Stealing The State by Stephen Kotkin


by: Stephen Kotkin | Published: The New Republic, April 13, 1998


"Let's face it," said George Soros, Anatoly Chubais is "tainted." (Chubais is first deputy prime minister of Russia and the former chief of Russia's privatization. Soros has been the great champion of Russia's transition, one of the few individuals to match rhetorical support with financial support, first with philanthropy, now also with investment and with bridge loans to the Russian government. Soros was speaking about Chubais at a symposium at Harvard University on investment in Russia; but to point out, in 1998, that Chubais's reform machinations are tainted is akin to ascending a soapbox and declaiming, with an air of intellectual courage, that most French intellectuals in the 1950s were ... Communists!

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Tags: USSR, Democracy, Anglo-AmericanEmpire, Communism, CentralBanking, SorosFoundation

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