Thayer' s Greek Lexicon (1896) And Strong' s Greek Dictionary (1890)

There is a great value in using older resources and tools for the study of Scripture before modernism and Bolshevism took over the soul of the West, before language was subverted and degenerated, before the understanding of older thought was rendered diluted and the paths of post-Western civilization predestined the post-modern mind incapable of understanding. Before the philosophical and linguistic ties to ancient Wisdom was cut, the thread sundered from the inheritance, one hand can grasp the older and severed thread by using tools and resources closer to the Christian Age than material from a world that has turned it’ s back on it’ s ancestors and inheritance.

The lexicon and dictionary can be used with the Apostolic Bible Polygot to see what Scripture really says. All three are numbered to Strong' s Dictionary. While Strong' s provides a dictionary definition with little background information Thayer' s Lexicon has in depth epistemology and background information to help reveal subtleties of the word. In Thayer' s every occurrence of the inquired word in the NT is listed. Any popular 'study' or 'reference' will also be Strong' s numbered so these two tested and trued tools will be handy for anyone with an interest in Koine (Biblical) Greek.

Download: Thayer' s Greek Lexicon And Strong' s Dictionary Zip Archive (.zip)

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