Announcement Of Pashas Trying To Solve The Armenian Question Through Extermination - Turkish Ikdam newspaper, November 04, 1918


by: Hayk Papertyan | Published: August 29, 2021

The Turkish newspaper Ikdam dated November 4, 1918 with the announcement that three Pashas (Mehmet Talat, Ismail Enver, Ahmad Jemal) tried to solve the Armenian question by exterminating the Armenians. I want to draw your attention to the Turks by this time still wrote in Arabic letters....In 1923, Mustafa Kemal instructed the Armenian Hakob Martayan to carry out a reform of the Turkish language — to translate the Ottoman-Turkish language (Osmanli) from Arabic into Latin.

Hakob Martayan is not only the founder of the modern Turkish language, but also the editor-in-chief of the Turkish encyclopedia. Along with Armenian and Turkish, he spoke 19 other languages, including Greek, English, Spanish, Latin, German, Russian, and Bulgarian.

As part of his reform program, in 1934, Kemal introduced a law on surnames - there were no surnames in Turkey until the 30s of the XX century. Turkish linguists suggested that the president take the surname Turk Atasi (father of the Turks). Martayan made some changes, swapped the words and received the well-known surname Ataturk to this day. And all this is happening after the Armenian Genocide.


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