"LAFAYETTE LEGION": Interview With The French Nationalists Who Helped Invade Capitol Hill

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Published: January 12, 2021


Gallia Daily (GD) : Hello, can you introduce yourself for our readers?

Pierre: Hello and thank you for giving us the floor. I am [Pierre] I am [about 30 years old]. I am a French national but I have been working in the United States for [several] years. I am married and have two twins and a little girl who should be showing her face soon.

GD: You are the head of an informal group of French immigrants and volunteers who want to "help Americans". Can you tell us more about it?

Pierre: Yes, this group that we have named "Légion Lafayette" has been in existence for almost a year now. As you said, it's an informal group, we don't do militancy, we don't have an ideology, we don't have a website, an email, a hierarchy or anything. In fact, most people in this group are not aware that they belong to such an important network. It's just a kind of informal spider's web of people who know each other to varying degrees.

And so I am not the leader, only the spokesperson. Even the name "Légion Lafayette" is informal: it's obviously a reference to French aid during the War of Independence (1776).

GD: In concrete terms, what is the "Légion Lafayette"?

Pierre: This group brings together French & Quebecois, living in Canada and the United States: whether they are new expatriates, permanent immigrants, Franco-Americans, French people who have obtained American citizenship... or rather temporary volunteers, students who come to spend a semester in America, tourists... This represents a nationwide community of around 800 to 1000 people in at least 7 states. But the figure is difficult to evaluate because it can vary a lot and because it is not a centralized movement. To simplify, let's say that there is a big half of permanent members (mostly families). And the other half is made up of temporary members (mostly young french men and women, students, volunteers...).

The goal of this group is very simple, it is to organize the French presence in America: our objective is that the French can integrate themselves into the American mold and/or that they can accomplish their duty by serving the interests of America. Our two countries [France and the USA] are connected. Our destinies are linked.

GD: In what context was this group created?

Pierre: The embryo of the group has already existed for about ten years. But until then the group was essentially a community of friends: we shared meals, went on vacation, helped each other with the legal procedures, helped each other in our farms, for the education of the children, etc...

The turning point was reached in 2020. It was decided to transform a bit the group. What was then only a group of "friends" (about a hundred in total at the time) very quickly became a kind of "brotherhood" bringing together hundreds of small groups of French people across the country, all united by common goals.

This was decided following Black Lives Matter demonstrations. During the BLM demonstrations, we saw black and far-left demonstrators attacking historical symbols and even French symbols in America, such as the statue of Saint-Louis. And we saw the same thing then spread to the rest of the world, including France. The same with the vast pseudo-pandemic of COVID-19, where we saw civil liberties diminishing at a great speed...

Until then we were all nationalists, rather conservative, even traditionalist for some. But these events have made us aware of the sudden acceleration of the situation. such an acceleration that we realized that, on the scale of a generation, everything could change, that our children could be the next Boers, and therefore we could no longer just stay in our bubble. We had to act.

GD: You talk about an "acceleration" of the situation, can you be more precise?

Pierre: In the past, America was a jewel of European civilization. But this country is being turned over to become a proxy used to destroy all European peoples. By a diabolical operation of social engineering, they have made the European, the White man, the target to be shot down. The USA, the heart of the "empire" is being turned towards total and extreme hatred of Europeans. And if the USA falls, the rest of the world will be lost. We refuse it.

GD: So according to you, the current events go beyond the question of Donald Trump or the stolen election?

Pierre: Of course, of course, oh yes of course ! (laughs) Trump's election, his defeat, the rigging, the censorship... All this is a pretext. Or rather, it's all a drop of water, a trigger. It is a symptom of the evil that has been gnawing at the West for a long time now. This disease that consumes our civilization, this urban liberalism that denies reality and despises the historical people who built the nation. These odious parasites that use the state apparatus erected by the citizens, only to finally turn it against them, to cause their own destruction... What is happening in the United States today is not just a question of election or Donald Trump. It's a larger question: "Do we want to live as free men on the land of our fathers, or as slaves?"

Those who have taken to the streets do so to reject slavery in the broadest sense. They simply dare to say "We want a future for our children". And the same questions arise in France, in Europe.

A New York City urbanite has more in common with a Parisian than with an american from the rural midwest. Similarly, an American from the Midwest has more in common with a Frenchman from the Poitou than with an American from California.

The fight is vertical. The White middle class is united between all the countries of the world, against an enemy that knows no borders, an enemy that forms a superclass that has grafted itself into the heads of the states.

This is why we, the French, are committed to stand alongside the Americans to enable them to snatch victory and revive their destiny. To fight in the United States is to fight for the liberation of Europe as well. The future of the world is currently being decided. In 1776 the French made history by committing themselves to the side of the Americans. In 2021 we are renewing the feat.

GD: So your group, which used to be a "bunch of friends" has become a political movement?

Pierre: Yes and no.

No, because we do not support any party, neither in France nor in America. So we don't do politics. And even since the transformation of 2020, we have not become activists: those who want to participate in political events can do so, but all the others continue to live normally and provide for their families and communities.

But yes, in the sense that the fight for civil liberties, for the First and Second Amendments, are eminently political. The fight for the defense of Europeans is imminently political. The decision to have children is eminently political. The decision to marry is eminently political. Making the decision to acquire a weapon or to train is eminently political. Going to defend a statue in Texas or Wisconsin is eminently political. Walking on Capitol Hill to remind everyone that this is the "home of the people" is eminently political.

GD: So you were present in Washington D.C. at the Capitol events ? Pierre: Yes, we were 2 small groups in Washington, around 30 persons in total. And several other small groups in the rest of the country.

GD: Did you entered the Capitol?

Pierre: Maybe, maybe not.

GD: A French flag was seen flying on the steps of the Capitol, was it yours?

Pierre: It was not us, we had American flags and "historical" flags (laughs). But we are happy to know that other French people were also present. Because you have to understand this: there is our "group". But there are also dozens and hundreds of other French people in the United States who, independently, participate in the events.

If America wins this victory over the conspirators who want to plunge the world into darkness, I think it is no exaggeration to say that the French will have done their part in this victory.

GD: And now, after Capitol Hill, what's next?

Pierre: This is just the beginning. In concrete terms, there are still several events planned between now and the inauguration. We will be present at each of them.

But beyond these events, there is a whole world to conquer, I believe. The divorce is definitively consummated between the elites and the American population. I believe that this abyss is unbridgeable. God only knows where it will lead in the long term... A war? Who knows? If it happens, we French in America are ready to do our part, we are organized for it.

Until then we will continue to help the Americans. To build ties with them. We have expertise on several subjects that can be useful.

For example, we have a large number of former members of the French police / gendarmerie in our ranks. Several former military personnel as well. And several civilians who, since becoming naturalized Americans, have joined the National Guard or served as reserve officers.

Also, many of the young people who join us for tourism (laughs) or for their studies have a good militant experience in France: we have street militants, people who have participated in the Yellow Vests movement, who know how to organize things, start online campaigns...

Our role is not to serve as mercenaries to the Americans. Our role is to be a creative force, to be able to help them with our experience and to serve as an interface between Europe and America. For I remind you, most of the people who belong to our big family only stay there temporarily before returning to France. They come to the USA with their experience; and come back to France with another experience.

I believe that it is beneficial for everyone. And that's why we are trying to maintain these exchanges. We are in the process of organizing ourselves with our Canadian friends to allow, if the need arises, to be able to receive volunteers and European tourists, in the USA, via Canada.

GD: If a French person wants to go to the USA can he join your group?

Pierre: Yes he can, but no he can't (laughs). Our group is informal. You can't join something that doesn't exist.

On the other hand, it is possible that, through demonstrations, meetings,cultural or political events, courses etc., a French person living in the United States may end up meeting other French people... And, who knows?

GD: You understand that some people, in France or in the USA, may be shocked to learn that foreigners interfere in American politics?

Pierre: Well.

To the French who might criticize us: by fighting there, we are also fighting for your freedom. We are the spearhead. So instead of cursing our struggle, start organizing in France. Because what happened in the United States will happen in France, it is already happening. And it will happen with a thousand times more violence than what happened in America. Because as always in France, it needs blood and violence to renew itself. Prepare yourself and make sure that you will be able to face it when the time comes. For do not doubt that this moment will come.

To those Americans who might criticize us: shame on you. Shame on you for abandoning your own people, shame on you for shutting yourselves away in your cities, in your ivory towers, for ransacking the heritage of your ancestors, for tearing down their statues, for burning their memories. And shame on you for shooting those who want to defend their land. Your criticism is a glorious medal for all American patriots and for all European patriots. You have chosen the path of suicide and dishonor. We French have decided to march and support those who are only asking to live. We are proud of this. If you are no longer able to protect your land or worse, if you destroy it, then you have no more say. And we, we will say it again: the Old Continent stands alongside the New Continent. Europeans are united.

GD: we leave you the final word...

Pierre: Well, only one word then: courage!

Our enemies divide us and harass us, they make us believe that we are alone, that everything is lost. This is not true. Remember: "If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be useless."

Nothing is played yet. It's only just beginning. The century opens and the white man comes out of the abyss to find his throne, Europe to find its empire.

There will be difficult moments and doubts. There will be moments of sorrow, sadness, anger. There will be blood, there will be tears. There will be betrayals. There will be rallies. As in all wars. But: courage!

Never doubt that you are on the right side of history. Never doubt. There are a thousand generations of men above your heads who look at you and support you.

Be brave.

Courage. Courage. Courage.

Vive la France

Hail America

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