Cultural Marxism Trail

  1. The Frankfurt School And Critical Theory - the granddaddy school of Modernism/Structuralism, Post-Modernism/Post-Structuralism, Literary Theory, Feminism, and many other Yiddish theories whose endless divisions results in more terminology than thought and content.
  2. Literary Theory - this is the main vehicle of post-modern Marxism; more sophisticated, more mainstream, than Communism. This is the tributary where all post-modern theories have flowed from.
  3. Feminist Standpoint Theory - as described on the previous pages in this wikitrail and stated above, Feminists had fractured, as the Protestants and Anarchists did, into so many divisions that they have to backtrack and find a cohesive point to continue. This is a good article as it inadvertently shows that the theory, more dual polarity imagination than anything else, breaks itself as do all things with a Yiddish taint.

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