Town Hall Meeting Report - Berlin, Germany, Humboldt University, June 24, 2022


(out)Rage in America (and elsewhere) – Structural Racism, Resistance and Responsibilities: The Situation in the US and Germany
June 24

Organized by the American Studies section of the Department of English and American Studies, Humboldt University in Berlin

Community agreements:

Aim of the meeting:

  • address racist structures at the university
  • implement anti-racist strategies at university and in everyday life
  • emphasize that racism is often wrongly seen as a U.S. problem, while it is a global problem
  • concentrate on situations in Germany


  • students
  • faculty
  • guests
  • ⇨ binding community agreements available to all participants

Download: Town Hall Meeting Report - Berlin, Germany, Humboldt Unversity, June 24, 2022 Report (.pdf)

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Tags: WhiteGenocide, Democracy, CulturalMarxism, Germany

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