Skinning The Counter Fund Cat

by: Jake Arminius | Published: June 05, 2017

There is a dangerous attempt to divide and conquer the Alt Right movement, by inserting the Yid and the Establishment selecting for themselves an acceptable leadership over those who sacrificed and worked for the freedom of the Folk from our Enemy. Be certain that this leadership will be counter and destructive to all the hard miles we wore our soles out treading. To the outsider or new leech jumping on the bandwagon the distinctions will not be seen and they will blindly follow a pied piper of the Enemies choosing. Those true to the movement will fracture and much of the hard fought inches will have to be fought over again. A continuous spiral of creating over the destruction the Enemy leaves behind.

There is a particularly vehement attempt I have noticed, and I must refute this piece of writing sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. It is a Dragon and I must be Slay it. This is so blatant, arrogant, that it shows the desperation and chutzpah of the Yiddish, and how easy it is to find traitors with big mouths and small spines whose testicles are so shriveled one wonders if these shrunken balls turned inside out into a monkey cunt.

The story is that there is a rally on August 12th in Charlottesville, Virgina called #UnitetheRight. It seems they do not know to capitalize the “t” in “the”. This is something initiated by Richard Spencer. He selected a Libertarian speaker by the name of Pax Dickinson which should raise eyebrows sharply upwards. The philosophy of Libertarianism does not fit with many of the Alt Right. In it’ s modern form it is American in reaction to continuous oppression of their Constitution and has it’ s seed in Austria (Ludwig von Mises) and France (Frederic Bastiat) as two prime examples. A continuation of the Classical Liberal tradition that so formed the Founding Fathers. It is narrow, it is brilliant, it is essential. It is purely political (I consider Economics to be Political Economy as do Classical Liberals) and legal, there is little in it on topics and focus the Alt Right tend to focus on. Many real Libertarians consider the political views of most the Alt Right, which emphasizes a state, to be exactly what they are fighting! I respect the intelligence and articulation of the movement and I agree with them; Libertarianism and any political system or solution offered by the Alt Right is antithetical to their philosophy. The NAP (non-aggression principle) has to be violated if we follow the course of logic of removing our oppressors and is a Sacred Cow to the Libertarians. Libertarianism is defined as minarchism by Anarchists and many of the Libertarians themselves, how is that anything similar to a state with a traditional structure protecting a racial and cultural identity vs a minimal state whose only function is to protect vaguely worded indistinct rights? My conclusion is that Pax Dickinson is a fake and is working, wittingly or unwittingly, towards furthering the ZOG plan of dividing and weakening both. It does not take much knowledge of Libertarianism for a ‘leader’ of the Alt Right (there is a leader?) to realize this. There is plenty of short videos for monkies to explain the NAP and the Philosophy of Liberty.

Then, Pax Dickinson appoints a Yid to head his new crowd funding endeavor. A project needed because of the ‘hate speech’ clauses in the popular crowd funding sites, and the criminalization of free speech under the pretext of ‘hate speech’. The name of this Snake is Peter Belau, one very outspoken of his reptilian background. Here is a quote how he starts to enamour the stupid and naive with his chutzpah:

"As Pax Dickinson’s first High Council appointee (and CTO of Confed.Co, Counter.Fund’s software provider), I’m going to be with Counter.Fund at least through the first parliamentary elections. Past that, the influencers will be free to vote me off if they don’t like me, but until then, that makes me Counter.Fund’s de facto Court Jew ( pegs me at 98% yid)."

He is relying on the ignorance of the Alt Right commons that has infected the movement since it gained popularity and the leeches started to latch on to suck the blood of the genuine, the kind of soulless always jumping on the next bandwagon. Court Jew is so incredibly exposed that it almost goes unnoticed. It is highly significant though, and is a tip of the hat to those in the know. He is signaling other Yids, hey buddies, we suckered more goyims. What is a Court Jew? The Pharisees were Court Jews, in medieval European history when they were not expelled and slithered their way back, they were the ones whispering in the Monarch’ s ear dark murmurings that impoverished the Folk, destroyed Kingdoms, brang destruction upon the land. Even Mohammed had a Court Jew, Popes, it is symbolic of any dark secretive influence upon Authority, few escaped them, and is well represented in our mythological and fictional literature if only we read such wisdom. In the post-modern collapse it is Hollywood, the MSM, Universities, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Right in the beginning he declares his intent. Most will take it as a joke, yet the Yid does not have that sense of humour. To them it is a serious statement and highly amusing the Goyim are naive enough to take it as a joke. In further chutzpah he openly declares his genetic dispositions: “98% yid”. In Judeo-Christian circles they do these kinds of declarations (although not so aggressive and open) to tap into the subconscious authority the Judeo has towards them from an endless stream of propaganda inoculated in them since their birth for generations.

From here on the forked tongue excrement is so foul that it is amazing the falsehoods and outright lies were not caught and this Snake expelled! There are so many that even a few should have been caught by the dull. I will give the benefit of the doubt of the knowledge and intelligence of both culprits: Spencer and Dickinson. Going by that premise this implies they are both traitors to their respective causes in general, and the Aryan in total. Take your pick: stupid and not capable of leadership or traitors and not capable of leadership. The effect is the same.

With the arrogance of the Preamble over with we now go from the bad to the ugly:

"The politics of the reactionary right are generally ill-defined.”

There is always a pull and push in society, the revolutionary pushing with the reactionary pulling. This is the old dualistic Left-Right paradigm and the Alt Right originally said; there is a Third Way, Alternative to The Right. So correctly the Alt Right is not Right, nor Left, and by simple subtraction is not a reactionary right. The Judeo-Christian Evangelist is the reactionary right today, who have been so eroded by water that the foundation stones have collapsed. I must go forward to return to the Third Way and the refutation of the politics being generally ill-defined.

The Left is about the appropriation of other’ s culture, identity, thoughts, words, whole civilizations as their own under the guise of being Egalitarian. By denying everybody a right to self determination they have to mask it by saying everybody is under the same roof, we all share the same destiny. Any who dissent are bringing the roof down on everybody else. By denying a Third Way and lumping it under a ‘reactionary right’ they appropriate the concept there is more than one way to skin a cat. A dualism can only exist when there is two entities in opposition:

“There are a great number of competing ideas and an even greater number of economic contributors vying for influence. It’s difficult to separate the poseurs from the bona fide, especially when the Marxist left is intent on de-platforming and destroying anyone who rejects their agenda. Since we see truth as virtue, we seek to re-platform the de-platformed and empower those who pursue the truths that the Marxist left so vehemently denies are real. We consider it a moral responsibility to vanquish the left’s empire of lies.”

There is no competing ideas and there is no greater number of economic contributors. The Third Way is based on historical fact and results. It is not based on theories always disproven when tried like Marxism, it is not based on wild speculations of the bankers and financial industry that impoverish the many and enrich the few. It is very easy to separate the posers from the bona fide. The Alt Right is opposed to a system, Marxism, dreamed up and implemented by a specific race: the Yiddish Turk also referred to as the Jew in the vernacular. The basis of the Third Way is that of fact, tried and true, that of National Socialism which is not an Idea but is something tangible, practical, of stone. A historical reality that produced the greatest economic, cultural, technological, turn around in history. In twelve years a civilization was born and achieved a height equal to the stars and immortality achieved. Only Alexander the Great has ever surpassed this feat. Notice the Yiddish Turk slanders Alexander the Great as a homosexual as they slander our Fuhrer Hitler with various lies. Political Economy is the one and only place where the Third Way and Libertarianism converge. Both see fiat currency with Central Banking as it’ s vehicle as destructive and an annihilator of the Rights of Man. Both see Man as the driver of economics while the Marxist sees it as a mechanical and quantifiable mathematics, stripping the cause and effect from Man. We have seen the results, a wage slavery so global and embedded as to be felt as indestructible. National Socialists know that what backs currency can be anything of productive wealth. The Libertarian is still debating whether the sweat of Man should alchemically concentrate to gold or silver. During the Wiemar Republic unemployment was so high there was a value higher than gold or silver. It was the sweat of Man, his industry and creativity, resulting in the political economy being given a value tied to the true Nature of Man. With the Reich support of entrepreneurship that value was returned back to Man without the hoarding of an arbitrary metal, to be hoarded by the bourgeois and Man’ s sweat used as a liquid to be transmuted to metal stored away idle and useless to the producer.

Devoid of a truth that can be observed and tested, or known through experience the Yid demonstrates his ingenious method of deception. Creating cute monikiers that sound good but mean nothing. De-platforming. Is this deconstruction? Re-platforming. Reconstruction? This then invalidates the sentence mentioning a ‘reactionary right’ having a politics ill-defined. Or is it a reference to having a podium? That would be more recognizable term and more in line with Alt Right, and Right terminology. Are you saying we have had our platform to speak removed? This is not recent, nothing new, already addressed, already solved by technology, move on. Or “...destroying anyone who rejects their agenda”. Well, it is rare. What happens is they buy them off, they infiltrate and change the direction, language, of a movement. The term the Left like to use is co-opt and the new fad is appropriation, a fun term to use occasionally. One favourite technique is slowly inserting their terms one by one into a stream of thought that has defined it’ s own terms and their usage. In this example it is “de-platform” and “re-platform”. Platform is a very prevalent term in countries with a history of Social Democrats. Podium has too much historical power associated with it, so they must use a term that is neutral and without emotion. If so concerned with the Left’ s empire of lies why is this Yid creating another Empire of Lies in so short a space and with so few words?

The great circus continues and the clown continues playing ringleader:

“I came into the real counter culture, because, like many others, I began seeing glitches in the simulation. I like to joke that, as a liberal, I made the mistake of being genuinely open-minded. I started questioning The Narrative and the left branded me a Fascist. I thought they were nuts. In time, I realized that the Marxists were right; I am a fascist: the Marxist left believes in equality; I believe in hierarchy; the left believes in individual rights only insofar as they further their group power dynamic; I believe in the collective responsibly to drive the individual towards Truth and Excellence; the left believes that power is an instrument of oppression; I believe that power is a divine call to stewardship.”

Simulation. Another Leftie term, like Life is some fucking game played by wooden pieces, or electrons in a logic machine. The shitlibs call anyone not a foaming zealot of their cult a fascist. Big deal. Do you feel special now Yid? Is there some persecution fantasy playing in your mind? A Marxist left, is there a Marxist right? Wait. They believe in equality and also in individual rights. Logical fallacy. Collective responsibility, is Bolshvism and which itself is a collective ideology. If power is a divine call to stewardship then who is the steward? Power now regulates itself, is capable of restraining itself to an internal law and order? Power is a manifestation of forces it can neither be oppressive or be a steward in itself. It requires will and intelligence to wield to creative purposes, something wielded by those that can. There is one power of will and intelligence above us, that creates it’ s own reality and Law and that is Nature. Is this clown saying Nature can have a steward over it? That power can have a steward? He really does not know what he is saying as he cannot fully grasp our concepts, I have seen many times. The Yid is not capable of processing our highest abstractions without twisting it into some monstrosity.Another tendency is to string together words together into a queer sounding monologue, group power dynamic. The inferiority complex kicks in and to sound coy and sophisticated they sound queer.

Next the Yid continues on with the perceptions and assertions of the Enemy;

“The left says that we’re all fascists and they’re correct. We are all fascists. It’s just that some of us haven’t figured it out yet. For those who are still skeptical, Counter.Fund will wait for you. Our walled garden is a safe-space for those who question The Narrative. As long as you accept our achingly-benevolent form of hierarchy, you’ll receive as much influence as you can earn and keep as much as you can steward.”

WRONG! Fascists are very distinct from National Socialists, the premises of both reduced are in opposition but not necessarily in conflict. The premise of Fascism is the the health of society resides in the state (which is an almost direct quotation from Mussolini) while the NS premise is the health of society resides in the Folk. Both have a common enemy, the Bolshevik a manifestation of the Serpent, Dragon the Ancient Enemy of the Germanic, the Lie while we are the Truth. A walled garden. Here the Talmudism comes out, their perversion of Scripture ever in the back of their twisted minds. I notice hippies love the term walled garden too. Do we need more walls around us? I thought the point was to break down the walls entombing us and to shake off the crab trying to drag the escaping crab back into the boiling pot. A Walled Garden sounds like some Talmudic Eden to me. Fuck off. This Yid is a believer in hierarchy and then lambasts his fellow Tribe members for keeping their hierarchy intact. I have an article to finish on false and natural hierarchy, my problem is with a false hierarchy where the weak and immoral have been placed on top. He does not bother to clarify as I have but is just throwing words out he has heard others say hoping to catch as many fish as possible in a wide net. Once again the word steward. Is he trying to set-up a definition of responsibility contrary to our traditional meaning?

The next paragraph is not really worth critiquing but the list following it is very worthy to stab a few times with a sword.

“Our tent has room for:
  • Fascists of all stripes (duh)
  • white nationalists
  • Neo Pagans
  • Neo Reactionaries
  • Jacobites
  • National Socialists
  • Christian Traditionalists
  • Anarcho-Capitalists
  • Confused Libertarians and Embarassed Liberals
  • … and even some Jews”

Are we Nomads on the Steppes in a Yuri now? What tent? Aryans build homes, solid structures with roofs and walls. Something permanent to settle and build a family and civilization around with a Hearth to warm our souls in comradeship. Our fascination with trees has one important characteristic: a tree has roots! A tent has pegs, something temporary, something susceptible to mild variances of weather. “Fascists of all stripes” is completely absurd as Fascism is of one stripe only, has only one river. Once again they want to trivialize an important doctrine in our Struggle we can learn from, they lessen the memory of the heroism of the Italian, and they relegate Mussolini as a harmless crazy and quirky fellow.

White Nationalists if true will have nothing to do with a Yid, we have identified the main problem as that of the Yid. We know how cunning and ruthless the Serpent is and why would we want to associate with the people that have done so much destruction to our Nations and our Species? Especially when one of the leaders of this new site cannot tell the difference between a Fascist and a National Socialist. The main cause of all our woes has always been and always will be the Yiddish Turk. This kike is asking us to participate in something that are parasites and actively work to destroy us. Chutzpah.

Next is the Neo-Barbies, then the Jacobites. There is still Jacobites around? Where, in Scotland and France? Listing them makes no sense. Who even knows the peculiars of Jacobites anymore other than as mass murderers in the Yiddish inspired Great Terror (French Revolution)? Yes, naive goyim join hands with Kinslayers... Skipping over NS since it has already been covered and then we have Christian Traditionalists. Not sure what this is, but coming from a Yid the demented clown probably thinks it means Judeo-Christian Evangelists. Which are not Christian, nor Traditionalists by any Aryan standard and are against the White Nationalist with their hippie jeebus cult. So for fun I will go by my conception of what a Christian Traditionalist should be in this context. He is the one who takes the battle of good and evil to the heart, he tries to make it his soul. He feels he is a warrior of light and that his conduct, his thinking, his life is a reflection of this. He is correctly educated about what Scripture really says and sees the Churches as Synagogues of Satan. He hates the Yiddish Turk more than anyone, everyday he asks the Christos when he comes back so he can join in the slaughter and put everyone of their heads on a pike. He is a Vladimir, he is a Crusader, his life is martyrdom for Father waiting to die in a final battle, to meet St.Michael with a bloodied sword. His Family and his Nation are Sacred and are to be defended without thought, without mercy, without remorse. The Yid is Killer of Christ, the killer of something he loves with all his heart and thus his perfect hatred of the Yid comes out of perfect love. Do the Yids really want to face these people in ‘dialogue’? Anarcho-Capitalists is confused Minarchists. Another splinter of Classical Liberalism, with the founder a fake Libertarian it is already included. So why be redundant? After that, well, do you we need to partner with confused and embarrassed people? A rhetorical, self evident question.

The Serpent of course, in mockery, has to flicker more excrement off it’ s forked tongue. Every time we allow ‘some Jews’ we end up with a lot of Jews. There is no half measure here, there is no compromise. Every time we compromise with them and on The Jewish Question the harm they cause us far outweighs any altruistic consideration. It is criminal to risk the future of the White children for some heart strings pulled by masterful manipulators. There is no fulfillment of the 14 Words with the Yid in the picture. Any argument about a good Jew is outweighed by the historical evidence. Are we to endanger countless children on the possibility of one theoretical hyperbole? As adults, as parents, that is criminally negligent. This Judaic fetish where the life of one being no matter how evil and destructive overriding the lives of many has to end, this is the unspoken assumption about the ‘good Jew’ argument. To succumb to the argument is to drink hemlock.

I need a moment to wipe the crocodile tears while I play the world’s smallest violin in the background for the next part.

“While there’s a place in Counter.Fund for anyone who isn’t brainwashed with egalitarianism, this article was written with an eye towards the vilest of deplorables, the true Alt-right: National Socialists and white nationalists. You have a special place in my heart and I welcome you.
I can hear the mouths screeching and see the eyes rolling: “A kike talking about how the right needs to be inclusive. Oy vey! SHUT IT DOWN!”
I like white nationalists. I count many among my friends. I wholeheartedly believe in the 14 words and that the future of western civilization rests on them. There are many members in your community who would vouch for my ideological purity (even though I’m not an ideologue) and I’ve been actively pushing white nationalist talking points in the media. The JQ and the Jewish relationship to international Communism are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. I’m not a white nationalist though; I prefer my ideologies not delivered stillborn and without vestigial leftist bits.”

The Third Way is not only about opposing egalitarianism, it is about the Lord’ s fight, about Man vs Serpent, it is about our traditional ways and thought, it is about a racial realization of who we are and where we came from, and the race that is always there blocking our path to the uber mensch, our restoration as gods in the flesh. Why the fuck do we care what you think of us? This is Yiddish Supremacist Egotism. It is about us as Aryans, it about an Ideal, it is about a memory of a Logos. What this Yid is using is a very old rhetorical trick taught in the Academy and perfected in the Roman Senate, and still taught in debate schools (I took debate as an elective in junior high and critical thinking in college). Concede on a point not central to your argument to appear as sympathetic or fair, then push on another point central to your argument or point. Here he is gathering sympathy and peer support to soften any criticism and to side step the racial and spiritual question of the Jew vs Aryan, the Darkness vs Light, Destruction vs Creation. If he has friends who do not respect the Sacredness of the 14 Words, and call themselves White Nationalists, I want to know who they are! They are fake and they endangering us all and our future as a species and our civilizations as creative organisms. I want to know their names so we can share and spread them to be shunned and blacklisted. I have already squashed any ‘ideological purity’. There is no concern about the JQ and Bolshevism, it is proven beyond a doubt, it is admitted by the Yiddish Turk themselves, the documentation is too vast to look at completely. When they say ‘legitimate concerns’ they say it as if there is any doubt, there needs to further investigation, that there is some chance of innocence to be proven. The court is out and the verdict is guilty, there is no Court Jew to whisper dark enchantments to escape the verdict here. Of course, you are not a White Nationalist you are a fucking kike clown. As Eustace Mullins states, “the Jew is a foreigner to Europe”, the Jew is NOT White, hence it cannot be something it is not. In the last sentence he is implying a typical Bolshevik materialist view;

“I prefer my ideologies not delivered stillborn...”

Delivered to who? Stillborn? Is it a not born baby? No, it is a mature and vibrant and sophisticated adult. Childhood left it when the Wiemar Republic existed, it had to grow up fast. It left teenage years when the Yid ritually murdered Cordreanu in a forest. It was a baby in WW1, and it matured past it’ s age quickly in the aftermath. He finishes this course of lying chutzpah with;

“... without vestigial leftist bits.”

This whole exercise in forked tongue excrement has more than vestigial bits, it is a homogeneous leftist manual in how to suicide naive goy.

More rhetorical trickery, the kind when you recognize it can make you think of putting heads on pikes;

“Race-realism is where the Alt-right does God’s work and the Alt-right view of the Jewish character is largely correct if tragically incomplete. I don’t need Kevin Macdonald to know about the Culture of Critique; a little introspection is sufficient. I grew up in a secular, Globalist Jewish household that regarded rural Christian tradition as provincial and backwards. My parents believed that “real Americans” were stupid rednecks and that America was never great. But this doesn’t mean that your average middle class Jew has evil in his heart. He’s not active conspirator of the ZOG. If he’s somehow on Soros’ payroll he doesn’t know it. He’s a useful idiot controlled through manipulation of the basest elements within his ethnic psyche: extreme in-group loyalty, aggressiveness, neuroticism, subversiveness.”

Anytime a Yid mentions God there is some trickery or flattery going on. There is a story in the Talmud of a Rabbi arguing God and winning. Even when they say “secular, Globalist Jewish household” it means nothing. Jacob Rothschild declares himself secular but considers Judaism as something integral to his “Jewish identity” and gives large amounts of money to Orthodox Judaism projects. The sympathy is always there if they have ‘Jewish pride’, that racial supremacist attitude does not come from the Talmud, it comes from their racial nature and the Talmud only reflects that. It is not only a question of whether the Yid is an active supporter of the ZOG, it is that they sympathize, they refuse to acknowledge crimes committed by the ZOG. So if supposedly the Jew is the smartest and brightest, some intellectual gift to the world, how did so many become useful idiots over night and by the statement of one kike? Dude, you are messing up the narrative. Oh wait. He isn’ t. It is the victim card they pull over and over and over, always crying wolf, so many times that gassing is not even a mocking joke anymore and putting heads on a pike seems the only way to shut their whining conniving mouths up. To delve into the Yiddish perception of ""real Americans” were stupid rednecks" would require volumes. Much simpler to just say real Americans have instincts that are immune to the Serpent' s mind rape.

Here is a recent realization I came too last winter. The head on intellectual debate with the Yid is a waste of time largely. Surely, some have to do it. It is good practice and I cut my teeth practicing this way. Yet when you cut off one head the Hydra grows another. It is never ending and the more they of us they draw in the more they keep tied up fighting the Hydra instead of doing the work best suited to the Aryan. Creative work. While focusing and concentrating on one argument that kills one head we could be producing culture. Literature, music, helping our brother get on his feet, learning and teaching others of who we are and what we can be. What this Yid has done is learnt the linguistic style, terminology, and methods of the common Alt Righter. That he uses Alt Right so much is indicative that the Tribe is trying to legitimize a small portion of the movement to marginalize the others. I digressed and now move to the really diseased part;

“Here’s another wrinkle: these so-called “evil” Jewish traits are no more evil than the ethnic traits of any other high-functioning group. In broad strokes: if Jews are tribal, whites are mercantile; if Jews are neurotic, whites are complacent; if Jews are psychopathic then whites suffer from over-attachment. Jews subvert while whites virtue spiral. Jews are not evil. Jewish traits need to be managed but if they are managed properly they can be superpowers:
Tribalism is in-group loyalty. My in-group is the far-right.
Anger and neuroticism are sources of energy. Mine are directed towards the institutions of the left.
Talmudic pedantry can degenerate to nihilism, but good accounting begets equity.
Psychopathy and detachment are great truth-seeking tools. Cognitive dissonance is debilitatingly triggering for those who attach their egos to their ideologies.
Subversiveness, if managed keeps your institutions honest and your social immune defenses strong
And, of course, there’s Jew Privilege. I’ll be happy to use mine to say the things that white people can’t. The kikes will probably revoke it but I’ll try anyway.”

More self flattery by calling the Yid a high functioning group. Hey White Nationalists you can be included as part of the group if you accept a few Jews, oink oink. Any self respecting and intelligent species is tribal, Yids are not exclusive to that. See how once again they flip things? It is the Yid that is mercantile, it is the Aryan that is the adventurer. Trading on a long adventure is simply a matter of survival and to buy shiny things for the wife to placate her when you get back. With Yiddish influence we become greedy. As does any other race under their influence. They seem to have not infiltrated too far into the central hidden hive mind of the Asian too much though, their horde hive mentality still seems to operate separately. Once again the inherent inflated Yiddish ego and supremacist tendencies come out with “managed properly they can be superpowers”. More Fabian Socialist technique here, change the language change the debate and change the thought. Your Tribe is the Yiddish Turk tribe Jew, a far right group is not a tribal in group, it is a bloody political association whether formal or informal. Tribalism relates to ethnic associations and attitudes, not political. Neuroticism is a mental disease, from harmless and mild to dangerous and severe, I think his is dangerous and severe. He proves my point above about even a ‘secular Jew’ showing loyalty to the Talmud and their criminal Rabbis. Notice he could not keep a straight face and trailed off into some Ebonic shit about equality. The next listed item is, well, just the insane trying to sound sane and coherent. No meaning except it must be the time of season when a snake sheds the skin and he is itchy as hell trying to keep the old skin on. He is really squirming now. Then he is back to his old Fabian self with the shit about subversiveness is healthy and good for the social immune system. Pure autism, he must have been vaccinated. A spoiler for later is he uses autistic squelings. So he is against the institutions of the left but he uses all their devices, he thinks subversiveness is healthy for institutions but he does not directly attack the ones he says he is going to use his ‘Jewish privilege”. It is not good enough for Whites to have privilege the Yid feels left out and now wants to have what the White has. He is right about Yids being neurotic. Which comes to this ‘Jewish privilege’. This is a fucking nobody, a fly on the wall. Psychopathic neuroticism comes to the forefront again and he thinks that they will not swat him like the annoying buzzing fly he is. Unless he knows they won’ t because he is an agent. Hear of Israhel paying university students to troll and infiltrate online groups?

Gassing is expensive, requires large facilities, requires a large amount of labour, and requires a large and sophisticated industrial base, then there is the logistical nightmare of transportation. This all requires centralized organization. It is highly inefficient and being a Germanic I love efficiency. This next part makes me think of the virtues of beheading vs putting heads on pike. Beheading is a Catholic and Islamic fetish. Vladamir saved Europe by putting heads on pikes. As a traditionalist I think it is proper to end this internal debate by his example that produced excellent results.

“No racial group is immune to dysfunctional impulses. The Nordic white obsessions with “fairness” and “social justice” leave them drowning in social-signaling purity spirals. SJW cucks self-flagellating over white guilt and dweller “National Socialists” who won’t stop one-upping each other on who’s most eager to gas the kikes are expressing the same underlying pathologies (BTW, read your history, dwellers: even Hitler had Emile Maurice).”

Gassing, gassing, gassing, do they ever grow tired of accusing others of this. Why is it that for the last 100 or so years the Serpent always has to mention gassing? Since Jews own most of the chemical companies that could produce chemical weapons why are they not angry and accusative towards themselves? Here the Yid deflects blame from his fellow Tribe and puts all the blame on some implied genetic bias. It is your fault, it is your guilt, it is your Nordic nature. A new phenomenon that is contrary to our history. No, it is not the result of the well documented several hundreds of years of malicious planning and manipulation exclusively Yiddish in origin. “A Jew will cry out as they strike you.” This is not a Nordic dysfuntional impulse this is an indoctrination progrom first mass experimented with and scientifically improved upon with the Bolsheviks. Here he is once again trying to deflect and distract again;

“In its virtuous form, the huwhite obsession with fairness and justice gave us the Viking kings who civilized Europe. This is why Counter.Fund welcomes the far-right. No one knows social justice like white people and fascistic white supremacy is the ultimate social justice technology.”

Viking Kings (he got tired and anxious and forgot simple capitalization again) civilizing Europe is so absurd it shows that his whole article was written by a cognitively challenged roach. Norse literature, their existence as an earlier vision of the Germanic is an invaluable and priceless contribution. Their transference of Ancient Germanic legal customs to England as Dane Law that became Common Law is of equal importance. It is only relevant to the English and colonies, to the Germanic seeker of the Ancestor, hardly to Europe as a whole or as a civilizing force of Europe universally. Social Justice is a Yiddish invention and he is trying to blame us for his Tribe members actions again? The last few paragraphs are a denial of Yiddish responsibility and he feels he has some stewardship over the movement or our Folk? Supposedly this subversion is healthy to our societal immune system and we should accept our guilt. I’ am a White Nationalist and I say sharpen the pikes to that! Trying to be joking he insults us again with huwhite.

The roach ends by spelling Heil wrong. So sharpen the pikes, narrow the eyes, and fight. This is only the start as they breed more traitors. Number one is stand your ground, keep the chin up, create, learn who you are, and remember a fight is won in the mind and heart long before it is won physically. We must strive to be a pale imitation of our Ancestors.

This is of utmost importance and I reproduce it here as a Salute to a Hero of our Kin Eustace Mullins, his Four Precepts of being Jew Wise excerted from his New History of The Jews. Memorize it, and use it every time dealing with a Jew as our future depends on it:

Four Precepts of Being Jew-wise

  1. "Being Jew-wise means that one recognizes the basic precepts of the Jewish problem. The first precept is — "THE JEW ALWAYS EXISTS IN A STATE OF WAR WITH ALL CIVILIZED NATIONS". There can be no peace between the biological parasite and the host people.
  2. The second precept is —"EVERY JEW IS AN AGENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL". No Jew can hold a position in any gentile government unless he wields that position to advance the cause of the State of Israel. Even if he wished to do so, no Jew could escape the total mobilization of the Jewish people in their war against the gentiles.
  3. The third precept is —"THE JEW ALWAYS KNOWS WHO HE IS". When I first encountered Jews, I was mildly disturbed by the cool manner of self-confidence with which they regarded me. I did not understand that they were looking at me from their pedestal of self knowledge, while I did not yet know who I was, who my enemies were; or who my friends were. In almost every instance, the gentile fails to understand what is going on in the struggle between the biological parasite and the host people, or if he does get an inkling of what is going on, he finds out too little and too late.
  4. The fourth precept is — " WHATEVER AMBITIONS YOU MAY HAVE, YOU CANNOT REALIZE THESE GOALS BECAUSE OF THE PRESENCE OF THE JEW". It is the function of the Jew to systematically destroy the habitat and the life style of the host people. This renders them unable to resist or to dislodge his parasitic presence. At the beginning of this biological relationship, it is the Jew who is the displaced person, seeking a place for himself, while the host is secure in his home. In establishing his biological presence among the host people, the Jew works furiously to replace the life style of the host with a totally synthetic environment, tailored to the needs and purposes of the Jew. With spider-like precision, the Jew spins his web about the host people, using satire, pornography, and the host's own system of communications to entrap them in the web of the Jew. When the web is complete, the host is unable to move, and finds himself at the mercy of the Jew, who is not slow to administer his fatal poison."

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