agrees to take in "refugees" from Turkey and they will be placed near the Greek border

Immigrants at camps in Greece dont follow "social distancing" recommendations


BREAKING: UNHCR cooperating with NGOs wants to rent beds/hotels/apartments with full service, in the Greek islands, for immigrants (Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos, Leros, Rhodes, Crete)

IMPORTANT: Second immigrant camp near Athens put in 14 day quarantine after confirmation of coronavirus cases

Small Greek islands calling for a ban on all arrivals including immigrants and residents from mainland, These islands include Patmos, Milos, Tilos, Ithaki, Kasos, Alonnisos, Leipsoi, Oinousses, Agathonissi, Psara, Paxos and Rhodes.

Four Somali immigrants started a fight against Palestinians in Rhodes, 10 immigrants were injured, six of them with serious injuries

(might be related) two cars of a courier company were targeted by arnonists and burned last night in Thessaloniki

Turkish airforce seems to be suffering from a Coronavirus outbreak

IMPORTANT: The mayor of Chalkida says that every week 5 immigrant women give birth at the local hospital and that there are 400 three-month pregnant women at the Chalkida immigrant camp

BREAKING: Albanian anti-terror squad with automatic weapons terrorize Greek villagers for installing a crucifix in the mainly Greek speaking town of Himara

Erdogan blames the Coronavirus pandemic on Turkish citizens that went to America or Europe, trying to transfer the responsibility to the west and says his government took the correct measures early on (video on mediafire)

African immigrant complains about Greece being dirty, that the country is no good, that Germany and Italy are better (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Thousands of migrants from the "refugee" camp in Daviata Greece have rioted all day, attacking the police; They demand to that Greece let them get on their way and continue their journey to Western Europe. (Video on mediafire)


Yesterday a rural house in Lesvos where the owner cant visit without express permission due to the quarantine has been raided by immigrants, they have dug into the walls to get inside to steal the refrigerator and other belongings

The chapel of St. Raphael in Moria the wooden door was broken and there was minor damage inside, now they have installed safety fences

In Lesvos, people from Moria are very upset by the crimes committed by the immigrants that are using the quarantine and traffic bans to destroy houses to steal the wood and are cutting extremely old olive trees in the area to use as firewood

Farmers outraged by the destruction of their olive groves by immigrants in Moria, they estimate that over 5000 trees have been cut down and the quarantine prevents farmers from visiting their land while immigrants roam freely and destroy it

Large police operation arrest immigrant traffickers in Patissia

BREAKING: A large shipment of "immigrant" hosting materials sent by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is expected in Samothrace. It is rumored that it is planned to host the "rescued" of the operation "IRINI"


BREAKING: A couple of Turkish F-16 entered the Athens FIR without submitting a flight plan flew over Ro and 5 minutes later over Stroggili, The Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by respective Greek fighters

Article details the situation at the Aegean and points out to Turkish aerial and maritime operations, also how costly this have become to the Turks and how the Greek presence and push-back has caused an impact on Turkish forces

IMPORTANT: military analyst Savvas Kalenteridis details the magnitude, what is the strategy being used by Erdogan and how he will most likely implement it

BREAKING: a 16 year old Afghan immigrant stabbed to death near Moria camp, after that, fights started at the minors section of the camp. 4 people are injured, 2 of them in critical state

muslims are publicly performing the Izaan prayer at night,"Izaan" means “submission”, “obedience”, “acceptance”

BREAKING: more provocations by Turkish airforce with 18 airspace violations, overflights, and 2 virtual aerial combat situations (no armed aggression), 4 Turkish fighters were armed

Video from yesterday in Komotini shows a mosque operating normally and doing their prayers on a loudspeaker while Orthodox churches must be closed and cant use loudspeakers


Impressive compilation of videos showing the Evros border defenses, the armed forces and progression of the situation (video on mediafire)

Austrian government sends 181 special containers to house immigrants and for healthcare purposes

BREAKING: Immigrants riot in Lavrio when they thought that buses meant to transfer them to mainland Greece closed facilities were actually going to send them back to Turkey, they had arrived at the cargo ship that wrecked in Kea while supposedly heading to Italy

BREAKING: Turkish soldiers gathered their belongings and left the Evros border after remaining in the region even after the immigrants were evacuated

IMPORTANT: Turkey escalates Aegean tensions by deploying NAVTEX forces and claiming that Greece is shooting at ships that enter Greek territorial waters, the fake example they are using is a cargo ship that was heading to Lybia probably with armament and was forced to go back to Turkey, they claim Greece is breaking international law and preventing "free navigation" laws

(somehow related) Turkey deploys more frigates at Libyan sea, raising the total to 5 Turkish frigates in the area, validated through an illegal cooperation memorandum with the Saratz government signed with Tripoli, Anti Aircraft Turkish missiles probably fired by one of those frigates has also been found in the region

Dozens of cases at the Roma "refugee camp", 29 samples have been taken, results for 17 of them have arrived and 13 of them were positive

Campaign to collect signatures to release the man from Chios who shot at immigrants that entered his property to steal from him and attacked him with stones and sticks seems to have caught the attention of the Ministry of Justice and the number of signatures is growing fast


BREAKING: Turkish port officials beat up immigrants in a boat heading to Greece (video on mediafire)

Illegal immigrants protest in Moria for justice, Murderer of 16 year old afghan immigrant in Moria arrested, it was a 20 year old immigrant from the camp, a fire also broke out in Moria camp today, the third this month

IMPORTANT: United States gives 4 Mark V speedboats to Greek navy as surplus, they were used previously by Navy Seals, a very important addition to the Greek arsenal

Suspicious Turkish movements in the Aegean, suspicious cargo ships seen sailing strangely near the Greek islands but always in Turkish territorial waters

Immigrants from Samos flock into markets ignoring safety distance after receiving welfare salary

IMPORTANT: 48 year old Greek arrested for shooting illegal immigrant in his property clarify facts and details the damage and the numerous times illegal immigrants have been caught inside his property as well as dozen of police reports he filed

(somewhat related) As Constantinople runs out of supplies such as bread, several fights have been reported across Turkey since people have started buying everything they can and now some are fighting over the few products left

IMPORTANT: 4 Mark V speedboats are waiting for inspection so they can be finally used by Greek forces


BREAKING: Turkey is gathering more immigrants at its coast and wants to send them to Greek islands, several sources have reported that they are being brought from camps and other Turkish cities, some suspect the immigrants might be already infected (video on mediafire)

Gang of seven immigrants at Samos camp were stealing money and phones from other immigrants at the camp, all of them have been identified, 3 minors have been arrested and their four accomplices who were identified are still on the loose

BREAKING: Turkey once again violates Greek airspace with overflights over Lesvos, Evros and Chios, their jets have been intercepted and directed back to Turkey

Article in English detailing a report that suggests possible Turkish attempt to send infected immigrants to Greek Islands

Video shows group of immigrants at Turkish coast near Greek islands as Turkey starts moving them to the region so they could be sent to Greek islands by boats (video on mediafire)


IMPORTANT: today St. Catherine chapel in Moria was vandalized by immigrants, joining the long list of chapels being attacked in Lesvos

BREAKING: new airspace violations by Turkish F-16 jets and Turkey's plan to flood Greek islands with coronavirus infected immigrants

as Turkish F-16D fighter jets violated airspace, Greek airforce jets were chasing them and had them "locked" (under aim)

BREAKING: Coast Guard has orders to stop any boat or ship that tries to enter Greek territorial waters illegally according to Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis

far left activists vandalize yet another church, this time in Thessaloniki

BREAKING: sources claim that immigrants previously at Evros border are being transported to coastal areas near Lesvos and Turkey is encouraging them to cross by sea


BREAKING: Turkey gathers thousands of immigrants at the coast, mainly near Lesvos and Chios, they also have positioned a very large number of ships of several kinds from dinghies to old cargo ships at the coast hoping to send them to Greece

48 year old Chios farmer who shot at immigrants inside his property makes his statement, while the immigrants say they just wanted to bathe the farmer said they stole fruits, his tools and contaminated water reservoir with soap and threw stones and sticks at him

Book written by highly influential Turkish Admiral Jihad Yaizi who is considered the "architect" of the agreement with Libya, he suggests that crisis at the Aegean is due to Greek policies and that Turkey should claim the sovereignty of the islands, islets and rocky islands to solve the problem

Greek The Minister of Defense believes that Turkey has plans to escalate provocations and send immigrants by sea during holidays

as Turkish provocations are expected to escalate, Athens and Greek armed forces are waiting to see Turkey's next move

According to report from Turkish newspaper Gazeteduvar, migrants who are in camps, after the 14 days of quarantine, are sent to the Turkish shore near the Greek island Lesvos, in order to come to Greece by boat

Containers from Turkey found among the materials used to build new "refugee camp" in Samos, the containers have been bought in December but the government said this wont be allowed and that the products must be bought from EU member states

American DoS sends message to Turkey asking them to reduce tensions in the region and that they support Greece's stance on the subject

A group of 350 Syrians, out of a total of about 850 transported by the Jandarma to Assos & Koutsoukougiou to cross into Lesvos, have been abandoned at the Smyrna Intercity Station after being denied due to the conditions in the camps, they are given deportation papers


BREAKING: Report from April 7th published today states that Turkish special forces were firing in the air to instigate Greek forces patrolling the area and after numerous attempts of doin that they started shooting lower and finally on a straight line at a spot near the Greek forces

Satelite images show Turkey moving immigrants from inland camps to areas near the east Aegean islands, commonly used by smugglers

another immigrant in Moria was stabbed by again another immigrant who also lives at the camp, this time the perpetrator was arrested immediately

Turkey's foreign minister accuses Greece of crimes against immigrants and calls them to follow Turkey's example, also accuses them of breaking international law by having suspended asylum rights and accuses Greece of distorting reality

IMPORTANT: Greek navy deployed to protect islands from possible immigrant invasion in the upcoming days assisted by the Turkish government, navy ships operating from Samothrace to Kastelorizo and also South of Crete with unprecedented mobilization


Greek government to create a registry of "foreign NGO" registry and "NGO personnel" registry, failure to update data and disclose information by the NGOs will result in the deletion of their certificates and registry

BREAKING: Greek Navy prevents Turkish warships from entering Greek territorial waters

BREAKING: Turkish military ships and drones enter Cypriot maritime and airspace

BREAKING: More than 40 airspace violations by Turkish Jets, dozens of overflights and virtual air battles

Greek special forces ready for next Turkish escalations in islands and Evros

immigrant "children" transferred to Luxembourg (videos on mediafire)

European commission seems biased towards Turkey and denies knowledge about Turkey trying to send or helping immigrants who are probably infected to get into Greek islands (video on mediafire)

While Orthodox churches in Greece have been ordered not to use loudspeakers the next days during Orthodox Easter, so that followers are not tempted to go to church, the Mosques in Greece are still using them and nothing happens (video on mediafire)

Professor of Turkish & modern Asian studies, mr Ioannis Mazis, gave a radio interview today, about Erdogan's attitude towards Greece (video on mediafire)


Owner of the largest bus transportation company in Turkey made his fleet available for Turkish intelligence agencies and was responsible for transporting immigrants to Evros and Jihadists to Syria

2,380 immigrants from islands will be moved to mainland Greece structures and such "decongestion" measure is expected to be completed in two weeks

An immigrant from Afghanistan , who had rented a farm in a village in Arta , and he rented it to 12 other immigrants who are illegally in Greece to use it as a place to live

BREAKING: Turkish Defense Minister accuses Greece of violating treaty of Lausanne by militarizing Islands in Eastern Aegean and dismisses accusations of provocations and harassment by the Turkish military as fake

BREAKING: due to the escalating provocations by the Turkish airforce and their jets constantly performing overflights and violating Greek airspace, the Greek military has been deploying their anti aircraft defense system that constantly has Greek jets "locked", Greece has one of the best AA systems in NATO

While the Turkish defense minister accuses NATO of breaking international law and treaties, Turkish aircrafts violated Greek airspace over 31 times

Cypriot government spokesman says Turkey is behaving like pirates of the Aegean on the occasion of the irregular Navtex mission issued by Turkey yesterday afternoon for a new illegal drilling


Group of immigrants from Moria camp were invading homes in Mytilene have been identified

BREAKING: Turkey disputes over 6 nautical miles of Greek territorial waters as being theirs, there have been increasingly more maritime violations by Turkey and over 218 airspace violations by them

BREAKING: more Turkish overflights over Greek island of Rhodes

BREAKING: Turkish airforce performs big military exercise over the Aegean with three tankers for what seems to be a preparation for direct involvement in the Libyan war

total of 42 airspace violations by 16 F-16 fighters, nine of which were armed


BREAKING: Video shows Hellenic Coast Guard Saar 4 class OPV stopping an inflatable boat full of immigrants accompanied by Turkish coast guard boats towards Lesvos (videos on mediafire)

Athens details Turkish aerial provocations and talk about Ancyra's attempt to escalate the situation and eventually lead to a conflict

four Greek ANTIFA members threw molotovs at SKAI news building and released a manifesto supporting immigrants and claiming that SKAI is controlled by the ND party therefore they are against it

Immigrants riot at Chios Vial camp after the death of a 47 year old woman that tested negative for coronavirus, fights and fires have appeared all over the Vial camp (videos on mediafire)

Germany relocated 49 "minors", the reports from the media exposed them as being adults

BREAKING: more fires break out as immigrants riot at Vial camp in Chios after a woman that tested negative for the coronavirus died (videos on mediafire)

New video shows Turkish coast guard pushing boat full of immigrants towards Greek islands, the same that was intercepted by the Greek navy earlier today (videos on mediafire)

Immigrants post video from Vial camp in Chios and declare it a revolution while the camp burns down in the background (video on mediafire)


Immigrants posted about why they rioted in Chios yesterday, the main reason seems to be the fact that they did not get their allowances in time and the woman who died sparked even more outrage

Immigrants in Chios claim that woman who died was quarantined, that she wanted to leave the container to see her family despite being sick and they accuse the doctors of killing her with some sort of injection on purpose

Vial camp in Chios this morning after the fire, several tents, stores and vehicles were burned down by the immigrants rioting last night

complete thread of videos and images from Vial riots yesterday (videos on mediafire)

(UNRELATED) "rebels" in Idlib Syria demolish ancient church of Saint Simeon Stylites while shouting "allahu ackbar", It was a UNESCO world heritage site. It was built in 473 AD, and was considered one of the oldest churches in the world.

after riot at Chios Vial camp, 3 immigrants have been arrested

article detailing damage to Chios camp

Chios is prosecuting a woman for "spreading fake news" after she posted on social media that she had seen a boat with 70 immigrants near Chios

Government sources report that they are getting ready for a wave of immigrants with the help of Turkey that plans to send immigrants infected with coronavirus to the islands

BREAKING: Mayor of Chios proposes the creation of an isolated camp for immigrants away from the cities that is closed and controlled by the police after stating that the situation has reached a breaking point after the Riots


BREAKING: Turkish intelligence operations in Greece exposed in secret documents, they seem to be operating more specifically inside immigrant camps

(UNRELATED) chaos in Greek prison after muslim prisoners violently attack prisoners who were drinking alcohol to celebrate Easter, beer and other soft drinks was offered to the prisoners at lunch as a gift to celebrate easter, the muslims verbally assaulted them and then physically attacked the inmates

Documentary exposes Turkish genocides of the Greeks

Kastanies locals give gifts to soldiers guarding the borders and stopping immigrants trying to enter Greece

Turkey plans on creating naval and air bases in Libya and have permanent presence in the region


BREAKING: Turkish Drillship Yavuz will start an ILLEGAL drilling operation south of Cyprus and within EEZ waters

The mayor of the Muslim-majority municipality of Iasmos Rodopis in northeast Greece, Mumin Oder, is being investigated for statements at anti-greek even in Turkey where he read a poem to Turkish soldiers

Turkey increases drone presence over Evros, Greek islands and Libya

10 more immigrants were arrested in Chios due to the riots while six others have been identified and are still wanted

Immigrants in Moria are still protesting the death of a minor who was killed by another immigrant inside the camp, he has been identified but still has not been arrested

EU and Greece are working on plans for decongestion of camps located at Greek islands, Austria have offered 181 special housing containers fully equipped

Immigrants are destroying hotels where they have been put to live because of the quarantine, all over Europe they deliberately destroy hotels saying the living conditions dont please them, the geneva convention says they must respect the laws of the country granting them asylum or be deported


Large group of immigrants at the Tunisian border with Libya seem to be starting a journey to Turkey and the final destination is Europe (video on mediafire)

Illegal migrants who have been quarantined in a Greek hotel rush to get emergency supplies, grabbing whatever they can and running away with it (video on mediafire)

Turkey's illegal drilling of the EEZ region is an act of piracy, many of the zones they want to drill have already been legally licensed to Cyprus and European energy companies

Greek defense minister says Greek armed forces are ready for any further Turkish aggression and that they are not scared

(UNRELATED) Anarchists celebrate easter by throwing molotovs at historic church of The St. Basil

While Turkey performs a massive naval exercise in the Aegean while making provocations, Greek airforce and navy are not standing down to such provocations

BREAKING: Shots fired inside Moria camp, immigrants seem to have been shot with a shotgun, two people were injured and have been sent to a hospital

BREAKING: Turkish airforce jets perform 35 airspace violations over Greece with 10 direct overflights using F-16, F-4 and CN-235 aircrafts

Greek hotel that received 500 Somali immigrants in 2019, many locals have been going to the hotels because the immigrants have been prostituting themselves for 10 euros, 150 immigrants inside the Hotel have tested positive for coronavirus (video on mediafire)

Hotel owner where 470 immigrants are being housed and complain about living conditions being bad explains the structure and exposes that they are living better off than most Europeans (video on mediafire)

Unrest as news that 250 more immigrants would be transferred to the second largest hotel in Messolonghi

Turkish intelligence agents are behind the organizations of the Riots in immigrant camps

Immigrants at Moria camp (mostly africans) protest once again and demand more things


Turkey launches campaign to teach younger generation that Turkey owns east Aegean islands and the EEZ

Albania accuses indigenous Greek population from Northern Epirus of terrorism

Greek ministry of immigration wants to abolish program that rents hotels for immigrants in Greece, currently 55 hotels are being rented to house immigrants and house a total of 5.800 beneficiaries

Immigrants report that their 9 year-old child was raped by a 28 year-old immigrant inside the Malakassa camp, the father of the child also tested positive for coronavirus a few days after the fact but the wife and child did not, the rape accusations were false (video on mediafire)

Hellenic air force shows its strength as it responds to Turkish provocations by covering and protecting Greek airspace on both major and small islands in the Aegean

Greek navy and airforce are in High Alert since Turkey is performing a large naval exercise called "Blue Homeland" to reportedly "show its strength", Blue homeland also suggest that East Aegean islands belong to Turkey

Turkish F-16 jets perform overflights over Greek islands in East Aegean, were immediately stopped and intercepted by Greek airforce

BREAKING: Turkey violated Greek airspace 31 times, 6 fighter jets were armed and virtual "dogfights" took place

Illegal Immigrants seen using cargo train to travel around Greece, probably trying to move their way up into Europe (video on mediafire)

Video published by RUPTLY shows immigrants mainly from african countries that are not at war demanding and protesting to be relocated to Mainland Greece facilities (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Immigrants poison guard dogs in Lesvos farms, a few days prior to that they poisoned other two dogs so they could steal and kill sheep at the farm (video on mediafire)

Native residents of Moria region specially farmers are starting to move out since the government is unable/unwilling to protect them against damage done to their fields and constant looting

Immigrants who are infected refuse to be separated from healthy ones and the healthy ones support this also

man who shot immigrants in Mytilene was arrested, it was a local Greek citizen that ended up shooting an Iranian and an Afghan with a shotgun in the back and other parts of the body, sadly he is being charged with attempted murder and violating gun laws

In Karpenisi, people protested as soon as they learned that next week, 108 Afghans from Moria would be transported to the renovated hotel "ALEXANDRA", located in the city center

Both US and Russia tell Turkey to stop escalations and cease drilling operations in the EEZ


The truth about the undeclared war in the Aegean, Turkish propaganda and reality

Albanian President proposes a law that would make it possible for the Mafia to legalize their money, which poses a real threat for Greek villages in Northern Epirus

55 year old Greek farmer that shot three Iranians and an Afghan immigrants in Mytilene said that the immigrants were entering his farm and stealing his animals

Greek Minister of Immigration confirms during interview that the government wants to abolish the housing of immigrants inside Hotels this year and that they will also be looking into NGO activities and will regulate them more closely with the new registry system

over 208 claims for compensation are made in Chios as immigrants raid farms and steal everything they can, they have destroyed fields, dismantled homes, stolen animals, occupied buildings

four immigrants broke the quarantine in Malakassa camp, two of them were located by the police and two more are wanted, the authorities also expect that more immigrants have probably broken the lockdown but have yet to be reported

in Komotini, a mosque can be heard using loudspeakers and performing prayer calls when Churches in Greece were forbidden of using loudspeakers even during easter (video on mediafire)

All five immigrants that were reported for breaking quarantine in Malakassa camp have been arrested

While Churches have been forbidden of using loudspeakers and bells even during Easter, mosques are using their loudspeakers all over Greece, this time in Xanthi (video on mediafire)


BREAKING: Turkish media calls Greece "enemy" and says that Greece is scared of Turkish naval exercises in the Aegean, completely forgets that Greece has an undefeated navy

Chios residents demand over 400 000 Euros in reparations for damage caused by immigrants at the camps, the amount is predicted to rise as more people report on their losses

documentary called "Lethal Nationalism" details Genocides committed by Turkey

Sources claim that most Turkish forces and naval fleet have been hit hard by coronavirus and that most Turkish forces are being kept inside bases under quarantine even despite the fact that their "blue homeland" exercise was supposed to be fully staffed and operational


BREAKING: explosion at Chios camp leaves two Palestinian immigrants seriously injured, it seems like they had a powerful gas cylinder or explosive device that they planned on using during the riots but did not use

BREAKING: fire breaks out at Samos immigrant camp, the cause of the fire is still unknown but the damage is extensive (Videos on mediafire)

Greek navy seems to be closing a deal with France regarding the acquisition of a frigate

videos show fire at Samos immigrant camp during the afternoon, cause unknown, arson is suspected (Videos on mediafire)

BREAKING:New video shows that another fire broke out at the Samos immigrant camp this evening, the first fires that occurred during the afternoon was put out but now a second fire broke out, NGOs spread fake claims about Greek natives assaulting immigrants and breaking tents as the fire was going on (Videos on mediafire)

BREAKING: video shows immigrants at Samos camp cheering as their camp burns, proof that this was intentional and caused by the immigrants themselves (Videos on mediafire)

While two fires broke out at Samos camp, two Turkish drones started patrolling East Aegean area

According to reports, the fires at Samos broke out shortly after fights between African and Arab immigrants at the camp, sources suggest that such fights are still going on (Videos on mediafire)

video shows immigrants cheering, laughing and shouting "Allahu Akbar" while they watch the fire consume the camp in Samos (Videos on mediafire)

Video from Samos shows fire at immigrant camp, it has become big enough that it can be seen from across the city (Videos on mediafire)

(February 15th) The moderator of an Arab migrant Facebook page warned those who are in Samos to be careful, because some people are trying to convince migrants to light fire on their tents so that they are transferred to the mainland.

Video shows immigrants from Samos protesting in December 2019, demanding to be transferred to Athens and leave Samos, the motive for the fires today becomes more and more clear as time passes


BREAKING: Sözcü newspaper, reportedly a Kermalist newspaper deemed as “secularist” and “progressive”, claims tha tGreece has occupied 18 Turkish islands and 2 Turkish islets, armed 16 islands despite the treaties

The Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Notis Mitarakis , is expected to be in Samos on Tuesday morning , after the incidents that took place on Sunday night and Monday morning, resulting in the burning of tents and houses in the Vathi camp

Greek "hawks" are raising a shield of protection south of Crete, the Turkish exercise in the Aegean is both a display of their military and a test of Greek airforce and navy sources say

Eight arrests in Samos related to the riots and fires

(somewhat related) BREAKING: German Health Ministry cartoon for COVID19 shows Greece as a young child under Turkey's care

BREAKING: The fire at the Samos camp from last night is still burning (videos on mediafire)

BREAKING: Video shows immigrants at Vathi Samos camp stopping fire trucks from going into the camp to put the fire out

Greek minister of immigration says that they have been transporting 800 immigrants from island camps to mainland greece every quarter, and those measures are expected to continue and maybe even increase

BREAKING: New fire at Samos camps and reports of clashes between immigrant groups throwing rocks at each other

Video showing immigrants inside Samos camp throwing rocks at other immigrants and windows (videos on mediafire)

Aerial image from camp fire and smoke column in Vathi camp, Samos

video shows destruction by the fires at Vathi immigrant camp in Samos

BREAKING: Greek Police is investigating if the fires at Vathi camp in Samos were not perpetrated by the "Power Mafia", groups of immigrants who live at the camps and blackmail other immigrants to pay them otherwise they will cut their access to electricity, they started fires and started fighting each other

Turkish Drone "1453TB2" is still patrolling Evros region, the flight pattern from today suggests that the region has heavy jamming

Greek farmer that shot at immigrants stealing animals from his farm was released on bail with the condition that he will report to the police three times a month, pay a 1000 Euro bail AND not visit his farm and fields


BREAKING: Immigrants at Vathi camp in Samos, cut the power cables and demanded money to turn them back on, they also started clashing with other immigrant groups and started the fires, six of them were arrested

(UNRELATED) Icons stolen from Monastery in Epirus set to be auctioned at private Gallery outside Greece

Pakistani immigrant to be charged with seducing a minor (11 year old girl) in the small island of Karpathos, a small island with a population of 6000 people

Afghan immigrant says "we love Turkey very much, we do not love Greece at all"

(UNRELATED) Islamic cleric says Allah kills and Coronavirus is a soldier of Allah (Video on mediafire)

BREAKING: 23 arrests were made in Vathi camp, Samos, some of the charges are: participating in a criminal group, arson, robbery, disturbing the peace, causing damage, intimidation and extortion, as well as violations of gun laws. Two more people are still on the loose and are expected to be arrested soon

Greek minister of immigration referring to Samos riots and arsons says that such actions will not be tolerated and that the people in the camps MUST follow greek laws, that Greece is not an fenceless field

BREAKING:Two Turkish F-16 jets flew over Oinousses and the island of Panagia in the after noon, after that they regrouped and flew over Oinousses a second time

attempt to arrest immigrant involved in thefts and robberies led to shots being fired, still unclear if they were fired by the police or the immigrant


Immigrant living in Greece as "refugee" and not satisfied with €400 on welfare, breaks into store, stealing €2800 and causing damage, in the end he said "thank you very much" in broken greek

the EU completed the delivery of the last batch with 10 units of 57 ATES MBS Systems (Hizir 4x4 platform) on the borders of Thrace. The EU covered 75% of the value of € 30 million. The EU previously provided funds for 82 Cobra II on Turkey's SE border, supplying Turkey with yet more military power

BREAKING: Video from Greek coast guard shows Turkish goast guard trying to push immigrant boat towards Greece with the waves created by their boat, the Greeks tried contacting them several times but received no response (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: New Al-Jazeera propaganda article shows Kastellorizo island belonging to Turkey

Retired Turkish admiral says that Hellenism ideology usurps Turkey of their rights in the Aegean and Mediterranean, he compares the church and Greek school systems as part of that ideology

BREAKING: Military helicopter involved in NATO exercise at the Greek border crashed earlier today with six occupants, one body has been recovered

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayotopoulos says that they will keep pushing back against Turkey in case they begin sending the immigrants back to Evros and the islands, he also said it is expected to happen as the weather improves


Image from inside immigrant camps show copious amounts of perfectly good food being thrown away by the immigrants

Sources state that 70% of the staff at the Turkish fleet operating in the Aegean have been infected by the coronavirus

Greek Defense minister states that Coronavirus has affected the Turkish military

(somewhat related) two Albanians were illegally sleeping at the Polytechnic of Zografou, they were breaking into the labs and stealing valuable equipment, they also kidnapped a minor at gunpoint in 2019

Map supposedly made by Turks shows Lesvos shores and where each NGO is located so they can choose their departure spot and try to land or be rescued at one of those areas

Turkish soldiers shoot towards Greek and Greman soldiers patrolling the Evros border near the city of Tychero, through a pair of binoculars, the German border guards saw a Turkish soldier aiming an automatic weapon at the Greek side from the other side of the river


Turkish media said that Greek F-35 jets will turn the Aegean into a Greek lake and it would grant them even greater aerial superiority over Turkey

BREAKING: for the third time since thursday (april 30), Turkish soldiers fire towards Greek and FRONTEX border guards patrolling the Evros border, they also shot a flare into the air that ended up landing at the Greek side of the border

Negotiations for the acquisition of two Belharra Frigates from France are developing, the total cost would be of 3 Billion Euros for both frigates and specialists hope being able to lower the price to something around 2.7 Billion

Greek Minister of immigration says that in April only 39 immigrants arrived in Mytilene and not 200 as some sources were saying

Greek Minister of immigration introduces bill to speed up the working of the registry of immigrants seeking asylum and the shortening of deadlines, he also proposes a registry for both foreign and Greek NGOs with detailed information about them

Video shows Pakistani immigrants at camp dancing and partying, at the same time the NGOs and immigrant groups complain constantly that the quality of life is too low (video on mediafire)

Turkish Airforce is using several drones simultaneously for surveillance at Greek-Turkish borders

Video (with subs) shows News channel reporting on multiple incidents of Turkish Soldiers shooting towards Greek Border Guards (video on mediafire)

Video shows the sheer amount of Africans in Greek immigrant camps, all of which are taking advantage of the system and trying to move to Europe for economical reasons and not because their country is at war

(unrelated) Ancient Orthodox church in Turkey is suffering more damage after islamization, it was converted into a mosque and several 800-year-old hagiographies were covered and some of them even destroyed


BREAKING: specialists confirm that Turkey was burning through their dollar reserves, they have used 32 Billion from their reserves this year alone and specialists say that no country can sustain this and that Turkey may run out of foreign reserves by july if the pressure over currency keeps rising

BREAKING: Afghan immigrants at Malakassa camp attack police officers with stones after one of them was returned to the camp after breaking quarantine, the immigrant had a car that was confiscated and now a criminal case was filed against him and also a 5000 Euro fine

Videos from Samos Vathi camp surfaces showing immigrants fighting and the results of the fires this week

MP from Kastoria issued a request to PM Mitsotakis to relocate the 71st Airborne Brigade from Kilkis to Kastoria, for reasons still undisclosed but it seems like something is developing in the region


Immigrants attack yet another chapel in Lesvos, this time the St. Catherine in Moria

Turkish Islamic leader calls for Muslim prayers at Hagia Sophia as the first prayer after the coronavirus and to celebrate an islamic religious date

Review of "Lethal Nationalism" documentary that exposes the several genocides perpetrated by the Turks

BREAKING: four people arrested in Evros and Kavala for illegal transport of immigrants

BREAKING: Incredible Turkish provocation, a Turkish F-16 jet harassed a military helicopter transporting the Greek Minister of Defense Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, and the Chief of General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros

BREAKING: Today Turkish jets performed at least 9 overflights over Greek islands and several airspace violations

Greek foreign minister condemns today's Turkish provocation by harassing the Helicopter transporting the Greek defense minister and a General, he also calls Turkey to enter the 21st century

BREAKING: 52 airspace violations by Turkish jets with six virtual dogfights (no shots/missiles fired), the article details

Article with video details the moment when the Turkish F-16 jet harassed the helicopter transporting Greek Defense minister (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Greek government in an attempt to "decongest" islands transfers 392 immigrants from Moria to mainland Greece (videos on mediafire)

Turkey fears US sanctions if they activate the S-400 system, so now they are sending 500 000 masks to America as well as resorting to other diplomatic measures beforehand

Video of immigrant woman complaining about the "service" in the camp not being good enough for them

(unrelated) Due to the lack of care and no restoration at all, a part of the Theodosian wall (Byzantine wall) currently located in Turkey crumbled today, it was part of a tower, the wall was built in the 4th and 5th century

BREAKING: Turkey begins production of 5th generation jets, produced by a national Turkish company called Havelsan


BREAKING: Workers at the Samos immigrant camp attribute last week's arson to immigrants being discontent with the scraping of the plan to transfer over 2000 of them to mainland Greece and they are also frustrated for not being able to move outside the camp due to quarantine

According to Greek sources, the Turkish Jet that harassed the helicopter transporting the Greek Defense Minister was at a distance of 300m of the helicopter

BREAKING: 249 immigrants transferred from Moria will be sent to a hotel in Mouries, Kilkis. An area with 800 residents, another group of immigrants had been transferred there before and the population resorted to performing patrols at night to reduce crime, residents say that 200 out of the 300 immigrants are scum

BREAKINGç The mayor of Edessa, complains about immigrants being transferred to a hotel in Panagitsa without informing the local authorities, the same Municipality is looking for seasonal workers to meet the agricultural needs but now will be filled with immigrants

BREAKING: More airspace violations by Turkish Jets today

Citizens of Mouries blocked the entrance of the immigrants who were being transferred to a Hotel in the city for several hours, after a few incidents with the police, the immigrants were allowed inside the hotel

Residents of Panagitsa Pella went to the streets to protest the transfer of 57 immigrants from "refugee camps" to a small hotel in the village with 682 residents

IMPORTANT: Immigrants stealing dogs from a farm in Moria today. The residents unprotected lose their favorite pets, while Muslims consider them impure


Leader of the Greek Solution Party says that Turkish jets violating Greek airspace and harassing Greek Helicopters and jets should be shot down

BREAKING: amid criticisms from Greek Defense Minister and Greek Foreign Minister, a representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the flights were routine flights over the aegean and denied harassing helicopter transporting VIPs

Greek Airforce reports that the Turkish Jets who harassed helicopter transporting Greek Defense minister and General staff was in a state of "no escape" even before they approached the helicopter and had been "locked on" by Greek jets

BREAKING: Video from May 3rd shows Greek Mirage locking in a Turkish F-16 violating Greek airspace (Video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Erdogan himself refers to Greeks and Armenians as Terrorists

the leader of the Greek Solution Party, Kyriakos Velopoulos, says Tsiodras was planted in the government and challenges his competence, he also pointed out to dogs going missing near immigrant camps, suggesting the immigrants are eating dogs since for some, dogs are a delicacy

Last night the immigrants who were just transferred to Mouries started a fight among themselves and one immigrant was injured (Video on mediafire)

Video shows residents of a northern Greece Village protesting against immigrants being transferred there (Video on mediafire)

Immigrant children "protest" at Samos camp, the video shows adults directing them and around them to stage this protest, they seem like NGO workers from the Vathi camp

Yesterday, in Katerini, Syrian immigrants fought each other using knives.Two wounded were taken to hospital

Video shows a street that used to be full of stores in Samos, but due to the immigrant's presence and attitude the tourists stopped frequenting the street and all the stores closed, now they are for rent (Video on mediafire)


Secret documents reveal Turkish intelligence operations in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden

50 new immigrants arrived illegally in Lesvos, all of which will be placed under quarantine for 14 days

BREAKING: Locals from Arnissa, Pella attacked Hotel and burned the furniture, the hotel was supposed to receive 250 immigrants that would be transferred there after locals from Panagitsa, Pella also blocked the immigrants from being transferred there, after this they were sent to Halkidona, Pella (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Two new incidents of Turkish soldiers firing shots near Greek soldiers, sources claim it to be an attempt from Turkey to keep tensions high in the region

Article detailing Greek Air superiority over Turkey that has been proven once again by the video released this week of a Turkish F-16 Jet that was "locked" for a long time under Greek Aim

The lieutenant colonel recommends a change of tactics regarding the Turkish challenges in Greece, said the Turks dont expect anything to happen, and that is a bad attitude, he says Greece should consider a stronger and more military response to such provocations

BREAKING: Greece made an agreement with Israel to lease Heron drones to patrol its borders and equalize things since Turkey has been using drones for months, the agreement also gives Greece the possibility of buying the system after the three year period of the agreement

Pakistani NGO with links to Turkey exposed spreading misinformation and propaganda, they even used images from 1996 and Solomos Solomou, a Greek who was killed by Turkish soldiers at a UN Buffer Zone at the time

Turkish Foreign Ministry representative says that the Sovereignty of the islands in the Aegean is unclear


BREAKING: Turkey bans three banks from making Lira transactions as their currency reaches record low

Samos residents reaching despair as the immigrants from the camp that had fires recently move around and form improvised camps

Greek military prepares to a change of tactics as Turkey seems to be preparing for another escalation

Turkey continues aerial provocations with overflights in Oinousses and Panagia

the illegal entry of immigrants in Greece has been reduced by over 97%

Romania and Albania collude to weaken Greek minority communities in Northern Epirus, Albania is still sending immigrants they received directly from Turkey to Northern Epirus

BREAKING: Another Orthodox church has been vandalized in Lesvos by immigrants

Video from Samos shows the improvised camps forming around the Vathi camp after the arson caused by the immigrants themselves and also the pollution they have created (video on mediafire)

Video from African immigrants in Samos shouting "Africa", something that should prove that their asylum status is fraudulent once its economical migration and not persecution or war that drove them to Europe


Article detailing the sentiments of the population in Lesvos after the constant church vandalism and other security threats and destruction such as the destruction of olive groves and farms

BREAKING: Greek General warns NATO that if Turkey continues their escalations there will be an incident

EU documents say that they expect Turkey to flood its borders with Greece with immigrants again

Greece prepares "Storm 2020", a very large navy exercise in the Aegean, a show of force and also a response to their drilling boats illegally drilling areas in Greek territorial waters

New immigration Bill proposes shorter deadlines for Asylum analysis, more control over immigration and measures to curb human trafficking

Belgium will receive only 18 immigrants that are set to be relocated from Greek camps

Greek police have identified 20 people who participated in the Riots in Lesvos against the construction of more immigrant camps and proposes heavy charges against them

Images from Samos shows once again the quantity of african immigrants that have been flooding the islands, technically should not receive asylum status

Video from RT shows the results of the protest against immigrants being moved to a small village called Arnissa, where they burned the furniture from a hotel (video on mediafire)

Image shows illegal butcher shop inside the Moria camp, they kill animals stolen from farms in unsanitary conditions, there is also part of a Greek flag on the roof

Video shows asylum service contractors. The contracts are coming to an end and they are talking about redundancies, racist bill, etc (video on mediafire)

Video from Al Qaeda operation that indoctrinates kids into becoming terrorists and saying that they must institute a caliphate (video on mediafire)

Video that seems to be from today shows immigrants heading from inland Turkey towards Evros border once again (video on mediafire)

images show another boat of refugees trying to illegally enter Greece once again but were sent back to Turkey and "rescued" by the Turkish coast guard

As Fake news about Greece killing an afghan immigrant at the Evros border (that has been debunked) resurfaces once again, the Greek Foreign ministry once again reiterates that no shots have been fired towards immigrants and reminds people about Turkish propaganda and dissemination of Fake news by their government and government-controlled media

Interview with a reporter from Die Welt newspaper that found out about FRONTEX documents stating that they expect new wave of immigrants to be sent towards Greece by Turkish Government video with subtitles (video on mediafire)

A farmer in Thiva, Greece, complained he was attacked with a knife by an immigrant who resides in the nearby camp. This is not the first time something like this happens, locals say they are scared and asked protection from the police video with subtitles (video on mediafire)


Greece dismisses once again articles about an immigrant getting killed by Greek army in early March as being fake news spread by Turkey and their Propaganda campaigns

Pakistani gangs fight each other and two gangsters were stabbed in Agioi Theodoroi, near Korinthos (video on mediafire)

Turkish Banks near bankruptcy

Two gangs of Afghans and Pakistanis have been tracked by police, they have been fighting each other in downtown Athens for territory, drugs and stolen goods

More images surface from Illegal Butcher shop inside the Moria camp in Lesvos, they use animals stolen from the farms in the region

Video shows African immigrants receiving their allowances that theoretically should be only for Syrians and refugees from war torn countries (video on mediafire)

More fake syrian immigrants transferred from Lesvos camp to mainland Greece facilities in "Decongestion" effort by the Greek Government (video on mediafire)

Due to the Coronavirus the Greek military have announced that they will postpone military exercises such as "Storm 2020", they will still happen as soon as the health crisis is reduced and it doesnt poses such a risk to their forces


A boat carrying 19 immigrants, all men from Iran and Afghanistan reached the shores in Lesvos, all of them will be put under quarantine for 14 days

Video shows man complaining about the fact that over 60 Somali immigrants were transferred to his village (Kozani) without prior notification and now the locals are scared (video on mediafire)

Video shows Greek Agios Panteleimonas square square downtown Athens with dozens of African muslim immigrants sitting on benches and hanging around while Greeks cant go outside without getting fined (video on mediafire)

Video shows a large group of leftists on a square in Greece, probably the same group that was demanding free masks from the government (video on mediafire)

Islamist TV commentator says her family can kill 50 people if a new coup is attempted in Turkey and that they are ready to support Erdogan

Group of immigrants was fighting last night in Mythilene, the police had to be called (video on mediafire)

Immigrants inside Greek camp dance and throw their allowance money into the air (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Nationalist group in Turkey holds seminar on how to rape, as it is used as a domination tactic against Kurds

Video shows probable "advertisement" in Sudan offering services to transport immigrants from there to Europe, Turkey has a large military base in Sudan and might be the ones behind it the same way as they are transporting terrorists and mercenaries to Yemen (video on mediafire)

Greek Police arrests an immigrant smuggler after a car chase

Video with subtitles exposes the policies of the previous government controlled by leftist parties such as SYRIZA and how they were actively trying to flood the country with immigrants (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Immigrants in Greece sing and raise a flag from the "Free Syrian Army" or "Syrian Revolutionary Flag" which has ties to the Turkish Military and are often mercenaries (video on mediafire)

Turkish minister of interior says on video that they have retaliated against Greece (at the evros border in March) ten times more by shooting gas canisters and even live fire at the Greek border (video on mediafire)


(unrelated) documents reveal cases of torture in Turkish prisons, specially after the coup attempt

IMPORTANT: Greek City Times seems to debunk the old fake news of an immigrants killed by Greek Soldiers at the Evros border in early March

Greek consulate in Northern Epirus targeted again by albanian journalist that accuses them of Hellenizing albanian nationals, the same journalist seems to have a problem with Greeks and constantly makes up stories about the Greek minority living in Albania which often result in such communities being harassed and abused by Albanians

Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs said Greece is not afraid of using diplomatic resources against Turkey that has been constantly escalating provocations and that they should learn that violating international laws has consequences

Heavy torpedoes are the latest addition to the Greek submarine, increasing its capabilities by a large margin

Greece and four other countries condemn Turkish escalations in the Aegean area as well as overflights over the islands and provocations at Greek and Cypriot waters (EEZ Zone)

Dutch NGOs and Local contractors continue the destruction of the olive groves in Moria


Erdogan vows to fight Greek and Armenian lobbies, vows to defend Turkish rights to the Aegean, Cyprus and Mediterranean "until the end"

Giant 600 m² Greek flag to be raised near Turkish border

only 2 of the 16 immigrants involved in the fires at the Chios camp have not been arrested, 12 of them also had a criminal record in Greece and had been arrested in the past

Two immigrants who entered Greece in May 6 were diagnosed with Coronavirus, they were placed under quarantine since their arrival in Lesvos

Greece reinforces Evros and the islands, with aerial surveillance and outposts, turning its borders into a fortress

BREAKING: Greek government audits three NGOs and seize financial records as well as computers

Turkey's "medical aid" campaign has the objective of buying loyalty from European countries and america, a letter sent with the shipment for the US said they hoped to remind America of the strategic importance of Turkey as an ally, unrealistic demands almost

Muslims gather and pray in downtown Athens today, meanwhile common citizens are getting arrested and getting fined if they dont wear masks or dont respect distancing protocols

BREAKING: Spiegel sends letter to EU commission and demands that they investigate the death of an immigrant at the border that happened in march and was used as Turkish propaganda to blame Greece, it has been debunked as fake news but they are doubling down, not even the caliber matches the one used by Greek forces


9 illegal immigrants invaded a farm in the area of Afalonas in Lesvos and stole a goat, killed the animal and were arrested shortly after, charges will be pressed against them

the Greek government issued an evaluation of how much it would cost to rent land around Moria and in five other Aegean islands, most likely for building more immigrant camps or expanding them

100 MEPs from the European Parliament fell for the fake news propaganda of a wannabe illegal immigrant who died at the border in March and demand Greece to clarify the incident, ignoring once again that it has been debunked

More airspace violations by Turkish jets and virtual "dogfights"

(Unrelated) Turkey strengthens its presence in Tripoli, signaling that they want to activate their illegal treaty with Libya and participate in the war

BREAKING: Turkish Foreign Minister insists that Turkey will keep their borders open for illegal immigrants who want to cross into Europe

Turkish media seems worried about an upcoming coup against Erdogan that might happen soon

Turkey forces airplane that was heading towards Cyprus with medical supplies donated by China to make a detour after not allowing the plane to enter their airspace

Omonoia (Organization in Albania representing Greek indigenous population in Northern Epirus) condemns attacks from the media towards the Greek Minorities in Albania

BREAKING: Greek Defense Minister said Greece is always under alert and ready for eventual provocations from Turkey and ready to respond in case of an incident, he also said that the strengthening of the border is a continuous process

Aerial image from Greek immigrant camp shows how it is overgrowing its own limits and spreading through the region

Fires broke out and major vandalism happened at the Orestiada juvenile prison when illegal immigrants started an uprising

New immigrant camps seems to be being built in the Aegean islands, the government is prepared for a possible wave of immigrants coming by the Sea and the NGOs seem to confirm that by expanding their destruction of Olive Groves and other parts of the islands to build camps


Greek Foreign Minister: "The defence our sovereignty and of our sovereign rights is non-negotiable"

BREAKING: Turkey seems to be preparing to claim ownership over Crete and 12 other Aegean islands according to some sources

A total of 16,000 asylum applications were processed in Greece in April, four times the usual monthly average, according to Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis

Greek Military Representative warns EU Military Committee that Turkey's provocative behavior, escalations and deliberate attempt to flood Greece with immigrants will eventually lead to an incident

immigrants caught with machetes and "swords", one of them assaulted a police officer in an attempt to prevent the search that found their weapons


BREAKING: NATO head announces support for Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood who aim to steal Greece’s maritime space, as always, NATO chooses the wrong side and is against Greek and in favor of Turkey

Two more immigrants who recently arrived in Lesvos test positive for coronavirus

BREAKING: EU Commissioner admits that the EU paid for Turkish coast guard speed boats and several other military equipment so that Turkey could better control its borders and defend "refugees" and will continue to fund those assets

Violent minors in the Moria region keep fighting among themselves, this time a girl was beaten and threatened with a sharp object

Red alert is raised as Turkey announces incursion south of Crete, Athens said it wont accept such things and will respond dynamically to it

BREAKING: A group of Pakistanis was arrested in Athens, they were reported by their neighbors for breeding dogs for food, the police has found a fridge full of bones and meat that according to the neighbors are from the dogs they slaughtered (video on mediafire)

Residents of Chios protest and send letters to immigration authorities against the renting of a structure that will be used to "temporarily" house new immigrant arriving to the island and that they fear will be a permanent housing location

(unrelated) Turkish high court decided that Islamist Terrorists are not terrorists according to Turkish terrorism laws, setting a legal precedent in the country


BREAKING: Saint Catherine Church in Moria, Lesvos has been destroyed by immigrants recently and now it is being used by them as a bathroom, locals say the smell is unbearable and that the Authorities do not want to deal with the problem

Viniculturist in Ritsona cries when talking about his losses, his farm is located near the immigrant camp and has constantly being under attack (video on mediafire)

Omonoia square, recently built in athens has been taken over by immigrants even amid lockdown (video on mediafire)

The brand new NGO facilities in the Moria region. Until recently, there was a product dealership in the building. Within a few days, the company was repeatedly looted and completely emptied


NGOs are looking for illegal immigrants who were sent back to Turkey after entering illegally into Greece so they could sue the Greek Government

(Unrelated) Turkey is now among the top 3 countries at risk of going bankrupt

(Unrelated) Turkey is the only NATO ally on a US watchlist for violating religious rights

Turkey escalates tensions and accuses Greece of violating the Treaty of Lausanne by militarizing the islands


BREAKING: 36 more illegal immigrants have reached Lesvos today

BREAKING: Turkish Newspaper says that they want Crete, confirming rumors that some Turkish organizations (for sure controlled by the government) want to claim to international court the ownership of Crete

(Unrelated) Turkish media AKIT TV hosts discussion that says girls between 13 and 16 are in the ideal age for childbirth >

IMPORTANT: Greek-Turkish (language) newspaper published an article in Western Thrace and Turkey saying that there was no Pontic Greek Genocide, calling it "the so-called Genocide"

Police operation in Exarchia evacuates a building that was illegally housing immigrants

BREAKING: SYRIZA MEP is facing backlash over news that he has been renting apartments for illegal immigrants

23-year-old arrested for transporting 4 immigrants in the trunk of his car

Chaos at Immigration ID center as immigrants gather up wanting to get service even though most of them had been warned that only some would be able to receive service

BREAKING: Greek Government will pay 180 Euros per acre of land in Samos, Kos and Leros to house immigrants until 2030

Turkish Jets violate Greek airspace over 50 times and perform several overflights directly above islands

Turkey escalates tensions and provocations once more, directly challenging Greek sovereignty of East Aegean islands using NAVTEX and by publishing official statements accusing Greece of violating the Lausanne treaty and also targeting remote Greek islands

Greek government makes new guidelines for how to counter Turkish provocations and propaganda

The Urban Planning Directorate of the Municipality of Mytilene gave an order for the cessation of all construction work on properties around the MYRIA HQ


(Unrelated) Book suggestion and review regarding the Pontic Genocide

(Unrelated) German military official was one of the main planners and instigators of the Pontic Genocide in Turkey

Greek Immigration Minister say that new closed and controlled camps can be built until the end of 2020

Turkey escalates tensions in East Mediterranean once again

Turkey accuses Greece of breaking Lousanne treaty, they claim the Greek Navtex in the day of the Pontic Genocide Remembrance is illegal in Samothrace and Lemnos


BREAKING: Turkish foreign minister says "Greek Genocide" is baseless and delirious, referring to the Pontic Genocide

Turkish Admiral behind "Blue homeland" that focuses on stealing maritime space in east Aegean resigns, sparking speculations about Erdogan purging the military again to avoid a coup

Municipality of Ermionida requests the removal of 470 immigrants from the municipality of Kranidi, city with a bit over 4 000 residents

BREAKING: immigrants in Moria caught on video stealing sheep from local farms, animals that they slaughter and sell to other immigrants inside the camps in improvised butcher shops (video on mediafire)

in a clear message to Turkey, the Greek navy maintains strong presence in South Crete waters and performs drills

New barrage of overflights and airspace violation by Turkish jets

African immigrants escape from Hotel hosting them in Kranidi, it was under lockdown after over 100 cases of coronavirus were detected, they harassed medical staff that had to leave


BREAKING: Greek Interior Ministry website has been hacked by a Turkish hacker, the website now shows an image of Erdogan and some of his speeches can be heard

BREAKING: Reports of Turkish military forces occupying a stretch of land in the Evros region that belongs to Greece

Greek Lieutenant General responds to Turkish delusion of demilitarization of East Aegean islands and region

(unrelated) Greek community leaders in Albania ask for help and say the live in the midst of Albanian chauvinistic terror

Turkey increases tensions in Evros, pictures of Turkish officers patrolling the Evros river

New airspace violations in East Aegean islands, Turkish jets made overflights above Patmos, Lesvos, Chios and Lemnos

Turkey escalates tensions on all borders with Greece, Air, Land and Sea, with Turkish boats harassing FRONTEX ships

BREAKING: More videos and testimonies regarding immigrants stealing animal farms, with subtitles (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Two Turkish Coast Guard boats harass and make risky maneuvers near Greek fishing boat in Oinousses, inside Greek territorial water (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Video from another church vandalized in Samos, near the Vathi camp, it was called st Constantine (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Chief advisor for Erdogan endorsed al-Qaeda-affiliated Egyptian Islamic Jihad


MP of Turkish Parliament demands investigation into the Greek Genocide

Greek Defense Minister says risk of an incident with Turkey is high but they are prepared

Two boats with 67 immigrants arrive in Lesvos

Turkey increases aerial provocations this week, trying to make so many violations that the Greek Airforce would have to stop training in order to respond to them

Immigrants who were supposed to be under lockdown inside Malakassa immigrant camp are out and hang around a public square, the locals are now afraid of going to the square

BREAKING:A 23-year-old Afghan woman stabbed to death another Afghan woman at the Moria camp

IMPORTANT: The truth about the turkish occupation of Greek territory at the Evros border

Mitsotakis says Culture will not be treated as a market product


(old news) Erdogan admits motive behind immigrant invasion, an Islamic holy war

23 year old illegal immigrant woman that stabbed and killed another immigrant woman in Moria tried to escape to the mountains and is still on the loose as authorities look for her

NGO says there is a Greek and Non-Greek side of Lesvos

Greek Foreign minister calls news about Turkish invasion of Greek land at the Evros border as "right wing fake news"

Turkey seems to be preparing for another escalation of tensions in the Aegean and Evros

(Unrelated) Kosovo Albanians charged with joining ISIS


BREAKING: Turkish officials say on National TV that the immigrant crisis at the Evros border will resume after the pandemic is over and said that they must attend to the Turkish demands if they want it to stop (video on mediafire)

Athens sends message to Turkey stating that they know the borders and will protect them

BREAKING: Turkey calls for "redrawing" of land borders in "gray zones", saying that there are no mutually agreed geographical coordinates in the area compatible with the 1926 agreement

18 year old Afghan Immigrant in Moria stabbed a 21 year old Afghan last night and has been arrested, the victim is hospitalized

Immigrants in moria have stripped a home of everything that has value including wiring

Immigrants in Moria looted a warehouse, were arrested shortly after with the goods which were confiscated by the police

BREAKING: At the Thiva camp migrants got drunk and started stabbing each other, and tried to burn a woman


Another knife attack in the Moria camp, in Lesvos

NGO formed by illegal immigrants in Moria insinuates that Moria is not Greek in reality, only in name and that there is a non-Greek side to Lesvos, the prosecutor's office in Lesvos has received many reports and this is seen by many as a challenge of sovereignty

International Hellenic Association says that Greeks should change their channels when Turkish series start playing

Man arrested trying to smuggle immigrants out of Greece into Italy inside potato bags

23 year old Afghan immigrant woman who stabbed to death another Afghan immigrant woman over a dispute between their children has been found and arrested

Greek military and border guards to secure and seal the Evros border and its passages

Chief of the Evros border guards said they would never allow Greek territory to be occupied by Turkish Soldiers

the Turkish president of the Association of Communicable Diseases says that the Turkish language makes Turks spread less disease than people who speak other languages

IMPORTANT: this year alone there were 12 knife attacks in Moria, 4 people died and nobody was charged or arrested, they also attack the femoral artery by the thigh causing massive bleeding

at the Malakassa camp near Athens, that was supposed to be a closed camp and under lockdown, immigrants gather on the streets and seem to have a disagreement (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: New video shows immigrants stealing more sheeps in broad daylight from local farms, proving that they cant be controlled, the locals are mad and demand immediate removal of the camp from the region (video on mediafire)


BREAKING: illegal Afghan immigrant arrested for sexually assaulting a 6 year old girl at a house where he was a guest

immigrants clash with each other in Lesvos, one immigrant was stabbed in the leg (video on mediafire)

Turkeish official makes accusations of Greek "provocations" but does not specify one, most likely another attempt to escalate tensions and keep them high

video of immigrants pushing other immingrants in a Thessaloniki street (video on mediafire)

Greek Citizens caught illegal immigrants burning tree trunks in Malakassa, the region had a forest that is being slowly cut down and burned by immigrants who want firewood and to roast lambs they steal from local farms (video on mediafire)

Greek government to lease an area in Western Lesvos in order to create a new immigrant camp for 33,600 €

in order to "decongest" immigrant camps and avoid the spread of coronavirus, Greek government speeds up the process to find ares where they could build more immigrant camps in Aegean islands and mainland Greece

Turkish colonel who worked in intelligence planned to kill non-Muslims and non-Turks, wiretap reveals

article details damage done to Malakassa, immigrants have burned the area several times, destroyed benches to steal the wood in order to start the fires that often use tree trunks to make their barbecues

Greek Minister of Defence, spoke today at SkaitvGR about the possibility of a new border crisis with Turkey, and how we'll handle it (video on mediafire)

(from 22/05) new survey shows astonishing growth in the quantity of pro-immigration NGOs in Greece

Cyprus to deport 17 immigrants suspected of having links to terrorist groups

Immigrant makes video showing himself getting his welfare money and seems to be boasting about it (video on mediafire)

Former Turkish Minister for EU Affairs says live on air that Greece should consult Turkey before building wall at the border otherwise there will be a reaction and consequences to those reactions and that Greece should have learned from Cyprus (video on mediafire)


Hundreds more Greek security forces sent to the Evros border

Peloponnese under alert for malaria cases due to illegal immigrant numbers increasing

Turkey says they will react if Greece builds a border wall

17 immigrants in Cyprus found to be ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters, will be deported

Amid Turkish threats, provocative statements and escalations, Greek armed forces have been mobilized and are ready for an eventual incident

Foreign NGO activists accuse Greece of discriminating against immigrants at the Moria camp due to the fact that only a small number can leave each day while the bars and restaurants are open to Greeks

African immigrants being housed at a hotel in Ermionida riot and chase the police (video on mediafire)


US working to ease tensions between Greece and Turkey

Admiral Apostolakis: we must "level" any Turk that steps on a Greek isle

BREAKING: Turkish Colonel planned to eliminate Greek minority & make other countries “servants to Turkey,” wiretap reveals

Athens said it will build a fence in Evros

Turkey once again accuses Greece of violating human rights of immigrants

Greece responds to Turkish provocations and accusations of violation of human rights

Athens responds to Turkey and say they have no rights to lecture anyone on Human Rights

(unrelated) Erdogan announces that a Muslim prayer will be conducted in Hagia Sophia to celebrate the fall of constantinople

Greek navy demands actions from the government to keep fleet in good condition

Seven airspace violations today by Turkish jets

Article details NGO activities to help immigrants commit crimes and not report it and also reports about fraud regarding immigrants that dont exist

(unrelated) Cyprus say immigrants are 3.8% of their total population and that 80% of them came through Turkey, many immigrants take advantage of other immigrants and more reports are coming in of immigrants with close ties to ISIS and with violent behavior

While Turkey accuses Greece of being barbaric against immigrants, more videos surface of Turkish forces beating and torturing Syrian refugees who try to cross the border (video on mediafire)

Armenian Church in Constantinople was vandalized and had its cross ripped off (video on mediafire)

Video from inside Moria camp shows an illegal market with what is for sure stolen products and things being sold such as shoes, wires, fruits and more (video on mediafire)


Greek Government prepares to move 11000 immigrants out of Greek Hotels and into camps

Athens responds to Turkish provocations at Hagia Sophia and the Muslim prayer that is to be conducted there to celebrate the fall of constantinople

Turkey strengthens its influence in Libya as operation "IRINI" seems to have become a joke

Greek Undersecretary of National Defense says Turkey is not really interested in a real incident with Greece

Turkey raises tensions in East Mediterranean with Navtex south of Crete and Gavdos

A gang of 17 Algerians was arrested today, for committing more than 150 robberies in downtown Athens


man who was arrested for human trafficking was found dead

In Rhodes island, a Pakistani was masturbating in front of children and their mothers

As Turkey runs out of bread and supplies, while popular unrest seems to rise, Turkey prepares more provocations in Evros, East Aegean and Mediterranean


Greece is the strongest it has been in many years and will not be provoked by Turkey said Greek Government Official

Locals in Malakasa protested for the closing two migrant camps in their area, and the rise of crime there, the police used tear gas against them (videos on mediafire)

Turkey's President Erdogan said today Hagia Sophia belongs to Muslims as a right of conquest, accused Greece of destroying all Turkish mosques (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) "The captive women were all naked, as part of the normal abuse of Kurdish women by Turkey and its terrorist thugs through sex slavery and physical exploitation." Syrian Kurds call for investigation of the kidnapping of Kurdish women in Afrin by Turks

NGOs keep on searching for apartments to rent in Greece despite already having hotels and camps to house immigrants (video on mediafire)

Video contrasts a protest by immigrants that happened a few days ago where the police ran away from the immigrants protesting while today they threw tear gas on Greek residents in Malakassa (video on mediafire)

Turkey announced it is ready to launch its incursion south of crete

American airforce chose Greece once again to perform training exercises along with the Greek military

Greek General says Greece is ready to crush anyone that underestimates them, sending a clear message to Turkey and its provocations

article about the protest in Malakassa today


Illegal migration to Greece comes to a near standstill

Six police officers injured during protest against migrant camp in Malakasa

The fence at Evros border will be completed in a few months

Volunteers restore church in Lesvos trashed by illegal immigrants

Immigrants gather outside Eleonas camp to protest that some of them will be moved to another region

A section of Kara Tepe was turned into a quarantine area for newly arrived refugees

Erdogan increases tensions in East Aegean again, moving closer towards Kastelorizo, Rhodes, Karpathos, Crete


Greek minister of immigration says that Greece is not a fenceless vineyard, a Greek expression to denote a piece of land where anyone could enter and do whatever they please

Church of Greece deny news of making a concession of land to NGOs to build an immigrant camp near Nea Peramos, the synod said that the information is false and that no decision regarding the topic was ever made, the Church of Greece actually donated 4 thermal optics costing 40 000 Euros each to the Greek armed forces to strengthen the border with Turkey

Article on Turkey's provocations in the Mediterranean and Erdogan's failures

Turkey says they will keep drilling into the continental shelf that they have declared to the UN even despite the fact that those are Greek Continental waters and that Greece has warned them that such operations will not be tolerated

Turkey insists that drilling the sea south of Crete and other Greek Islands is fair


UNHCR as always, says that greece must provide evem more safety and integration opportunities for immigrants

Greek National Security Adviser: If necessary, we will take military action against Turkey

U.S. says that despite Turkey’s objections, Greek islands have an economic zone

Greece is making three-pronged diplomatic reactions to Turkish provocations

Turkish media caught spreading fake news about Greek mosque

Diplomatic counterattack against Turkish provocations - Double US-EU intervention on drilling on the Greek continental shelf

Turkey insists on drilling the Greek continental shelf near Greek islands and publishes new drilling map showing areas next to Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos and Crete, also a map showing that they want to drill the region east of Cyprus and want to take over all of the Eastern Mediterranean

Angelos Syrigos predicts that Libya will have a permanent position in Turkey~s foreign policy from now on and predicts even more escalations from Turkish navy and government

39 new airspace violations by Turkish Airforce with virtual "dogfights"


Intense activity on the Turkish side of Evros border

Mosque in Limassol (Cyprus) attacked days after the Islamic prayers were made in Hagia Sophia, someone wrote "immigrants, Islam not welcome"

After Turkish media and Erdogan's lie being exposed saying that Athens has no mosques, Turkish Foreign Minister repeats that Athens does not have a mosque

Church in Lesvos attacked with stones by illegal immigrants

(unrelated) 250 Kurdish graves destroyed in Eastern Anatolia by Turks who constantly do these things as a form of tactic to make the Kurds submit

Nea Kavala immigrant camp placed under quarantine

Foreign ministers group called "Med7" calls on Turkey to respect International Law and sovereign rights of EU member-states

Information of Busses full of immigrants in Adrianople (Edirne) signal that Turkey is preparing a second wave of immigrants to be sent to Evros

BREAKING: due to recent rise of attacks to Greek residents, raiding of homes and farms, and attacks on dogs guarding homes, Greek residents of Moria want more police presence in the region

Greek border guards note that reports of movement at the Turkish side of the Evros border do not worry them at the moment

Mytilene: A boat with 32 immigrants arrived in Mantamado

Turkish coastguard boat guide boats with immigrants to Greek waters (video on mediafire)

Lieutenant General L. Tzoumis: Turkey is waging a psychological war against Greece

Panayotopoulos Hard Message to Turkey: We Are Ready for Military Confrontation

20 year old Afghan immigrant from Moria camp that stabbed to death a 16 year old Afghan immigrant has been arrested


Greek Defence Minister: Turkey’s behaviour is aggressive but our powerful Armed Forces is a deterrent

Turkish television program calls for the country’s intelligence agency to kill journalists

One in six residents in the North Aegean Islands are illegal immigrants

Evros farmers affected by Turkey’s asymmetric invasion failure, to be compensated

Fierce clash between foreigners in Thessaloniki

Greek Commandos count with the presence of Generals during their training

Greece performs military exercise near Crete, sending a message of readyness to Turkey

Twitter thread exposing once again Erdogan's real intentions of conquering more land in Europe, he talks of Macedonia and about the "100 years", a rumor they made that the treaty of Lausanne would expire after 100 years and would have to be renegotiated or another war would have to happen to conquer more land


Greek General Konstantinos Floros and Rear Admiral Stylianos Petrakis PN, visited the Fleet Headquarters (AS) at the Salamis Naval Station, where they were welcomed by Brigadier General Panagias Pryevas

This is Ankara's geopolitical plan for the Aegean and the Mediterranean - says the inspirer of the "Blue Homeland"

The Deputy Minister of National Defense, Alkiviadis Stefanis, toured the units and outposts of the Evros area and Inspects border surveillance procedures

Athens is on standby with Turkish moves and challenges constantly on the Greek radar. The leadership of the armed forces as well as the government show determination to respond to any kind of illegal action by Ankara

Monastiriou Street, Thessaloniki. A group of foreigners attacks Pakistan, hitting him on the head with metal pipes (video on mediafire)

while locals from Moria demand even more police presence in the region to control immigrants committing crimes, cctv footage shows a group of immigrants jumping over the gate of private property and being chased by the owner (video on mediafire)

Fake "refugees" who got their asylum applications denied due to them coming from safe countries protest in Leros and Lesvos (video on mediafire)

Turkish Coast guard tried to help 5 boats with illegal immigrants to enter Greek waters, 4 lost their way and went back to Turkey, one entered Greek waters and was found by a German FRONTEX boat that "rescued" them and sent them to Lesvos

Greek minister of defense says Greece will do whatever it takes to protect their rights (video on mediafire)

Immigrants keep being transferred from Greek islands to mainland Greece (video on mediafire)


Cypriot President: If Turkey keeps provoking, end its EU candidacy

Illegal immigrants stab Greek in centre of Mytilene after the Greek tried to prevent the two from fighting

Turkish cyberattack on a Greek municipality website: “Know your limits”

Greek hackers take down Turkish Foreign Ministry website in revenge

Human Trafficker arrested in Thessaloniki, he was trafficking immigrants from Greece to other countries

A minor immigrant was thrown from the roof in Mytilene by two other immigrants

Mytilene: A new boat with 40 immigrants arrived on the island from the Turkish coast

The Greek Fleet is ready to stop Turkish operations - In warships and submarines have been positioned in Key locations


Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas says “We are not afraid. We are getting prepared for any possibility”

Former Defence Minister: In a conflict with Turkey, Greece will be alone

General Konstantinos Floros: Greek soldiers will block Turkey’s way to Crete

Cyberwar continues as Greek hackers make Turkish Defence Ministry website go offline

Turkish Navtex occupying areas south of Kastelorizo

"Every challenge will be dealt with in an aggressive spirit" on land, air and sea, Greece's response to Turkey

Celik's (representative of the ruling party of Turkey) provocative response to Panagiotopoulos: We have one of the strongest armies in the world


Erdogan makes new threats against Greece, but acts the victim in latest interview

Erdogan uses laser pointer to show on a map that Greece has no rights over certain areas in the Aegean (video on mediafire)

Greek hackers continue revenge attack by accessing sensitive Turkish data

Renowned Italian historian confirms Byllis was a Greek city despite Albanian revisionism

Overcrowding again outside the Asylum Service

Ministry of Immigration: The North Aegean region is responsible for the "lock" in the outpatient clinics of KYT

The Greek Navy on standby against Turkish threats - Exercises and vigilance in the Southeastern Aegean

25 airspace violations by Turkish Jets and two virtual "dogfights"

Video shows boat full of immigrants leaving Turkey towards Greece by boat, most are Africans and Afghans (video on mediafire)

Video of interviews shows thet Greeks as a nation have united themselves and have a somewhat common agreement on what should be done if their rights are attacked by Turkey (video on mediafire)


Greece, Cyprus & Armenia make historical move by blocking Turkey from leading UN General Assembly

Illegal immigrants burn olive grove in Lesvos

Greek Foreign Minister: We will defend Greece from any aggression as outlined by the constitution

Dendias: Our main problem with Turkey is the continental shelf - they do not cooperate

"Red alert" in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean - Athens raises alert level due to "Crowding" of warships

Greek frigate monitors Turkish merchant ship

Turkey seems to "respond" to Greek-Italian EEZ agreement on maritime borders with 69 airspace violations

Greek Asylum Application office this morning (video on mediafire)

According to the obstetrics clinic of Lesvos island the average birth rate has doubled in the last 3 years for the illegal Muslims immigrants compared to local citizens with the danger Turkey to raise claims for mosques & minority recognition as it does in Thrace


Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to Greece: “The Turkey-Libya memorandum cannot take anything away from Greece”

56% of Greeks are in favour of a military response against Turkey

Statue of Kolokotronis vandalised in central Greece

Greece and Cyprus finalising their maritime border agreement is only a matter of time

Greek Army exercises near the Turkish border

overcrowding at asylum application office in Greece once again, some immigrants slept outside the building to be the first in line, Immigration Minister said that 8 out of 10 should not even be at the building

Operation "IRINI" is a total failure, Turkey now has 7 frigates in Libyan waters

20 more airspace violations by Turkish planes


Turkish daily says ancient site in Thessaloniki built 300 years before Mohammed is a mosque

Only 22% of illegal immigrants on the Greek islands are women

Libyan philhellene assigned to demarcate maritime border with Greece

Turkey's dream to have air superiority in the Aegean are over, the US officially transfers the 6 F-35 that would be bought by Turkey to US bases

BREAKING: Moria farmer who filed a police report and complaint about immigrants invading his farm, destroying property and illegally building inside his property returned with the police to see that the immigrants had built a mosque with the help of NGOs


Turkish media lie about cyberattack against Greek ministry after Turkish hackers humbled by Anonymous Greece

350 American armoured vehicles to be sent to Greece

Athens and NATO worry about Turkish moves to build a base in Libya while acting like a pirate in the Aegean and Mediterranean

An immigrant in Filiatra tried to kidnap a 3-year-old girl, luckily he was arrested. The mayor said that this is the second incident in one month. There are 5000 migrants in the area, that has about 6000 local residents.


Vandals attack Ancient Greek site in Albania

Greece hires 80 new hackers as cyberwar with Turkey intensifies

Russia confirms it backs Greece’s view of maritime law

Hellenic Coast Guard rescues 36 illegal immigrants

Greek FM emphasizes that constitutional obligation to defend Greece from Turkish aggression will be fulfilled

Greece responds to Turkish provocations with more exercises, showing that it will be ready all summer


BREAKING: Newly unveiled documents reveal Turkey’s plan to invade Greece and Armenia

GCT Exclusive: An interview with Anonymous Greece who are in the midst of a cyberwar with Turkey

BREAKING: Turkey conducts exercises on ‘how to invade Greek islands’ (PHOTOS)

Authorities harass family of martyr who defended the Greek flag from Albanian police

Dimitris Papadimoulis: Bought another 6 properties in 2019, rents 15 to NGOs and immigrants

Four people injured in a fight between immigrants at the Nea Kavala immigrant camp

Victoria Square is full of illegal immigrants again - including families

Turkey receives backlash from both Russia and France

Greece gets ready to deploy Heron drones in the Aegean as a response to Turkish constant border surveillance

video of Turkish Coast Guard guiding a boat of immigrants to the Greek border


Greece thanks France for “its consistent support”

(yesterday) Three Turkish coast guard vessels escort a boat with illegal migrants into Greek territorial waters

What are the plans to deter Turkey from illegally drilling in Greece’s maritime space?

(culture) Turkish television network hosts debate on turning Hagia Sophia into a brothel

Illegal migrant that arrived in Lesvos yesterday tests positive for coronavirus

Article detailing information that reveals that SYRIZA MEPs have been involved with renting property to NGOs and Illegal Immigrants in Greece

Albanian arrested for being member of a gang that was kidnapping immigrants and blackmailing their families

Greek navy fleet is ready to protect East Aegean Islands during summer from constant Turkish navy presence


Turkey’s Justice Minister says Hagia Sophia will return to its “origin as a mosque”

27 new illegal immigrants arrive in Lesvos, mostly Africans

Chios: Illegal Immigrants turned the Zyfia dam into a swimming pool

Immigration - Lesvos: A boat with 27 migrants arrived in Naples

Dendias: Turkey insists on provoking, challenging sovereign rights in Greece and Cyprus

Barrage of Turkish overflights over Greek islands

New Turkish challenges: 69 violations, overflights and virtual air battles

In the "reds" from Evros to Kastelorizo ​​the Armed Forces - Turkey's threats and tactics


Albanian media fears that Greece is going to liberate Northern Epirus

Greek Defence Minister says Turkey’s aggression against French Navy threatens NATO cohesion

Albanian ultra-nationalists fail to protest at Greek consulate in Northern Epirus

Turkey threatens stability and security in the Mediterranean, says Greek FM

Church vandalized by illegal immigrants in Lesvos, is fully restored by volunteers

Another member of the foreign kidnapping gang in Arta was arrested

46-year-old man arrested for trafficking fake travel documents to immigrants

Lesvos: Residents complain about the health "bomb" from the immigrant camp of Moria, which now has serious sewage problems

Double message to Ankara from the Greek "hawks" - Simultaneous display of power in the Aegean and South of Crete

video of Victoria square, downtown Athens, full of immigrants once again (video on mediafire)


The relocation of migrant children from Greek islands to Europe, begins again

Illegal immigrants arrested for panting Hashish and Marijuana inside the Katsikas, Ioannina immigrant camp

BREAKING: Images from Moria camp show that the situation has become a health hazard, images of piles of trash, sewage, dead animals, irregular butcher shops selling stolen livestock meat, irregular markets selling stolen fruits and goods

Mitarakis says that there has been more than 90% reduction in immigrant flows

More than 200 migrants have been rescued in the last 48 hours in the Mediterranean

IMPORTANT: Greek General Konstantinos Floros, Chief of the Hellenic National Defense, said that if Turkish troops set foot in Greek islands in the Aegean and Mediterranean, Greece will shoot first and ask questions later

Article details France's anger aimed at Turkey, even as a NATO member, Turkey has been harassing ships and helicopters of FRONTEX and other NATO member countries, France is demanding an investigation

Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, gave a tv interview and spoke about Turkey's behavior (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: 22 of the 40 NGOs operating inside immigrant camps in Greece must now cease their operations


Greek Minister for Migration and Asylum: Greece is currently not the main gateway for migration to the EU

Israel tells Turkey that they are fully committed to the agreement on the demarcation of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) signed with the Republic of Cyprus in 2010

Illegal immigrants from Malakassa camp caught on video climbing the mountain to have BBQs in the forest nearby, which often leads to wildfires in other regions where they do the same (video on mediafire)

Until July 5, the traffic restriction measures for those staying in the Reception and Identification Centers of the country are extended , as well as in the accommodation structures of Ritsonas , Malakasa and Koutsocheros, Larissa

immigrants inside Ritsoma camp were fighting among themselves, the police was called

leadership of the Greek Armed Forces sends message to Turkey saying that an incident would set fire to the whole region

Turkey: Erdoğan Wishes "Many More Happy Conquests"

In one night Turkey bombed the survivors of a genocide eight times


Violent clashes between illegal immigrants in Malakasa

French General: The best position is to encourage democracy in Turkey

Villagers of Afalonas, in Lesvos afraid of illegal immigrants, who have been looting the village, killing livestock and have shot a resident before

Greek navy performs new drills south of Crete in a display of force as a response to Turkish provocations

A Pakistani has been arrested in Preveza, for the savage beating of a 83-year-old woman, who was found half-naked


Greece is ready to discuss EEZs with Turkey, if it’s willing

Turkish FM expresses anger that Greece adheres to international law with the maritime zones

Pakistani allegedly sexually assaulted 83-year-old woman in Preveza

International pressure against Turkey mounts as it refuses to de-escalate with Greece

Police are ready for a new wave of illegal immigrants from Turkey

Greek Director of Research Programs of the Institute of International Relations, Konstantinos Filis, said Turkey is trying to negotiate with Greece, under suffocating conditions.

BREAKING: Tsavousoglou's new threats: "No one will dare to stop our drilling" - "Athens does not want dialogue"

Impressive images from a military exercise in Evros under the watchful eye of the Chief of General Staff

new airspace violations by Turkish jets and airplanes

Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos said "The statements of the Turkish government refer to a hot episode . What the Greek government says is that you cannot be called into a dialogue on terms of blackmail or direct challenge to the country's sovereign rights. We do not want such a dialogue"

Athens refuses dialogue with Turkey due to the fact that Turkey wanted to create neutral zones, turning Evros and islands into areas where Greece would not be able to defend

Convicted human trafficker Salam Aldeen, an advisor for a Danish NGO operating in Greece posted a video of him transporting immigrants from Turkey into Greece, most of them Pakistanis


Greece to create international air force flight training centre in Kalamata

School burning blamed on Greek Far Right, found to be done by Palestinians

Tensions rise between Greeks and Albanians in Northern Epirus

French President says France will not tolerate Erdoğan’s games in Libya

A high-speed boat carrying three foreigners in the sea area of Rhodes airport was stopped after being pursued by a coast guard boat, the pilot has been arrested

Greek navy and armed forces secure Kastelorizo-Karpathos-Crete regions for the first military drill in the region

24 new airspace violations by Turkish jets and planes


Greek Energy Minister: Greece will use European funds to restart the economy

Ambassador Mustafa says Palestine and Turkey are ready to steal Cypriot maritime space

Greek and Israeli shipyards team up to create new Themistocles naval corvette

Illegal mosque shut down in Piraeus

Europe Foreign Affairs Rep meets Greek PM and condemns Turkey’s exploitation of migration crisis

Greek borders are European Union borders, says EU High Representative

An immigrant was arrested with 51 heroin "baggies" in Moria

The European Union 's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borel, has sent a message of support from the European Union to Greece

Greek airforce "Hawks" have gained aerial superiority over East Aegean islands, sending a message to Turkey

Turkish provocation continues: Sixty violations, dozens of overflights and virtual dogfights

Panagiotopoulos in Borel: No violation of our sovereign rights will be tolerated

As part of the training activities of the Greek Navy and the PA, shots are fired with guided missiles, torpedoes and shots from frigate and rocket launchers at this time in the southern Cretan Sea


Turks outraged as Israeli media shows Turkish-held islands belonging to Greece

1843 illegal immigrants with free movement permits leave Lesvos

a man got into a car accident trying to avoid arrest for illegally transporting immigrants

Turkey say Greek FM's comments about East Mediterranean are unrealistic, and that he should wake up from his dream

New turkish provocation as Turkey prepares to perform naval exercises south of Crete tomorrow and the day after

Turkish fighter jets flew over Greek islands this morning

Greek military analyst says that a conflict with Turkey in the East Aegean would lead to war

Greek naval exercise sends a powerful message to Turkey

second wave of airspace violations by Turkish planes today

Video shows an immigrant on a boat, that called a woman who promised him that the Greek coast guard was going to "rescue" them (video on mediafire)

another instance of organizations selling fake documents such as Syrian documents, European documents and more to people who want to apply for "asylum" in Europe


UNESCO sent letter to Turkey regarding turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque

US Senator calls for American sanctions against Turkey

“Yes, I am guilty of crimes against humanity!” appears on statue of Atatürk

General Alkiviadis Stefanis to Turkey: We are not afraid of anything and are ready for all scenarios

Illegal immigrant caught trafficking heroin into infamous Moria migrant camp

Greek Pm Mitsotakis speaks to Turkish Pm Erdogan

More than 100 immigrants were "rescued" on Thursday outside Lampedusa

A 16-year-old Afghan died of an overdose in Moria

Why the Greek exercise South of Karpathos caused annoyance in Ankara - The "involvement" and the provocative flight of the Turkish helicopter

Turkish UAV TB2 with TCB807 callsign returns to Dalaman airbase from a 5 hours surveilliance mission in a remote area, 53 nautical miles SE of Kastelorizo island. A carefully planed flight path inside the Turkish EEZ as the International Law for Sea determine


Leaders of Greece and Turkey “agreed to keep bilateral channels of communication open”

Foreign Minister says Greece has “the will and the capability to effectively defend our national interests”

Immigrants rally with SYRIZA in support for open borders (video on mediafire)

Three asymptomatic immigrants in Lesvos are positive for coronavirus - Where the 23 new cases were recorded

Athens is making every effort to send the message to both "troubled" neighbors and friends or allies, to prevent developments that will "set fire" to the Eastern Mediterranean

Multinational exercise of the Narcotics War "ARIADNI 20" in the Gulf of Patras. "ARIADNI" is organized by the Navy on an annual basis for the purpose of training in mine warfare and the maintenance and increase of operational readiness

video posted by the "poor" immigrants shows them renting a yacht to take them to Greece (video on mediafire)

Image shows the construction site of what is to be the new immigrant camp in the island of Samos

Video shows immigrants in Moria camp, learning and practicing Boxing and lifting weights (video on mediafire)


Turkish intelligence spied on Greeks pilgrimaging to monastery in Pontus

Three immigrants that illegally entered Greece yesterday test positive for coronavirus

Immigrants rally at Syntagma: "We will expel Mitsotakis"

Immigrant rally: What does Mitarakis answer to Petros Konstantinou

Air Force on alert ahead of Sakellaropoulou's visit to acritic outposts - The Armed Forces and especially the "hawks" of the Air Force will be on high alert on Monday, as the Turks are accustomed to provoking when Greek officials visit remote islands

German weapon exports to Turkey reach highest volume ever. Acc. to a secret report by German Economy Ministry,Turkey received weapons for 344 Mil. € in 2019.German left party leader request again to Stop weapon exports to Turkey


Albanian Chameria Association accuses Greece of a genocide

Greek city times article "Greek-Turkish communications have reopened but how far will they go?"

Greece will defend its national sovereignty in every possible way, says Greek President

Calls for strengthening and modernization of Greek Naval fleet as the first line of defense against Turkish provocations


MP Karamelos: The Albanian state puts huge pressure on us Greeks of Northern Epirus

Greece to open the land border with Turkey as tensions remain high

Turkey will target Cyprus in a war because it will lose to Greece, says Lieutenant General Pentaras

Turkey insists on provocations: F-16 overflight over Agathonisi one day after Sakellaropoulou's visit

Strong message of deterrence: "Fortress" Evros - Inaccessible river as defense and reinforcement plans near completion

Turkish media say that Agathonisi is occupied territory right after the visit of Sakellaropoulou

New airspace violations by Turkish jets and overflights in the Aegean

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu lashes out at French President Emmanuel Macron over Libya, says Macron can't even govern France (video on mediafire)

Turkey is blocking the flow of the Euphrates, on the grounds that it is a "cross-border river". In essence, it creates conditions for genocide through the coming drought & the problems in agriculture & electricity generation. At the same time, it is setting fire to Kurdish fields with wheat (video on mediafire)

Early in the morning, 42 people aboard of a boat bound for Lesvos were picked up by the Turkish Coast Guard (video on mediafire)

Operational training of four Airborne Reconnaissance Squadrons OH-58D Kiowa Warrior of the Hellenic Army Air Force in the area of Ioannina on 29 jun 2020 (video on mediafire)

Hellenic Army OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters conduct pinnacle landings on Mount Olympus (video on mediafire)

One more fire at Moria migrant camp in Lesvos, yesterday. (video on mediafire)

Turkey Accused of Widespread Attempt to Undermine European Democracy

Group of immigrants from Morocco crossed the Evros border yesterday (video on mediafire)

Samos: Bloody robbery between foreigners in the hot spot of the island


Turkish media suggests that Kemalists and Erdoganists want to steal the island of Agathonísi from Greece

Skopje begins pushing Greece to call them “Macedonia”

European Parliament’s largest party says Greek and Cypriot territorial waters must be protected from Turkish aggression

Greece, Israel defence agreement approved as PM talks to US senator critical of Turkey

US urges Turkey not to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Germany confirms and condemns Turkish political exploitation of refugees at Greek border

According to Reuters, the Turkish ambassador to France claims that Paris has informed NATO that it is suspending its involvement in naval operations in the Mediterranean, following the incident between French and Turkish ships

the training of Greek Helicopter pilots who will pilot the new units and use the new armament will be completed within a month

new barrage of airspace violations by armed Turkish jets

Saddening images from a region near an Olive Grove in Greece, showing piles of trash left by immigrants and a small orthodox church that has been almost completely destroyed

Karagiannis-Pentaras "What Turkey wants to do is cut off the islands of the Eastern Aegean from Mainland Greece. We will go willingly and unwillingly to a military confrontation because the island cannot be cut off from mainland Greece"

A new fire in Chios island, near the migrant camp. There was one more two days ago. The Deputy Governor of the island stated he is sure this has to do with the migrant situation (video on mediafire)


Decision on whether Hagia Sophia turns into a mosque to be made within 15 days

Two-thirds of Greeks think a “hot episode” with Turkey will occur within 12 months

Greece to open consulate in Benghazi, Libya

three Turkish CN-235 spy planes committed 35 violations and three violations of the National Airspace in the region of the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean

The tension in the Aegean in the "red" despite the telephone calls between Mitsotakis and Erdogan

Hellenic Navy celebrates the completion of a fast attack missile boat "KARATHANASIS", a good reinforcement and addition to their fleet that is most likely going to face a conflict with Turkey very soon

French war frigate near Paphos, sending a Message to Turkey that they dont rule the region

Turkey demands an official apology from France for what it claims to be an incorrect report on Turkish navy targeting French ships (video on mediafire)

German couple working for an NGO checked for espionage, they were taking photos of Greek military outposts and restricted areas


Greece urges Turkey to maintain the status of Hagia Sophia as a museum

Turkey’s top court will leave Hagia Sophia decision to Erdoğan, columnist says

The Armed Forces know what they are doing and they are doing it right, says Deputy Defence Minister

Criticisms of Hagia Sophia status is an attack on Turkish sovereignty, says Erdoğan

Article about the upgrades done to the Hellenic navy fleet and its need for future updates

Several Immigrants caught with knives and drugs in Moria

Illegal immigrants in Greece tell a story about how they went to several camps, trying too choose which one was to their liking so they would stay in one of them (video on mediafire)


(unrelated) Netflix and over 400,000 websites banned in Turkey

Dendias to Turkey: If you want to turn Greece into an island in a Turkish lake, you can forget about it

Erdoğan’s adviser threatens Greece with war and say Israel would pay a heavy price if they attack Turkish drilling ships (video on mediafire)

Cypriot President: Turkey wants to turn Cyprus in another Syria or Libya

Libya to set up commission to finalize maritime zones with Greece

Macron to Merkel: We're about to open fire on the Turkish navy

Greece chooses 41 new boat for Amphibious Commandos, the speed and maneuverability are again a great addition to the special operations units after the US had also given early this year new speed boats for Greek special operations units

Last night in Moria, illegal immigrants return to the olive groves, causing continuous arson (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) NATO officers deployed to a Turkish base entrapped in sex, blackmail schemes

(unrelated) series of big fires and explosions happened in Constantinople today, a group called "Children of Fire Initiative" claimed responsibility for the fire caused at a firework factory, nobody claimed responsibility for the other two fires yet

Social worker needed police intervention after immigrants in Aetos accused him of not paying their salaries

(unrelated) nine airstrikes were carried out against the Turkish air base al-Watiya in Libya,130 kilometers southwest of Tripoli, where two Turkish medium-range MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missile systems have been deployed, according to @AlArabiya_Brk


Greek government extends lockdown at immigrant camps

(unrelated) It is “unacceptable” to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque, says Russian Orthodox Church

Greece needs to radically change its defence doctrine

(unrelated) Hidden church discovered during excavation in Constantinople

first boat of illegal immigrants of July arrived in Lesvos today, 17 immigrants were found at the beach and 15 others have fled from authorities

More than 300 scholars across the world appeal to Turkey not to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Libya "key" to next Turkish move - Ankara's plan for air and naval base in Africa

Military cooperation "outside the NATO umbrella" is in being discussed between France and Greece

two immigrants arrested for burglary in houses in the areas of Psychiko and Filothei


Foreign Minister: Greece is developing a national strategy against the Turkish Provocations

Erdogan: We will continue drilling in the Mediterranean

27 illegal immigrants cross from Turkey to Lesvos

the fist semester of 2020 had a 51% reduction of the number of illegal immigrants trying to reach Greek islands

African 19 year old illegal immigrant killed in Moria by another illegal immigrant, the suspect is still at large and the police is looking for him

Hellenic airforce have been scanning and guarding the Aegean against Turkish jets, the Hellenic Airforce have air superiority in the region

Protest today in the camp of Kos, illegal immigrants demand free movement, papers, asylum, allowances. They are threatening a hunger strike (video on mediafire)

African illegal immigrants in Omonoia square, downtown Athens (video on mediafire)


Cyprus is an EU member and Turkey must accept that, says EU High Representative

calls for turning Atatürk’s house in Thessaloniki into a Greek Genocide museum

Immigration Minister: “We have borders and we know how to keep them”

The suspect of killing the African illegal immigrant was arrested in Mytilene

The Turks do not stop the propaganda: They demand that Greece be tried for dead immigrants in Evros

Greek armed forces under alert after a Turkish base in Libya was bombed and now the Turks are looking for retaliation

a total of 13 aircraft committed 50 violations , nine violations and one virtual dogfight in the area of ​​the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean, four of the aircraft were armed

Turkish police, in cooperation with the Coast Guard, stopped a cargo ship with 268 foreigners in Izmir yesterday (8 traffickers) in its tanks.The gang received about 6,000 € the person for a trip to Italy. The goal was to land on a Greek island. (video on mediafire)

Africans protesting in Moria camp, Lesvos island. They are yelling "freedom, freedom" in French. They ask to be transferred to the mainland (video on mediafire)

Crete: A foreigner tried to hold hostages - He injured himself and was taken to hospital. The man asked for asylum

New challenges from Turkey for the Aegean: "There are islands whose sovereignty has not been determined"

Italy sends a loud message to the Eastern Mediterranean area: Any violation of international law will be recorded

(unrelated) Syria: At least six people killed in a bomb blast near the border with Turkey

Samos: drunken African immigrants attacked Mayor


US military announces training program for the Cypriot army

Turkish Media report Hagia Sophia is being converted into a mosque

living conditions at Vial camp are worsening as immigrants create so much trash that rodents, snakes and other animals are making nests in the piles of trash

Turkish fleet under constant surveillance - Immediate reflexes in every move of Turkey after the bombing of Turkish targets in Libya

two individual CN-235 spy planes made 26 violations and three violations of the Athens FIR in the area of ​​the central and southeastern Aegean


(unrelated) Albanians continue attacks against Greek minority in Northern Epirus

(unrelated) Entire staff at Albanian Embassy in Athens fired

US expresses concern over Turkey’s actions in Eastern Mediterranean

A movie-like chase of immigrant traffickers took place in the early hours of the morning in Thessaloniki, four of the immigrants escaped but the two traffickers and three of the seven illegal immigrants who were in the vehicle were arrested

a total of three Turkish CN-235 spy planes committed 37 violations and four violations of the National Airspace in the region of the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean

Last night in the village of Stojakovo in Skopje, police stopped a truck carrying 211 illegal immigrants, of these, 144 are from Bangladesh and 67 from Pakistan. They were transferred to the reception center in Gevgelija, to be deported back to Greece

(unrelated) the Italian Coast Guard upon inspection of German SeaWatch3 vessel issued an administrative arrest for "several irregularities of a technical and operational nature", The vessel arrest "shall continue until all detected during inspection irregularities are corrected, some require intervention of the flag state"

(unrelated) A truck carrying weapons from or to the military base in the Sakarya's Taşkısığı region was completely exploded. The driver & the personnel was killed during the incident. This is the 3rd explosion in Turkey during 14 days

Trade unionist police officer close to SYRIZA prevented arrest during the course of the protest

Images of vandalism and attacks against the police with molotovs are again the result of yet another leftist "protest" in Athens against a law that requires protests to be approved by the police beforehand and if there are few people that they must stay out of the streets and on the sidewalks (videos on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Video from island of Samos, completely overrun with Africans and other immigrants the economy of the island has been suffering for years and the demographics has been changing dramatically (video on mediafire)

image from downtown Athens, a house was broken into as crime rates continue to rise in the city

BREAKING: A German NATO ship unloaded illegal migrants on a Greek island. Greek coast guard had earlier prevented the migrants' dinghy from entering Greek waters

France with the permission of Greece will launch exploration for oil & gas south of Crete island with its company TOTAL, in the region disputed by Turkey & considered its own EEZ, Erdogan's regime has announced that will research for oil and gas in this area in near future

On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, a 4-day aeronautical exercise was held in the sea area south of Limassol (Cyprus) with the participation of Cyprus, Greece, France & Italy in the framework of close cooperation between the four EU countries in the field of defense and Security (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Following Turkey's announcement of a large-scale military exercise in the Mediterranean, from Crete to Malta with the participation of 17 aircrafts and 8 warships, Egypt today also announced a large-scale aeronautical exercise on its border with Libya to react in any case.

in an attempt to ease tensions with the USA, a Turkish Government Owned newspaper published an article proposing to send the S-400 AA system to Libya


US-Greece relations are stronger today than ever before, says Ambassador Pyatt

Dendias to the UN: Turkey is trying to usurp our sovereign rights through illegal agreements

The sea has borders and our homeland has the power to defend them, says Greek PM

Turkish court rules Hagia Sofia can be turned into a mosque

Three people arrested during a large drug bust operation in the immigrant camp of Thebes, one of the immigrants threatened to kill the director of the camp as soon as the police went away

First of 10 Rafnar 1100 type patrol speedboats were delivered to the Hellenic coast guard today, donated by the Hellenic Shipowners' Association, the boats have advanced communication systems, thermal cameras and armored cabin


Turkish President: On July 24, the Hagia Sophia mosque opens for prayer

Savvidis to Putin: Russia needs to once again defend Orthodoxy and pay attention to Hagia Sophia

IMPORTANT: Turkey to cover Holy Icons in Hagia Sophia with “special technology”

Greek political party calls for Atatürk’s house in Thessaloniki to become a genocide memorial museum

Greece to impose sanctions on Turkey over Hagia Sophia conversion

Kavala: An immigrant trafficker was found dead in a ravine, The man allegedly fell off a bridge in his attempt to escape arrest

Greek military ready for any scenario, which is paying very close attention to the increasing number of Turkish ships in the Aegean

575 churches were looted and/or destroyed in territories occupied by Turkey

Image from destroyed and desecrated Christian monuments in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus (1974 - now)

Erdogan declared a prophecy was fulfilled after issuing a decree to convert Hagia Sophia into a mosque (video on mediafire)

A religious Madrasa to be built inside Hagia Sophia and a work on such project is already underway, reveals Turkey's top government Imam Ali Erbas as he hails President Erdogan's decision to "break the chains" on Hagia Sophia by converting it into a mosque (video on mediafire)

"Hagia Sophia is done! Next is Athens" says Turkish TV channel on Twitter and on their website

Erdogan 10 November 2016: we can't be prisoners in 780000 square kilometers because our physical borders are different than the borders of our hearts


The Pope remains silent on the conversion of Hagia Sophia

Greek tour operator ends all excursions to Turkey in response to Hagia Sophia conversion

Greek Minister: Let’s make Atatürk’s house in Thessaloniki a Greek Genocide memorial

Turkish media report now that Hagia Sophia is done, Athens “is next”

Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood congratulate Turkey on converting Hagia Sophia

Illegal immigrants graffiti church with obscene language and images in Moria once more

Pope Francis: “I think of Hagia Sophia, and I am very saddened”

Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens condemns Erdogan’s decision over Hagia Sophia

Greek airforce to modernize itself with smart weapons, increasing its efficiency, conducting several attack exercises and maintaining air superiority in the Aegean

Paphos, Cyprus: Turkey-loving mercenary who used to fight in Syria now tries to maintain a low profile as a "refugee"

Erdogan vows to 'liberate Al-Aqsa' mosque in Jerusalem after turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Illegal immigrant makes video inviting people to the "bazaar" of Eleonas, he claims that the products being sold are not stolen or counterfeit when the video shows that the products are clearly stolen or counterfeited due to their randomness (video on mediafire)


Turkey does not respect “rules related to the international community”, says Greek FM

Turkish trawlers fishing just miles off Mykonos with no interception from Greek Coast Guard

Greece preparing diplomatic push for EU to sanction Turkey over Hagia Sophia conversion

Cypriot Archbishop: Turks remain uncivilized who only destroy and appropriate the cultures of others

EU Foreign Affairs Ministers on Monday agreed to impose sanctions against Turkey if it continues its provocations against Greece and Cyprus among other things

Syrigos: Hagia Sophia is a harbinger of what we will face

Cypriot archaeologists for Hagia Sophia: Turkey blatantly violates UNESCO convention

Hagia Sophia: Putin-Erdogan phone call

Hagia Sophia - Vervesos: Its transformation into a mosque hurts our common cultural heritage

Hagia Sophia - Holy Synod: A place of culture turns into loot and a symbol of conquest

Austria on Turkey: "It is not a reliable partner of Europe" says the Foreign Minister

EU to Turkey: Immediately reconsider the decision on Hagia Sophia

Berlin for Hagia Sophia: A cultural issue, not a political one

Turkish airspace violations rose to 38 today

EU: What sanctions does Greece propose to impose on Turkey?

Macron: Europe must tackle Eastern Mediterranean issues decisively

Greece, France and Egypt "build a wall" in Erdogan's plans - Cairo under war alert - Athens alert - Paris strengthens its presence in the region

Declaration of Caliphate for Turkey's regime is now openly called for. Turkish President Erdogan's favorite TV network publicly entertains the idea of resurrecting the Caliphate in the morning news show. It is only a matter of time, says the man (video on mediafire)

(Unrelated) Turkey's FM Cavusoglu: We are ready for military action in al-Jufra-Sirte if Haftar does not withdraw; our Defense Minister and Chief of Staff briefed on the preparations on their recent visit to Tripoli and Misrata. (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Egypt has the green light from The House of Representatives, the unicameral parliament of Libya to destroy Turkey in the expected Turkish invasion of Sirte and Jufra


(unrelated) Waving Greek flags, Israeli group burns Turkish flag over Hagia Sophia conversion

(unrelated) EU to implement targeted sanctions against Turkey in August if Hagia Sophia is not reverted to a museum

(unrelated) Iran “felt joy” when Hagia Sophia was converted

Turkey’s actions are directed at Europe as a whole, says Greek PM

Germany holds urgent meeting to de-escalate tensions between Greece and Turkey

(unrelated) Salvini: Demonstration outside Turkish consulate in Milan against turning Hagia Sofia into a mosque

(unrelated) Hagia Sophia: Hide the Hagiographies, the directive of Turkey's Supreme Religious Committee

(unrelated) Erdogan "Muhammad the Conqueror was also the leader of the Orthodox"

(unrelated) Maintaining the security of Hagia Sophia is a direct responsibility of Turkey to world culture and Hagia Sophia should be open to all Christians , said the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Cyprus, Stanislav Osaci

(unrelated) Hagiographies: Will not be covered with laser or light, says Turkish Culture Minister

Mitsotakis says that Turkey's actions dont humiliate the monuments, but humiliate themselves for not respecting the monuments

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy tells Turkey to respect international law

Tsavousoglou, Turkish Foreign Minister says "There are mosques in Spain that have become churches" justifying turning Hagia Sofia into a mosque (video on mediafire)

Erdogan unrepentant for Hagia Sophia: "We corrected the mistake of 1934"

Dendias: "The list of EU sanctions against Turkey is long"

four Turkish F-16s, a CN-235 and a helicopter committed 11 violations of Greek national airspace and five violations of air traffic rules and there was also one virtual dogfight

Athens's message to allies on Turkey's provocations: "Red lines" and the danger of destabilizing the region

11 illegal immigrants arrived today in Eftalou island

(unrelated) 190-year-old Armenian church in northern Turkey becomes storage space

Video shows immigrants in Greece gutting a dead cat (video on mediafire)


North Aegean Governor urges finance suspension of mosque restoration on Lesvos

Mosque in Central Greece pelted with stones

Turkey to begin illegal drilling in Cypriot waters on Saturday

Turkey is performing another NAVTEX move, preparing to drill inside Cyprus waters

the meeting in Berlin and Turkey's attempt to take down EU sanctions

Germany says that Turkish drilling south of Cyprus sends the wrong message and that Germany expects the de-escalation of the situation

Ritsona camp: Immigrants were arrested with weapons inside the camp

Chalkida: Afghans harassing minors clashed with a police officer

Anastasiadis: Turkey's provocation will be put to the European Council

Telephone communication between Mitsotaki and Merkel

Turkey asks Greece for the extradition of the 8 Turkish officers who fled by helicopter to Greece during the 2016 "coup"

Erdogan wants to preach in Hagia Sophia, writes "Bild"

Nordic Monitor on Turkey: 2016 coup was "set up" - The "key" man acted on Erdogan's orders

Apostolakis reveals: We tried to send back the helicopter with the eight Turkish officers

Greece and Israel agree on military cooperation and both oppose Turkey's provocations, both countries will perform training exercises and drills

Turkish President Erdogan vowed to continue Ottomans mission in Caucasus, said Armenia is punching beyond its weight and put Armenians working in Turkey on the spot on account of Armenia-Azerbaijan -conflict (video on mediafire)

In the last few days, a gap has been identified in the defense, in northern Rhodes. Yesterday & today on the beach of Kremasti about 60 people disembarked with 3 boats - the smuggles made videos offering to take people to Greece (video on mediafire)


US Ambassador and Greek Foreign Affairs Minister talk Turkey

Turkish media reacts to Greek governor’s suggestion to suspend financing to restore mosque on Lesvos

Former Greek DM: We knew about the coup against Erdogan hours before it happened

A man with an ax attacked employees inside a tax office in Kozani

(unrelated) 7 killed in intelligence plane crash in Turkey

(unrelated) Abdel Fattah al-Sisi "We will not remain indifferent to threats against the national security of Egypt and Libya"

(unrelated) Portable icons and Christian objects from Hagia Sofia will be transferred to a new museum

Greece's view that the islands have a continental shelf is identical to that of the USA says US ambassador Jeffrey Payat

A proposal to extend the Greek territorial waters from 6 to 12 miles was submitted by the MP of ND, Evripidis Stylianidis against the Turkish provocation

Greek FM: "If Turkey attempts drilling, Greece will defend its rights"

UN Secretary-General on Cyprus: Lack of solution makes current situation unsustainable

We are at a high level of readiness due to the Turkish provocations said Greek General Konstantinos Floros

(unrelated) The head of the NTUA research team for the protection of Hagia Sophia, professor of the NTUA and member of the Steering Committee of the TEE Tonia Moropoulou, started collecting signatures in defense of the values ​​of Hagia Sofia

Margaritis Schoinas , vice-president of the European Commission for the Promotion of a European Lifestyle says the conditions for dialogue with Turkey is to stop its actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and for the neighboring country to show readiness to cooperate constructively with the EU and our Member States. He noted that moves such as the conversion of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque only fuel distrust

Greek frigate SPETSAI left alone in Libyan waters as other EU forces leave the area, the Greek military is afraid that another incident as the one that happened between France and Turkey might happen once more since the frigate is now on its own

Minister Panagiotopoulos: Danger of escalation of tension due to Turkish destabilizing actions

(unrelated) Albanian Minister of Tourism Ornela Çuçi, who called in an interview for a boycott of the shops that belong to members of the oppressed Greek National Minority and address their customers in the Greek language

some new additions to the Special Operations Unit of the Hellenic Coast Guard is a seized Midnight Express 37 boat that has received many new upgrades including four new 350HP engines, electronics (FLIR) and four Patrol Jockey seats and early this month, a "Nemesis" was captured, a high-tech RIB built by ELMON

IMPORTANT: Illegal immigrants upload video of them throwing documents and credit cards that could ID them into the sea, so they could declare themselves as minors (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Turkey is loading the fronts in Sirte and Jufra, their invasion is in the final stage

(unrelated) Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar threatened Armenia with invasion, said that "will pay a heavy price". according to Azerbaijan media, Turkish F-16s and UAVs Bayraktar are flying over the Turkish - Armenian border

BREAKING: While Turkey is threatening and invading countries, German ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is about to deliver 6 new submarines, under the German government's approval


EU won’t play ball with Turkey this time, said Commissioner

(unrelated) Where icons and Holy relics from Hagia Sophia will be transported

Greek PM and FM again criticise Turkey over its decision to covert Hagia Sophia

Large majority of Greeks disappointed with how Russia and EU responded to Hagia Sophia conversion

Greece and Egypt are close to an Exclusive Economic Zone agreement

Immigrants looted a chapel in Chios

Mitsotakis wants stronger actions against Turkey "Turkey can not violate the sovereign rights of two member states and there is no strong reaction"

(unrelated) Erdogan: "I dreamed of releasing her since I was a child"

Turkey speaks again about "blue homeland" and Turkey's rights in the Aegean

Russia says Hagia Sofia conversion will not affect relations between Turkey and Russia

Special Summit in September to review EU-Turkey strategic relationship

Erdogan says Egyptian president is doing something illegal and calls the UAE pirates

IMPORTANT: Turkey reveals intentions to challenge status quo in region - Greek "red lines"

new airspace violations by Turkish planes and jets

A resounding message from Greece to Turkey with the exercise of the Navy in the Myrtos Sea

Turkish media discuss if Turkey should deploy against Armenia in support of Azerbaijan

FRONTEX finally decides to act on the Albanian corridor of immigration and will start an operation in Montenegro to stop immigrants from crossing albania and entering Europe, the question is how -effective they will be

Greece puts "brake" on Turkey piracy. Following a lease agreement which ratified by the Greek Parliament, Greece grants a sea plot for exploration southwest of Crete island to the companies TOTAL, ExxonMobil, HellenicPetroleum

full video of immigrants throwing documents and credit cards into sea so they could claim to be minors

Turkey was removed from the list of global participants on the official website for the United States’ F-35 program (older page, for reference)


“Unlike Turkey, Greece invests in Ottoman monuments”, says Greek Culture Minister

My words regarding the Greek-Egyptian EEZ were taken out of context: Greek Ambassador

Greek Navy personnel doxxed by Iranian hackers

General Floros: The Greek Armed Forces are ready for any provocation from Turkey

Two boats with 58 refugees arrived in Lesvos

Cyprus: Anastasiadis briefs Merkel on Turkish challenges in Cypriot EEZ

Washington Post article: Why turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque is an act of cultural leveling

Germany, France, Italy threaten Turkey with sanctions for Libya without naming Turkey specifically

Armed forces on high alert: Athens' double 'battle' against Erdogan expansion plans

Turkey keeps coming at France with Turkish defense minister Hulusi Akar repeating his government demand for an official apology, accusing Emmanuel Macron gov't of blocking NATO work, signalling Turkey is keen to teach a lesson to everybody out of Turkey's conflict with France (video on mediafire)


"Merkel is able to help solve the problem," the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy told Spiegel

The Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci said "Find a solution and share the gas" and that both sides must keep going to find a solution to the situation

(unrelated) Erdogan supervises the conversion of Hagia Sofia into a mosque personally

Turkey insists on "erasing" the Greek islands from the map, claiming in the letter to the UN that it came to light that they do not have a continental shelf and therefore an EEZ, and insists on the principle of fairness.

An organized escape attempt yesterday afternoon from the "Closed" Corinth Detention Center. About 40 Algerians and Moroccans attempted to jump off the fence and disappear but were captured right after

(unrelated) France positioned Aircraft Carrier 80 km from Sirte, possibly waiting for a Turkish invasion of the city, France might side with Egypt and Haftar

Kerem Önder, a Turkish new generation jihadist cleric, brags about how his poisonous preaching on armed Jihad motivates Turks and Arabs (video on mediafire)

Reports shed light on mercenaries, terrorists sent by Turkey to Libya

The Greek Minister of Defense is going to Cyprus on Monday


Damning new evidence on the 2018 Mati fire points to a cover-up

Erdogan "Accepting an equal status is a fair solution for Cyprus"

Germany: "There is a risk of escalation in the Mediterranean"

Erdogan on invasion of Cyprus: We have shown what can happen if the rights of Turkish Cypriots are not respected

Joint response to the Turkish challenges from Greece and Cyprus

Panagiotopoulos: Greece will always be on the side of Cyprus

(unrelated) Egypt: Parliament gives green light for military intervention in Libya

Panagiotopoulos from Nicosia: Turkish delinquency requires maximum vigilance

Cyprus: Anastasiadis: Turkey functions as if we were in the era of the Ottoman Empire

"Nerve" war: Concentration of Turkish naval forces - Greek fleet on alert - Athens awaits Ankara's next move

Greece military delegation meet with Minister of Defense of Armenia in Yerevan to discuss bilateral cooperation in the field of defense

Radical Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik comes out defending Turkey's corrupt President Erdogan, praises him as a Muslim leader on Prophet's way, endorses his move to convert Hagia Sophia into mosque, says even destruction of house of a worship is permitted in Islam. (video on mediafire)


Greek armed forces on High Alert: Turkey announces illegal exploration in Greek waters from today

Israel approves EastMed pipeline deal with Greece and Cyprus

Greece and Armenia strengthen military ties

Germany to take another 100 immigrant "children" from Greek camps

At least 17 Turkish warships leave port as Greek military is put on High Alert

Mitsotakis says EU sanctions ‘unavoidable’ for Turkey if tensions continue

Immigration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi says Greece will resume deporting illegal immigrants and people whose asylum applications were denied

Car crashes into protesters in Lesvos who were saying that the island was in danger, the protesters claimed that immigrants were causing the wildfires in the island, attacked an NGO van and were organizing groups to prevent immigrants from starting more fires, some people had to be transported to a hospital

Erdogan: "We do not need anyone's permission for our seismographs and drilling rigs"

German foreign minister visits Greece and tells Turkey to respect international law despite trying to remain somewhat neutral

Alert after Turkish Navtex starts incursions off the coast of Kastelorizo island

IMPORTANT: See the map with the area that the Turks occupied on the Greek continental shelf

Greek Defense Minister to US Defense Minister "Greece is determined to defend its sovereign rights"

Kastelorizo: Turkey launches 22 warships in the Aegean after the Turkish NAVTEX starts studying the area around Kastelorizo

"We aspire to dominate on land, air and sea if and when required" says Greek General Konstantinos Floros

Athens briefs EU, NATO, UN, as well as capitals of permanent members of Security Council on Turkish NAVTEX incursions near Kastelorizo, showing once again that Turkey once again seeks to escalate tensions and does not respect international or maritime laws

IMPORTANT: United States State Department: We call on Turkey to stop its planned operations in Kastelorizo

Barrage of airspace violations and overflights after Turkey declares their incursions of NAVTEX inside Greek Continental waters

Greek General Konstantinos Floros returns in a hurry from Cyprus as the armed forces are put under red alert due to yet another provocative move by Turkey

Turkish jets performed a total of 82 airspace violations and a barrage of overflights, the Greek airforce engaged in nine virtual dogfights with Turkish jets

BEAKING: A German news article reveals the plan with which Germany is trying to soften and endanger legitimate Greek interests. The plan is to allow Turkey to continue with illegal gas exploration until a legal settlement is reached

U.S. soldiers and armed vehicles arrive to Greece, close to the border with Turkey. The American troops will be stationed in Greece permanently


30 Pakistani illegal immigrants deported from Greece

Tourists flee from Kastellorizo after Turkey provoked war with Greece yesterday

75.95% increase in returns of migrants to Turkey in the first half of the year

Aegean: The situation is the same according to Greek Armed forces - The Germans "see" de-escalation

Kastelorizo: The issue of "Turkish aggression" is brought to the European Parliament by New Democracy MEPs

Mitsotakis to Merkel: Greece will not accept a violation of its sovereignty

Turkey is trying to claim that the area south of Kastelorizo is a "gray area" of the EEZ for the third time

Greek warships arrive at the red zone, near Kastelorizo

Roula Koromila takes a stand for Kastelorizo: We were and we are alone

full alert - The Greek Armed Forces are ready from Evros to Kastelorizo ​​- All scenarios with the attention turned to ORUC REIS

Greece and Cyprus respond to the Turkish challenges with anti-Navtex

Gradual withdrawal of Turkish warships from the Aegean

Four F-16s, two CN-235s and two helicopters committed 12 violations of national airspace and seven violations of air traffic rules . There were two virtual air battles, while two Turkish fighters were armed

Turkey announced an emergency meeting of the Turkish National Security Council at 3 p.m. today! The meeting will take place under Erdogan and in the presence of the Foreign Minister, as well as the leaders of all arms

Immediately after the provocative actions of Erdogan and Turkey in the Greek EEZ, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin few hour ago contacted by phone with the Prime Minister of Greece, Mitsotakis and discussed bilateral issues on Turkey & Hagia Sophia.

57 wildfires in just 24 hours, another 60 yesterday, all near immigrant camps in several parts of Greece

American senator Menendez, criticizes the State Department: These "undisputed" waters belong to Greece

US House passes bill forcing Trump to sanction Turkey over Russian S-400 missiles

Fire in Corinth: A house burned down in Alamanos

Greek military sources: "If Turkey escalates, rules of engagement will be released" "The Turks will not only find in front of them a frigate, but a significant part of our fleet consisting of different types of ships."

New provocative move by Albania and Turkey, Albania approves military cooperation deal with Turkey


Greek navy closely watching Oruc Reis, which is set to sail into the NAVTEX area claimed by Turkey to be theirs in July 24

Turkish media publishes article bragging about having 15 warships protecting Oruc Reis and about Turkish jets flying at low altitudes over Kastelorizo

Turkey and Greece start playing a dangrous game, with Turkey maing provocative statements regarding their "rights" in the mediterranean while breaking international law

the Greek police is investigating the murder of a 57 year old woman, she was supposed to transport one of her employees of whom many were foreigners, but then was found dead, stabbed to the throat

Turkish intelligence tried to pass off al-Qaeda, ISIS fighters as moderates in CIA/Pentagon vetting

French President denounces Turkey’s “violation” of the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus

Greece will build advanced drones with “swarm” function

US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt :Kastellorizo has same continental shelf and EEZ rights as any mainland territory

"Floating wall" is erected by the Navy - The Fleet is waiting for the "ORUC REIS"

The potential for Turkey to deploy missiles on the Aegean coast, facing the Aegean islands , reveals the Turkish military analyst, Kadir Dogan

US-Greece defense agreement: US landing in the port of Alexandroupolis

Anadolu Agency: Oruc Reis ready to start drilling - Launches for the Mediterranean

Dozens of Turkish violations on Thursday in the Aegean

Manfred Weber: It is time to act, to think and sanctions against Turkey

Spiegel: Germany has summoned the Turkish ambassador to the Foreign Ministry

the spokesman of Recep Tayyip Erdogan , Ibrahim Kalin "Greece's reaction is excessive, we do not want military tension"

The Turkish Admiral Jihad Yaici (architect of the illegal Turkish-Libyan deal) proposed to be renamed the Aegean at "Sea Islands" or "Northern Mediterranean" because the word Aegean has Greek roots and should not be used

French president posted a message on his official facebook page in Greece, the message among other things said "We will not accept the maritime space of an EU member state being threatened"

United States State Department: We are concerned about the provocative actions of Turkey

the Greek Prime minister and Egyptian President spoke through the phone today, they discussed Libya and the eastern Mediterranean

the suspect of killing a 57 year old women has been identified as a 34 year old Pakistani immigrant who had recently been fired by the woman, the police is investigating the involvement of a possible accomplice

72 forest fires broke out today all over Greece


EU Commissioner warns that ‘Europe cannot fail twice on migration’ and must avoid repeating 2015

Nevra Tsavousoglou after Macron's Greek post: "France lost its neutrality"

"Steel wall" made by the Greek navy fleet in the Aegean proves effective as the Turkish Oruc Reis did not leave the port to conduct researches in the Greek EEZ, Greece also called upon its allies such as France, USA and Russia who have been pressuring Turkey

New NAVTEX conflict between Cyprus, Russia and Turkey, Cyprus announced a NAVTEX inside its waters for the Russian fleet to perform exercises, shortly after the Turkish Government also announced a NAVTEX in the same region, as a way to once again claim that they do not recognize Cyprus as a sovereign state

The chairman of the German Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) Norbert Retgen, says that Europe must not close communication and diplomatic negotiations with Turkey, because Turkey is a very "strategic" country for Europe

the American aircraft carrier Eisenhower will be sailing to Crete tomorrow along with 12 American warships, they will also be joint exercises with the Greek Airforce

a total of six aircraft committed 33 violations and four violations of the Athens FIR , flying over the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean. It is noted that two of the above aircraft were armed

more on the NAVTEX "war" between Russia, Cyprus against Turkey


Albanian nationalists keep harassing Greek communities in Northern Epirus

Erdogan announced that Hagia Sofia will remain open 24 hours for prayers

Erdogan: "Get out to fight or start negotiations as soon as possible"

Signs of de-escalation in the Aegean - Some Turkish ships are leaving

Oruc Reis: The Turkish embassy in the US announced that it has started seismic investigations

"Eisenhower" will sail in Crete: It is accompanied by 12 ships - Joint exercise with Greece

Greek navy on standby for more Turkish escalations and possible illegal NAVTEX while at the same time small number of Turkish warships leave for the ports and the oruc reis is still in Turkish waters, unable to leave for Greek EEZ

Indications for the return of a small number of Turkish Navy ships to the ports. All warships of the Hellenic Navy remain in place and are NOT going to move until August 2

illegal immigrants record a fire starting at an olive grove near Moria camp (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Founder of White Helmet foundation admits to fraud, gives an example that the administrators could even choose their own salaries


The Turkish embassy in the US deleted yesterday's tweet that announced that the oruc Reis

2014 article detailing the fake rumors Erdogan has created about the Lausanne treaty, saying it has an expiration date, which would mean that they could revive the Ottoman empire and pursue its old goals

Pakistani immigrants sentenced After Kidnapping, Extorting, and Raping Teen in Thessaloniki

Subtitled Video of Erdogan saying Turkey never feared paying the price for victory and tells countries who oppose Turkey to come out and fight or start negotiations (video on mediafire)

The Greek "sea wall" contributed to the withdrawal of Turkish warships which continue to go back to their bases and Oruc Reis has not left the port

Erdogan tries to make the whole situation about religion to win more popularity and turn Turks against the West once again and says "Some do not accept that Constantinople is in the hands of Muslims"

despite signs of de-escalation, the Greek navy is still in the region and under high alert, reports indicate that the situation will remain like so until August 2nd, when the Turkish NAVTEX expires

Greek Coast Guard performs exercises in the Aegean with live fire

Subtitled video of Erdogan talking about the expansion of influence of their intelligence agency around the globe wherever Turkey might have interest in

(UNRELATED) a 39 year old "refugee" confessed participating in the burning of the Nantes cathedral

an NGO worker was using the line for elderly people at a bank to open new bank accounts for immigrants, the man recording threatened to call the police (video on mediafire)

The commander of the Fire Department of the North Aegean stated that from the beginning of 2020 until July 20, they had 280 fires in Lesvos, most of them close to Moria (video from 25/07, on mediafire)

Greece recruited 400 new border guards at the Greek-Turkish border in Evros.

one of the largest immigrant smugglers in Greece, known as the Iraqi "phantom" and "Markos", who was organizing the smuggling of immigrants from Greece to Italy has been arrested today


Greek media seems to be scared of Greece performing joint exercises with US forces and calls news of it "unrealistic"

U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa / U.S. 6th Fleet confirms that there will be joint exercises with Greece as the Eisenhower aircraft carrier sails near Crete, debunking rumors spread by Turkish news agencies that such drills would not happen

“We are witnessing the rebirth of our nation,” says Turkish President

"Greeks are not joking" - The new doctrine that Athens emits in all directions

Pressure for sanctions against Turkey increases, as tensions with Greece grow

Erdogan turns a deaf ear on European leaders and is out of control

Greek PM and Spanish FM discuss Turkey’s delinquent behaviour

German media claims that Merkel might call Erdogan again soon to discuss his provocations towards Greece

Sotiris Serban , Professor of International Politics at the Democritus University said "the next six months will be particularly challenging for Greece" and that Turkey sees a window of oportunity

Spanish Foreign Minister Aranza Gondhalet says Hagia Sofia must be preserved as a world heritage site and dismisses Turkish Foreign Minister's speech saying that it should not

Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias says that Greece will not tolerate Turkish provocations at all

Turkish media admits that Oruc Reis has not left their port since the Greek Navy made its presence south of Kastelorizo

BREAKING: Delusional Turkish VP said today "If anyone tries to take Turkey 's breath away, they will take their own breath" he also claimed that the demilitarization of the Greek islands in the Aegean is a must for Turkey, he also claimed that Greece committed Genocide against Turks and Muslims in Crete and Cyprus in 1960 and before

Article details the sloppy job Turkey has done to preserve Hagia Sofia's historical artifacts and how some modifications might be harmful for the site

Growing number of verbal provocations, accusations and insinuations by Turkish President Erdogan and vice president Oktay

An Afghan and an Iraqi man were arrested in Omonoia accused of forgery, facilitating illegal entry and exit and possession of passports, as well as travel documents of third parties, smuggling prevention and suppression of money laundering

reports of immigrants crossing the Evros in large numbers, they usually stay in Egnatia Odos, from where traffickers transport them to Thessaloniki or Athens

83 year woman from Preveza was raped and beaten last month by a 40 year old Afghan immigrant who has been arrested after bragging about committing the crime, the woman died after a month of being treated in the hospital

Turkey is still relying on foreign countries for their own defense systems despite their actions and rhetoric says Ahval newspaper

Immigrant arrested in Moria for setting fire to an Olive Grove

video reportedly from Moria, shows an immigrant trying to set fire to an olive grove near the Moria camp (video on mediafire)

Man makes video on how to reach Greece by boat by contacting arabic NGO and how to get welfare and other benefits, then he makes a tour around Athens (video on mediafire)

Smugglers offer their services to illegal immigrants who want to go to several countries in Europe

Smugglers with phone numbers from Sweden are also offering their services in the Aegean, they have posted videos of their operations

(unrelated) a German man was arrested in Germany for protesting the use of loudspeakers during the call to prayer, from a Turkish mosque (video on mediafire)

Disturbing report that the government of Turkey's Pres Erdogan, seeking Chinese funding, is complying with Beijing's requests to repatriate Uighur Muslims for detention and persecution by sending them indirectly via third countries like Tajikistan


The Greek Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostis Hatzidakis said "No dialogue with Turkey under conditions of blackmail"

After the meeting with Turkish FM, the Spanish Foreign Minister goes to Greece

Erdogan's spokesperson said that Erdogan himself ordered the withdraw of Oruc reis and that he said "Let us be constructive with Greece,"Everyone should continue to work on their own continental shelf, while joint research should be done on the disputed areas. Let us be constructive" and said that their possible EU membership should not be used to Pressure Turkey

German Press: Erdogan's doctrine is based on the division of the West

disgusting article by German newspaper "Welt" says that Christianity can survive the conversion of Hagia Sofia, trying to downplay its importance culturally and historically

shortly after the alleged announcement by Erdogan's spokesperson that they would try to work constructively with Greece, Turkey issued another NAVTEX to make seismic reaseach inside Cyprus EEZ waters

Turkey wants to start dialogues with Greece but demand that Greece does not impose terms, conditions or limits

Greek PM adviser says he thinks that Turkish escalations and provocations might be reduced and that after its failure in Kastellorizo they might not attempt doing something on that scale again

(unrelated) Germany sends 250 marines and frigates to the Mediterranean in an attempt to enforce the Arms embargo in Libya and to make its presence in the region

Turkey once again uses the religion card, claims that many Greek and Turkish muslims live in Constantinople, trying to de-escalate tensions on Hagia Sofia

article detailing how Turkey went once again from de-escalation to inflammatory

Satellite image shows that Oruc Reis is anchored at Attaleia (Antalya), showing that is has been withdrawn even more

Greek Navy add a new rocket battery to its fleet, named Lieutenant Karathanasis to honor those who died defending the island of Imia

article detailing the joint exercise between Greece and the US

Women in Lesvos protest against NGOs and illegal immigrants in their island

(unrelated) A huge fire broke in the business center at VIA TOWER in the Cankaya district of Ankara, Turkey. People are being evacuated from the building while walls were falling down

A 64-year-old man from Serres, a member of the ring, was sentenced to 32 months in prison with a three-year suspension, who was arrested for transporting 15 smugglers who disembarked from the Turkish coast in his car.

Illegal Immigrants returned to Turkey from Rhodes yesterday, they were received by the Turkish coast guard at the sea, Lesvos has also seen a number of immigrants who left the island and went back to Turkey

Turkey is deploying troops to Nakhichevan, effectively stationing its troops all along the western border of Armenia as their president threatens genocide.& to the east we have Azerbaijan, whose president constantly threatens war & sanctions persecution of diaspora Armenians

immigrant posted a video showing a street near downtown Athens near Omonoia square, the street is completely overrun by immigrants (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: The United Nations is launching an investigation into Libya's finances. In early July the appointed pro-Turkish GNA government of the war-torn Libya deposited billions of dollars in Turkey who is facing severe foreign reserves shortages

Video compiles many of the absurds said by Erdogan in his Sultan delusion (video on mediafire)

Traitorous Greek priest Evangelos Papanikolaou speaks about the Hagia Sophia, saying its conversion into a mosque is a correction, not a curse and also "Wherever the Turks were, they were better" (video on mediafire)

Video shows Turkish Foreign Minister making remarks about when turkey "dumped the Greeks into the sea" during an EU conference with Spanish Foreign Minister (video on mediafire)

Greek journalist shot, he received threats from people who asked him to stop "bothering them" with the articles he was publishing

Germany takes a laughable stance regarding Turkey and says it wont approve sales of weapons to Turkey anymore with the exception of naval vehicles and equipment, meaning that they will keep selling weapons to Turkey

Article asking for the international community to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, detailing the motives to do so and the absurd they have funded, supported and done in the past and still do today

Video shows joint exercise between Greek Airforce and fighter jets from the American Navy in Crete from inside a pilot's cockpit (video on mediafire)

Turkey has given Greece a one-month deadline to start negotiations after they retreated their fleet, even though they have now issued a NAVTEX to Cyprus EEZ waters


Greek government said they will be cautious with the Turkish situation after their withdraw and calls for negotiations

(unrelated) Turkey passed a bill that says that key social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, should be represented in Turkey and obey Turkish court rulings on content removal under threat of severe sanctions, such bill was created after his daughter and son in law were criticized and ridiculed online

Panagia Soumela Monastery in Trabzon reopens after five years of restoration work

Pontian Unions refuse Erdogan's invitation to Panagia Soumela "how is it possible to accept this so-called invitation?" "here, the 'beloved' Sultan Erdogan made the Hagia Sophia a mosque, this unique monument of world culture. We can also expect an imam from Erdogan at Panagia Soumela. It counts for nothing. He will continue the same tactics "

Greek Foreign Minister says that a dialogue with Turkey can not happen at gunpoint like Turkey is trying to do with deadlines, threats and attempting to intimidate Greece into accepting their demands

Turkish drones keep patrolling East Aegean Area, activity expected to grow with the also increasing verbal provocations of the Turkish government

BREAKING: The Turkish Lira is sinking even as Turkey spends Billions of its foreign dollar reserves to prop it up

Turkey makes propaganda video in Greek to show its supposed “religious diversity”

Cypriot President says he will not accept blackmail tactics from Turkey

Greek television channel cancels broadcast of Turkish series in protest against Hagia Sophia conversion

Syria will build a new Hagia Sophia with Russian assistance to protest against Turkey

Hellenic Navy commissioned 6th Roussen-class Fast Attack Craft KARATHANASIS (P78) on July 28, 2020. A great addition to the fleet amid Turkish provocations

Greece the Voluntary Return & Reintegration Program (AVRR) funded by the European Union , at the request of Greece, which aims to incentivize immigrants to return to their home countries, those who do, will receive a bonus of 2000 Euroos

Human Rights Watch: Allegations of torture and ill-treatment by security forces in Turkey

The Cypriot Deputy Government Spokesman Panagiotis Sentonas said that they want a more decisive stance of the EU regarding the new research operation by the Turkish ship "Barbaros"

Greek airforce says they are ready for anything, recent drills and exercises seem to have riled up the pilots all over Greece

(unrelated) Pakistanis celebrate the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on government forum

Executives of the Ministry of Immigration Policy from Athens, met with about 20 owners of olive groves around the camp, offering the possibility of leasing their property for 160 euros per acre. For those who refuse the Government will still use their land but without compensation

Article reports on a project to build a new facility for immigrants in Lesvos, financed by the Dutch government, the plan is to built a permanent 25 acre facility

NGO operating in Greece started a campaign "Give in your will" asking people to put destine part of their will to immigrants or leave "gifts" to immigrants in their will

Smugglers advertise their services and sale of fake documents ranging from ID cards, Visas all the way to several different passports

Images from Victoria Square, Athens, shows many illegal immigrants sleeping all over the square at night

According to information, Berlin stated that Germany does not accept any country's dialogue with Turkey as long the Turkish vessels are drilling illegal in the EEZ of Cyprus. Right now the Turkish vessel Yavuz have invade the Cypriot EEZ

A few days after saying that they would stop research operations and work constructively with Greece, Turkey issued a NAVTEX for Cypriot EEZ waters, now, the "Barbaros" research boat is going towards Cyprus where a Turkish drill ship "Yavus" also recently arrived

Turkish Embassy in Athens posts article that says "its time for the EU to show Turkey some respect"

Turkish Coast Guard found 61 people heading towards the Greek island of Rhodes, an island that recently has been the focus of most smugglers and NGOs transporting immigrants illegally to Greece (video on mediafire)

New fire at an Olive Grove in Moria, Lesvos, just yesterday an illegal immigrant was arrested for setting fire to an Olive Grove in the same region, he had also posted the video on facebook (video on mediafire)

twitter thread showing similarities between Erdogan's speeches and Hitler's Mein Kampf

REMINDER: articles about former Turkish Prime Minister saying that the Turkish Intelligence Agency has been involved in causing fires in Greece secretly, other articles detail "forest jihad" in which terrorist groups now set fires to forests as a way to overwhelm the emergency response teams and cause damage to the economy of the country


Illegal Afghan immigrant arrested for murder in Lesvos

175 immigrants are being transferred from Greek camps to Germany

(unrelated) 300 illegal immigrants, mostly from Tunisia have arrived in Italy this week

Turkish Defense Minister "Drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean is our right"

Barbaros Outside Famagusta - US State Department tells Turkey to cease drilling operations in the Aegean

Erdogan "We will protect our rights in Aegean and Mediterranean as we did with Hagia Sophia"

"Barbaros" in the Cypriot EEZ

Turks are investing in real estate in Greece to get a residence permit with the "Golden Visa" program, a residence permit is granted in Greece to foreigners, who will buy a property in Greece worth more than 250,000 euros

Turkish Defense Minister at Greek-Turkish border - Inspected troops

The Greek Ministry of National Defense angrily denied rumors circulating in the Turkish media and reproduced by a section of the Greek media about talks with Turkey on the purchase of Turkish-made drones

Turkey starts a "propaganda war", trying to reverse the sensation that the Greek Armed Forces had impact on their drilling operations

Turkey's President Erdogan dares his enemies challenge him in open battlefield, believes he is on a war path, prophesies the collapse of the West and 'blessed' birth of a mighty, powerful Turkey, says his nation is ready to sacrifice everything including lives

Analysis of immigration aspects in Europe

the government of Lesvos is investigating people who raised a white cross in the island a few years ago when SYRIZA was in power, it was a form of protest against the government who according to the people who raised the cross, wanted to turn the island into an islamic colony

the not so well known somerthrace genocide, when Turks slaughtered thousands of Greeks

Two boats with illegal immigrants arrived in Rhodes in July 23 and 24, a fact that was recorded by residents and cannot be disputed, but they were never recorded in the daily census bulletin

2 Turkish drill ships operating in Cypriot EEZ right now, Yavuz and Barbaros

"There are no more than 20 people in Victoria Square." said Melina Daskalakis, responsible for immigration of the Municipality of Athens, picture from today 30/07/2020

(unrelated) evidence surfaced linking White Helmets in Syria to organ trafficking

Turkish magazine calls for revival of caliphate in wake of Hagia Sophia conversion to mosque

Greek Ministry of defense is taking legal action against those spreading fake news that Greece is going to buy drones from Turkey

European Commission: Turkish Navtex is a negative development for the Cypriot EEZ

Turkey’s Erdogan may be seriously pursuing his nuclear ambitions says expert

(unrelated) Another example of how "friendly" Turkey is as a nation. Turkish gang attacked and injured very seriously 5 Syrian schoolmates on their way back home after lesson. Two of them were immediately send to intensive care unit.


The presence of ‘Barbaros’ in Cyprus’ EEZ is unacceptable, says Greek government spokesman

Turkish spokesman says Modern Greeks are unrelated to ancient Greeks, but what do genetic tests find?

Article details new attempts to cause escalations by Turkey, this time in Cyprus

Turkish Defense Minister "We will meet with the Greeks, We are trying to solve our problems"

Enes Kader posted 4 threatening messages sent to him on social media by Erdogan's supporters after the basketball player said that he would spit on Erdogan if he saw the dictator in front of him

video of the traitorous priest praising Hagia Sofia conversion by Turks goes viral in Turkey

Provocative threats from a Turkish journalist: Greece should not be surprised if we come suddenly one night

Turks show their cultural lack of respect, a Turk goes viral for taking a picture while laying down at the carpet of Hagia Sofia

Greek special forces spent their night at islands and islets on high alert

short video shows the positions of Turkish drill ship Yavuz and Turkish research vessel Barbaros, both inside Cypriot EEZ waters (video on mediafire)

Foreigner arrested for transporting 554 grams of cocaine and 954 drug tablets from Turkey to Greece

A foreign man arrested in Kilkis in whose house 150 grams of cocaine were found

Arrests of individuals at the Kakavia Ioannina Border Crossing Point for forged travel documents


Turkish Defense Minister "Let us resolve the differences with Greece peacefully"

Greek frigate at joint exercise with Spanish and German frigates

(unrelated) Egypt accuses Turkey of violating its rights and assaulting its sovereignty in its exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean

Greece might extend its EEZ from 6 to 12 nautical miles if Turkey sends their seismic research boats to Kastellorizo again

People were able to record the floor of Omonoia Square in central Athens with feces, where immigrants have been relieving themselves (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) New war threats from Turkey, this time against UAE.The Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in an interview on al Jazeera:"UAE is doing some things in Libya and Syria. All this is recorded. They will pay the bill when the time comes"

Analysis of Turkey's growing threat, as an enemy growing inside NATO

Moria residents protest against the expansion and legalization of the illegal settlement of Eleonas and the residents expose the propaganda behind it (video on mediafire)


What does Turkey seek to achieve through negotiations with Greece and what is the position of the Greek government

Egypt vs. Turkey: Seismic survey plans in eastern Mediterranean violate Egyptian EEZ

The countdown for the tests at sea began for the missile boat "VLACHAKOS" which is expected to be operational on Wednesday

Turkish Interior Minister talks to a select group in a military base, says Turkey will rule the world and predicts unexpected results soon (video on mediafire)

More images from public squares show many immigrants sleeping on the ground at night, Victoria Square once again has been shown to be occupied by the illegal immigrants even when the local authorities try to deny it and say Illegal Immigrants are not sleeping there

Turkish Professor Cengiz Aktar: Time for Europe to break relations with Erdogan's Turkey

Italy's parliament condemned Turkey's ban on Italian soldiers from entering Misrata city in Libya, called it "stupid". The Jihadist forces of Turkey in the Air Force Academy in Misrata prevented in 31 July, 40 Italian soldiers from disembarking & demanded them to go back


Dialogue to be held with Turkey after the Kastellorizo crisis will be only about Greek EEZ

Erdogan once again in a moment of complete delusion says "Turkey will rule the world and make history"

the company Kapa Research made a research in Greece and in Turkey, finding that 55% of Turks have a negative view of Erdogan and appear divided over Hagia Sophia

Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias has said once again that Greece cannot have a dialogue or negotiation with Turkey while Turkey itself keeps threatening Greece

everything ready for the "VLACHAKOS" rocket ship to be launched at the sea and start operating

Mehmet Özhaseki,Erdogan's number 2 in Turkey's governing Islamist party AKP, vows to promote policies on religious discourse from Balkans to Spain in the aftermath of conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque (video on mediafire)

The European Union must keep the accession process ongoing in order not to lose Turkey, says former German ambassador

Turkish singer : we will take the (Greek) Dodecanese islands. I like Erdogan (video on mediafire)

European Commission approved the funding of a 130 million project to build "closed camps" in Samos, Leros and Kos

BREAKING: Erdogan's advisers have stated that any attack by Greece on their research vessel will be a casus belli and means war


Turkey will occupy Greek islands and annex Greece territory in Western Thrace. says Fatih Tezcan, a propagandist whose job is to push talking points in public to promote and defend Turkish President Erdogan. (video on mediafire)

US-Greece cooperation could harm Turkey ties, Turkish analyst warns

Greek PM reshuffles cabinet, retains key ministers, most of them "center-right"

Evros border fence will be extended

IMPORTANT: Deutsche Welle report: Increase in German arms exports to Turkey despite the German government saying last month that they would stop selling weapons to turkey for their involvement in Libya and Syria, German government says its only "shipping items", arms exports of € 22.8 million to Turkey were approved in the first seven months of this year

A 38 year old Algerian was arrested for vandalising a church in Crete, twice in a few days. He threw rocks to windows and tried to break a door using a hummer. He was caught after the police saw him on surveillance footage

BREAKING: today 3 illegal illegal immigrants have been arrested in the possession of 500 Kg of stolen wood from a nearby olive grove, further investigation estimates that they stole approximately 5 Tons of wood from the same olive grove in the past month alone

(unrelated) Video from a ship full of immigrants, reportedly going from Turkey to Italy (video on mediafire)

Yesterday morning another "accidental fire" broke out, at Malakasa migrant camp, near Athens (video on mediafire)


EU’s Voluntary Return program: 140 Iraqi nationals will return home

Mosque servant dies suddenly in Hagia Sophia from heart attack

Immigrants cut five and a half tons of wood from an olive grove in Moria, caused massive economical damage to the property and the 3 perpetrators have been arrested and referred to the Mytilene Prosecutor's Office

33 more airspace violations by Turkish jets and planes

Greek airforce has the air superiority in the Aegean with also a strong presence in the region, sending a strong message to Turkey

Greek missile ship "VLACHAKOS" is finally in the water and fully operational

(unrelated) Turkish intelligence MIT contracted ISIS for the largest ever terrorist attack in Turkey that killed 103 people in 2015. The goal was to bring votes for Erdogan. Two days later, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu admitted gov't knew suicide bombers, but couldn't act. (video on mediafire)

Greek government announces a new camp to house 500 immigrants in the Eleonas municipality of Athens

A car that was stolen in Thessaloniki yesterday suffered an accident with 12 illegal immigrants and some traffickers as passengers, 7 of them died


Cyprus and France establish Defense Cooperation Agreement in which France will be allowed inside Cypriot waters and EEZ, putting even more pressure over Erdogan and his attempts to invade Cypriot waters

Israeli consortium to buy Greek auto industry to produce military vehicles

BREAKING: Icons in Pontian monastery destroyed by Turkish vandals

Greek PM Mitsotakis sends a message to Turkey, expressing the intention of Greece to enter into a dialogue with Turkey under strict conditions and within the framework set by international law on the issue of the EEZ, he also said that if no agreement is reached the case will be sent to the Hague Tribunal

Turkey on Greece-Egypt EEZ limit agreement "The agreement is non-existent for us" claim such area belongs to Turkey and threaten "We will not allow any activity in this area"

Turkey reacts to Greece-Egypt agreement with NAVTEX exercises between Rhodes-Kastelorizo

After signing EEZ agreement with Egypt, Greek FM, Dendias said that the illegal deal between Turkey and Fayez al-Sarraj, the leader of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood government based in Tripoli is now in the trash bin

Turkey claims Greece has no maritime borders with Egypt thus trying to invalidate the Greek-Egyptian EEZ agreement, while Turkey has an illegal EEZ agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood in Tripoli that they claim is legal


Turkey issues new NAVTEX for area between Rhodes and Kastellorizo

23 Turks who arrived in Chios, seek asylum

Greeks are more prepared to go to war than Turks are, poll finds

Turkey cancels meeting with Greece following EEZ deal with Egypt

USA backs Greece-Egypt EEZ agreement at Turkey’s expense

Turkey reacts “violently” but it is time for a Greece-Cyprus EEZ deal

Greek FM: Deal with Egypt is a great national success while Turkey is a troublemaker

the Greece-Cyprus EEZ agreement angered Erdogan, he went to Hagia Sofia and stated "there is no agreement - Merkel asked me to stop drilling, but now they will start again, I have informed her"

Dendias: Greece-Egypt agreement on EEZ fully secures national interests

Turkey now takes on Germany in its entanglement in Libya, slams German gov't for sending ship to Eastern Mediterranean for arms embargo enforcement as part of EU-backed Irini operation (video on mediafire)

Back-channel talks between Turkey and Greece, brokered by Germany's chancellor Merkel, failed and Turkish President blamed Greeks for the failure (video on mediafire)

Another Orthodox Church vandalized in Lesvos, this time Chapel of Agia Aikaterini, the perpetrators also defecated at the entrance of the chapel as they usually do

Erdogan who doesn't recognize international maritime law, said today that Greece has no EEZ rights on its islands and doesn't border with Egypt & Libya, but Turkey signed an agreement with GNA Tripoli while their demarcation zone ends in the territory of LNA and not GNA

After the Greece-Egypt EEZ agreement, Turkey issued NAVTEX in this area on 10-11 August, few hour ago 3 Turkish frigates were observed crossing the straits and heading towards the Turkish naval base Aksaz opposite the Greek island of Rhodes.

There's no need for discussion with those who have no rights, especially in maritime zones,' says Turkish President Erdogan

Erdogan, after the legal EEZ agreement between Greece and Egypt, today ordered the Turkish drilling ships to start again researchs in the Eastern Mediterranean, after these statements the Greek fleet is put on high alert again

Turkey's gross foreign exchange reserves fell to $46.6 billion, the lowest since late 2005, as the currency weakens against the US Dollar

President Erdogan's ally Turkish Hezbollah, backed by Iran, rallied today in Malatya province where NATO radar base located, asking for the gov't to close all NATO bases, leave the alliance, cut off ties entirely with Israel.

Read the Greek-Egypt EEZ agreement here in PDF


Greek monk arrested in Crete for trying to fly with a gun and bullets

A 28-year-old man was arrested for transporting illegal immigrants

The Greek Armed Forces are on high alert after Erdogan threats

EU representative disavow Turkish FM after he said that the EU would be annoyed by the agreement between Greece and Egypt and said that Turkey is not authorized to speak in their behalf

As the economic troubles grow in Turkey amid mounting criticism, the country's president Erdogan made it clear his gov't will keep engaging in more conflicts beyond its borders. He talks about armaments and defense industry when asked to comment on tumbling Turkish lira. (video on mediafire)

Traffickers put up for auction genuine documents & residence permits for illegal immigrants


article: Why does the Athens Municipality and NGO’s help Islamists when they forget about the Greeks in Northern Epirus?

The Association of Residents of Moria are organizing a protest against the local government who wants to build a camp in the region, the residents demand the planning to stop and that every community be consulted before any sort of camp or settlement to be built there

EU source: "Turkey to stop provocative actions and controversies"

Senator Menendez: "I am very concerned about the Turkish provocations against Greece and Cyprus"

Greek Armed Forces on alert - Erdogan prepares provocative response to Greece-Egypt agreement since information has surfaced that Turkey might order Oruc Reis to sail and resume the research in the Aegean

Mobilization of Turkish navy with the withdrawal of 15 warships from the Turkish naval base Aksaz. The Greek Navy is on alert. Turkey has issued a NAVTEX for exercises for tomorrow but after the legal agreement of the Greek-Egyptian EEZ, they may sail south to provoke Greece.

Developments in the eastern Mediterranean are closely monitored by the Hellenic navy, according to information from military sources, the Turkish Oruc Reis has turned off its transmitter for the past two hours

Anonymous Twitter account run by Turkish gov’t spreads disinformation in 7 languages


BREAKING: The Greek navy is on alert all night, watching closely the movements of the Turks

BREAKING: Alarm to the Greek Armed Forces in Evros and Aegean.

Turkey deployed a drone to patrol the Aegean border, callsign TCB801

Turkey issues new NAVTEX for area south of Kastellorizo

Turkey's new provocative, illegal NAVTEX for drilling searches coincides with another, existing NAVTEX for a naval exercise *with live fire in a nearby area between the Greek islands of Kastellorizo & Rhodes

Greek MFA says Turkey’s calls for dialogue are a “sham” and that they use “practices of past centuries”

Turks celebrate Erodan's action to disrespect Greek EEZ while exposing one of the motives for this action as it seems like today is the anniversary of the Sevres treaty, once again showing that Erdogan is dreaming about the Ottoman empire's past

Crisis in the Aegean: Turkish vessel escorted by warships illegally enters Greek maritime space

Greek security council holds extraordinary meeting

Erdogan's spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, blamed Greece for the agreement with Egypt on the EEZ, stressing that Turkey will defend its rights in the eastern Mediterranean . He claimed that negotiations with Greece were held for two and a half months and that Greece threw it away when they made an agreement with Egypt

Turkish FM said that the ships were ordered by Erdogan to enter Greek Maritime space and that Greece wants to violate Turkish Maritime space

Turkish Minister of Energy: Oruc Reis arrives in the Mediterranean

Greek security council's extraordinary meeting completed

BREAKING: Greece responds to Turkey with anti-Navtex, Greek PM talks to Charles Michel - Will talk to NATO this afternoon - No communications with Germany at the moment

Greece will not accept any blackmail, says the Foreign Minister after extraordinary security council meeting

Germany on Turkish provocations "Unilateral action sends the wrong message", once again Germany avoid making any criticism towards Turkey

Turkey Continues NAVTEX War: Issues Another NAVTEX in Response to Greek Anti-NAVTEX

Greek PM Mitsotakis tells NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg "The policy of equal distances is not acceptable" after Stoltenberg had the nerve to call Greece instead of Turkey and tell Mitsotakis that the situation should be "resolved in a spirit of allied solidarity"

BREAKING: Erdogan "Turkey will not consent to any initiative trying to "lock" it to its shores"

BREAKING: Crisis in the Aegean: US calls on Turkey to end tensions

Greek armed forces revokes the licences and leaves of military personnel and tells them to go back to their units

Turkish seismic ship ORUC REIS has laid the cabled but cant do any research due to the noise from the other ships in the region

a total of 13 Turkish aircrafts committed 16 violations and 14 violations of Greek National Airspace over the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean

Turkish Oruc Reis latest position. At a distance of 91 n.m. South of Kastellorizo, 22 n.m. within the Greek continental shelf. It moves at 4 knots speed, most likely it has not deployed cables and if it has, the pattern of its movement does not show seismic research.

The Greek fleet is in full arrangement and in key positions, with units monitoring the Oruc Reis and other Turkish vessels

Αs Turkish vessels are dispatched in Greek territorials waters, with the Greek navy on standby, a dangerous game of brinkmanship is underway in the EastMed that analysts say could quickly escalate if leaders do not reengage in diplomatic negotiations.

Hellenic navy is sending warning signals to the Turkish navy. Hellenic navy asks from Turkey to leave from the Greek territorial waters. The situation is hot and the Hellenic navy is ready to answer

Turkish President Erdogan threatened Greece and Egypt today, telling them major powers like the US and the EU suffer from their own problems and can't be relied on in a conflict with Turkey over rights in Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean (video on mediafire)

President Erdogan’s neo-nationalist ally Perincek urges Turkish government to withdraw from Constantinople Convention

BREAKING: Turkey ready to resolve disagreement in E Med: Turkish president Erdogan urges Mediterranean countries to cooperate in finding 'acceptable formula that protects rights of all'

(unrelated) Libyan National Army (LNA) claims to have sank a boat carrying mercenaries from Turkey to Libya

Turkish media publishes propaganda of ORUC REIS sailing along with several warships, saying that they are protecting Turkish rights in the Aegean

Oruc reis is located at a depth of 22 nautical miles within the Greek continental shelf with cables spread out. The Oruc Reis is accompanied by 5 frigates and 4 corvettes of Turkish Navy Via the ships of Hellenic Navy inform it to leave

Tweet shows the logic behind Turkish EEZ proposal and why it disrespects International law by not giving Crete and Cyprus their own EEZ

A fire is currently raging in the castle of Didymoteicho, on the hill of Kale. The causes are still unknown while a large force of the Fire Brigade is trying to limit it. Unfortunately the weather conditions are not favorable as strong winds blow (video on mediafire)

Greek pressure on US, NATO, EU to deal with Erdogan

BREAKING: The fighters of the French Air Force arrived in Cyprus, The presence of French aircraft and ships essentially confirms the agreement to start military cooperation between Cyprus and France, which was agreed in Paris and entered into force at the beginning of August

Article detailing the current EEZ "war" between Turkey and Greece

BREAKING: Turkish Lieutenant General İsmail Hakkı Pekin says that conflict in inevitable and that Turkey should show its strength, says Turkey should do seismic exploration on the island of Kastellorizo, says its part of Turkey and not Greece

Article detailing movements of Oruc Reis and Turkish fleet as well as the several air traffic violations and airspace violations committed by Turkish aircrafts, the Greek navy suspect that the Helicopters might have tried to locate Greek Submarines

Greek airforce and Turkish airforce use drones and radar planes to patrol East Aegean area

Turkish Presidency Communications Director says Turkey has the power to protect its sovereign rights "no matter the cost". "Today we are tearing apart the borders that are drawn up for us in the Blue Homeland just like we did with the Sevres treaty."

The fire at the Didymoteicho castle is under control, according to this source no damage was caused by the fire

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis briefs political leaders on the challenges and provocations made by Turkey

Oruc Reis seems to be sailing further into Greek territorial waters, something that can most likely lead to an armed conflict


Greek armed forces deployed and ready to deal with a Turkish threat to its sovereignty, Turkish forces are trying to locate the Greek submarines

Dendias demands that Turkey leaves Greece’s continental shelf immediately

EU says it stands in “full solidarity” with Greece and Cyprus

Extension to contractors in Moria immigrant camp and in the structures of Malakassa and Sintiki

New map from Turkey for Oruc Reis with Kastelorizo ​​and surveys next to Karpathos

Mitsotakis: Informs the political world, mobilizes the international community

Greek-Turkish tension with Oruc Reis: Sailing on the Greek continental shelf

Dendias - Payat meeting focusing on Turkish delinquency

Turkish provocation: We will continue investigations until the end of August, says Turkish Foreign Minister

Oruc Reis sailing above the Greek mainland - What the rules of international navigation say

Kastelorizo: Greek helicopter flight without Turkish harassment

Turkish provocation: "The EU is on the side of Greece and Cyprus" >

Greek Foreign Minister: "There will be no tolerance for Turkey's challenges", he demands Turkey to leave Greek waters immediately

Threats from Akar - "Turkey can defend its Blue Homeland"

Turkey "Our armed forces will not allow intervention in Oruc Reis"

An incident with a Turkish yacht off Rhodes - An attempt was made to ram a boat of the Greek Navy

Oruc Reis continues to wander - Reached the westernmost edge of the challenging NAVTEX

Oruc Reis: Second night of "thriller" with the Greek and Turkish fleets around the ship

Erdogan sent a message in Greek via Anadolu, asking for dialogue and negotiations

Oruc Reis remains within the Greek waters - Barrage of violations and virtual air battles

Extraordinary Greek Defense Council meeting - Where Oruc Reis is currently moving

President Erdogan's neo-nationalist allies are itching for a war with Greece and they believe they actually fighting against the US and the EU. Cem Gurdeniz, one of the ring leaders in this group who were jailed in the past for secretly trying to plot a conflict with Greece (video on mediafire)

"Turks got played by Greeks" claimed Ibrahim Kalin, President Erdogan's aide who led months-long secret negotiations with Greece on behalf of Turkey with the mediation of Germany (video on mediafire)

illegal immigrant minors recorded painting Theseus statue in Victoria Square, Athens in broad daylight next to anarchy signs that were also painted (video on mediafire)

An immigrant from Moria tripped a house in Mytilene of everything, even wiring

Germany starts shipping arms to Turkey, could be used against Kurds

The German government is "in constant contact" with the Greek government about the deportations. It accuses her of violating international law. This is a change of attitude compared to the recent past says "Deutche Welle Greece"

Article from BBC on which countries supply Turkey with weapons

BREAKING: Greek coast guard fires warning shots

Informations says that Turkish ships turned 170° now , before approach or cross the red line of the Greek EEZ. The "red line" is the legal EEZ agreement signed between Greece and Egypt. From that line start the "right" of Hellenic navy to engage with Turkish navy

German tourist arrested for suspicion of espionage with an amateur radio in Rhodes (aug 9)

Turkish journalist posts propaganda saying that Greece shot at a civilian Turkish ship wounding 3 people, as always fake news by the Turkish media

Oruc Reis turned around when it was about to reach the recently agreed EEZ border between Greece and Egypt


Two Turkish F-16 jets (some sources says 4) were locked by the Greek S-300 system for half an hour when they violated Greek airspace today

Armenian historian proposes a ratification for the treaty of Sevres, according to him, countries that have participated in the treaty can still make a decision and "update" it

Turkey's dep. FM says Hagia Sophia was a message, more to come, the liberation of Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem would be next (video on mediafire)

Historic church in Heraklion vandalized, the altar was found burnt

As standoff with Turkey continues, Athens asks for emergency meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Council, also, according to reports, there were 45 violations of Greek national airspace over the Aegean by the Turkish Air Force Tuesday and three engagements with Greek jets

Greek FM had a phone call with Austria's FM, focusing mostly on the issues with the Mediterranean and Turkish escalations

A representative of the Turkish occupied Cyprus side said today that the presence of French jets in Cyprus threaten peace in the region

US Congress has secretly blocked US arms sales to Turkey for nearly two years

Turkey is deporting foreign Christians and banning their return. More than 40 have been banned last year alone

Greek Prime Minister and Cypriot President discuss Turkish provocations

Two illegal immigrants have beaten and robbed a minor who is also an illegal immigrant inside the Moria camp, left him covered in blood

Turkish news says Erdogan will ask Merkel to convene conference on "sharing" of the Eastern Mediterranean

Greek Foreign Minister to have a meeting with US, and EU foreign ministers to discuss Turkish provocations in the Aegean

Turkish politician Devlet Bahceli: The seabed and the bellies of the fish await the Greeks

Akar reiterates Turkey's proposal for dialogue with Greece

Germany follows developments in the Eastern Mediterranean "with full concern" despite not criticizing Turkey over its provocative actions or threatening statements

Mitsotakis to international community and Turkey "we do not provoke, we respond"

Nikos Dendias is going to Israel on Thursday, where he will be received by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi, after the support of the Israeli side in the Turkish provocations

Athens to Berlin: Greece expects a clear expression of European solidarity

Greek PM speaks to French, Egyptian presidents about Turkey

A total of 16 aircraft committed 23 violations and 14 violations of the National Airspace, while virtual engagement was recorded in the region of Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean

Oruc reis leaving Greek waters

BREAKING: French President Emmanuel Macron "I have decided to temporarily strengthen the French military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean in the coming days, in cooperation with European partners including Greece."

According to reliable information, the Greek frigate (F-451 LIMNOS) intercepted a Turkish frigate accompanied by the Oruc Reis. Greek ships closely monitored Turkish activities from the very beginning. There was no major collision but only minor property damage

German navy say they witnessed Greece performing "illegal deportations" of illegal immigrants

Forest fire reported in Ikaria

(unrelated) Combat helo pilot accused of flying ghost chopper to strike Erdogan’s palace turned out to be on vacation

Turkey's coast guard entered into Greece territorial waters to help out a boat with a US flag upon receiving a report that it came under fire, claimed today Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu (video on mediafire)

Turkey's President Erdogan's son-in-law & finance minister Berat Albayrak, groomed to be his heir, suffers from excessive blinking as he tried to portray everything all good in Turkish economy tonight on a national TV. (video on mediafire)

The Greek Foreign Ministry has hit back at Turkey’s continuous false allegations that Greece mistreats the Muslim minority in Western Thrace. “It is at least paradoxical, if not funny, that Turkey indicates to Greece the need to respect minority rights” said Greek FM Dendias

EU ministers urged to talk Belarus, Turkey sanctions

Images from Turkey and the destruction of ancient walls at the bottom of the Galata Tower so that something more modern can be put on top of it

(unrelated) Iraq summons Turkish ambassador, demands immediate withdrawal of forces


A fire in an inaccessible place, in Monocampi, broke out at midnight in Ikaria, which in fact burned uncontrollably during the night.

Oruc Reis turned around 180° once again and is going towards Greek waters and the recently agreek Greek-Egyptian EEZ border

Greek PM Mitsotakis tells turkey "Yes to dialogue, NO to blackmail" alluding to their constant threats and insinuations while they propose dialogues

Images from joint exercise with the French navy in the Aegean show that the Greek Frigate Lemnos has not suffered heavy damage as the Turkish media stated, images from the Turkish frigate are yet to be seen

Greece and France have joint exercise as France sends more warships to the Aegean

BREAKING: Emergency meeting of Greek PM, Greek MFA, Greek MinDef, and chief of the Greek Armed Forces at the Maximos Mansion (PM residence/office)

Mitsotakis and Merkel spoke on the phone today, ahead of the EU meeting with Foreign Ministers

Turkey to resort to "other means" to get Greeks in line - Turkish President Erdogan escalated his belligerent rhetoric against Greece, falsely accused Greeks of attacking Turkish Muslim minority, and vowed to defend rights of his kin with all means necessary (video on mediafire)

In his second speech today, Turkey's President continued to hurl threats against Greece, said a new, tough, bloody campaign will be pursued, cited Turkish military entanglement in Iraq, Syria & Libya as Turkish response, and claimed his gov't is under economic attack (video on mediafire)

See maps and images from Greece’s impressive joint military exercise with France today

Tensions in the Aegean: Greek frigate rams and damages Turkish war ship

As Naval battle plans go in the East Mediterranean, the Turkish one is a disaster waiting to happen

Turkish media: "In case of war, the islands are the first target"

Erdogan says dialogue is the solution and proposes a win-win agreement while once again making threats through his speeches in Turkey

Erdogan accuses Macron of "colonial" aspirations in Lebanon

In a call with Merkel, Erdogan accuses Greece of being the one who does not want to negotiate and says that they ara always seeking dialogue

New Airspace and Air traffic violations by the Turkish airforce today, a total of seven aircraft committed 23 violations and seven violations of the National Airspace in the Northeast, Central and Southeastern Aegean.

Greek Defense Minister spoke today through the phone with Egyptian Defense minister

Police in the Slavo-Albanian state of Skopje stopped two trucks with 148 foreigners the day before yesterday. (Pakistanis & Afghans the majority)

Erdogan says Greece attacked Oruc Reis "got their first answer today" he said

Oruc Reis: Athens Diplomatic Chess with Berlin, Paris, Israel - Possible Egyptian move

Anadolu: Turkish FM taked with Foreign Ministers of Hungary, Lithuania and Bulgaria about the developments in East Med

Greek FM to brief EU ministers on operational incident after Erdogan falsely accused Greece of attacking Oruc Reis

Turkey deploys their drones once again for routine patrols in the Eastern Mediterranean

Erdogan posts in Greek again through Turkish agency Anadolu, asking for dialogue as means to solve conflicts and at the same time he makes threats to Greece and accuses them of several attacks to muslims and Oruc Reis

Article debunking the Turkish narrative that the Greek frigate would have suffered heavy damage after bumping into the Turkish frigate Kemal Reis

DEBUNKED: Turkish media caught reproducing a video from 2018 and portraying it as being the incident that occurred yesterday between a Greek and a Turkish frigate

Turkish embassy tried to respond to article "turkey in nato the elephant in the room" saying that they tried to solve the problems with Greece through dialogue when Turkey was the one saying that there would be no dialogue after an agreement was reached between Egypt and Greece

Charles Michel to Erdogan: "The EU stands fully on the side of Greece and Cyprus"

"If Turkey believes that it is acting on the basis of international law, then why does it not accept the appeals and proposals for appealing to the International Court of Justice in The Hague," the Cypriot president stressed

Erdogan's bizarre report on involvement, the Turkish "set up" and Athens' response to "LIMNOS"


Eastern Mediterranean: Greek PM speaks with German Chancellor and EU Council chief

Greek FM thanks Israel for “its clear position on the issue of Turkey’s violations”

US: Greek and Jewish communities united in call for U.S. Secretary of State to condemn Turkish provocations

American-Greek and Jewish communities united in call for Pompeo to support Greece

The Oruc Reis, the frigate Lemnos and Erdogan's threats

Turkish media: Greece is persecuting Muslims in thrace

Greece-Turkey: Senators call on Pompeo to join EU in imposing sanctions on Turkey

Eastern Mediterranean: The irrational claims of the Turks and the reality of geography

EU briefed on Turkish challenges and Oruc Reis: Foreign Ministers' Council under way

Turkish media made a photoshop montage of the Greek frigate Lemnos to prove that it was damage, but closer inspection reveals that they simply added an image of a shark with an open jaw in front of it

Turkey's President Erdogan slammed French President Emmanuel Macron and accused him of pursuing colonialist ambitions in Lebanon. (video on mediafire)

Turkish President Erdogan got a perfect distraction for economic troubles at home front & seems to be enjoying it: Turkey would act with naval power against Greece, vowed Erdogan who said today a confrontation took place between Turkish and Greek navies yesterday (video on mediafire)

Turkey's President Erdogan ratcheted up his war rhetoric against Greece, vowed to do what is needed when the time comes, accused Greeks of firing gunshots at Turkish cemetery in Western Thrace, claimed he made a deal with Merkel to seek a solution. (video on mediafire)

Egypt sends conflicting messages to Turkey, claims Turkish President Erdogan after Egypt-Greece maritime deal. (video on mediafire)

Turkish general ordered snipers to kill Syrian gov’t troops without provocation to deepen conflict

(unrelated) Hamas officials planning terrorist attacks receive Turkish citizenship

Russian embassy in Greece says they would be ready to assist in the formation of good neighborly relations between the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean

The Germans disagreed with the Greek minister that wanted the announcement of the Council to include that it welcomes the Greek-Egyptian agreement, and that it would ask from Turkey to immediately end its provocations. Germans are annoyed by the Greek-Egyptian agreement, showing once again that they are on Turkey's side

New patrol mission into Athens FIR at the limit of Greek airspace for a Turkish Navy ATR72-600 TMUA (callsign MARTI53).

unidentified Turkish drone flying near Rhodes (callsign 00000010) and routine flight of Turkish drone (callsign TCB802)

BREAKING: During EU teleconference, Greece and Germany disagree on Turkey stance, where Germany did not agree with sanctions on Turkey and also disagreed with the Greece-Egypt EEZ agreement. In the end, Greece did not agree with the general statement of the commission, which means that the meeting did not reach any goals


Assumption of Mary celebrated in Pontian monastery among icons destroyed by Turkish vandals

The EU and the U.S. want Greece to retreat despite Turkey’s provocations

Merkel-Macron meeting on August 20 to discuss East Mediterranean crisis

Lethal Nationalism: Genocide of the Greeks documentary is finally released! But how do you watch it?

Where did the EU council meeting of foreign ministers end up?

The suspicious and insidious game Of the Turks with Ro, Round and the island of Kara Ada

Erdogan: We will defend Oruc Reism by all means, for Greece to change its position

Oruc Reis: How the Turkish frigate was intercepted by "LEMNOS"

President Erdogan's deputy Mehmet Özhaseki is beating war drums on religious lines, claims Turkey fights on behalf of Muslim nations against major powers (video on mediafire)

Turkey's President Erdogan today accused Greece of state terrorism against Turkish/Muslim minority, claimed mosques and schools are under attack, and declared Turkey won's hesitate to use force (video on mediafire)


German NGO caught collaborating with Turkey to bring illegal immigrants into Greek waters

Turks think of selling their houses to buy gold as economy declines

Greek border guards restore small church destroyed by illegal immigrants

A representative of the Turkish foreign ministry said: "The Transfer of French fighters to Cyprus is unacceptable"

New threats were issued by the Turkish side, this time through Ibrahim Kalin: "Joe Biden's analysis of Turkey is based on pure ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy. The days of ordering Turkey are over. But if you still think you can try, do it. You will pay the price "

Borrell to Turkey: Stop the tense actions in the eastern Mediterranean

Akar Delusion: Greece has militarized 16 of the 23 islands - This is illegal

Pompeo to Tsavousoglou: Urgent need to reduce tension in eastern Mediterranean

Tsavousoglou is provocative again: Greece always does negative propaganda

Turkey: How Erdogan builds his political profile

Turkey's Defense Minister Hulusi Akar accused Greece of illegally arming islands in the Aegean, slammed France for undermining alliance, vowed to take military action to defend rights (video on mediafire)

Satellite image 13-8-2020 of Turkish Flag Research/Survey Vessel H. Barbaross towing cables inside Cyprus EEZ

German ambassador to Greece made a tweet that seems to praise the Ottoman governor Ali Pasha, and then he mentioned that said ottoman governor drowned 18 local maidens who refused to be part of his Harem


Egyptian Parliament approves maritime deal with Greece

Cyberwar resumes as Anonymous Greece brings down several Turkish websites

Germany allows Turkish aggression against Greece to try and end its pipeline deal with Cyprus & Israel

Thessaloniki: Immigrants secretly boarded a train to travel to Eidomeni

Erdogan hit a wall, the diplomatic background of the situation

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak provokes again: "The four violations of Greece in Kastelorizo"

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak: "Ankara is preparing to send a third drilling rig to the Eastern Mediterranean"

Turkish navy is looking fore retribution after the Greek frigate Lemnos hit and damaged a Turkish frigate

The illegal immigrants, who live in the camp of Thermopylae, started a protest at 08:00. They are about 30 people who sat on the road protesting for their stay in the camp and the living conditions there, as well as for their allowances being delayed

Turkish currency (Lira) reaches its record low value

What did the German Ambassador to Athens say to anger so many Greeks?


“This is our sea”: What are Turkish opinions about tensions in the East Mediterranean

If Trump says Erdogan listens to him, why hasn’t he demanded Turkey end hostilities with Greece?

Retired Turkish General: Do not underestimate the Greeks, they can attack Ankara

Illegal immigrants were arrested after they broke into a supermarket warehouse in Samos

Retired Turkish lieutenant colonel: "The Greek Airforce can bomb Ankara "

Greek Defense Minister informed his German counterpart about the Turkish threats and escalations

Omer Celik "Greece's game can turn into Greek tragedy"

Greece and Turkey start an anti-submarine race, Greece has located one Turkish submarine and Turkey is desperate to find the Greek stealth submarine, both sides using planes, helicopters and drones

there were 49 violations and 14 violations of the Greek National Airspace by Turkish Airforce jets and planes, while three virtual engagements were recorded in the region of the Northeast, Central and Southeast

Turkey says France should refrain from escalating Mediterranean tensions

Turkey's plans for Europe. Pro-Turkish government media Yeni Şafak : "The naval base to be established in Misrata (Libya) means taking the Mediterranean under control from the north & south. The conquest of Constantinople started like that."


Merkel says situation in East Med is ‘very dangerous’

Naval Base at Souda Bay in Crete welcomes USS Hershel “Woody” Williams

German NGO says it will go to court to continue smuggling people from Turkey to Greece (video on mediafire)

Newly released image exposes full extent of damage on Kemal Reis by Greek frigate

Greek Rear Admiral resigns from his position

Merkel worries about Eastern Mediterranean: "Full solidarity for Greek and Cypriot rights"

Erdogan trying to create more tensions: "We will not bow our heads to a new Treaty of Sevres"

Greek PM Mitsotakis "It is not possible for the EU to adopt a different stance on Belarus and another on Turkey"

The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz calls for "clear reaction" of the EU against Turkey

US State Department: "Turkey's actions are provocative - No more drilling in the Cyprus EEZ"

Europe reluctant towards Turkey - Decisions by the end of September

Concentration of forces in the Eastern Mediterranean increases - After the Americans and the Russians start moving into the region

today four formations (in pairs) of Turkish F-16s and four individual aircraft (2 CN-235s and two helicopters) committed 29 violations of the Greek National Airspace, out of the 12 Turkish aircraft, 4 were armed and three virtual dogfights took place between Turkish and Greek fighters

Turkey revisits secret Suga navy plot to provoke Greece, raising specter of clashes

immigrants broke into a foreigner's house in Moria to steal

Turkey hires U.S lobbyists to break U.S Congress’s de facto arms embargo

Turkey's President Erdogan made it abundantly clear today he wants to invade Greece islands in the Aegean and wage a war in the Mediterranean to settle old scores from Ottoman times, made reference to Sevres once again (Video on mediafire)

Israel says Turkey is a bigger threat than Iran


Macron: Erdogan's expansionist policy is destabilizing Europe

The Prime Minister's National Security Adviser, Alexandros Diakopoulos, resigned after the statements about Oruc Reis

After meeting between Macron and Merkel, Merkel says that they must join forces to show that attacks on the sovereignty of EU countries is a bad idea and that both parties (Greece and Turkey) must de-escalate things with dialogue

Residents of Moria have been protesting since 11.30 in the morning about the expansion plans of the Moria Health Center and also about the visit of the Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou to the Moria camp

Residents of several regions of Lesvos are rushing to Moria to protest against the expansion of the immigrant camp structures, the police has started using tear gas to disperse the residents that demand action by the government and not simply talks promising change

Macron feels that Erdogan exercises "political expansionism", which "mixes nationalism and Islamism", which not only is not "compatible with European interests", but instead is "Europe's destabilizing factor," "Europe needs to see the facts and take responsibility", "I am not in favor of escalation. But on the other hand, I do not believe in weak diplomacy"

The leader of Turkey's MHP party, Devlet Bahceli said "Whoever dares to face our navy in the Aegean will pay a heavy price" and accuses France of escalating the crisis "The deployment of a frigate and two warplanes from France to the Mediterranean is only an escalation of the crisis."

Turkey's President Erdogan said today he wants to revive history & follow the footsteps of Turkish Sultan Alp Aslan who defeated the Byzantine Empire in the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. (video on mediafire)

a total of seven Turkish aircraft committed 21 violations and ten violations of the Greek National Airspace in the region of the central and southeastern Aegean.

(unrelated)Turkey shoot down at least one US MQ-9 Reaper UAV in Syria

Turkish submarine was located by a Greek submarine and anti-submarine helicopter, it was "bombarded" with sonar sounds rendering it blind and confused as it tried to silently enter Greek waters

A fire started near another olive grove near the immigrant camp of the Moria region, the causes are unknown for certain, but the fact that the immigrants have been caught doing that several times in the region

(unrelated) Lebanese army intelligence source says Turkey is sending weapons to Lebanon through Syria

The third of the ten Rafnar vessels, type Leiftur 1100 CabinPatrol, received by the Greek Coast Guard on Wednesday

A new very sensitive German news report shows how Germany helped Turkey develop precision missiles for Turkish drones. The scientific service of the Bundestag considers the procedure to be contrary to international law

More images from Victoria Square, Athens, it seems like several illegal immigrants have been living in the square for a while now, they hang clothes, have supplies and sleep there every night

Reminder that Germany was involved in the Greek and Armenian Genocides, assisting the Ottomans with the planning and providing them with weapons


Turkey announced that they found Gas in the Black sea, but also that it might take from 7 to 10 years to be able to explore such gas pockets

The new Moria health unit is proof of the European solidarity, says far-left Greek President

BREAKING: Erdogan made a decree that reverts 6th century Byzantine monastery Chora in Constantinople in to a mosque with a decree this morning. Chora was built by the Justinian 1, the emperor behind the Hagia Sophia’s construction. It is known for its invaluable and stunning mosaics

Two weeks of Turkish military embarrassment against Greece

Turkish retired Lt. Col. Erdogan Karakus saud word "Aegean" is not correct to say because it is Greek

Turkish FM says Turkey deal the cards in the energy field and that it is taking a big step to become independent

Greek Foreign Minister on Chora Monastery: "Today's decision exposes Turkey again to the international community"

Cypriot president on the Chora Monastery: "Another act of disrespect on the part of Turkey"

"message" to Ankara with F-16 block 60 fighters from the UAE south of Crete; How a Turkish fighter jet got too close and had to leave the area

“Aegean” and “Agamemnon” are not Greek words, but Turkish says guest on CNN Türk


Image from Samos island tax office full of African immigrants

immigrant arrested in Moria for attempted theft against a business

image of African immigrants killing recently stolen chickens in broad daylight in Greece

Médecins Sans Frontières NGO complains about being targeted during the protests in lesvos

German newspaper: France shows how one reacts to Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman ambitions

Cyberwar escalates as Anonymous Greece extracts sensitive Turkish military data

More secret documents reveal vast espionage activities in Greece

Turkey's President Erdogan met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh today in last Ottoman Sultan Vahdettin's mansion in Constantinople. Joined by Turkish intel chief Hakan Fidan, Erdogan's chief aide Sefer Turan, as well as Palestenian Saleh al-Aruri

Social media users start unearthing announcements made by Erdogan in the past, including last year about gas and oil reserves that were completely false

Turkish Airlines suspends all flights between UAE and Turkey without explanation, but the motive is probably due to the cooperation between the two countries and the military drill that shall be conducted between Greece, UAE and Egypt in Crete

The government of illegally occupied Northern Cyprus say that Cypriot ghost town of Varosha is set to be reopened in blatant violation of, inter alia, UN Sec Cl Res 550/1984, that said it is inadmissible to settle Varosha with anyone other than its original inhabitants

Attempts are being made to start once again the dialogues between Turkey and Greece, this time Germany is sending their FM personally to both countries. Greece is also going to perform joint military exercises with Egypt and UAE


Turkish submarines surrounded by Greek military blared with ear piercing frequencies & Beatles song

Occupied Cypriot town of Varosha to illegally open for Turkish colonisers

Nordic Monitor: Turkish intelligence recruit assets from Greece’s Muslim Minority to spy

Turkey made a new deal with Russia to buy more S-400 systems, the contracts are expected to be signed soon and delivery will take place in 2021

Turkish Agency Anadolu: "The islands that Greece armed are a threat to Turkey"

Turkey again provokes with verbal statement to the UN against the Greece-Egypt agreement

The rating agency Fitch revised the outlook of the Turkish economy from "Stable" to "Negative" however, confirming its creditworthiness in the BB tier

Greece increases military presence in Thrace, with paratroopers from Skopje to Aspropyrgos and military cooperation with Bulgaria and Serbia

(unrelated) Passports of foreign ISIS fighters apprehended in Syria, all of them have stamps from Turkey (video on mediafire)

Power, battle, blood, God, glory, war machinery, enemy all around. Keywords from today's speech of Turkish President Erdogan as he continues to build up on his war rhetoric to mobilize his support base in Turkey and beyond (video on mediafire)

Turkey extends its illegal NAVTEX south of Kastellorizo until the 27th of August

Turkey's bizarre attempt to "Turkify" Greeks from Homer and Herodotus to Nikotas Skatos and Nikos Skatos (and others) as well as ancient Greek Monuments

Satellite image 23-8-2020 north of Chania in Crete USNavy training activities with USS Hershel “Woody” Williams (ESB 4) as USNS Yuma (T-EPF-8) sailing from Alexandroupoli towards NSA Souda bay


Turkish Defense Minister speaks at event about new systems and ships he is preparing to launch - He accuses Greece of "unilateral demands and practices in the Aegean", "No one will imprison Turkey. Greece-Egypt Agreement on EEZ invalid"

Joint Exercise between Greece-France-Italy airforces

Greece responds to the new Turkish NAVTEX with exercise

Dogu Perincek (Erdogan Adviser): we can only solve our problems in the east Mediterranean with an armed conflict (video on mediafire)

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak: Turkey is planning a naval base in the Occupied Territories of Cyprus, either in Famagusta or in Trikomo

EU Commission expresses concern for the new Turkish NAVTEX and reiterates "Full solidarity in Greece and Cyprus"

Germany issues another bland statement to Turkey in an attempt to not openly criticize them: "NAVTEX renewal is a step in the wrong direction"

Greece must adopt an aggressive position against Turkey in order to emerge victorious - Article by Lieutenant General e.a. Nikos Tamouridis

The next crisis with Turkey is expected in the south of Crete

This is the new Greek Navtex - Covers a larger area than the Turkish NAVTEX

Turkey intensifies propaganda accusing Greece of persecuting muslims in Thrace

Greece to build an even longer fence in Evros border with Turkey

Greek Defense minister talked today with the British Defense Minister and briefed him on the situation and the numerous Turkish escalations

France came up with a new price for the acquisition of a Belharra frigate by Greece, the previous price proposed by the French was 2.7 Billion, which now dropped to 2 Billion, price includes a support package for three years as well as a load of missiles and weapons

Turkish Defense Minister: "Greek anti-NAVTEX does not contribute to good neighborly relations and violates the law of the sea"

As the market reopens, the Turkish Lira continues to fall even despite Erdogan's announcement of gas reserves in the Black sea

BREAKING: Turkey issues new NAVTEX south of Crete for Naval exercises

Israeli military and intelligence assessments see Turkey as growing threat

Turkish professor Çaman: Greece is right in East Med dispute with Turkey

Germany wants to propose a "high level" meeting between Greek and Turkish Foreign ministers in Berlin to help solve problems in the Mediterranean while issuing bland statements about Turkish NAVTEX provocations

Very intense activity of the Russian navy was revealed in the Eastern Mediterranean, causing alarm in the Turkish intelligence services but also in the English bases in Cyprus, according to local news agencies

(unrelated) Turkish female officer who was arrested after the staged 2016 coup in Turkey was raped wile in custody of the police and had to have an abortion

Greece emphasizes to Germany that Turkey is not reliable for dialogue since they are constantly making new provocations and creating a blackmail-like situation while Germany wants "both sides" to de-escalate

Erdogan gives speech saying that Greece is being manipulated by foreign forces against Turkey and that these forces will abandon Greece if something happens, also says that Greece will be the one responsible if anything happens in the East Mediterranean and that it will be crushed by Turkey (video on mediafire)

Journalist gets shot by Erdogan supporter in front of Constantinople courthouse (video on mediafire)

Turkish Air Force A400M-180 reg. 17-0080 departed Cigli Military airport in Izmir now heading west over east Mediterranean towards Libya avoiding Athens FIR

Turkish nationalists bring a provocative banner to the Greek Consulate in Constantinople with a picture of a sultan and of Attaturk saying "you cant run away from your fate"

SYRIZA politician defends Turkey, saying that the Evros border crisis in March was not a plan of invasion to push illegals into Europe but "simply a controlled crisis"


Turkey's President Erdogan claimed the European Union is dead, suffers from perversions and obsessions (video on mediafire)

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1923 to 1929

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1930 to 1939

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1940 to 1949

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1950 to 1959

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1960 to 1969

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1970 to 1979

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne during 1974

Twitter thread detailing Turkish violations of the treaty of Lausanne from 1980 to 1989

Article by Uzay Bulut, a Turkish journalist & political analyst - Destruction or abuse of churches began with the Ottoman invasion and culminated during and after the Christian genocide, which targeted Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks

the representative of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin said that the deal between Greek and Egypt undermine Turkish negotiations with Greece

German FM said during a meeting with Greek PM that both sides must have sincere dialogue and was worried about Greece's role in the upcoming meeting of the Council of EU Foreign Ministers and the "special weight" Greece's word would have during such meeting

Greek Defense Minister heads to Berlin for a meeting with other EU Defense Ministers, such meeting will address the issues in the Eastern Mediterranean and Belarus

German FM Haiko Maas said during a meeting with his Greek counterpart that Greece stands with the EU strongly and in solidarity with Greece but that a sign of de-escalation is needed from both sides

US State Department is not happy with Turkey hosting a meeting with Hamas leadership, a spokesman said: "These moves by the Turkish government further isolate the country from the international community"

Greek Defense Minister: "We are ready for dialogue with Turkey only if it withdraws its warships"

A pair Turkish F-16 overflight over Panagia and Oinousses at 22,000 feet

EU on the East Mediterranean issue: "We are considering various options"

Dendias to Maas: Dialogue does not exist under a climate of threats and blackmail

Chrysochoidis reveals unknown dialogue between a Turk and a European officer in Evros

Even water is being used as a political tool by Erdogan, he is using it as leverage after cutting the water supply to millions of people in Syria

Greece sent a clear message to the Turkish provocation with the joint aeronautical exercise it carried out with the USA, in the sea area south of Crete

The Armed Forces raise the level of vigilance - Continuous exercises to maintain operational readiness - Greek fighters over the area of ​​the Turkish Navtex

Impressive images from the exercise of Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean

Images from the Naval and Aerial Exercise between Greece and USA south of Crete

Greece, France and Cyprus to conduct joint 3-day exercise

Greek and French fighter jets already in Paphos base, Cyprus for joint exercise

Turkish Foreign Minister made provocative statements after meeting with German FM Haiko Maas: " We are ready for dialogue, but do not bring us Greek terms and conditions, with these terms we can not have a dialogue", and attacked the Greek FM "that with these statements he made (Greek FM) he showed his level" and accused Greece of "violating international law in Eastern Mediterranean"

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu threatens Greece with use of force, says Turkey's response won't be an accidental one, but a direct action with no hesitation (video on mediafire)

videos of Nikos Dendias (Greek FM) after his meeting with his counterpart Maas, from Germany (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) ISIS Video Urges Arson as ‘Five-Star’ Terror Tactic, Shows California Burning, which could also be linked to the increasing numbers of fires in islands such as Lesvos and mainland Greece, specially near the immigrant camps


Turkey Keeps Rates Unchanged Even as Lira Plumbs Record Lows. Tightening money supply through other means may not be sufficient to avert another currency selloff, analysts say

More about yesterday's provocative statements of Turkish Foreign Minister after the meeting with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas

French Ambassador to Cyprus: We are concerned about Turkey’s behaviour in the East Mediterranean

Evros border fence project to be completed in eight months

96 illegal immigrants who left Turkey by boat were rescued last night by the Greek Coast guard after their yacht sank, according to the immigrants

Turkey's Foreign Ministry said today that it completely rejects U.S.A's State Department's statements about Erdogan hosting a meeting with Hamas leaders, one of which is a wanted terrorist, Turkey slammed America and said they are only serving Israeli interests and that the Hamas leaders won elections democratically and said they are not terrorists

Two incidents involving the Turkish Coast Guard and the Greek Coast Guard happened today, in one instance a Turkish coast Guard boat directed its lights and lasers towards a Greek helicopter participating in a rescue mission and later another Turkish CG boat tried ramming a boat of the Greek Navy while it was searching and rescuing in the area

Cyprus, Greece, France and Italy have agreed to enter into a joint presence in the Eastern Mediterranean as part of the Quartet Cooperation Initiative (QUAD). The first drills are scheduled to happen from Aug 26 to 28

Hellenic Air Force F16 aircrafts arrived at Paphos (base in cyprus Cyprus) APAB without be perceived from Turkish Air Force E-7T AWACS which been in patrol flight since early morning.

Erdogan says on a speech today that Turkey will do whatever is necessary to take what is theirs in the Aegean without compromises (video on mediafire)

Greece to extend territorial waters in Aegeab Sea to 12 miles, says PM

Articles detailing last night's rescue mission and the Turkish Coast Guard's attacks

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg proposed policy of equal distances and praised Germany's attempt to de-escalate tensions, later the Greek Defense Minister criticized NATO's stance and said is detrimental Greece as a country, and also to the cohesion of the Alliance, and therefore is not acceptable

two pairs of Turkish F-16s that entered the Athens FIR without submitting flight plans flew over the Cannibals of the Fourni archipelago. The first Turkish couple at 15:07 p.m. followed by the second Turkish pair a minute later. The Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by respective Greek fighters

US State Department makes it clear that they oppose Turkish actions in the Mediterranean and emphasize the seriousness of their words by also addressing the F-35 program from which Turkey has been removed for buying S-400 systems

A microphone that was open revealed an interesting dialogue between the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell and the German Minister of Defense (video on mediafire)

Metin Külünk, a former AKP deputy from the same youth movement as Erdogan, calls for a Greater Turkey that includes northern Greece & half the Aegean islands, Cyprus & parts of Syria, Iraq, Armenia & Georgia.

Turkish Oruc Reis seismic research ship has changed its course, so far it seems to be heading back to Turkey. 26 Aug. 2020, 20:35 GMT+2.

Donald Trump called Greek PM Mitsotakis today to talk about the situation in the Mediterranean, during the call the Greek pm stressed that Turkey's destabilizing actions are threatening the peace in the region and that Greece is willing to de-escalate if turkey ceases its provocations

Ironically, the Turkish media said that the Greek PM's decision to increase Greek territorial waters from 6 nautical miles to 12 nautical miles is a provocation that will increase tensions between Turkey and Greece

Turkey seems to be worried about the increasing Russian activity in the East Med they have sent 4 warships and 3 are submarines to the region recently

Israeli official says they have evidence that Turkey gave passports to Hamas members

After calling the Greek PM Mitsotakis and talk about the Turkish provocations and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Trump called Erdogan, and according to Turkish sources Erdogan said that Turkey wants to de-escalate tensions and that he is in favor of dialogue, which is an obvious lie

France violates 1960 Cyprus agreements by deploying jets to Cyprus said Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


NATO Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that Ankara is blocking NATO co-operation with the EU in enforcing a UN arms embargo on war-torn Libya

Turkey now turns to George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 to make its case against Greece. making reference to "2+2=5 or 4" (video on mediafire)

Four UAE F-16 Blk 60, one C-130, three C-17 and one Α332 arrived in, Crete Greece to carry out joint training with the Hellenic AirForce over the Eastern Mediterranean

Article calls on Greece to allow France to open a naval base in the Aegean

Germany says “no one wants to resolve Mediterranean issues with warships” as Turkey uses warships

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak: "Oruc Reis will continue to Kastelorizo ​​- the expansion of Greek territorial waters is a "Casus belli"

Turkish Defense Minister Threats: We will continue seismic surveys indefinitely

Europe ready for tougher sanctions against Turkey

"Borel has promised to present a list of sanctions against Turkey tomorrow" said Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas

Turkish Defense Miniter makes threats in Greek via Anadolu - "We continue investigations indefinitely"

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Salenmperg: "I think that the last dreamer in Europe in terms of EU-Turkey relations should wake up", most likely speaking about Germany who refuses to even criticize Turkey

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulidis: "Europe's credibility is at stake from the EU's attitude towards Turkey"

Extreme delusion by an Erdogan MP: "Remember you Greeks how well you lived in the Ottoman Empire"

BREAKING: for the second time, the Turkish NAVTEX is extended for the Oruc Reis until September 1st

Athens also insists: It responds to the new Turkish NAVTEX with anti-NAVTEX

European foreign ministers discuss Turkey on Friday morning - Sanctions on the table

The new Turkish NAVTEX reveals that Turkey is not willing to have a dialogue and serves as proof for Europe that they are a hostile nation, which will most likely lead to sanctions tomorrow

President of Turkey hails a battle from nearly a millennium ago, and recites a poem written a century ago to whip up nationalist and religious euphoria amid escalating tension with Greece (video on mediafire)

Sources reveal that a team of advisors who counselled Turkey’s then-chief of general staff and now Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar failed to convince the top general to resist the government’s demand to shoot down Russian jets that violated Turkish airspace near border area with Syria

According to information, Turkish fighters harassed two Greek F-16s in the area between Rhodes and Kastelorizo, however, Greek F-16s that were in the wider area intervened and proceeded to the immediate identification and interception of the Turkish aircraft

Another rescue operation is being performed, reportedly a boat with 50 immigrants need assistance, it might become a trend as it could be done to guarantee that the immigrants will arrive in Greece after the rescue

An amateur fishermen recorded videos with the presence of Turkish warships in the waters of Kalymnos, Kos and Nisyros.

Turkish airforce caught asleep as they failed to detect 4 Greek F-16 jets that were going to BREAKING: Cyprus to participate in the joint exercise EUMONIA, they only realized the Greek jets were there during the exercise and going back to Crete


The Turkish Government has changed the rules for entering Hagia Sofia and how "open" it will be for tourists. Women can't enter Hagia Sofia without a headscarf, they also can't enter if they are wearing shorts or short skirts, the mosaics, murals and the hagiographies are covered despite a previous announcement that they would be uncovered apart from prayer hours

Turkish media publishes a lot of inflammatory articles about the ratification of the Greece-Egypt EEZ agreement, most of them replicate the same angry view of the Turkish government

Moments before the EU council meeting, a few statements were made by EU foreign ministers about the possible sanctions on Turkey and Belarus, German Heiko Maas said the sanctions on Belarus must not be linked to Turkey, Olivér Várhelyi said it must be considered carefully for it could impact Turkey's accession and Cypriot FM said that there cant be two measures and two weights for European values

Yesterday, Turkey's Defense Minister Hulusi Akar says Turkish Navy/Air Force has plans in place, prepared to act against Greece, France, Egypt, UAE & others under new rules of engagement in East Med and Aegean (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood interim leader Mahmoud Ezzat, Ezzat founded the Muslim Brotherhood armed wing and oversaw several terrorist operations committed by the organization in Egypt

BREAKING: This is the list of EU sanctions could impose against Turkey

Russian media says: If France and Egypt actively support Greece, Turkey will be defeated

Merkel says all EU countries have obligation to support Greece against Turkish aggression

EU sanctions to target Turkish shipping that will deal major blow to economy

Turkish Professor: We must invade Greece as the Nazis invaded Poland

lifting of EU membership says 'wrong message' Luxembourg's foreign minister says

Turkish boat fishing on the islet of Cannibal in Fourni

Retired Turkish Colonel: "If Turkey goes to war against Greece, many of the islands will be lost and Western Thrace will also be lost"

Greek Foreign Minister: "Greece won the unanimous support of all partners"

Turkish media against Merkel after support in Greece: "She made a scandalous move"

New provocation from Turkey: "Kastelorizo ​​and the islands near Anatolia do not have a continental shelf"

Article talks about who supported Greece and who supported Turkey during EU foreign council

According to an official statement from the Turkish Presidency, Erdogan called the NATO Secretary General earlier today and said that he was in favor of dialogue and a solution that would result in "everyone winning" in the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkish Foreign Ministry “It is not up to the EU to criticize Turkey’s hydrocarbon activities within its own continental shelf and to call for their termination. Because, as confirmed by the European Court of Justice, the EU has no jurisdiction on this matter. This call is contrary to the EU’s own acquis and international law”

The joint exercises in Cyprus and the Turkish fear of "invisible" blows to the "heart" of the Turkish defense when they realized that Greek pilots can reach undisturbed and attack critical targets

Video from Greek F-16 jets flying over Paphos in Cyprus (video on mediafire)

Right now 9 aircrafts of the Flag of United Arab Emirates UAE Air Force located at the Souda air base in Crete island Greece. Four F-16 Block 60, one C-130, three C-17 and one A332.

Today morning the "Eunomia" exercise was completed & the 2 Greek F-16s that participated in the exercise in Cyprus were called to return to their base in Crete. The Turks in order to harass the 2 Greek F16s, lifted 2 radar airplanes in order to locate them & sent 7 fighter jets.

French President said he took a tough stance on Turkish violations and provocations because Turkey only understands sanctions, military force and not words

Turkish President Erdogan made an appeal from a congregation in an Constantinople mosque for a support today, claimed his country is getting much better despite growing economic woes & mounting troubles with Turkey's allies and partners (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: US state department issued a strict travel directive against Turkey, In addition to the coronavirus , it focuses on the issue of terrorism , mainly in the eastern regions of Turkey , while drawing the attention of travelers to illegal arrests

France’s Macron Says Turkey Hasn’t Been Acting Like a NATO Ally


Video of Turkish pilot locking onto ‘Greek’ jets found is a fake simulation

Money rules everything: the diabolical partnership between Germany, Qatar, Turkey & the Muslim Brotherhood

The possible sanctions that might be imposed on Turkey and other measure such as customs and reducing the funds that could be sent to Turkey from the EU

Turkish NAVTEX escalates tensions over life fire drills between Rhodes and Cyprus

"If 12 miles is not a cause of war, then what is?" says the Turkish Vice President while also saying that Turks cry their hearts every day when they wake up and look at Greek islands, signaling that the Turkish government has set them as a possible Objective (video on mediafire)

Greek FM describes sanctions on Turkey a victory for Europe if Turkey does not return to the path of logic

Greek Foreign Ministry responds to Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay after statement that the cause of war is the expansion of Greek territorial waters "Turkey's perception that it can threaten with the use of force is unprecedented and disrespects international law"

Turkish government representative sends letter to EU, saying that the EEZ deal between Greece and Egypt (that Turkey does not recognizes) reduced the EEZ waters of crete, and Turkey then questions Kastellorizo's EEZ

Greek airforce to escort American B-52 bomber over Athens to Skjope (North Macedonia)

Turkey took on another extreme challenge, as according to the General Staff of the National Defense, Turkish aircraft attempted to harass the Greek F-16s, which accompanied the US B-52 bomber as part of NATO's ALLIED SKY activity

(unrelated) Turkey begun deploying Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan

Turkey ponders challenging France in the Western Mediterranean, entertains the idea of maintaining military presence there in response to French alliance with Greece according to Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop who says Greeks are scared, called everybody for a help (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says if Greece extends territorial waters to 12 miles in the Aegean, this would amount to a war declaration and vows Turkey would never tolerate such move. (video on mediafire)

Turkish nationalist and close ally of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called Greece a "bad grain" since 1821 "Threatened" with war if our country proceeds to expand the 12 miles

International media picks up on Turkey new military drills in the East Med amid talks for sanctioning the country for its provocations

(unrelated) Saraj fires Interior Minister Basaga, staunch supporter of Turkey while he was in Ankara collaborating with the Turkish intelligence agency MIT

Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu made new inflammatory statements just one day after the announcement of the EU sanctions list, in an interview with "A Haber", that the Turkish ship Oruc Reis will remain in the area for 90 days and that Navtex will continue.

A sailing yacht with 80 migrants made it to Katakolon port earlier (video on mediafire)

26 Turks who arrived in Chios by fishing boats are seeking political asylum, they drilled holes into the boat hull to force their "rescue"

video shows two Yachts transporting immigrants to Italy, something that is recurrent lately and has been also going on in Greece (video on mediafire)

Yesterday, a Pakistani in Crete island insulted a Greek woman, who started crying and left the place she was working. A local went to defend her, and 30 Pakistanis gathered to lynch him. Today more than 100 Pakistanis faced the anger of the locals


Erdogan's government keeps escalating and making provocations, Turkish VP yesterday claimed that Turkey will not retreat

Erdogan makes more inflamatory statements: "We do not bow our heads to threats in the Eastern Mediterranean", Of course it is no coincidence that those who tried to exclude our country from the Eastern Mediterranean, who tried to invade our homeland a century ago, were the same invaders"

Greek Foreign Minister to Turkey: "Dialogue must take place without threats and blackmail, without provocations, without the threat of war"

article detailing Turkish escalations and several statements made less than 24 hours after the EU foreign Council decided that Turkey must stop its provocations and escalations until the end of September or they would be sanctioned

Erdogan once again issues threats against "challengers" after sending a rocket to space, he also makes reference to the armament it could be used for (video on mediafire)

Video from the incident yesteday in Crete that sparked the clashes between Cretans and Pakistanis where one of them talked harshly to a woman and tried to lynch a man who tried defending the woman (video on mediafire)

How Turkey is trying to Blackmail America to get F-35 jets while still buying S-400 systems which is the reason why they have been removed from the program in the first place

According to sources, Athens is in talks with Paris for the procurement of 18 Rafale fighter jets

BREAKING: Erdogan threatens to Greece and France: "Do Greeks accept what will happen to them because of their incompetent leaders?" "Does the French (citizen) know that he will pay because of his ambitious and incompetent leaders?"

Erdogan made a speech today, saying that Turkey is not a nation with an army, but an army altogether and that he says to his enemies "bring it on" (video on mediafire)

Turkish Foreign Ministry says that if Greece continues to increase tensions it will be lost, referring to reports that the Greek National Guard landed in Kastellorizo, he also said Turkey will act to defend its rights under international law

(older) NGOs sign letter against NGO registry in Greece, 73 of them have signed the letter


DEBUNKING: twitter thread detailing why legally Turkey has no right to ask Greece to demilitarize dodecanese islands since it was not part of the Paris peace treaty of 1947 in which only countries who participated in the treaty have that right

Fire next to the Tomb of Agamemnon in Mycenae: The flames passed through the archeological site, the Ministry of Culture in its first assessment, stated that the fire did not cause damage to the antiquities

Police investigating shooting neat a leftist squat in a building in Exarchia where the "Rouvikonas anti-establishment" group are occupying a building and said that someone shot at the building, the police suspects gangs fighting for territory

A march for the "independence" of the Dodecanese is being prepared on September 9 by Devlet Bahceli, the leader of the "Gray Wolves" in the city ​​of Smyrna and will end up in the port "Where we drowned the Greeks in 1922"

Article detailing what was said by Erdogan during his inflammatory speech on 30/08

Greece's plan to reinforce the Evros region amid constant Turkish provocations continues

BREAKING: Macron responds to Turkish threats made during yesterday's speech by Erdogan and says "we are strong enough to stop your fleet"

Former Turkish Secretary General of the Ministry of National Education accuses Greece and Israel of stealing Turkish oil by drilling inside Turkish waters

Turkey seems to be preparing for drilling near Crete

Greek Secretary of State: Erdogan feels humiliated diplomatically as nobody supports him

French FM: Europe is no longer innocent, we will use our power to protect our interests

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak: "The French want to invade the Eastern Mediterranean through Athens"

The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borel had a telephone conversation with Turkish FM

BREAKING: French Aircraft Carrier, Charles de Gaulle heads to "undefined mission" in the Mediterranean

During yesterday's speech Erdogan said "Arrow took off and will find its destination" in yet another war mongering speech as he takes this time on the United Nation Security Council's permanent members (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Sources say that the Greek procurement for buying 18 Rafale fighter jets from France is being conducted on two levels, one of them suggests that 8 Rafale jets will be DONATED and 10 would be bought by Greece and that the negotiations are happening fast

Impressive video of a Greek fighter jet flying over a frigate in Cyprus (video on mediafire)

Once again Erdogan made a speech today remembering a war against Greece and making more threats (video on mediafire)

F-35 jets that would be sold to Turkey will not be sold to the UAE

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, had a meeting with Angela Merkel in Berlin today, , during which they discussed the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Belarus, Africa and China.

BREAKING:Turkey just announced yet another NAVTEX

BREAKING: Greece responds to new Turkish NAVTEX with Anti-NAVTEX

73 illegal immigrants on damaged yacht rescued off Greece’s Western Coast


IMPORTANT: Last night, the cypriot FM and the Greek FM had a call with the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell. The focus of such conversation was the fact that even after the Foreign Council on Friday the situation did not de-escalate and Turkey did not attempt dialogue

Turkish President's Advisor on Security and Foreign Policy says Greece is starving, that Greece has no money and that Greek Soldiers in Kastellorizo will starve if no provisions are sent, he also said that Turkey will have a space force (video on mediafire)

Turkish Interior Minister said today the police detained ISIS Turkish leader Mahmut Özden, hailing it as a major success. What he did not tell is that the guy was arrested 7 times before, released in all instances and allowed to operate on border area.

Turkish News channel says Greece is being manipulated by the USA, EU and Israel and used as bait, just as today's speech by Erdogan (video on mediafire)

DEBUNKING: Turkey applies UNCLOS in the black sea but not in the Aegean or Mediterranean because it does not suit them, they also have 12 Nautical Miles of territorial waters in the Black sea but only have 6 in the Aegean and Mediterranean because it suits them

DEBUNKING: Turkish plead for Greece to demilitarize islands happens while they have Turkey’s ‘4th Army’ that has 2 infantry & 2 artillery brigades, its special ops. In total, 35.000 troops right next to Greek islands

DEBUNKING: Turkey calls for the demilitarization of Greek islands but ignores the convention with Italy in 1932 in which they agreed to give those islands to Greece and recognized them as being sovereign, which means that when Italy conceded the islands to Greece, the rights of the islands were kept and inherited by Greece (pdf on mediafire)

Today's speech by Erdogan saying that Greece is being used as bait by countries who are manipulating it (video on mediafire)

Satellite Images of Turkish R/V Barbaros & R/V Oruc Reis in east Mediterranean Sea. We are observing a significant difference on what research vessels are towing - the so called cables.

DEBUNKED: Muslims in Greece call on Turkey to stop the propaganda saying that Muslims in Thrace are being persecuted and stop trying to destabilize the region and create division

Evros border guards apprehended 13.213 Captagon pills, also known as "the drug of the jihadists" have been seized at the Greek-Turkish border from illegal immigrants

Washington announced the official lifting of the 33 year old US arms embargo imposed on the Republic of Cyprus in 1987.

Turkey is increasing tensions with Russia as well. Turkish Foreign Ministry: Turkey is watching with concern the attacks and arrests of members of the Turkish-speaking Tatar minority in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian region of Crimea.

BREAKING: German newspaper Die Welt claims that Erdogan asked his generals το sink a Greek ship or shoot down a fighter jet

European Commission Vice-President for Promoting the European Way of Life Margaritis Schinas said that European leaders were “looking for a way to give Turkey one final chance” ahead of the European Council on September 24-25 where a list of further restrictive measures could be discussed.

The US Secretary of State condemned the Turkish actions and NAVTEX for investigations by Oruc Reis, stressing that Ankara's moves increase tensions and destabilize the region.

The Minister of Civil Protection signed the contract for the extension of the fence of Evros

Two illegal immigrants were arrested, on (29-08-2020) in Mytilene, according to the data of the investigation, in the afternoon of 28-08-2020, the arrested, acting together, entered a fenced farm in the wider area of ​​Moria in Lesvos and removed two animals (sheep), which then they killed.

Turkish Foreign Minister: "If the 'equipment' in Kastelorizo exceeds what has been set by the treaties, Greece will lose" once again ignoring that such treaty is Res inter alios acta and Turkey has no rights of demanding anything from it

Greek fishermen denounce the provocative behavior of the Turks and say that Turkish fisherman are fishing in Greek waters and threaten them every day

Greek State Minister: "Our goal is to upgrade our weapons systems both in number and operational capacity"

Turkish news agency accuses Greece of violating Lausanne and Paris treaties - Shows islands that Ankara deems illegal military presence

Next week there will be a joint aeronautical exercises with the French aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" and the Greek Airforce and a meeting between the Greek and French Defense Ministers that might discuss the option of buying 18 Rafale fighter jets

Austria to file charges against Turkish spy

BREAKING: Turkey calls on US to reconsider decision to lift arms embargo on Republic of Cyprus, warns that if not reviewed, steps will be taken to strengthen Turkish Cypriot security

The Greek Foreign Minister talked today with the UAE Foreign Minister about the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Video from Victoria Square, downtown athens from 2 days ago shows the square with dozens of what seems to be homeless illegal immigrants sleeping there, Video blurred on purpose (video on mediafire)

(unrelated) Germany said that the pipeline Nord Stream 2 that will transport gas from Russia to Germany will be completed because Germany does not believe the American "offshore" sanctions to be legal

Turkish Foreign Minister: The US decision to partially lift the arms embargo on Greek Cypriots is poisoning hopes for peace in the Eastern Mediterranean and is incompatible with the spirit of the alliance


European finance to Erdoğan: Turkish provocation continue against Greece, but EU funds flow to Ankara

Three Turkish soldiers caught trying to escape Erdoğan regime to Greece on jet skies

Macron: We need to create a Pax Mediterranea to stop imperialist Turkey

Retired Turkish Admiral says it will take Turkey only two days to capture French flagship and Greek islands

BREAKING: Turkish Islamic Foundation demolishes Greek Orthodox Church in Bursa

Yeni Safak: "Oruc Reis turns north - It will reach Rhodes and Kastelorizo"

US Ambassador to Cyprus: The lifting of the embargo does not concern Turkey

Turkish party leader: "International law and our interests as a sovereign state dictate what is our right to intervene without hesitation against enemies and traitors" and "There is a huge resistance to the aggressive ambitions of Greece, France and some peripheral countries in the Mediterranean and the Aegean"

Turkish Foreign Ministry denies that Erdogan would have told his generals to shoot down Greek jets or sink a ship

Austria: Investigations into Turkish spy network in Austria "This is an exercise of influence by a foreign power in Austria and this can not be accepted in any way,"

Cypriot Foreign Minister: There are other announcements after the lifting of the embargo

Turkey is 100% right in mathematics certainty" announced Turkish President's deputy chair Ömer Celik on disagreements with Greece on East Med. (video on mediafire)

European rights court president, Robert Spano, sparks criticism for considering acceptance of honorary degree from Constantinople University

Intelligence report say that there are finding about Erdogan's ties with ISIS and other terror organizations

Oruc Reis is moving through the new NAVTEX area encroaching Greece continental shelf. Turkey with each NAVTEX is getting closer to Greece’s territorial waters, which is another red line. Erdogan is directly aiming at area of Karpathos, Rhodes & Kastellorizo islands.

Training Ship SMOLNY of the Russian Navy (Baltic Fleet) leaving the Port of Piraeus Greece. In October SMOLNY will be back to Greece with a call to Thessaloniki.

"Turkish Interior Minister Soylu a ‘gang leader of AKP mafia" says opposition lawmaker

Erdogan adviser accuses Germany’s Merkel of calling ‘Crusaders’ to the Mediterranean, using the same rhetoric as terrorist groups use against America and other countries that oppose them

US & Russia racing to recognize the Kurds, whom no one can ignore. Both are trying to strengthen their positions in Syria & Middle East, with successive moves through Kurds, making Turkey very angry

Kurdistan Region’s President Nechirvan Barzani meets French President Emmanuel Macron in Baghdad on Wednesday afternoon.

Turkey criticized President Emmanuel Macron for having defended Tuesday “the freedom to blaspheme” considering that it was “inadmissible” to justify the publication of the controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons in the name of freedom expression.

Maps of Russian NAVTEX in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Turkish anti-NAVTEX that were issued in response to the Russian NAVTEX

IMPORTANT: Vandals desecrate church in Xanthi

IMPORTANT: The announced conversion of the Kariye Museum/Chora Church back into an active mosque has indeed begun, with reported installation last night of a minbar (Islamic pulpit) in the Naos (main dome area)


Picture shows Robert Spano, the president of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) with Turkey's President, after he decided to accept an Honorary Degree from a college in Constantinople, showing his links and bias in favor of turkey

Video shows African Immigrants this morning at the tax office in Samos island, the crowd was so big that they gathered outside of the office (video on mediafire)

Greek Prime Minister to sign a big defense agreement with France's president Emmanuel Macron

BREAKING: During a call with Merkel earlier today, Erdogan said that It is unacceptable for countries to support Greece and he also accused Greece, Cyprus and the countries that support them of "taking steps that increase the tension and lead to the failure to solve the problems"

IMPORTANT: NATO Secretary General says that he has talked to leaders in both Greece and Turkey and that the two countries have agreed on de-escalation

BREAKING: Greece denies NATO's Secretary General statement that Greece and Turkey would have agreed to have technical talks, Greece says that talks will only start when Turkey stops threatening and with its provocations because it generates an environment of blackmail

More pictures of Victoria Square, downtown Athens, crowded with immigrants

Cyprus issues anti-NAVTEX against Russian-Turkish NAVTEX saying that it had not been discusses with the competent authorities of Cyprus

Russian government representative says that accusations of Russia supporting Turkey against any other country are lies and that Russia has no interests in doing so

IMPORTANT: Special Advisor to EU (Borrel's assistant) once funded by Turkey tells Greece to stop its “macho politics”

Washington’s embargo lift on non-lethal equipment will not manipulate Cyprus against Russia

Two Ukranian brothers arrested for transporting 53 illegal immigrants from Turkey to Rhodes

A police operation was set up in the early hours of Thursday to remove illegal immigrants from the premises of the abandoned building which was the former Ladopoulos factory.

Turkish Defense Minister "Those who play the role of protector in the Eastern Mediterranean and make jokes will leave as they came" before a flight in Turkish F-16 jets

IMPORTANT: Turkey accuses Greece of persecuting Turkish "journalists" from the Government owned "news" agency called Anadolu, tells Greece to not touch a hair in their heads or "Greece will pay the price"

IMPORTANT: Turkish "journalists" from Anadolu said that they are not being allowed to go out and that Greek authorities made a fake article saying that they were from the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT), (which is most likely true) and that they had their identities posted

Erdogan invokes his inner comedian once again and says that he wants political solutions with Greece but Greece does not want it and then he said "in the eastern Mediterranean we are 100% right and we will not give up claiming it. We can sit at the same table with everyone, except "southern Cyprus" (as he called the republic of Cyprus)"

(unrelated) Libyan Central Bank Governor Sadık el-Kebir, former Interior Minister Fethi Başağa and Libyan Presidential Council Chairman Halit el Mişri, a few days after their visit to Turkey, signed an "agreement of unknown content" with the Central Bank of Turkey.

Most of the illegal immigrants who have crossed the Evros border during the last few days are Turks

An immigrant was arrested in Mytilene for attempted murder

Turkey's Lira reaches 7.43 against the US Dollar, a new record low for the currency.

German press says that Turkey has increased its investments in armaments dramatically recently

Turkish Foreign Ministry said that they support NATO's idea of having a dialogue with Greece, but they also demand that such dialogue does not comes with any conditions from the Greek side

IMPORTANT: The Turkish TELE 1 channel was taken down by RTÜK for 5 days due to the criticism of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II


Videos of immigrants protesting yesterday at the Malakasa camp in Samos, during their "protest" they were shouting "Athens" (Athena) like most "protests" by immigrants in Greece, demanding that they were transferred to a camp near Athens (video on mediafire)

More images from Victoria Square in Downtown Athens, overrun with immigrants and signs that they have been living there

Images before/after of Saint George Church in Bursa, an Orthodox church that has been demolished by a Turkish Islamic organization two days ago

Article detailing NATO's attempt to make Greece and Turkey negotiate and NATO SG's attempt to contact Greek FM Nikos Dendias after Greece said the negotiations will only take place if Turkey retreat its fleet and Oruc Reis

The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum is going to proceed with the (Dutch funded) expansion of the Moria camp. Officials of the Ministry of Immigration had meetings with about 20 Olive Grove owners in moria, for the lease of their lands for 180 euros per acre

The Azerbaijani president was very hostile towards the new Greek ambassador to Azerbaijan asking him why he was there and saying that Azerbaijan will continue to support Turkey without any hesitation in all circumstances including intelligence

Turkish FM said Turkey will continue to turn to other providers of air-defense weapons if traditional western allies fail to deliver “If you don’t want me to buy it from elsewhere, then you need to sell it. If you don’t, we’ll continue to buy from elsewhere"

"ISIS is Christian and Jewish terror group" says a news presenter on a national network A-Haber owned by Turkish President Erdogan's family

Today while a French Air Force Boeing C-135FR (735) is on route to make an AAR mission south of the island of Rhodes a Turkish Air Force Boeing E-7T (13-002) making a (usual) surveillance mission north of Rhodes

BREAKING: Anadolu Agency will sue Greek outlet that said Turkish journalists in Kastellorizo were intelligence agents

6 more hotels who were housing illegal immigrants have been emptied and the immigrants moved to camps

Turkish News Media Yeni Safak says that as soon as the 90 days period expires, Turkey will start doing seismic research in 7 more regions near Rhodes , Karpathos and Crete, in some cases at 6 Nautical Miles from the islands

"With new Rafale jets, Greece will have full control of the Aegean and East Med" says Forbes

Greek FM will deliver a letter to UN's Secretary General about the illegal activities of Turkey

NATO's Secretary General turns back from his initial statement that there was an agreement to negotiations between Greece and Turkey and said "There is no such agreement, only discussions,"

Turkish FM says Greece agreed to negotiate and then backed down, he also said that Greece expects Turkey to give up their rights in the East Med and that Greece will be disappointed

European Council President Charles Michel said today that the EU (most likely only him) is considering a "multilateral conference" with Turkey, showing once again EU's bias towards Turkey and their inability to act decisively on important matters to solve internal problems and support EU member countries

Erdogan: "We will protect our Paradise Homeland and we will not allow it to be divided"

BREAKING: The head of the parliamentary group of the European People's Party, Manfred Weber said "It must be made clear that Europe and Germany are on the side of Greece. The Foreign Minister must be careful not to be blackmailed for fear of a new refugee crisis"

European Commission representative: EU ready for restrictive measures if Turkey does not de-escalate

Turkish Foreign Minister: "French President Emmanuel Macron is hysterical, he does not know what to do, manipulates Greece against Turkey and slanders Turkey after suffering defeats in Syria, Libya, and other places" (video on mediafire)

Turkish Parliament Speaker tells European Human Rights Court president Robert Spano how important the European Court of Human Rights is for Turkey. The next day he asks for restoring death penalty which was abolished by ECHR. (video on mediafire)

The Turkish ruling party's representative Omer Celik said today "It is barbaric and fascist to target employees of the Anadolu agency in Greece. It is unacceptable for the Greek authorities to let this issue pass. The Greek authorities must make it clear whether they support fascists or freedom of the press" (calling for less freedom of press)

Article exposing Anadolu's journalists in Kastellorizo as Turkish MIT spies

Footage from joint military drills between Greece and UAE today in the East Med (videos on mediafire)

(unrelated) Israel's president privately approved America's plan to sell arms to U.A.E. after the two countries agreed to have diplomatic relations, the deal includes F-35 fighter jets, Reaper drones and EA-18G Growler jets (Electronic warfare jet)

The president of the Turkish National Assembly demands the reinstatement of the death penalty

Turkish Defense Minister made provocative remarks once again, talking about Greek islands being armed, saying that Greece does not want to respect international law and "France has nothing to do with the region, it has no borders, it has no duty to be here under agreements. They accuse us for no reason, we can not accept these accusations"

Intense aerial activity north of the island of Rhodes this evening: two Turkish Navy drone Bayraktar TB.2 departed from Dalaman are making two different patrol mission along Greece/Turkey seaborder (always inside Turkish airspace)

Message from the Vice-President of the Commission: "Turkey's last chance for de-escalation and dialogue"


The conversation that led NATO's Secretary General to make his very confusing and controversial statement that Turkey and Greece had agreed to dialogues when nothing of the sort had happened

Addressing future commanders in officers, Erdogan made it clear Turkey will continue to militarize its foreign policy. Says military campaign in Libya, Syria, Iraq and East Med would continue, and signals to possible expansion to even South America and Africa (video on mediafire)

Erdogan said provocatively again today "A century ago we either buried them (Greeks) in the ground or threw them into the sea. I hope they do not pay the same price"

Greek FM's meeting with UN's Secretary General had as topics the Turkish provocations, the agreement on the demarcation of the maritime zones of Greece and Egypt, while he also referred to the Cyprus issue, focusing on the new Turkish threats for the settlement of Varosha

Unidentified airplane (or drone) probably departed from Sigonella (?) orbiting over Turkish Oric Reis research vessel. (FL250, speed between 196 and 395 kt, no callsign, invalid transponder mode )? Maybe a USNavy Boeing P-8A?

Erdoğan provokes war rhetoric and says no power can stand against Turkey

Turkey will conduct joint military exercises with the Illegally Occupied part of Cyprus

IMPORTANT: New war threats Erdogan: If they do not understand it politically, they will experience it on the battlefield

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz "Turkey uses migrants as a weapon against Europe and Violates international law" - "If we accept everything, if we are not in solidarity with Greece, then this will allow someone like Erdogan to continue and constantly exceed the limits, and this is dangerous in the medium term"

BREAKING: Turkish Anadolu Agency "40 tanks to be transported from Syria to Adrianople" ("Edirne" as the Turks call it)

Russia recognizes the rights of Greece to demarcate its territorial waters up to 12 Nautical Miles and says Russia also signed the international treaty that recognizes it as legal and that Russia has no interests or problems with the decision

Today's speech from Erdogan: "Turkey's opponents are in panic & fear, Turks are ready to sacrifice lives, pay all costs, Enemies live in false prosperity, fake democracy, No power can challenge Turkey" (video on mediafire)

Video of Turkey moving tanks to the city of Adrianople ("edirne") right next to the Evros border (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: The 202nd Air Defense Radar Station of the Turkish Air Force in Antifello (Kaş) Attaleia (Antalya), which is co-located with a Naval Observatory. Coordinates: 36 ° 15'22 "N 29 ° 35'58" E -Altitude: 4534ft

Images from the "closed" camp of Malakasa (Near Athens) with its fences full of holes made by the illegal immigrants who want to leave the camp

Video from Chios, where the population cant even baptize their children due to the quarantine, meanwhile muslims have "protests" and gatherings without any repercussion (video on mediafire)

Chairman of Turkey's Governing Party says that Turkey is on the verge of becoming a global power and that they cant take a single step back from their current campaign and say that Turks who criticize Erdogan are the enemy and that there are enemies all around (video on mediafire)

Unidentified Drone seen earlier today could be an american-made MQ9-Reaper drone

Confirmation that the video of Turkey transporting tanks was in Syria, moving north towards Turkey and possibly to the Evros border

Video from Moria camp in Lesvos shows massive muslim celebration with singing and a large gathering while Greek citizens get fined and sometimes arrested for having a party or something that disrespects the quarantine regulations

Nearly 50% of Greeks support using military option to deal with Turkish aggression in East Med

French students begin learning about an independent Kurdistan in history lessons

IMPORTANT: The Greek government is reinforcing its borders, sending extra border guards to Evros and islands, the government is expecting a surge of immigrants


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had a telephone conversation with NATO SG on Saturday, Greece seems annoyed at the way Jens tried to force a climate for dialogue and the need for steps on Turkey’s behalf to de-escalate tensions in the region.

German NGO "Mare Liberum" complains about having their boat searched by Greek authorities and having their electronic devices apprehended, saying that they will continue operating and will stay in Greece

A few days ago, two 16 year old girls from Kavala were according to reports chased by immigrants wandering through their village, some villagers say that the girls only got scared and ran, reports from surrounding villages also indicate increase in robberies and burglaries

A new provocative post was made by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, regarding the actions of the Turkish fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean, on Twitter. According to the post, the Turkish navy will continue its duty and will not allow intimidation in the region

Turkey: Hagia Sophia “Mosque” in Nicaea/Iznik

Russian Foreign Ministry: Greece is our traditional European partner

The Deputy Minister of Immigration and Asylum: "I estimate that Erdogan will threaten immigration in the near future"

New propaganda with video from the Turkish Ministry of Defense showing Oruc Reis and another sign of Turkish provocations

BREAKING: French Foreign Minister: We have many options for measures against Turkey and Erdogan knows it

Greek Coast Guard under alert over reports of a boat full of immigrants near Chania

President of the European Council Charles Michel called Erdogan today and stressed the importance of de-escalation and called on Turkey to refrain from activities that increase tensions.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced that military drills between Turkey and the illegally occupied part of Cyprus will be conducting joint exercises until September 10

Turkish research-survey vessel Oruc Reis 47 nautical miles south of Kastellorizo Greek island. Analyzing the Turkish vessel track last 7 days it is obvious the last hours there is an interception (sudden turn) probably from Hellenic Navy ship

Immigration flows have increased 20% in Evros recently according to authorities

Video from today's yacht with 65 illegal immigrants that arrived to Crete island.

IMPORTANT: List of Turkish companies to boycott

Steve Hanke says "In an attempt to prop up the sick lira, Turkey is burning through its Foreign Exchange reserves. Gross reserves currently stand at USD 41.59 billion, the lowest level since September 2005, and net reserves are actually negative. The lira is toast"

Article with video of how Immigrants are smuggled into Greece every day by traffickers

Immigrant arrested for smuggling people into Greece "I paid 5,000 euros to go to Greece but I was put in charge of the boat" he said that the smugglers threatened to kill him if he did not pilot the boat

According to an article in the Cypriot newspaper "SIMERINI" on December 9, 2018, the Turkish Occupation Forces were reinforced with 42 Leopard-2A4 tanks.

The Turkish President Erdogan had a closed doors meeting today in Constantinople with Libyan Saraj, there is no information regarding what was discussed yet

According to SIGMA correspondent Maria Zacharaki, "Ankara will respond to the West and the gas gang with 6 strategic steps, which it will take in the hot zone by changing the balances", these are the measures

Turkish FM attacks Austrian Chancellor after his comments yesterday: "The major threat to the EU and its values is the distorted ideology represented by Sebastian Kurtz, These ugly politics based on xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia is the sickly mindset of our age"

Austria vs Turkey: "We will speak quite clearly when Turkey violates international law" as a response after the Turkish FM criticized Austria's statements from yesterday regarding the Turkish conduct

The triple ultimatum to Turkey from Austri, EU and France saying that Turkish behavior is unacceptable, the Turkish response is still the same, which will most likely lead to sanctions

The Italian Defense Minister, during his participation in a debate at the summer festival of the center-left Democratic Party said: "Turkey's determination is a potential threat, given the escalating tensions it may cause"

Albanians burn Greek flag after a match between SC Gjilani and APOEL from Cyprus in Kosovo

Turkish Media quotes Erdogan saying: "- We have the political, economic and military power to tear away immoral maps; Turkish nation prepared for every possibility; They will understand us through painful experience either at the table or on the field"

BREAKING: During a call between Merkel and Erdogan, the Turkish president reportedly made big complaints about France, telling Merkel that she must do something to France should not be entangled at the feet of Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean

BREAKING: Secret documents leaked reveal that a special military department that only deals with Greece and Cyprus was mandated to monitor outer space developments in the neighboring countries using satellites


Drones, thermal cameras and armored jeeps fortify the Evros border

Erdogan said "Provocative comments by European politicians on regional issues will not help find a solution" urged Brussels to maintain an impartial stance, he said that the EU's stance in the East Med "will be a test of sincerity in international law and regional peace"

Turkish President Erdogan's chief advisor Bulent Arinc ain't happy with either candidate in the US elections, describes both Joe Biden & Donald Trump as evils, says he will support Joe Biden against Trump because Democratic nominee is a lesser evil.

(unrelated) Turkey is not pleased with Kosovo's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Turkey has invested a Billions in Kosovo to maintain influence in the region

Map showing how Turkey applies/follows international law according to its interests, like using UNCLOS in the black sea while not recognizing it fully because they would have to recognize the Greek Islands having EEZ's

BREAKING: According to a new report in the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Safak , which often tells the next moves of Turkey, there will be a new NAVTEX after the current one expires for Oruc Reis and it will expire only in September 25

IMPORTANT: the meeting between Macron and Mitsotakis has been set for September, they will talk about a new defense agreement and also the purchase of 18 Rafale jets, which will be immediately available (12 months) to the armed forces, as well as some missiles.

Mesut Hakki Casin who advises Turkey's President on security/foreign policy says Turkish army will hit French carrier, wage a war against Greece. He even wants to kill a Greek pilot himself. He says all this on national TV. (video on mediadire)

IMPORTANT: Russian FM heads to Cyprus to mark diplomatic ties

IMPORTANT: The church of Agios Ioannis in Moria, almost leveled. The vandals were not satisfied with the complete destruction, the desecration of the Holy Table that they tore down, but they removed and stole a 1,500-year-old early Christian amphitheater.

Bloomberg: "The EU will offer Turkey incentives to strike a deal with Greece and Cyprus over maritime claims while also preparing sanctions against Ankara if mediation fails, a senior official in Brussels said"

Turkish political leader: Greeks, Romans and Americans are “gay gods in the East Mediterranean”

Greek Coast Guard arrest members of German human smuggling NGO in Lesvos

Greek Foreign Minister: Turkey is the only country that opens war fronts everywhere

Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Barvitsiotis: "The message to Turkey must be either de-escalation or sanctions that will hurt financially"

Turkish newspaper presents Mitsotakis, Macron, Merkel as "shipwrecked" in the Mediterranean

Dendias: "Turkey is the only country that opens war fronts everywhere"

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz: "We can no longer accept Erdogan's behavior", "It is dangerous to give the impression that we have two meters and two weights. "It is right to impose sanctions on Belarus, but what about Turkey?"

Bahceli again out of bounds: "Greece's aspirations on our shores are the language of war", "France and Greece have forgotten what happened when they followed similar policies in the 1920s,"

According to a statement from the Turkish Defense Ministry, Hulusi Akar met with the chairman of the NATO military commission, Stuart Pitch and said "Turkey has the ability to protect its rights and interests in the 'Blue Homeland', including Cyprus."

A politician from the Greek "New Democracy" party has issued questions to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell regarding NATO and if NATO is in line with the EU as NATO seems to agree with Turkey and protect them

The president of the Turkish "Good Party" party, said that Turkey is isolated, respectively, the representative of the official opposition said that Erdogan, contrary to what he says, is a calm "kitten" abroad

Erdogan said "that in the Eastern Mediterranean they want to trap us on our shores with an island of 10 square kilometers and that can not happen." said that they must show their force to France, talks about becoming independent with diplomacy and military force

91 people, all foreigners, were arrested at Heraklion State Airport with fake passport with them

Possible area that Turkey might try to target with the next NAVTEX

The new smuggling routes in Evros and how the Greek authorities are reinforcing the area to stop them

Video from downtown Athens, while the person walks and records, not a single person speaking Greek is heard (video on mediafire)

Turkey's President Erdogan cited Turkish military operations in the last four years from Syria to Libya to warn Greece, referred them as precedents to what Turkey can do with 'broken' Greek forces, warned Greeks risk losing a lot when the time for his gov't decision comes. (video on mediafire)

Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum talked about the fear that illegal immigrants who live in camps and have applied for asylum feel, in this video a Greek citizen tells FocusFM radio that he lives among 1000 illegal immigrants and is afraid of them. (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: The long list of weapons, vehicles, upgrades and more that will be discussed at a meeting between French and Greek Prime Ministers on sept 10 in Corsica

(reminder) (2015) Illegal immigrants "protest" in Lesvos and write a sign saying "We will destroy the island"

Turkish soldiers in Evros photographed guiding the illegal immigrants to cross to Greece. (video on mediafire)

(reminder) Turkey wipes out traces of Greek civilisation in Smyrna

(reminder) article details that Turkey is conducting its politics following "old field manuals"

BREAKING: Macron to Trump: "Pick up Erdogan otherwise everyone will be looking to find where Turkey falls"

IMPORTANT: Farmers in Moria watch helplessly as immigrants take down their trees to steal the wood and use as fire wood and animals, article with pictures of animals that were being stolen and old olive trees taken down

Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis twice in the last 24 hours stopped the course making circles. Between these two stops accelerated to speeds higher than usual. Apparently the ship is facing some problems. Most likely there was a problem with the ship's survey cables.


Russian FM says ready to mediate dialogue between Cyprus and Russia, says no to escalations

Greek Deputy FM: We need strengthen relations with Russia

Erdoğan says Greece will have to pay a “heavy price” in newest tirade

Improvised camps again in Victoria Square

Queues from the early morning again in the Asylum service office

Greek Minister for Immigration and Asylum: "No other structures will be opened for immigrants", he also clarified that some of the refugees have been deported and reiterated that it is the first time this summer that more people left our country than those who entered

About 150-200 migrants remain in the Evros border - Turkish armored trucks have been spotted moving along the river with electronic equipment to cut off and intercept communications on radios and phone calls, they also use loudspeakers and shoot into the air at night to bait the Greek forces

BREAKING: Syrian Mercenaries backed by Turkey in Syria said that they will be happy to fight for Turkey in a war against Greece

Greek FM: "Turkey's provocations are reaching a level of absurdity"

Turkish FM: "Greece is the one that does not want dialogue"

Tomorrow will be the march organized by the Turkish "gray wolves" movement saying that they want the Dodecanese islands to be "liberated" from Greece and they claim they belong to Turkey

Turkish media claims that Greek and Turkish military committees will meet at NATO on Thursday to have "technical" talks, the information has not been confirmed by the Greek military sources

Greece exposes the Turkish provocations to NATO with the moves of Oruc Reis

Athens has not responded to Stoltenberg's invitation for technical committees - NATO Permanent Representatives meet on Wednesday to denounce Turkish actions

Today, Tuesday , the Turkish Air Force proceeded with three violations of the Greek national airspace and 12 air traffic rules. It is noted that there were seven virtual dogfights, In total, 18 Turkish aircraft flew over the Aegean today (two CN 235 spies, four helicopters and 12 F-16 fighter jets, eight of which were armed).

BREAKING: The Greek-Cypriot-Israeli military cooperation program was signed

Turkish FM: "How many immigrants died in the Aegean because of Greece?"

(Unrelated) Muhammet Tanju Poshor, the head of operations at the Kosovo Force (KFOR), a NATO-led international peacekeeping force, was detained while in Turkey and brutally tortured for days by Turkish authorities who wanted to extract a false confession

New accusations of Erdogan's representative against the website who leaked information about the Turkish Anadolu "journalists" that went to Kastellorizo

BREAKING: Muslims living in Western Thrace make posts about the anniversary of "Independent Western Thrace". The article exposes who some of them are

Image from today's immigration office shows a crowd of immigrants who want to apply for Asylum, one of them with a shirt written "Pak Army" and a flag of Pakistan

(unrelated) video of another Yacht transporting illegal immigrants to italy, and a screenshot of an immigrant requesting on Social Media information about the cost of a boat from Turkey to Italy (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: New joint exercise between Russia and Armenia near the Turkish border

BREAKING: The Syrian Obervatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the Turkish government has cut the salaries of mercenaries

IMPORTANT: According to ERT correspondent in Paris, Thomas Papaioannou, at noon on Tuesday, sources in France spoke about the possibility of lending 2 ready-made frigates, so that Greece can face the current challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean

BREAKING: Many fires are raging this night at the Moria region in Lesvos, the wind is making the fire spread fast and the firemen cant reach the area to put the fire out because the illegal immigrants at the camp throw stones at them, There is already a broken vehicle of the Fire Brigade (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Videos from Moria region and Camp, the immigrants attacked the firefighters with stones and now the camp is being consumed by the flames, some believe that its an organized attempt to move the immigrants to Mainland Greece after the camp was put under quarantine (videos on mediafire)

Illegal immigrants have evacuated the Moria camp and are heading to the main city center of Mytilene, in Lesvos (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Screenshot of a Swiss NGO tweet suggesting that something bad will happen in the next few days in Lesvos, they deleted their tweet

BREAKING: Another NGO saying that Moria and Lesvos will go down

Article with images and detailing what is going on during the fires in Moria

Due to the fire, the villages near the Moria camp do not have electricity and the illegal immigrants are going to Mytilene en mass

BREAKING: Video clearly shows that the fires in Moria today have been deliberately started, with immigrants recording several small fires in the area, burning trees and vegetation in a way to make it spread (video on mediafire)

A Turkish drone deployed for routine patrols at the Turkish coast has been monitoring the Moria fires tonight

Article talking about the Fires in Moria and the uprising that happened after 35 illegal immigrants tested positive for COVID-19 and it was announced that the camp was going to be placed under quarantine

Post from convicted Human Smuggler Salam Aldeen that has been banned from entering Greece suggests that he is in Lesvos, working with the NGOs


Official Greek Firefighting Force confirming that the firefighters who tried to put out the fire in Moria were "repulsed" (attacked by the immigrants as previously stated by locals)

After weeks of videos and photos of immigrants sleeping in Victoria Square, downtown Athens, the media reported on it and there already is an operation to evacuate the island and remove the people camping there

US State Department concerned about the "unconfirmed information" that Oruc Reis will have a new NAVTEX 6 nautical miles from Kastellorizo as soon as the current NAVTEX expires

Russia offers mediation in any Cyprus-Turkey talks

NGO co-founder and spokesperson says that rioting is the only option left for the immigrants in Lesvos

BREAKING: A meeting is being held to decide how to deal with the Moria Camp uprising

The fires at the Moria region are now under control, an estimate of 12 000 illegal immigrants are now on the streets of Lesvos, the clashes started because of the announcement of 35 people infected with COVID-19, fights broke out between immigrants and the fire started, after they left they had clashes with the police

The Greek government will be sending three squads of the Riot Police to Moria, the situation is out of control

Greek PM called for an emergency ministerial meeting called to discuss migrant camp fire

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, will participate in a teleconference with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and groups of EU member states.

Video from Moria, this morning, the camp is almost completely destroyed

Picture of a U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman deploys the Puma All Environment Unmanned Aircraft System during a training mission with Hellenic Navy special operators from the Underwater Demolition Command in the Aegean Sea near Greece

EU breaks their own record of response time and has already decided that it wants to fund transfer of Moria’s vulnerable refugees to mainland after fire

Article about the position taken by local authorities regarding the situation in Moria

BREAKING: Mayor of Mytilene "Immediate transfer of immigrants outside Mytilene - Danger to public health"

Article and aerial footage, detailing the damage caused by the fire at the Moria camp

IMPORTANT: European rights court president Robert Spano, draws further ire by posing with members of Turkey’s ruling party

An enigmatic post was made a while ago by the Mayor of West Lesvos, Brigadier General Verros, he talks about being under a lot of pressure and radical reshuffles, at the administrative level

During the broad meeting in the presence of the Minister of Interior Takis Theodorikakos, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis, The Mayor of Mytilene said no to the proposals of housing the immigrants in hospitals and other areas of the island

(unrelated) Greece remains the global leader in shipping

Lesvos 4 month state of Emergency Declared

Turkish Anadolu Agency exposed selling photos of Kastellorizo to Getty Images using Turkish name

Greek Prime Minister statement on Moria

We experienced war scenes at night says the president of the association of the inhabitants of the area

German media: Parties in Germany divided over the reception of refugees from Greece

Turkish Newspaper Yeni Safak: "the only solution for the Greek militarized islands is military action by Turkey"

NATO Secretary General's collaborator says both Greece and Turkey are equally at fault for the provocations in the East Med and mocks the fall of Constantinople

Turkish nationalist group "Gray Wolves" are having a march in Smyrna ("izimir") and calling for the "liberation" of the Dodecanese islands from Greece, saying that they should belong to Turkey

BREAKING: New fires at the Moria camp, it seems like a few immigrants returned to the camp and have started new fires to burn what is left

Greece presented to NATO the Turkish delinquency in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Greece also stressed the need for the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish ships, including ORUÇ REIS.

Erdogan's order to the Turkish Navy: "Do not be the first to open fire in the Eastern Mediterranean"

If Greece eyes to seize our rights, Turkey would rip that eye out of its socket, says Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop in his speech delivered on the anniversary of the capture of Izmir by Turkish forces from Greek army on Sept.9, 1922. (video on mediafire)

Turkish Parliament speaker: "France President Emmanuel Macron is incompetent leader who use Greece for own greed, France has never won a war in recent history, fought against Africans who had only a spear" (video on mediafire)

Another NGO refuses to recognize that the fires in Moria were caused by the immigrants, try to blame Europe and Greece for their policies not being good enough

Turkish authorities keep threatening Greek News Agency "Tourkika Nea" for exposing the Turkish Anadolu "journalists" that by law are compelled to provide the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) with information, turning them into spies

After a march in solidarity for the immigrants in moria, the "protestors" vandalized a statue and wrote phrases demanding the government to give "documents" to the illegal immigrants

Greek PM had a meeting with EU leaders preparing for the visit of European Council President Charles Michel on September 15 and also regarding the meeting that will happen on the 24 and 25, regarding sanctions on Turkey and Belarus

BREAKING: Video from Moria, another fire is raging at the camp and olive groves around it, it seems like the immigrants are trying to burn the rest of it, Two other fires broke out in different parts of the camp, forcing all those who returned to the site to evacuate again (video on mediafire)

NGO posts pictures of the supposed "minors", but instead, they expose the fact that such minors are adults

BREAKING: After the two new fires broke out at the Moria camp, about 1000 immigrants are said to have attacked the police force with stones tonight

Sources report that the fire was caused by a gang of Afghans who were asking for money in exchange for the "protection" of the camp

Cypriot president: "The European Union must move from words to deeds"

(unrelated) 5 journalists arrested in Turkey for revealing the identity of MIT agents

IMPORTANT: Twitter thread exposing a trend among several NGOs and its members that seem to support or encourage acts such as the ones that happened yesterday in Moria (video on mediafire "FireMoria-08-09-18-ClearlyArson")

The Greek Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, wrote on twitter: "Everyone who participated in the episodes should be deported automatically, People who do not respect the Laws of the Hellenic Republic and who destroy public property, are not entitled to asylum in Greece"

BREAKING: A few hours ago there were clashes while Greek Police forces were trying to repel thousands of immigrants who had left Moria and were trying to move to the port of Mytilene, by setting fire to the properties of the island's inhabitants

More images after "protests" in support for the immigrants in Moria, this time Sappho Square, Mytilene, the leftists participating have once again vandalized the square to write phrases calling for "solidarity"

Video of clashes between the immigrants who were in Moria and the Greek Riot Police, they have been throwing rocks at the police for a few hours now that has been trying to prevent them from reaching the Mytilene port

400 "unaccompanied children" (most are adults) will be moved from Lesvos to Thessaloniki in flights between today and tomorrow


EU says it is ready to assist Greece at all levels regarding the Moria fires

Protests in Crete demanding the deportation of illegal immigrants after an episode involving Pakistanis trying to lynch a man and offending a woman at her workplace ended in clashes with the police and according to the protestors, if deportations dont start they will protest again next week

IMPORTANT: The meeting of the Greek Prime Minister with French President Emanuel Macron is expected to seal a deal of mutual defense assistance , which will provide military support of one country to another in case of military involvement

Images from Moria, where thousands of immigrants are now sleeping on the streets and highways

Yesterday, the Turkish Foreign Minister made a Tweet, saying that in 1922, when the Turks burned Smyrna and slaughtered the Greeks, Anatolia and Smyrna were "saved from Greek cruelty"

BREAKING: Turkish intelligence runs covert recruitment programs for diaspora Turks in Europe

IMPORTANT: The manager of the largest group of Arab speakers in Greece, calls on the (few) Arabs of Moria not to participate in the "acts of sabotage" of the Afghans. The Afghan groups are sponsored by specific NGOs and have been covered by the German media for "ecological" action

BREAKING: For the surprise of nobody, Germany is trying to help Turkey and is pushing for a tripartite meeting before the summit of European leaders at the end of the month that would most likely lead to sanctions against Turkey

Greek authorities arrested two German journalists, in the afternoon, in Kastelorizo. The two journalists took pictures from Greek warships, without having the required permits, the port authorities -asked for the images and the two allegedly refused

Lesvos locals are organizing roadblocks and trying to prevent vehicles transporting materials to the Moria region to rebuild the camp

After the destruction of the Moria camp, the Greek Government decided that the illegal immigrants will be housed in the "Blue Star Chios" ferry which will soon arrive in Sigri, Lesvos

After three flights, all of the 400 unaccompanied immigrant "children" (mostly young adults) were transported to Thessaloniki from Lesvos

Images from blockades made by locals in Lesvos to prevent any attempt to make resettlement structures for homeless migrants after Moria fire. They reject all alternatives like using old barracks

BREAKING: Video shows immigrants deliberately starting fires and spreading them (video on mediafire)

Video from yesterday shows immigrants smiling and saying that Moria was full of problems but that it is finished now. (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Immigrants caught on video setting fire to parts of the camp and leaving the area (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Article detailing the situation in Moria and the fact that immigrants are starting new fires all the time despite the fire brigade constantly putting the fires out

Earlier today another big fire broke out in the Moria region, near the camp

Mayor of Mytilene is still at a roadblock with the locals and working to put an end to the Moria camp and prevent it from being rebuilt

Residents of Lesvos are organizing several roadblocks and call for the government to not rebuild the moria camp or any other temporary camp

Turkish Defense Minister told the German Defense Minister "Turkey is right and determined. We will not allow any 'fait accompli' decisions" insinuating the EU of having already positioned itself against Turkey

After the meeting with Greek PM, Macron said "It is obvious that today Turkey is no longer a partner in the region."

The representative of the Turkish party AKP, Omer Celik says Macron is "Failed and incompetent - Uses Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean", angry by the statements made by Macron today

The correspondent of the French newspaper in Brussels, Jean Katremer, notes that although the "27" support Athens and Nicosia, they are far from aligning themselves with an urgent response to Erdogan

Turkish Foreign Minister delivered a recital of provocations and direct threats, speaking before the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee , accusing Greece, France and the "Greek Cypriot administration" of calling the Republic of Cyprus an EU state

Greece denies rumors spread by the Turkish press and government that Greece and Turkey would have had dialogues and negotiations with Turkey

BREAKING: Turkey plans on issuing a new NAVTEX of the seismic research vessel Oruc Reis, that will last until september 25 or 26, the NAVTEX will most likely be north from its current location, moving closer towards the Greek island of Kastellorizo

The Greek Prime Minister sent a message to Turkey to prove in practice that he wants a sincere dialogue in the press conference he gave with the French President, Emanuel Macron, after the end of the MED7 conference

During MED7 summit, leaders have agreed to impose additional sanctions on Turkey if the country does not stop with its provocations to be discussed at the European Council meeting on 24-25 September with a view to their immediate adoption

Italian PM said today at MED7 Conte said Europe should fight human traffickers and establish mechanisms to allow the rapid repatriation of immigrants and expressed solidarity for Greeks and Cypriots who "face unilateral action by Turkey"


BREAKING: Macron after MED7: "We will not let Turkey divide the EU"

Greek authorities removed a large group of illegal immigrants that had settled in the Panagioudas graveyard in Mytilene after locals complained that they had seen a large group accommodating in the area

Article detailing what purchases Greece has in mind to strengthen its Airforce and influence over the Aegean and Mediterranean

BREAKING: Erdogan responds to MED7 summit and says "We are too big for you, you can not eat us"

Footage from Moria shows the result of absolute destruction of everything around the camp and the camp, with Olive trees that have been burned cut and the fields and farms from the locals destroyed (video on mediafire)

Tweet exposes that to this day, not a single NGO has registered its members despite the fact that each day more and more NGOs appear in Greece and many are involved with convicted human traffickers and have suspicious activities

IMPORTANT: Footage from illegal immigrants shouting: "Azadi, azadi azadi!" - "Freedom, freedom, freedom!" after they leave the area of the Moria camp that they burned down completely (video on mediafire)

Despite the Natives of Lesvos, Companies, Unions and Politicians opposing the creation of another camp, either temporary or permanent, the Greek Government is setting up tents in Kara Tepe, Lesvos

Municipality of Mytilene: We will prevent in any way the re-opening of the Moria KYT- No structure in the firing range

Thousands of migrants protest in Kara Tepe - They want to leave the island

Immigrants protest new camp in Kara Tepes, say "Let us leave, we want to be free" while the Greek Government resorted to using helicopters to transport the materials necessary for the new camp since the locals made roadblocks and protests

Turkish Interior Minister complete delusion: “Turkey is the center of the world, carrying the entire world’s burden, but will liberate oppressed nations, revitalize Ottoman ideals, Turks are noble people, our ancestors promoted philosophy” (video on mediafire)

The Greek Government has set up 70 tents in Kara Tepes so far, with the capacity for 6 people each, two ferries are also waiting for the immigrants and also the "Blue Star Chios" ferry

(unrelated) Turkey issues 130 arrest warrants for people who according to them are believed to be Gulenists

BREAKING: In a teleconference between chancellor of Austria, Angela Merkel and European Council President Charles Michel, the Austrian chancellor again demanded the suspension of the EU accession negotiations with Turkey, a request that, according to information, Slovakia also supports.

Turkish presidency: "Emanuel Macron is a Napoleon in the countryside"

IMPORTANT: Turkey issues new NAVTEX north of ciprus, from 12/09 until 14/09

Turkish Ministry of Defense: "the research ships Oruc Reis and Barbaros, which continue seismic research and drilling activities in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean , and the drills Yavuz and Fatih,still accompanied and protected by our naval forces"

Greece and Bulgaria conduct joint airforce exercises

Today, September 11, 10 Greek airspace violations were recorded , all by Turkish fighters, four dogfights happened . A total of 17 aircraft violated the Greek Airspace, while six were armed

Erdogan manages to install his choice as new European Court of Human Rights judge

Turkish President Erdogan’s former deputy accused of plotting assassination of American pastor

Video from yesterday shows immigrants laying down on top of graves in Lesvos as they entered the cemetery to accommodate themselves (video on mediafire)

Illegal immigrants sing "Moria fire, Moria fire" in Mytilene

Riot police dispatched to Kara Tepes as immigrants have been protesting and rioting

Footage from earlier today when a fight broke out between immigrants of Moria who were on the streets, a group started trying to stab each other (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: German newspaper interviewed a German woman who was in Moria when the fires broke out and she said that it was all coordinated

Screenshots show that even the immigrants know who was setting the fires in Moria and they say that the Greek authorities also know who the perpetrators are

Images from the Moria camp after it caught on fire, video shows the extent of the damage (video on mediafire)

Footage clearly shows that the "protest" in Kara Tepes is organized and that people are directing the immigrants to act a certain way within a certain space (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Turkish Foreign Minister said during an online discussion with EU MEPs that the Turkish ships have order not to shoot first in the Mediterranean, which signals to the fact that Turkey wants to bait a conflict and be seen as the victim

Drone footage shows the extent of the damage done to the Moria camp (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Article talks about SMS that was sent 30 minutes before the fire broke out urging people to evacuate the camp

Leftist groups are "protesting" in Epano Skala, 150 of them tried breaking a police barrier and they want to go to Kara Tepes

BREAKING: Leftist rioters were arrested in Mytilene, more confrontations expected (video on mediafire)

Turkish Parliament Speaker: "French President Emmanuel Macron has puberty issues, compensate his troubles by stirring problems with Turkey, France gets $500 billion by exploiting colonies in Africa, France is bothered by Turkey growing clout in Africa" (video on mediafire)

Turkish Defense Minister: "Those who enter into conspiracies against Turkey as they have done in the past will suffer the same damage as they did in the past." and told Greece to remain silent "so as not to become a snack for the interests of others"

Video of illegal immigrants eating on the floor inside a church in Greece, the absolute lack of respect should have made Europeans realize that this is incompatible with their values (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Greek Foreign Minister spoke with his Russian counterpart as both countries show willingness to be closer to each other and to end Turkish provocations in the Aegean against Cyprus and Greece

BREAKING: Afghans attack a camera crew that was inside the now destroyed Moria camp

Immigrants start fires at in the fields of Kara Tepe to cook

BREAKING: The new camp for the immigrants who burned down the Moria camp is being set up in Kara Tepe (3000 tents), and the camp will be divided in sections by nationality

Picture from Acharnon, shows a bus stop only with muslim immigrants, the poster says that downtown Acharnon is becoming more and more foreign


BREAKING: US eyes Greek island as alternative to Turkish base due to ‘disturbing’ Erdogan actions, senior senator claims

Cyprus Search and Rescue Coordination Center issues anti-Navtex for new Turkish Navtex

BREAKING: Turkey Downgraded By Moody’s as Buffers Slide, Risks Pile Up. The sovereign’s credit rating was cut to B2 from B1 on Friday, putting it on par with Egypt, Jamaica and Rwanda. Turkey’s long-term foreign currency rating is B+ by S&P Global Ratings and BB- by Fitch Ratings

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs wants as conditions for a dialogue the withdrawal of Greek warships from the area where Oruc Reis is, support for the NATO initiative, cessation of "militarization" of the East Aegean and Kastellorizo ​​islands and also "cessation of pressure" to the Muslim minority, which he insists on calling "Turkish"

The illegal immigrants were angry as they realized that there was no way they could leave the island. Organized groups lead them to the city of Mytilene, where it is impossible to cross because there is a strong police force. (video on mediafire)

Turkish clergyman says during an interview: "I raise my son to become a terrible enemy of Jews and Christians"

IMPORTANT: Federal Greek Government seems to have decided on a construction of a new camp in Lesvos amid protests from local residents and local governments

Article exposing those who betray Greece in order to please some pseudo turkish identity and "independent western thrace"

IMPORTANT: Hundreds of illegal immigrants "escaped" Kara Tepe and went to Mytilene

IMPORTANT: The American Secretary of State is arriving in Cyprus today and one of the main topics to be discussed will be the Turkish provocations and violations in the region

The Minister of Immigration, Notis Mitarakis said today from the new camp in Lesvos that all immigrants entering the camp will be subjected to rapid tests and the infected ones will be quarantined

IMPORTANT: German media: Debates of N.D. MPs. in Berlin for the construction of refugee camps in Macronissos and Gyaros with EU funding

Illegal immigrants throw stones at Greek Riot Police in Lesvos (video on mediafire)

pictures taken from an interview with an immigrant at the exact moment when he says that they (immigrants, NGOs, activists) will teach the Moria residents to be self organized and spread awareness

Leftist groups in Lesvos have been threatening residents with violence, yesterday they put a banner illegally in a square with the names of two residents

IMPORTANT: Maps expose how Turkey’s historical claims in the East Mediterranean continually become bigger

Immigrants have already started fighting in Kara Tepe even though the camp is brand new

Impatient immigrants fight over bottles of water in Kara Tepe

BREAKING: US Senator: Erdogan's policy pushes us to leave Incirlik and choose Souda

Turkish Energy Minister targeted French President and threatened those "played by leaders in the Eastern Mediterranean who have virtually no rights" that they would pay the price for their provocative behavior

BREAKING: Erdogan said that Macron "will have an even bigger problem with him personally", said that "France has no history" and then threatened Greece "Look at what Greece is doing now with the islands. How to trust them? Do not roam around the islands. You are wrong and you will be left alone. When we talk about neighbors, there must be justice. "Turkey is able, if necessary, to face any challenge."

KKE (Greek communist party) puts up a giant banner in favor of immigrants at the State Theater in Thessaloniki, the banner was asking the government to close the "hell" of Moria because for them the living conditions are too bad.

IMPORTANT: A group of leftists ambushed police officers in Orestiada, one police officer was stabbed and another one hit with a broken bottle

Authorities investigating the causes of the fire in Moria and also who and why they did it, initially they have been investigating at least one NGO that has been named as "StandByMeMoria"

BREAKING: The latest movements of Oruc Reis indicate that the seismic survey ship might be going back to Turkey, although it is not known if a new NAVTEX will be issued or not

BREAKING: Greek Prime Minister made a statement that Greece plans on strengthening its armed forces with 18 fighter jets, 4 new frigates and 15,000 recruitments

The immigrants from Moria have been invading homes, stealing food and invading homes that are closed and occupying them

(unrelated) massive sandstorm over Ankara

The Turkish "journalist" from the Government owned agency Anadolu who went to Kastellorizo found out what the Greek military forces who went to the island were doing, which was painting a giant Greek flag at a rocky side of the mountain that faces Turkey

The list of armaments that Greece intends to buy to reinforce its military

UN says Turkey’s anti-terror provisions violate international law

BREAKING: Turkish President Erdogan ain't happy over credit rating agencies, trashing them for slashing Turkey's sovereign credit ratings. Says their scores are worthless and that Turkey's economy is peaking, says that the facts are very different (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: Turkey's President Erdogan slams France President, says Emmanuel Macron does not know his history, promises more trouble from Turkey, accuses France of killing millions in Africa, exploiting the continent for gold, oil, copper, and chrome. (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Picture of trash bin full of discarded food that was given to the immigrants and rejected by them, some are completely intact

Video from Lesvos shows Riot Police dispersing a protest of immigrants who had been causing turmoil in the area

Picture from Liopiri shows Greek Military setting up the tents of the new camp while NGO workers stay under a shed to hide from the sun

Picture from Mytilene today shows an ATM with a crowd of illegal immigrants from Africa withdrawing their allowances

BREAKING: Turkey's President claims Greece will be left all alone when push comes to the shove and vows to take action when needed. (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: According to an announcement by the Cypriot Presidency, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States in the fields of security and defense

Images show new course of Oruc Reis, it seems like the boat is indeed heading back to Turkey and has also increased its speed which means that it is not conducting research

IMPORTANT: US Secretary of State reportedly refuses to meet with Turkish Cypriot leader - This is the first time a US official has visited Cyprus without contacting the Turkish Cypriot side

Pompeo sends strong message to Turkey: We are concerned about illegal actions - We fully support Greece and Cyprus

(older news) The BBC has documented arms shipments to Libya from Turkey, its team exposed arms shipments following three ships from Turkey to Libya (video on mediafire)

"Invisible" immigrant arrivals in Western Lesvos - 21 immigrants were found in a forest in the area of ​​Megala Therma

Dassault: Greece announced today its intention to acquire 18 Rafales to equip its air force

Leftist activists make video preparing to protest at the Thessaloniki International Fair, many of them with bats and other gear (video on mediafire)


The letter sent by the Greek PM to the UN's Security Council details the deployment of 17 Turkish warships to escort Oruc Reis, failure to comply with an agreement and an attempt to exploit a communication incident

IMPORTANT: The new attempt by Germany to mediate talks between Turkey and Greece proposes very simple demands to Turkey while demands Greece to stop the licensing procedures of surveys in sea plots south of Crete, partially demilitarize some islands and not extent territorial waters to 12 Nautical Miles. Unrealistic and absurd

IMPORTANT: According to reports from the Turkish media, the decision to return Oruc Reis to Turkey and not to renew Navtex was made due to talks between the two countries in NATO

Greek Development Minister said that Turkey is starting to realize that their provocations will lead nowhere and also said that "because I think it is unthinkable for Erdogan to put up with the whole civilized world"

As Turkish ship Oruc Reis returns to Attaleia (Antalya), the Greek armed forces are under alert in Kastellorizo for the visit of the Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou to the island

Greek Prime Minister talks about the reinforcements made to Kastellorizo for today's visit of Greece's president to the island. Reinforcements include two quartets of Greek F-16 fighters, and Greek Warships sailing in the region

IMPORTANT: The chapel of Ai Giorgis in Moria is being turned into an illegal home for illegal immigrants

Video from Kara Tepe shows the work being put on by the Greek Army that has been working 24/7 to set up tents for the new camp in Lesvos

Ahmet Mete, a pro-Turkey religious leader of the muslim minority in Thrace made once again remarks trying to create division and say that Greece is persecuting them, the community was left speechless

IMPORTANT: Turkish Defense Minister after Oruc Reis anchored in Attaleia (Antalya): "We want peace. We are in favor of dialogue and good neighborly relations with Athens, if our wishes and demands are met. "We want the existing problems to be resolved" also said that Turkey is always in favor of dialogue and that they expect Athens to withdraw their ships in the following hours

The Greek Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, addressed from Lesvos a strict warning to those who prevent immigrants and asylum seekers from entering the new camp in Kara Tepe, possible legal repercussions such as fines or maybe even jail

A letter from George Harvalias to, talking about how the whole crisis in Lesvos was predictable

Russian media: Russia tells Turkey that 40 Su-35s do not help - "Greeks and Egyptians will disperse you"

Today the Turkish Defense Minister talked about "18 militarized Greek islands in violation of international agreements and increases tensions" , called for the "demilitarization of Kastelorizo" and said that France was inciting Greece and complained about Kastellorizo's EEZ being too big

Joseph Borrel's Special Advisor and his Honorary College Professor Nathalie Tocci continues to publish pro-Turkey propaganda even after her disgraceful comment from 03/09 where she said Greece was pursuing "macho policies" in the region

IMPORTANT: After Greece announced its new plan and armament program to reinforce its armed forces with French equipment, Germany is now also seeking Greece, trying to be part of a program that uses German frigates and other armaments, showing the world what they truly care about

IMPORTANT: First Rafale jets will arrive in Greece in mid-2021

IMPORTANT: Washington Examiner: The US is considering leaving Incirlik and "sees" an alternative in Greece

IMPORTANT: Turkish diplomats spied on critics in Austria, documents reveal

IMPORTANT: As Turkish economy collapses, Erdogan is building new palaces using an architecture that reminds of the Ottomans and Seljuk, Turkey's new palace is located on Lake Van , the largest in Turkey. Erdogan is also continuing the construction of his summer palace in the Gulf of Okluk, in Marmaris. The building has 300 rooms and to date has cost more than 37 million euros

Turks in Constantinople made a protest today with signs directed at Macron saying that he "will pay a high price" and also threatening the French journal "Charlie Hebdo" for publishing cartoons of their "prophet" Muhammad and say France is a terrorist state

Bruno Maçaes, a Portuguese "writer" member of Flint Global, EU think tank & political foundation Martens Centre and Hudson institute caught producing fake news about statements from the Greek Government's Spokesperson against islam and that immigrants should drink sewage

IMPORTANT: According to Fabrice Wolf at META-DEFENSE, who cites information from the French Armaments Directorate, the 8 used Rafale that Greece will acquire are free, while the weapons that will be released include MICA & METEOR missiles.


Turkish Foreign Minister: "We call on the United States to return to the policy of neutrality that it traditionally adopts in Cyprus and to contribute to the efforts aimed at resolving the Cyprus issue."

Video of immigrants burning cardboard and purposefully inhaling the fumes to force themselves to cry and start coughing so that they can use it for propaganda and emotionally exploit Europe (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: A fight between two immigrants at the new camp of Kara Tepe, two immigrants from Afghanistan got into a fight and one of them got stabbed close to the heart for hitting on the other one's wife

BREAKING: "EGAYDAAK" (list of 158 Greek islands that Turkey questions Greek sovereignty over) issue officially raised by Turkey challenging Greek sovereignty of islands, the issue was raised by the Turkish Defense Minister, turkey wants Negotiations to fail

IMPORTANT: European Council President is expected to have a meeting with the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis wednesday. Austrian Foreign Minister is expected to visit on September 17 and French Foreign Minister on September 18

A group of about 30 hooded people attacked the riot police in Charilaou Trikoupi with molotovs

Turkish Foreign Minister says that he does not expect sanctions from the EU because Turkey is open for dialogue

5000 tents ready for the immigrants at the new camp in Kara Tepe, Lesvos, but the immigrants refuse to enter the camp

BREAKING: Turkish Foreign Minister said during an interview that Oruc Reis did not retreat because of a possible de-escalation but because of maintenance

IMPORTANT: Groups of Afghans have started threatening the immigrants from the Moria camp not to enter the new camp in Kara Tepe, most likely the same group that burned Moria down

Opposition party leader in Turkey makes a speech and talks about hunger being a problem in Turkey, with stores putting anti-theft locks on baby food and olive oil

A member of the Green National guard was fired today for making a joke about shooting the immigrants, he posted an older photo of him on a shooting range that has been turned into the new camp and said that this time they would shoot with moving targets

the Municipality of Mytilene, in Lesvos, to pay 750.000 Euros in compensation for the residents affected by the fire and other damages caused by the immigrants

IMPORTANT: Letter from the Fire Brigade of Lesvos details what happened at the night of the fires at Moria, including the attack they suffered when they rushed to the area and also the next day one firefighter was stabbed by an immigrant while putting out the new fire inside the camp

New "protest" by the immigrants of Lesvos in Kara Tepe

Greek government says that none of the immigrants will leave Lesvos if they dont go through Kara Tepe first

A boat full of illegal immigrants apparently sank south of Crete, most likely they sank their own ship again, there is an operation underway to rescue them

Merkel: Support for the immigrants and the crisis in Lesvos will be organized on an European level. Once again Germany seems to be pushing for every single country in the EU to take in more immigrants

IMPORTANT: Turkish Foreign Minister says Turkey will not issue a new NAVTEX because Oruc Reis needs maintenance

Turkish Defense Minister will visit the illegally occupied region of Cyprus to oversee the Turkish exercises that will be conducted there

IMPORTANT: The spokesman for Erdogan said that Turkey will not "hesitate to defend its right in the "front" or during a negotiation" and that Greece and the EU "must not miss the opportunity given to diplomacy and must take reciprocal steps"

IMPORTANT: The meeting between NATO, Turkey and Greece will happen this week in Brussels

BREAKING: The Turkish Lira reached an all-time low, reaching 8.9031 against the euro

IMPORTANT: EU official said that nothing has changed regarding Turkey even after the withdraw of Oruc Reis, that the sanctions must be discussed and a solution to end the unilateral actions of Turkey found

IMPORTANT: The six steps that will be taken by the Greek government to reinforce defenses and strengthen their armed forces

IMPORTANT: German activist in Lesvos: There are jihadists and rumors of Turkish-supplied guns in Moria, barely any Syrians

Financial Times:Turkey’s economy suffers historic contraction in second quarter, GDP shrank 11%. The worst-affected sectors were manufacturing shrank by more than 18% from the first quarter, services, which contracted by 25% and Exports shrank 35%

BREAKING: Three immigrants dead, 53 saved after boat sinks off Crete

Picture from an improvised spear made by the immigrants in Lesvos that was apprehended by the police

Picture of once again, perfectly good food that has been discarded by the immigrants without even being opened

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is staying with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Marmaris summer residence. On Monday, Rama announced on social media several meetings with Erdogan, discussing extensively many topics. Instructions before Athens forum?


BREAKING: The Turkish Government just issued a NAVTEX from Smyrna Station with the following message "1. NAVTEX MESSAGE NUMBER LA08-206/20 IS VIOLATION OF DEMILITARIZED STATUS OF CHIOS ISLAND SET BY THE 1923 LAUSANNE PEACE TREATY", "2. CANCEL THIS MESSAGE 160001Z SEP 20"

Turkish and Russian officials will meet in Ankara this week for a new round of talks on developments in Syria and Libya, where both countries support rival factions

French analyst on an interview with Greek Journal: It is impossible for France not to intervene in a conflict between Greece and Turkey

Over 36,000 investigated, 12,000 faced trial for insulting Erdogan in 2019

Architect of the Turkish "Blue Homeland" doctrine (Owns half east med % Aegean waters) Ret. Rear Admiral Yaycı now argues on tv that other maritime delimitation deals could be signed with Gaza Strip and Israel. Turkey ought to also sign a deal with Egypt, he says.

Article detailing what happened during previous meetings between Greece and Turkey with NATO's mediation

Erdogan gov’t gave award to doctor linked to Turkish al-Qaeda group

article talking about the Turkish NAVTEX about the Lausanne treaty and a speech made by Turkish Defense minister earlier today, which signal to more Turkish claims and disputes since now they are expanding their claims to islands and not only EEZ disputes

The Greek FM responded to statements made by the Turkish FM, who once again attacked France and called them "Colonialist" and tried to once again expand Turkish claims to something other than EEZ disputes

BREAKING: Five Afghan immigrants were arrested for the fires in Moria, 2 of them are 17 years old and had been transferred to Thessaloniki the day after the fires along with three 19 year olds and a 20 year old, another Arsonist is still wanted

European Council President Charles Michel is visiting Mytilene, Lesvos, today

Austrian Chancellor has said his country will not follow Germany's immigration policy and that the country will decide how to deal with immigrants independently from the EU

CNN says that the Greek President's visit to the island of Kastellorizo was a provocation by the Greek Government

Germany said they will receive 1500 immigrants from the Moria camp

Yeni Saafak, a Turkish newspaper that has been predicting the next move of the Turkish government regarding NAVTEX and other issues almost perfectly said today: "Navtex News for Oruc Reis in a Month"

List of 15 largest importers of Turkish goods is lead by Germany (16.6 bi), followed by UK (12.3 bi), Iraq (10.2 bi), Italy (9.8 bi) and the US (9.0 bi)

Greek PM and the German Chancellor had a phone call today and discussed immigration issues and Turkish provocation. The European Council President Charles Michael also said "Let us be strict to respect the principles, for Greece, Cyprus and all Member States" when referring to Turkey

(unrelated) Libya's Saraj resignation and what it could mean to Turkey

Turkey extends the NAVTEX for the drilling ship Yavuz, operating inside Cypriot EEZ

Turkish Foreign Minister said earlier today that the fact that Oruc Reis is back to Turkey does not mean that Turkey will stop pursuing "its rights" in the Mediterranean

IMPORTANT: Greek PM met with Egyptian Foreign Minister today, the two officials also discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation and synergies in the region, both expressed a common will to convene the tripartite summit of Greece, Cyprus and Egypt in the near future.

A failed arson attempt last night at the Scaramanga camp and an attempt to cause unrest at noon at the Schistos camp, in Piraeus (Video on mediafire)

BREAKING: A big fire broke out in Samos camp (video on mediafrie)

BREAKING: According to information, two immigrants were diagnosed with Coronavirus and the Vathy camp in Samos was to be placed under quarantine with certain groups of people to be placed in isolation, shortly after fires broke out around the camp and is now growing (multiple videos on mediafire: FireVathy-15-09--x)

Article detailing the situation in Samos and the dimentions of the Fires

Video of French deputy Thierry Mariani speech slamming Turkey and Turkish leadership during the European committee of Foreign Affairs discussing East Mediterranean tensions with Turkish Foreign Minister (Video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: France sent a "spy ship" to the Aegean, the ship Dupuy-de-Lôme is equipped with listening devices, systems (Elint) and (Comint) with which it will monitor and decrypt communications from military or civilian satellites, including the Turkish satellites of the TURKSAT series

Article talking about the multi-role frigates and their capabilities which are being considered to reinforce the Greek navy

American media talks about Greece preparing to buy a squadron of F-35A jets in 2024

Former SYRIZA Minister: Sink the Oruc Reis if it comes within 12 miles of Greece

(unrelated) A 26-year-old Turk with dual citizenship and links to radical Islamist groups has been identified as the suspect in the murder of a Portuguese citizen who was killed in Switzerland on Saturday

IMPORTANT: In Evros there were 11 fires in 10 days, the Deputy Governor of Evros said that the fires are very suspicious, always in areas where the illegal immigrants usually do their crossings

REMINDER: Several international treaties give Greece certain rights to arm the Greece islands and also prohibit Turkey from doing things such as overflights (common occurrence) and occupying Cyprus

Turkish News Agency (Government Owned) Anadolu says that the US has no intention to transfer its assets from Incirlik to Crete

IMPORTANT: The meetings between the Greek and Turkish delegations to NATO happened today in Brussels, although there are no details on what was discussed yet, the next meeting is scheduled for September 17, this Thursday (2 days)

IMPORTANT: Greece and France seem to have agreed on the deal regarding the Rafale Jets, 12 of which will be used, of the 18 fighters, 14 will be single-seater and 4 will be two-seater, Macron himself said he will give Greece the jets with minimal flight hours and in excellent condition


Turkish party leader: "Greece accumulates army on the island of Ro, which belongs to Turkey"

Albanian President says after meeting with Erdogan that "Erdogan has no anti-Greek feelings"

(unrelated) Turkish Minister of Interior: We are setting up an excellent mechanism by which all traffic and police cameras in Turkey can be transmitted to Erdogan's palace

Turkish Foreign Minister says that Cyprus and Greece are holding the EU hostage of their demands. Very ironic considering that Turkey was demanding money to not send millions of "refugees" to Europe in March

According to the Israeli media and other military sources, Greece wants to acquire SPIKE NLOS missiles for the Apache helicopters

IMPORTANT: Turkish media and government officials have started trying to claim that certain Greek islands must be Turkish because they are close to the Turkish coast and that they want treaties to be made to specify the ownership of several islands and islets such as Ro

Former Turkish Defense Minister says Greece must evacuate its citizens & army from 9 Aegean islands

IMPORTANT: German chancellor Angela Merkel called today the Turkish president, during the call, Erdogan said that EU countries must be consistent and fair regarding the East Med situation

IMPORTANT: Turkish Foreign Minister said today that Oruc Reis will resume its activities in the East Med after the maintenance process is finished

IMPORTANT: The six Afghans arrested for setting fire to Moria have been charged and will be prosecuted, 4 of them are over 18 and want to plead guilty to the charges

BREAKING: New fire at the Moria camp, this time in a warehouse inside the facility that has been destroyed, hundreds of immigrants are still in the surrounding area of the camp, so there is a possibility that this is another arson attempt

The Hellenic Coast Guard receives two new patrol boats

IMPORTANT: Turks seeking asylum beat up farmer after illegally entering Greece from Evros

IMPORTANT: Entrance to historic Greek church in Turkey was illegally walled up to block entrance

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on a speech that Turkey must stop unilateral actions and that the EU will protect Cyprus and Greece

Die Welt: Exports of military equipment from Germany to Turkey are at a high level

Turkish media: "We will besiege the Greek islands that were militarized"

Greek PM says that he is concerned by extension of Turkish drill ship operations off Cyprus

European Commission spokesman for external affairs, Peter Stano, said on Wednesday: Turkish Navtex off Cyprus will 'fuel further tensions' in East Med

IMPORTANT: Probe launched in Evros after 15 fires are reported in less than 48 hours, yesterday the governor said that 11 fires that happened in less than 10 days were reported near the spots where immigrants cross the border

IMPORTANT: The deal between France and Greece for the acqusition of 18 Rafale jets, weapons, spare parts and maintenance for the current Greek airforce is expected to get signed until December of this year with 6 Rafale jets being delivered at the fist months of 2021 and the rest until the beginning of 2021's summer

Turkish man sends emails threatening Greek Tourkikanea, one of which a picture of himself with a rifle, a shotgun and two pistols

BREAKING: A big fire broke out in Patra, between the regions of Voudeni and Sychaina

BREAKING: Moody's Investors Service has today downgraded (1) the foreign currency long-term deposit ratings of 12 banks in Turkey; (2) the long-term counterparty risk ratings (CRR) and the long-term counterparty risk assessments (CRA) of six banks; and (3) the long-term senior unsecured rating of one bank by one notch and the long-term foreign currency CRR of three banks by two notches

Two injured after clashes between leftist groups that were "protesting" in Thessaloniki with the police


Turkish Foreign Minister says that Turkey has not activated the S-400 systems yet despite the plans of activating it on April being changed allegedly because of the pandemic, "our army knows how to do this. we bought the systems out of sheer necessity"

(unrelated)Groups of pro-Syrian government 'civilian-looking groups' approached multiple observation posts maintained by Turkey in Syria's Idlib and attacked one of them, the Turkish Defence Ministry has announced

The UN Secretary-General has said that there is "unanimity" in waiting once more for the elections of the illegally occupied territories of Cyprus before proceeding with the diplomatic initiatives that they "envision"

BREAKING: Turkish Foreign Minister: "Greece should say that it doesn't accept the Charter of Seville, says Greece is militarizing islands and that if Turkey was to intervene, the weapons would have no benefit" he also said that "as long as the Charter exists, no negotiations can take place"

IMPORTANT: US lawsuit against Qatar Islamic Bank reveals Turkish charity IHH’s links to terrorist groups

A police operation has been underway since this morning in Lesvos to transport immigrants who used to be in Moria to the structure set up in Kara Tepe, most of them have refused to enter the new camp and have been threatened by immigrant gangs to not enter

BREAKING: Greek farmer who was beaten in Evros by 5 adult Turks entering illegally in Greece will be charged with "Illegal physical violence with racist characteristics" while the Turks will be charged with bodily harm and illegal entry into the country

According to information from representatives of the companies Total - Exxon Mobil - Hellenic Petroleum, geophysical surveys West and Southwest of Crete are expected to take place in the months January - February 2021

Turkish media: "the Foreign Ministry urgently needs to announce the Turkish names of these islands", accusing Greece of doing illegal things once again and claiming that they are somehow Turkish

BREAKING: Turkish coast guard blocks the ferry route between the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi (video on mediafire)

Cyprus and Israel conducted a three-day military exercise codenamed ‘JASON-2020’

The Greek ferry operating between Rhodes and Symi responded to the Turkish coast guard boat blocking its way by not changing course and only reducing speed, forcing the Turkish coast guard boat to move away

IMPORTANT: Turkish Lira reaches a new low against the Euro, 1 Euro now is worth 8,95 Turkish Lira

Immigrant that was arrested for committing 16 acts of burglary in Chios will be released soon

IMPORTANT: The Turkish Foreign Minister admits during an interview to CNN that "unfortunately" they are talking about the islands today because in the past they "gave the islands to Italy", he also questioned these past agreements and say they were not a good thing (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Turkish President Erdogan declared today his gov't tough stance over Aegean/East Med worked, forcing Greece and France to give up and agree to negotiations, vowed Turkey will act the same in the future to get what it wants. (video on mediafire)

The police operation to send the immigrants who left Moria camp to the new structure in Kara Tepe, Lesvos, seems to be a success, according to government officials 5000 immigrants are now inside the camp and 135 have tested positive for the coronavirus

SYRIZA politician in Lesvos says that if he was living in Moria, he would have set fire to it again, also made a statement in support for the Afghan immigrants who are known for being part of a gang that have assaulted and stabbed the Fire Brigade members, journalists, burned the camp and threatened other immigrants

How Turkey influences German politics – Erdogan’s power and the AKP networks'

German cruise ships are preparing to house the illegal immigrants in Lesvos

German ambassador to Athens: Merkel considers de-escalation with Turkey a personal affair

The European Parliament condemns the Turkish provocation with 601 votes in favor, 57 against and 36 abstentions

The Cypriot government responded to a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which sets terms and conditions for the Turkish side to attend the talks with the UN regarding the illegally occupied side of Cyprus, said that Turkey aims to prevent the dialogue

During a phone call with European Council President, Erdogan said that Turkey will continue to resolutely defend all its interests everywhere and always

BREAKING: Turkish Foreign Minister called the European Parliament plenary resolution condemning Turkish actions in Eastern Mediterranean, calling the resolution "Unrealistic", "Discriminatory", "Biased" and "unfair"

Turkish President calls Macron "Incompetently ambitious" in yet another attack directed at France

Erdogan's spokesperson says during an interview with Skai News that de-escalations will take time and that nobody should expect results in the upcoming weeks or maybe months

Turkey and Greece have been gradually withdrawing their warships from the East Med, at least while Oruc Reis is not yet finished with its "maintenance" that according to the Turkish Foreign Minister could take "a few weeks"

After the Greek Government announced that it wants to reinforce its navy, several countries have reportedly shown interest, which include US , IT, SP, DE, NL and UK . Greece asked them to submit specific proposals with the economical, technical specs and fulfilling AA and Anti-submarine capabilities besides other capabilities

Illegal immigrants from Afghanistan are calling on others to burn the camps (video on mediafire)


IMPORTANT: Greek resident of Moria "4 fields, my stable and 200 animals have been burned, what should I do, how will I live?" (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Turkey on Thursday explicitly floated the concept of a two-state solution for Cyprus, going against the UN's idea to propose "reunification" after October 11

Erdogan speaks to EU leaders, trying to avoid sanctions. He has already had 2 teleconferences with Merkel, one with the Italian Prime Minister and twice with the Spanish Prime Minister, one was after a conference while there was a call between Turkish and German FMs

Merkel committed to push for Greek-Turkish dialogue

Erdogan: "You cant find an honest democracy like the one in Turkey anywhere else"

Erdogan contradicts his Foreign Minister statements and says Turkey pulled back survey vessel Oruc Reis to allow for diplomacy with Greece

EU Parliament threatens extra sanctions against Turkey

Greek Foreign Minister: Sanctions against Turkey have been drawn up

BREAKING: Cyprus threatens veto on EU sanctions on Belarus over Turkey if the EU does not sanction Turkey

Erdogan: "If the Greek Government makes a show of strength in Kastellorizo, then we will do more!"

France seeks EU sanctions on Turkey over energy tensions

Man arrested for urging migrants to burn down Samos camp

Turkish Defense Minister attacks the EU, Greece and France

Why is Turkey changing its diplomacy and now approaching Egypt?

Three Germans arrested during leftist riots in Greece

Turkey's President set out Germany-born Meryem Göka, senior official of his ruling party AKP, to recalibrate his party's operations in Germany. Addressing diaspora Turks in German city of Cologne, she says diaspora Turks are very important for her boss (video on mediafire)

Turkey's ultra-nationalists, led by Erdogan's ally MHP, staged a show in front of an old house, the birthplace of Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis, in order to rally anti-Greece sentiment.

NATO keeps France-Turkey probe under wraps as tempers flare

Evros farmer receives lengthy suspended sentence for clashing with Turkish illegal immigrants

Turkey proposes an EEZ deal to Egypt and offers Egypt a very big area of what is in fact the Cypriot EEZ that they claim belongs to them but that according to UNCLOS belongs to Cyprus

IMPORTANT: Turkish Lira reaches 7.57259 against the US Dollar and 8.98245 against the Euro

BREAKING: Turkey just issued two new NAVTEX for live fire exercises in an area south of Lesvos

Greek Foreign Minister asks EU countries to make a list of sanctions against Turkey, even if the intention is not to sanction them, but to have it ready to show that the EU is capable of taking that decision if their provocations dont stop

Turkish Foreign Ministry summons Greek ambassador over a Greek newspaper’s offensive language against Turkish President Erdogan, the headline in Turkish was telling Erdogan to "Fuck off", they say the freedom of press doesnt excuse this behavior

Turkey's President Erdogan is upset about departure of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in Libya, says he may send a delegation to turn around the developments to his liking.

BREAKING: Turkey issues new NAVTEX for an area off the southeastern coast of Cyprus, most likely a response to the Cypriot president's statement that he would veto the sanctions on Belarus if no sanctions are imposed on Turkey for its behavior

Leftists attacked police officers in Didotou Street, who were carrying out static guarding near the PASOK offices with Molotov Cocktails

Vice President of the European commission once again warns Turkey of "consequences" if Turkey does not de-escalate, showing how unprepared and unwilling to deal with this situation the EU truly is

According to Turkish Journalist, Turkey is offering Egypt a sea area, which is three times the size of what they think Cyprus should have, to sign an agreement on the EEZ.

IMPORTANT: Images from the main street of Mytilene today, trash and destruction everywhere as the immigrants left the streets and were put into the new structure of Kara Tepe

One eye witness was able to name five out of the six arsonists that were responsible for the fires in more, 4 of which have pleaded guilty

An unmanned vessel activated a distress signal in the morning off the Gulf of Kyparissia , 11 nautical miles outside Neochori, Ilia. 55 immigrants are on board. One of the boat's occupants called for help via European Number 112.

The Greek Farmer that tried to stop Turks from illegally crossing the border is already standing trial for illegal physical violence with racist characteristics", he suffered serious injuries to his face and arms, one arm is broken and a tendon was ruptured, while the 5 Turks suffered minor injuries and will only be charged with bodily harm and illegal entry into the country

IMPORTANT: A 42-year-old Syrian was arrested for the fire at the Samos immigrant camp


Turkish media complains about Greeks raising a cross in a village that is situated in Evros so it could be seen from Turkey, they also complain about Greek newspapers being "racist" and "offensive" towards Erdogan and his dictatorship

IMPORTANT: Greek Farmer who tried to stop Turks from illegally entering Greece and beaten by 5 of them was found guilty of unlawful violence, illegal carrying of weapons and illegal use of weapons (5 counts), but had his sentence suspended, and the Turks applied for asylum

BREAKING: According to Russian sources and media, there was a problem with the S-400 systems bought by Turkey from Russia, problems that they have been unable to fix for the last 6 months and made worse since they did not let Russian engineers to go there and fix it

BREAKING: Greece and Turkey have agreed to negotiate thanks to the pressure made by Germany and specially by Merkel who according to German officials, took this matter as "Personal", now the sanctions on Turkey have been sidelined and the Cypriot is threatening to veto the Belarus sanctions if Turkey isnt sanctioned

Yesterday, the Cypriot president and the French Minister for European Affairs had a meeting regarding the Turkish provocations and violations, both agreed that the EU should explore every option and have sanctions ready to be applied in case Turkey still provokes

Secret report reveals Turkish gov’t imam, working as diplomatic attaché, spied in Lithuania

While Turkey talks about their will to reduce tensions, they have renewed and expanded the NAVTEX (for another month) for their seismic survey ship "Barbaros" Operating inside Cypriot EEZ

The organization "Turkish Solidarity Association of Western Thrace Turkey" said that the Greek Government and courts should punish the journalists who offended Erdogan and that Katerina Sakellaropoulou (Greek President) should apologize for it

Barron's: "Investors avoiding Turkey at all costs", "Turkey is turning itself into the next Argentina"

There was a phone call between the Greek Foreign Minister and NATO's Secretary General today, signaling that the dialogue with Turkey might be getting closer and might be held before the EU Foreign Council meeting as Germany had envisioned

Residents from the Soufli region in Evros arrested 29 illegal immigrants, (most were young) who were hiding in the woods and stealing their farm animals, the animals had already been killed and eaten

Turkey's President Erdogan claimed today his country is on the verge of centennial awakening to become a global power, said Turkish military entanglements from Libya, Syria to East Med are part of this vision (video on mediafire)

New fire in Evros, a far too common occurrence that only reinforces the authorities suspicion that it is not natural

Images from yesterday, St John church in Moria has been almost completely destroyed by the illegal immigrants who broke in and tried to live there

Two illegal immigrants linked to fire at Samos immigrant camp, a 42 year old has been arrested and the authorities are looking for another 20 year old immigrant

Turkish FM: "Turkey has reiterated countless times that it won't negotiate a federation for Cyprus"

American navy is heading to the East Med, ready for any scenario and according to the American Media, the U.S will not let Turkey Turn the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake

Greek Foreign Minister to Turkey: "Dialogue with practical and immediate de-escalation, or sanctions"

According to information, Mike Pompeo is expected to visit Athens from September 25 to 27

French President Emmanuel Macron made a tweet in Turkish, telling Turkey that it is the time for responsible dialogue in good faith and no naivety

Erdogan: "The Turkish Republic is an ancient state with 2,000 years of roots. With absolutely no complexes and indifferent to the persistent challenges [...] With this vision we will continue until the end to defend every drop of water and every inch of soil"


Omer Celik, a representative of the Turkish AKP party,say that the Greeks who support the newspapers that were offensive towards Erdogan are colonialists and hate "Turkey's good neighborly approach" and that they like "old colonialists" referring to France

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is leaving for Brussels on Monday to attend the EU Foreign Affairs Council. The foreign ministers are expected to discuss current issues, including Turkey

(unrelated) In Smyrna (Izimir, Turkey), 21 more people, including the commander of the Fokaia gendarmerie were arrested for alleged connection with the Gulenists

Article with a very interesting view regarding the demilitarization requests, which are always one sided

The spokesman of the Turkish Presidency made statements today regarding the newspaper that wrote "Siktir Git Mr Erdogan" ("Fuck off Mr Erdogan") in its front page, said it has nothing to do with freedom of the press, and called it a provocation, he also attacked France and the EU

IMPORTANT: Article detailing Germany's attempt to pressure Greece to demilitarize the islands as part of their "neutral" mediation to de escalate things in the East Med and obviously to protect one of their main economical partners, Turkey

A large luminous Cross was placed in the surrounding area of ​​the Holy Monastery of Agia Skepi, it can be seen all the way from Turkey, according to the Turkish media, Erdogan will raise the issue to Merkel, the Turkish media consider it a provocation

As Turkish officials have said, the Oruc Reis will "return to the eastern Mediterranean", Ankara is showing off its military presence in the area by leaking photos of a Turkish submarine near the research vessel.

Another sailing yacht with 50 illegal immigrants has reached Greece, this time in the region of Gavdos

Robert Spano, President of the European rights court, is preaching about Rule of Law weeks after his several controversial pictures with Turkish officials and also accepted an honorary degree from a college in Constantinople (video on mediafire)

Article talking about how Cyprus is the country that will lose the most with Germany's attempts to protect Turkey and why Cyprus must not back down

A foreigner was arrested yesterday morning on the Egnatia road, Xanthi with 34 Kg of Hashish

Articles talking about the leftist "protests" in Thessaloniki in favor of the "refugees" in Lesvos and other issues, several people have been arrested during the last few days and clashes with the riot police are a regular occurrence (video on mediaifre)

UNHCR propaganda video omits the fact that the immigrants in Moria were the ones responsible for the multiple fires that completely burned the camp, they attacked and stabbed members of the fire brigade and went back to the camp to burn the areas that were nor burned by the first fire (video on mediafire)

BREAKING: New fire near the Samos Camp, strong wind is blowing so there is a high chance of it spreading, given how many groups of immigrants were calling for more people to burn the camps after moria, there is a high chance of this being another case of arson (video on mediafire)


Islamic preacher known for supporting and promoting Erdogan's government said: "Turkey should occupy Larnaca in the southern part of Cyprus where prophet Mohammed's companion Umm Haram was buried"

The vice-president of ONEX announced that the construction of the Themistokles class Corvette has started

Greek Admiral K. Christidis: "Turkey has recognized the militarization of the Aegean islands since 1936"

Three immigrants suffered minor injuries after last night's fire in the Samos camp

Article tells in detail what happened and things that could be expected during the Dialogues between Greece and Turkey and why there will be major disagreements between the two countries

BREAKING: The Turkish Lira broke the 9,0 mark against the Euro today and 7,57 against the U.S Dollar

A company in Cyprus has a big picture at their door, advertising Cypriot passports and despite reports, the company is still advertising it

Turkish Admiral accuses Greece of militarizing islands to threaten Turkey and cites even the islands that were allowed to be militarized by Turkey in 1936. Article also questions why Greek officials -are not asking Turkey to remove military forces from Cyprus

IMPORTANT: According to the Government Owned Turkish News Agency "Anadolu", Erdogan has filed a criminal lawsuit against the people in charge for the newspaper that made an offensive headline and -article against him featured in the front page

IMPORTANT: Turkish Justice Minister sent a letter to the Greek Justice Minister and asked him to prosecute the newspaper and whoever is in charge for it, said it has nothing to do with freedom of the press

BREAKING: Cyprus vetoed the sanctions against Belarus and said that they can only agree with the sanctions on Belarus if the EU sanctions Turkey

The EU has imposed sanctions on three companies for violating the arms embargo in Libya, one Turkish, one from Kazakhstan and one from Jordan

The EU Council of Foreign Ministers said that the withdraw of Oruc Reis by Turkey was a good example and completely ignored the fact that their government officials said that Oruc Reis will return to its activities soon, the Greek FM said that they must show more examples

They desecrated a church in Rodopi For the fourth time, the small church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

243 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the new camp of Kara Tepe in Lesvos, the illegal immigrants burned Moria after 35 cases were confirmed and news were that the camp would be placed under quarantine, now the situation is even worse for them

The MP of Lesvos, Charalambos Athanassiou: "The structure in Kara Tepe is temporary - A closed controlled structure in Lesvos is mandatory"

According to Lesvos Authorities, the Kara Tepe camp is temporary and will be closed at the end of 2020

IMPORTANT: There will be a teleconference tomorrow between Erdogan, Merkel and the European Comission President

Hundreds of illegal immigrants who moved to the supposed "closed camp" in Kara Tepe, Lesvos were recorded at several stores between the camp and Mytilene (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: 25-year-old Afghan illegal immigrant in Serres was sentenced to pre-trial detention for sexual abuse of a 7-year-old Afghan child who lived in the same camp as him

Josef Borel, High Representative of the EU will be referring the subject of sanctions on Turkey and Belarus to the Summit since Cyprus has vetoed the sanctions against Belarus due to the lack of action from the EU towards Turkey, he said that he will do everything he can to impose those sanctions

Erdogan issued another provocative statement today saying that "those who try to ignore Turkey and "impose their maps in the East Med" are approaching the negotiation table"

Turkish Imam: "Turkish army should invade Larnaca, because Muhammad's comrade is buried there"

Union of Apostates in Evros protest the conviction of the farmer who tried to stop 8 Turks from entering Greece and was attacked by 5 of them, the community says that such sentence is sending a message that protecting their homeland is illegal

During a speech today, Erdogan mentioned the Plane Tree, a symbol of the Ottomans, said that the Ottomans are back and that they have started to spread, he threatened countries who have been "hostile" to Turkey and that they are like rotten trees, ready to fall (video on mediafire)

Three Illegal Immigrants arrested for yesterday's fire at the Samos camp

Article: "The Unknown War with Turkey - How the Turks Never Found Greek Submarines"

Swedish Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations, known for being in "a love affair with Turkey"(a famous article), once again shows that he is biased, criticizing Cyprus for vetoing the sanctions against Belarus and saying that it is a shame for the EU

Turkish President Erdogan highlighted how the conversion of Hagia Sophia, once a Greek Orthodox cathedral, into a mosque in July gratified the spirt of conquest of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II

Turkish Air Force facilities on the Cnidus Peninsula (Datça). From the right, the Command Center, the 212nd Mobile Radar Station (most likely TRS-22XX) and the 1st Directed Missile Squadron of the obsolete NIKE A / A system. Coordinates 36°43'52.0"N 27°34'53.2"E

The facilities of the 5th Directed Missile Squadron of the NIKE system of the Turkish Air Force in Marmarida, NW of the Aksaz Naval Station. Coordinates: 36 ° 51'51.18 "N 28 ° 19'8.64" E

The facilities of the 6th Guided Missile Squadron of the obsolete NIKE system of the Turkish Air Force in the area of Ayvacik Dardanellion, North Lesvos. Coordinates: 39 ° 36'38.08 "N 26 ° 16'40.59" E

Moody’s warns of a “significant probability of a disorderly exchange rate adjustment” in Turkey

Spokesperson on foreign affairs for the German SPD parliamentary group: "The one-sided French support for Greece makes a negotiated solution more difficult because it reduces the willingness to compromise in Athens."

BREAKING: Possible end of cooperation between Turkey and U.S. The UAE is in talks with the Pentagon to transfer U.S troops from the Incirlik base in Turkey to the UAE, the Prince of Abu Dhabi himself is leading the talks

US members of Congress have written to Boris Johnson urging UK to return Elgin Marbles to Greece by next year. Source said: "Boris understands Greek history better than anyone, and both Republicans and Democrats are calling on him to do the right thing"

BREAKING: US Embassy in Ankara: Seville Charter on Greece-Cyprus Maritime Border Has No Legal Validity

IMPORTANT: Turkey denounces EU sanctions against Turkish company for arms embargo violations in Libya: "At a time when efforts are being made to reduce tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, it is extremely sad to make such a wrong decision" said the decision has no value

Picture from Athens subway, according to who took the picture "starting from Peristeri the train is filled with 20% of headscarves, at Larissa Station with 60%, in Omonia with 80%"


IMPORTANT: Turkey announces new Navtex near Lemnos saying that the island is violating the demilitarization status and violating the Lausanne treaty, something that changed in 1936 with the Montreaux treaty and also a letter from rüştü aras Turkish FM 1936

According to the Greek Foreign Ministry, Greece and Turkey have agreed to engage in "exploratory contacts" with Turkey over possible negotiations, the meeting will happen in Constantinople "in a near future"

BREAKING: The leader of the European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, is calling for the end of the accession negotiations with Turkey and a radical change in the European Union's policy towards it

According to a spokesman for Charles Michel, the summit has been postponed until October 1 and 2 due to a coronavirus outbreak in which a security guard tested positive for the coronavirus, coincidentally also a few minutes after new Turkish NAVTEX

The tripartite teleconference between Germany, EU and Turkey has happened, today, Erdogan said that he is in favor of negotiations and said that Turkey always encourages dialogues and negotiations.

Erdogan addressed the UN General Assembly in a video, said that Greece and Cyprus are to blame for the tensions, said that the attempts to "exclude" Turkey from the East Med will have no success and that Turkey has no interests in the rights of other countries

During today's video conference with the UN General Assembly, Erdogan accused Israel’s “dirty hand” of violating Jerusalem, says Trump is a ‘collaborator’ with Israel. Israeli UN Ambassador Erdan walked out in the middle of Erdogan's speech (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: the six illegal immigrants from Afghanistan arrested for setting fire to the Moria camp denied accusations and charges with a lawyer from Athens, claiming that they belong to a persecuted tribe in Afghanistan and that they have been falsely accused by another Afghan

Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum said that the perpetrators for the fires in Moria would be sentenced, serve their time in jail and then get deported

Greek FM: "The dialogue between Turkey and Greece will have to be conducted without blackmail and without threats" he also said that as soon as conditions get better, Greece will move to making an EEZ agreement with Cyprus

French President, says France is ready to talk with Turkey, but Turkey needs to respect the European union's sovereignty, international law without intimidation just cooperation and respect between allies, he concluded with "These principles are non-negotiable"

Twitter thread clarifying things regarding the position that Cyprus and Greece have taken regarding Turkey and how the EU is showing their bias and almost hate towards Cyprus and Greece

This morning Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis has completed some trials. Detailed data analysis indicate survey equipment tests. The ship has returned to the Attaleia (Antalya) port, it seems like Oruc Reis is getting ready to resume its surveys

BREAKING: Video from 19/09 shows EU officials who went to Lesvos and were discussing the possibility of the EU taking over the control of the territories in which the immigrant camps are, turning them into international jurisdiction and undermining Greek sovereignty as well as crime prevention and local police work (video on mediaifre)

Tonight there was a call between the French and Turkish Presidents, Macron Urged Erdogan to respect the sovereignty of EU member states international law and to refrain from any further unilateral action, Erdogan stressed the need for diplomacy and that "Turkey expects a prudent and constructive approach from France"


IMPORTANT: The Greek National Intelligence Agency recruited foreigners, which went to Turkey and posed as "Refugees", the two foreigners recorded interactions with NGOs and Human smugglers, such information is now being used to prosecute several NGOs and their members

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs commits a gaffe and posts an article about Turkish Defense industry while talking about Hagia Sofia being a symbol of peace and diversity

IMPORTANT: Austrian Chancellor says that the "distribution" of immigrants and the immigrant "quota" in Europe has failed and that relocating the ones arriving in Greece and Italy will not work, that it is being rejected and that only by strengthening the borders the problem will be solved

Greek Foreign Minister: Dialogue with Turkey is difficult because they don't accept international law as a general rule. Says Greece is yet to talk to Turkey about the rules of the negotiations

BREAKING: Part of the largest wooden building in Europe and the second largest in the world, despite being on the list of endangered European cultural monuments, the Greek orphanage in Prigipo collapsed. I had been completely neglected by the Turkish Government for decades

BREAKING: Regarding the new Asylum and immigration plan, EU sources say that "Host countries must have the assurance of lasting solidarity" also that "under the new Asylum and immigration pact, V4 countries should be able to participate in order to provide solidarity, otherwise they will be forced to do so"

Victoria Square in Downtown Athens once again full of immigrants who were trying to live there once again

53 immigrants who arrived at the port of Gavdos were transferred to the indoor swimming pool of Akrotiri, Chania

Turkish Lira collapse prompted Turks to buy Gold, ranking 4th among the countries that buy the most Gold

(unrelated) Turkey is preparing to send about 1,000 SNA militants to #Azerbaijan from Northern Syria promising them salaries of $1,800 per month

(unrelated) The Church containing the incorrupt body of St Agatha of Sicily was vandalized, with the body being assaulted and the tabernacle being broken into and the hosts stolen, as well as religious art and depictions of the Blessed Mother being destroyed

IMPORTANT: Illegal immigrants destroyed the church of Agios Georgios in Moria

Turkey's Ruling Party Spokesperson said that Emmanuel Macron polices in Libya and Syria had failed, claims the French President tries to make up his failures by deliberately raising tension in the East Med (video on mediafire)

IMPORTANT: Police to set up subdivisions on islands with immigrant camps, subdivisions are to be set up on Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Kos and Leros. The subdivision on Lesvos is to be staffed with 400 officers including 240 new border guards

Stoltenberg says ‘good progress’ made in Greek-Turkish technical talks: "These are technical military talks. They complement the diplomatic efforts led by Germany to resolve the underlying dispute,"

German Government Spokesperson: "We welcome the resumption of exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey" and "As a federal government we have an interest or We share the interest in a comprehensive and constructive relationship between the EU and Turkey", avoids even commenting on anything related to sanctions during the summit

(unrelated) Eiffel Tower evacuated after fear of terrorist attack, thankfully it was a false alarm

Turkish Media complains about Israel buying 21% of the Greek Company Elbo, which produces armored vehicles and military vehicles, a newspaper said "Israel wants to settle in front of our noses."

Erdogan warns of hate speech and xenophobia increase: "During the epidemic, at a time when xenophobia and racism have risen sharply, acts of violence against vulnerable people, especially migrants and asylum seekers, have accelerated"

International law professor Selami Kuran and adviser to Erdogan said that the Turkish Government will give Greece a deadline to demilitarize islands or "under Article 51 of the UN Charter, can use its right to individual legal defense due to direct threat"

Article detailing reports of Turkish intelligence operations in Germany and also how immigrants are used as a weapon and how Turkish specialists saying that Turks and muslims in Europe are a force for Turkey among other things

Today, Erdogan held a teleconference with the President of the European Commission and NATO's Secretary General. He said that "The origin of tensions are the maximalist claims of Greece and Cyprus and that "Turkish Cypriots" are ignored"

France accepted Greece's request to buy only F3R Rafale jets to have better homogeneity, all of them equipped with the advanced Air/Air Meteor missile

A report states that the Turkish media has Greeks as their main target for hate publications

US Treasury Department's intelligence unit reported that 2 trillion dollars were spent in bribes for politicians all over the world from 1999 to 2017, in the same report, bribes of 80 million were recorded being paid to a single Turkish politician

The Greek Government and the municipality of Mytilene put aside the mayor of western Lesvos, and work to find a solution by finding a place even within the of the Municipality for a new camp, if the commitments of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum are met

The New Immigration and Asylum Plan announced today proposes that the EU will take over the control and management of the new Lesvos Camp and also try to curb the decisions of countries that refuse to accept refugees and immigrants from front-line countries by facilitating their relocation

IMPORTANT: Residents block National Road in Kamena Vourla to protest after a bus arrived in the city with 39 illegal immigrants to be housed in a hotel that is within walking distance from the schools for infants and young children

Spokesperson for Turkey's AKP (ruling party and Erdogan's party) party says that "Nothing is final for the Greek-Turkish dialogue"

According to the CIA "The World Factbook", Greece has 13,676 km, while Turkey has 7,200 km. Debunking the Turkish argument that Turkey has the largest coastline in the region

German Newspaper Deutsche Welle: Germany rejects EU sanctions against Turkey

IMPORTANT: this afternoon, Cypriot Foreign Minister and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy had a phone call in which Borel wants to negotiate for Cypriot support regarding the Belarus sanctions and that Cyprus wont accept unless Turkey gets sanctioned too for their violations and illegal drilling operations

Ahead of F-35 purchase, the UAE May Look to Sell Some of its F-16 Jets to Greece, although nothing is confirmed so far

The EU Commission VP, explained today that the new European plan on immigration will not favor the countries who refuse to receive immigrants and that the EU will be able to "impose solidarity" through a legal act in case countries refuse to receive them

France announced that it will receive 500 immigrants from Moria

IMPORTANT: President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen called Cypriot president today and informed him that: "I told Erdogan that if he does not stop the illegal operations, sanctions will be imposed" during her call with Erdogan last night

EU sanction threat on Turkey fades after it accepts talks with Greece



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