Scripture Trail

  1. Apostolic Bible Polygot, 2nd Edition - a Greek-English Septaugint (Greek Old Testament) & Greek-English New Testament Interlinear with the Greek words numbered to Strong' s Greek Dictionary.
  2. Complutensian Polygot Biblios - is the "original Greek" the above ABP uses for it' s Greek. Why the phrase "original Greek" is so important is found within the Alexandrian LXX, Vulgate, and St.Augustine and Jerome Letters, pages. This polygot contains the Greek, Latin, and Aramaic Hebrew versions.
  3. The Deuterocanonicals (Apocrypha) - the Second Canon, erronously called the Apochrypha by Protestants.
  4. Thayers Greek Lexicon (1896) And Strongs Greek Dictionary (1890) - A Lexicon with a Greek Dictionary. The ABP is numbered to Strongs, and Thayers is included in the archive for more deeper word studies.
  5. The Book of Enoch, Translated by R.H. Charles - Although techinically not Scripture, not a part of either Testament, it is none the less required reading to understand some background to what is essentially summaries of early Genesis that to Moses was assumed knowledge and today is forgotten knowledge.

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