No White People? Humboldt University Job Advertisement Met With Criticism


by: raghav13131313 | Date: August 28, 2021

In a job advertisement from the Humboldt University, only those applicants who are not perceived as white are apparently welcome. This has now caused criticism.

The student representatives at Berlin’s Humboldt University have come under fire with an advertisement for a position for anti-discrimination counseling. “We ask (…) white people to refrain from applying for this advice center,” it says.

Adrian Grasse, research policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group in Berlin, said on Thursday that it was illegal and extremely discriminatory. “Racism must not be fought with racism.” Critical comments could also be read on Twitter. The “Berliner Morgenpost” had previously reported on the ad.

In the announcement of the so-called RefRats it says: “The consultations take place from a partisan perspective. Partial means here a consultation that is based on the needs of the person seeking advice in order to create a space in those affected by racist discrimination feel comfortable and can share their experiences. “The counseling work has shown that this works best” when the Consultant black or as a person of color “(PoC). This means people who are not perceived as white.

The management of the university wants to have the tender checked

The university stated: “It is expressly not in the interests of the Humboldt University to discriminate against people. Regardless of skin color and origin, gender, ideological views or age. We see ourselves as a place of plurality of opinions, mutual appreciation and of respect. ” The management of the university therefore urged the student body to review the job advertisement. The university emphasized that the area was not subject to the legal supervision of the Humboldt University.

On Thursday afternoon, the ad was no longer to be found in the RefRat category tenders. “We are in the process of revising the ad. We regret the ambiguous wording,” said the RefRat. Practice has shown that advice works best when people who have experienced racism can turn to people who have also experienced racism. Therefore, black people and PoC should be encouraged to apply.

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