KGB Infiltration Of The Fake Right


I wrote about this first in 2017 here. It is not just "big, bad, Russia" it is infiltrated by all kinds of morally and ethically decrepit agents, low cognitive ability morons, and the tradiitonal shuckster. The "Alt-*" need a serious cleaning of the closet as does the world.

FROM THULETIDE: I got called a fed for asking why so much of the Western dissident right is infested with Russian intelligence & Kremlin talking points and why so many Alt-Right/New Right/Identitarian leaders have direct links to Aleksandr Dugin, who is almost certainly a Russian spook.

Now it looks like Duginism has leaked over into the 'Alt-Lite' conservative sphere, with people like John "Jack Murphy" Goldman promoting Dugin. Btw "M_Millerman" is the Jewish guy who translated all of Dugin's works into English for Arktos the publisher.

People understand perfectly that the CIA & co run operations in the Eastern hemisphere, particularly targeting dissident movements, but for some reason they don't believe that Eastern countries run operations targeting Western dissidents.

Not everyone who says anything pro-Russia is on GRU payroll. That isn't necessary for this sort of ideological subversion. All you need is a few key mouthpieces (e.g. Arktos with Dugin) to inject ideology into a sphere, then it spreads through osmosis.

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