Hraparak: Artsakh May be Headed For New Elections After President’s Trip To Moscow


Published: July 10, 2021

The president of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) is expected to announce nationwide elections in the country after a scheduled trip to Moscow, Russia in the coming couple of days.

Citing “informed sources”, the paper says that Arayik Harutyunyan has unveiled plans to his team for holding political consultations after his return. He has reportedly promised even offices in the public administration sector to those opposition figures who now seem to discontent with the current government’s work.

The statement sounds especially striking against the backdrop of Harutyunyan’s earlier statement vowing to sack all the government officials who abandoned their duties during the 44-day war. The paper notes that desertion, as a criminally punishable act, should have required a strong government action towards calling those guilty to account within 8-9 months after the war.

Meantime, Harutyunyan’s critics treat the kind remark as a populist move, especially in the light of recent public protests that saw many citizens of Artsakh raise complaints that “deserters still remain in government” despite the deprivations suffered during the war.

Tags: Date-2021-07-10, Armenia

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