The Great Betrayal of Armenia

by: Jake Arminius | Published: December 13, 2020

It is hard to imagine the scope of the betrayal of the Armenian Nation that have recently occurred. The beginnings are a systematic corruption prevalent in ex-Soviet states, some factors are historical, yet looking at direct and immediate factors it boils down to one traitor: Nikoli Pashinyan. What preceded the now all too familiar colour revolution of foreign puppet Traitor Pashinyan, named the “Velvet Revolution” ( a nod to an old European allegory; the velvet glove in which the soft and luxurious velvet hides an iron fist), is debate for historical studies. It was Traitor Pashinyan that signed the deed making him personally responsible.

Armenia is an ancient nation predating all the major players in this tragedy by millenium. Azerbaijan is an artificial Soviet creation dating 1921 after conquering the 1918 Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1920 while the land was Armenian before invading Muslim Turks Turkified the native Caucasian population as the Seljurk Turks did to the Eastern Roman Empire. At the root of the Artaskh War is an authentic Armenian nation defending itself against a false Turkified Azerbaijan state that for thousands of years was an indivisible part of a Greater Armenia. The branches of detail complicate the picture yet it does not change the essence of the conflict.

Although when under Soviet occupation Artsakh was part of fake Azerbaijan it was until recently 90% ethnic Armenian. Under Soviet law Artsakh voted to succeed from Azerbaijan in 1988 and voted for independence from the USSR in December 10, 1991. Hence Turks of Yiddish, Seljurk, Azeri stripes have to make false claims to justify the existence and expansion of unjustifiable states. Exact same methods of genocidal Turks are being used again as they have been used for hundreds of years wherever the Turk has tread. Mass massacres of the native population, adoption of local customs and words (mastered by the Yiddish who impersonate themselves as Israelites since at least the Christos) and culture claiming as their own; destruction of local historical and cultural architecture ( the destruction of Nineveh points to whose masters ISIS really were), during all of which a false historical and national heritage is evangelized. A nomad does not have history as they are a tumbleweed blowing across land dictated by the wind unlike a tree that stands on roots. It is absurdity for a Turk to claim any civilization as anything other than death and destruction was stolen and a state can only rightfully claim nationhood from creation and heritage. By these criteria it is Armenians, Greeks, Assryians, that are the nations of that which occupiers call Turkey. With Turkey being a false state itself and in time it will be destroyed from within and without. Turkey has continued to exist because of the historical rhyme of Europe not cleaning it’ s backyard of weeds and Armenia being left to fight against Europa’ s enemies alone.

Caught between two hostile Muslim Turk states, emerging power Iran to the South, and KGB Russia to the North, small landlocked Christian Armenia was already in a precarious position before the start of the 2020 Artsakh War and it’ s conclusion with the Great Betrayal. Azerbaijan has a population of 10 million, Turkey 84 million, Armenia with a scanty 2.9 million and Artsakh with 145,000. A reported figure of military spending between 2009-2018 is $4 billion for Armenia vs Azerbaijan’ s +$45 billion. This is not including all the military aid Turkey gives to the Azeris in personal, hardware, and mercenaries; David vs Goliath does not even begin to visualize the magnitude of pressure Armenia is under from two fronts. Such a situation requires real statescraft and not a personal vendetta against the previous power of a runt tabloid writer beholden to foreign Western Oligarchs in a nation in Russia’ s backyard, hence close Russia is the logical ally and not far away London, Washington, or Paris. The Turkish Question is a historical one of the Balkans, Armenian Highlands, and Russia, before America existed, before London looked outwards towards empire, or Paris guillotined itself. Taking cues from Mother Britannia, the US tries to play the Balance of Power game in the Middle East as Uncle Sam’ s mother did in Europe for centuries and later also the lands where her trumpets could be heard. Instead of a King the treasury for soft foreign interventions comes from the Soros Foundation, where over 70 organizations in Armenia are funded.

Soon after the velvet revolution Pashinyan started to fill high positions with Russophobes in typical colour revolution operandi modus. It is obvious the velvet revolution was to further poke Russia and bring Armenia into the Western fold. Considering the scope of the Soros Foundation the few examples below infer a deeper infiltration of Armenia and some of these have no rational basis as they are put in positions that require a different knowledge and experience than where the agents came from. Armen Grigoryan, Election Program Coordinator of Transparency International as Head of National Security Council and Babken Ter-Grigoryan who worked for Transparency International and was a coordinator for Soros Foundation programs appointed as Deputy Minister For Armenian Diaspora. Daniel Ioannisyan, coordinator of the Union of Informed Citizens was appointed to rewrite the Election Code of Armenia. David Sanasaryan a former representative of Heritage as Head of the State Audit Service. With any revolutionary change there is the obligatory labour and social ministry change of heads. Enter Mane Tandilyan appointed as Minister of Labour and Social Affairs representing the Yelq Bloc and pro-Western Properous Armenia Party who believes leaving the Eurasian Economic Union is “prosperous” meaning selling Armenia too London and Washington bankers, whose debts of prosperity can never be paid off. She resigned and was replaced by another Soros agent; Zaruhi Batoyan. There is surely more by now in addition too Pashinyan flooding his cabinet with Soros Foundation agents. A prelude to the ultimate revolutionary outcome.

It is naive and suicidal for Armenians to believe that the Seljurk or Azeri Turks will ever stop their genocides of Aryan Christians. These kebabs when not being mindless bloodthirsty savages destroy monuments in lieu of blood, Yet the Traitor Pashinyan and his hand picked collaborators have been preaching “peace” and “tolerance” towards enemies who have never stopped attacking and destroying original ethnic and Christian heritage. When those living in “democratic” countries preach death and destruction follows, they use these emotional control words to betray someone, somewhere. When a hundred Azeri soldiers demolished medieval Christian tombstones in Julfa in 2005 the mainstream media was silent as usual. In typical Soros agent operandi modus liberal mantras are used to subvert a nation’ s traditions, weaken it from defending itself making it easier to victimize the host, and in addition, as is the case of Armenia, to capitulate to centuries old enemies and committing a grievous sin of wasting, betraying, the young blood of martyrs lost in a defensive war. These liberal monsters did not have the courage to just hand over strategic areas of Artsakh by pushing paper instead they sacrificed heroes on their altar of peace. Liberalism of the democratic kind found it’ s stooge in Pashinoghlu which provided the opportunity for Azerbaijan and Turkey to carve a neo-Ottoman corridor.

September 27, 2020 in the morning Azerbaijan launched their full scale assault upon Artsakh along the full length of the front lines, using rockets and artillery en masse with UAVs and other assets. Civilian infrastructure was heavily targeted. This was the second time since July , 2020 large scale conflict erupted and saw the heaviest fighting since April of 2016. October 04, 2020 the capital of Artsakh Stepanakert was heavily shelled. The intensity of the offensive hints at an opportunity that for 30 years was not there.

What was the opportunity that encouraged the Turks? A tabloid journalist as leader of a nation usurping the previous government in a soft foreign intervention aka colour revolution, while the Armenian population was fooled by a clown. A traitor more corrupt than the corruption he promised to eradicate, a runt on a vengeance trip out for blood. If the Armenian population supported a Western Yiddish agent whose incompetence and weakness in thinking there could be peace and negotiations with serial genocide monsters, then what better time to attack before a strong leader rose and strengthened nation and folk? Days before the offensive, September 15, 2020, a Turkish diplomat by the name of Volkan Bozkir was elected President of the UN General Assembly. Hypocrisy at it’ s finest; rogue state Turkey is rewarded for a year of bellicose statements against anyone their tantrums randomly decided, a 46 year illegal occupation of Cyprus, invasion of Syria while aiding and abetting terrorists and mercenaries in Syria for years, conversion of UNESCO World Heritage site Hagia Sophia to a mosque , various illegal violations against Greek territory and years long blackmail of the EU with “refugees”, genocide denial, just to make a short list of various Turkish crimes. Another correlation. Another conflict of interest UN appointment is with UNESCO the heritage department of the Unhinged Nincompoops which since 2004 has had an Azeri as goodwill ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva who is also the 1st Vice-President of Azerbaijan since 2017, remarked as coming from "the single most powerful family in Azerbaijan” whose family has been the elite of Azerbaijan politics since the Soviet era. No wonder the UN has done nothing for decades as Armenian heritage is destroyed by Azeri Turks. Wolves smelled prey and followed their instincts, the neo-Ottoman mantra “one nation, two states” of Turkey and Azerbaijan de facto becoming a step closer to “one nation, one state” in the vision of a Greater Turkey and a old dream of the Turan Empire.

The Azeris lost far more personal and hardware than the Armenians although Armenia lost the plains bordering Iran who promptly closed the border when the Azeris had control. Armchair generals panicked or hooted depending who they were cheering for but that is why they sit in an armchair and not in a trench. Azeris had overextended their logistics exposed by occupying plains. One does not control plains but high ground or cities. Plains are a fluid field easily lost or gained. With an anvil of a closed Iran border and Shushi as a base a decisive and fatal hammer blow could have finished the war and terminated thoughts of a future invasion for years. Shushi was the trap, sitting on top of geographic fortifications. Yet, the city gates were opened to use an allegory. Yiddish have long opened city gates from within and this is precisely the only reason the Moors conquered Spain. Azeris had lost considerable amount of war material, showed amateur strategy not even understanding basic military knowledge of geographical features, wasted time and blood trying to capture Shushi without overwhelming force or subtle guile. Armenia had secured a heroic and brillant victory that only needed to be capitalized on from the looks of things. On November 13, 2020 Pashinyan announced his Great Betryal. One hundred and twenty one settlements to be handed over to an enemy about to be defeated, thousands of martyrs blood lost in vain, a third of Artsakh lost. A generation sacrificed themselves for their homeland, singing and dancing to death in the heroic Armenian way. For what?

Although Traitor Nikol betrayed the Armenian Nation and the blood of martyrs the wound deepens as it appears it was premeditated and the runt actively worked to sabotage the Artsakh War. As time goes on I’ am certain what is now inferred about Pashinyan’ s premediated betrayal will become a fact. On November 19 Colonel General Movses Hakobyan (subsequently resigned and his statements denied by the Defence Ministry and the PM) made statements with damning accusations of the duplicity of Traitor Nikol sabotaging the defence of Artsakh. The following is further evidence of endless evidence that the democratic method of allowing incompetent civies to be the boss of the military in a military situation is a historical pattern of defeat and needless death of the young. According to Mr.Hakobyan by military doctrine a near full mobilization is to be activated withing 48 hours yet three day (72 hours) after the Azeri offensive started (October 30) 70% of Artsakh forces and 52% of Armenian reservists were activated. Further, Traitor Nikol ordered the supply of regular reservists to be halted and replaced with volunteer reservists, therefore weakening combat effectiveness by a potential of 200, 000 trained reservists. Meanwhile trained and ex-military (some Special Forces) Greeks were not utilized. Outnumbered and outgunned it can only be incompetence or my assertion: a planned betrayal by not accepting and using needed help offered and inadequate mobilization in a battle for survival. A peculiar, and protocol unacceptable event was Anna Hakobyan ( Traitor Nikol’ s “partner”) present at the General Staff’ s bunker during the early stages of the war. She is heavily connected to Western NGOs and like the runt traitor it is survival to assume she is an agent. What is a civilian that is talented as an attention whore doing in a sensitive bunker? Relaying instructions from her handlers and handing them information? I saved the worst for last, although there was the rumour and not until I had written the majority of this article did this become more substantial. In October of 2018 in Dubai Pashinyan received an offer from Azerbaijan through a high ranking represenative sent there by way of a top official in his cabinet for $5 billion from Azerbaijan for 5+2 regions of Artsakh with the funds being laundered in Europe to hide it came from Azerbaijan. It would be an accusation only if not for the actions of Traitor Nikol whose actions and character gives it serious weight and fits the events perfectly, it is the only way to understand a motive for such a heinous betrayal.

This conflict goes beyond the inherited Eastern Roman Empire vs Turk-Arab or Christian vs Muslim fundamental dualism. Lurking in the back, typically, is the Anglo-American-Zionist perpetrators. While Erdogan and his puppet Aliyv scheme neo-Ottoman opium dreams it is the Atlanticists and the Rabbi that provides the opium for their addiction. Baku oil has it’s origins with the infamous Rothschild family in the late 1870s who to sell the copious amounts of oil in Asia the French branch partnered with another Jew (Sephardic) trader named Samuel Samuel which later became Royal Dutch Oil Company. It is estimated that up to 40% of Israhel arms exports go to Azerbaijan paid for by Baku oil, it being safe to assume the Rothschild family still have a hidden majority ownership therefore we can say Rothschild Oil. Laundered double dipping. During the Artaskh War high tech weaponry supplied by Israhel destroyed Armenian defences and UAVs were deployed in large numbers marking a shift in modern warfare where drones become a main weapon and reconnaissance asset. On scripted cue at the start of the Artsakh War US neo-conservative think tanks urged for the US to support Azerbaijan with the rhetoric that Armenia being the ally of Iran/Russia and Azerbaijan being the ally of Israhel the armchair statesmen thought Azerbaijan should be supported. Iran once again being drawn into the Atlantic rhetorical warmongering fanaticism. Rothschild Oil and Israhel arms sales had more to do with armchair statesmen rationalizations than real concerns of little Armenia trading with friendly Iran while being sandwiched between two hostile Turkish states. The Little Turks though helped big brother Yiddish Turks in cutting off Armenian from it’ s historical border with Iran which the Zionists can use in the future for an invasion springboard, infiltration, and reconnaissance, against Iran. So once again the Middle East Situation can be traced back to the Atlantic and Israhel.

The presence of Russian peacekeepers will now ensure a new status quo making recapture of lost Armenian land a diplomatic landmine for Armenia. What is the point of the CTSO which Armenia is a founding member of when the Eurasian NATO doesn’ t defend its members from invasion of non-members? Although Russia is the geostrategic and logical ally the question, highlighted by deployment of Russian peacekeepers, is what is given up for token support in the Russian proxy game against Western hegemony? Pashinoghlu’ s subservience to the West, intensive NGO infiltration, naturally also made Russia wary of hasty and conclusive action concerning Armenia, as under the Traitor it is unreliable and is going schizophrenic.

Pashinoghlu’ s Great Betrayal thus is not an issue of losing land in a war using the cover of international law as a blinder; it is a betrayal of cosmological significance. It is not betraying material things of this world that is the significance. Memories, blood, tears, sweat, what price do these have? You cannot sell these, map these on paper, write cute little rules and attach rituals to the rules calling it law to hide honour from; these things are life. Life of countless generations that has seen the rise and fall of the greatest civilizations once stone but now dust, life coursing through an inheritance, stubborn and beautiful, life as history and myth, of love and hate, peace and struggle. The life of a Nation was betrayed, and this Nation that is the gateway to Europe, is Europe but before Europa was dreamed of in the Aegean Sea, the birthplace of Adam, where Noah went forth to repopulate the White race, a living and breathing memory of things so Ancient they may be a dim memory to the gods. In an Aeon where the Heroic and Mythic are superstition and unpractical, yet stabbing someone in the back is considered opportunity, any higher value is considered intolerant versus the tolerance of no values, where whoredom is considered culture and sophistication, when one removes the horse blinders of religious scientism and Englishtenment dumbing down, a cosmological awareness can dawn. In this realm of deep and complex thought and experience compressed into symbolic power is where the Great Betrayal of Armenia lies.

Sacred Ararat is in the hands of Turks; the Enemy of Europe and Whiteman, the Enemy of Christianity which brang our race and nations to their greatest heights of creativity, our birthplace is being occupied, and once again Armenia is left alone. Once again Europe lets the weeds grow in the backyard and then wonders why the weeds are now spreading on Europe’ s lawn. Everything our Ancestors went through, good and bad lives in our blood and the monuments and artifacts they left behind. Their bodies are dust in the wind yet their memory and spirit is what made us, we can never leave them although we can deny them, yet would we feign such apathy to their face? All the lies, lack of honour, lack of spirit, in the post-modern world when do we stand up and take back our inheritance? For the Great Betrayal of Armenia did not happen in a vacumn or by coincidence, this event is an accumulation and it is symbolic of a Cosmos we allowed to slither and sneak it’ s way into existence.

Armenia is in a military struggle for survival against militant savages. There is no room for politicians and their whoredom and their empty promises. The military needs to be warriors and take control doing their duty protecting Armenia. Artsakh needs to be officially recognized by Armenia, this is fundamental and it is incomprehensible why it was not done at least in 1990. Nikol Pashinoghlu needs to be hung on a Sunday after Church service and his head put on a pike. These things sound harsh in a post-modern world because after all he did was only take advantage of “opportunity”, right? Sacrifcing thousands of young men and boys to make a show of effort is only “show biz”, right? Allowing the Turks for hundreds of years to descecrate the Sacred is “tolerance”, right? Wake the fuck up Whiteman and remember we are Lions and not goats to be slaughtered by Turkish savages for their shekels and hatred.

A Hero Betrayed Who Will Fight Over His Father' s Tomb Refusing To Leave His Town (Video Interview)
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