Over One Million Anti-Regime Protestors Bring London to a Halt

Source: https://europerenaissance.com/2021/05/31/over-one-million-anti-regime-protestors-bring-london-to-a-halt/

by: Michael Walsh | Published: May 31, 2021

There was very little comment in British media when over one million citizens demonstrated against the political caste’s repression using Covid as an excuse.

Many Britons have been taken by surprise at the speed of the conversion from fake democracy to tyranny triggered by the fake crisis. Winston Churchill surmised: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’

A protest in London has drawn a large number of participants, united by their mistrust of how the British government is handling the Covid-19 situation. Such events are part of a larger movement that’s currently gripping the more dictatorial EU and Western countries.

In the latest weekly demonstration, 100s of thousands marched through the streets of the British capital under the banner ’Unite for Freedom’. The weekly rally brought together groups of people who are unhappy with the prolonged lockdowns imposed by the cult holed up at their Westminster bunkers counting the profits from their Covid-related investments. The crowds are mistrustful of Covid-19 vaccines and harbour anti-government sentiments.

Politician David Kurten, formerly of the UK Independence Party, estimated that the gathering was larger than the one held last weekend. ’We are all out, normal people, not wearing any masks, not taking any vaccines, demanding that the government give us back the civil liberties that they never had the right to take away,’ he said, summarizing the protesters’ cause.

Anti-lockdown protests similar to the one in London have been happening on a regular basis in many Western countries and are met with state police action.

In the UK, the mistrust in government policies has been fuelled by an often-shifting narrative, which started with a call to endure a short period of restrictions to ’flatten the curve’ of Covid-19 infections and protect the National Health Service from being overwhelmed, but instead went on for months.

Boris Johnson’s government now warn that outbreaks of the ‘Indian variant’ of Covid-19 could slow down the promised easing of restrictions in the country. Pubs and restaurants in England have recently been allowed to serve customers indoors in groups of up to six, or two households, once again, and other public venues have had their restrictions partially lifted. Outdoor public gatherings are normally restricted to 30 people and social distancing between groups is advised.

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