COVID Vaccine Hesistancy


Published: October 2021


This is a fully sourced explanation of the hesitancy toward these vaccines. Nothing about conspiracies, 5G microchips, arm-magnets, depopulation theories, etc. Just verifiable data, quotes & sourced science. I’m not anti-vax. Most of us aren’t. We just have valid concerns about these specific vaccines. Those of us hesitating need to see these concerns competently addressed instead of censored and dismissed. This document is written for the layman who knows nothing about science. So don’t feel intimidated to read it, you’ll be able to follow it. Go through it with your friends, family, medical professionals, etc. Be skeptical of absolutely everything in this document. Don’t just blindly trust it, verify it for yourself.

Summarizing The Hesistancy

The 3 core concerns summarized, the numbers in brackets lead to sourced details of each point:

  1. These leaky vaccines do not prevent reinfection. This forces escape variant mutation. Narrow targeting of the spike protein means even minor mutation s can escape the vaccine.
    Due to Original Antigenic Sin, these narrowly targeted antibodies cause life-long prevention of a better immune response against coronaviruses & variants, risking severe complications like Antibody Dependent Enhancement and fatal viral loads. These antibodies are easier to evade than the broad immune responses traditional vaccines & natural infections produce.
    Leaky boosters will cause more escape variants and we’ll treat those variants with more leaky boosters, which will cause more escape variants, rinse & repeat this loop until we eventually hit whatever the viral equivalent of Antibiotic Resistance on a global scale looks like.
    Boosters will be mandatory, even for children and those who had side effects, every 6 months, indefinitely, to keep their “fully vaccinated” passport status, or else be cast out of society.
  2. Variants are mutating longer immune response evasion. Infected, vaccinated, asymptomatic hosts returning to maskless close-contact will unknowingly reinfect each other which will increase overall total mutation rates exponentially worldwide and risk new lethal strains.
    Longer immune response evasion increases the odds of more lethal mutations infecting other hosts before killing their current host off, and allows the infected to build higher viral loads that can lead to either fatal disease or severe immune responses like cytokine storms.
  3. Despite the hysteria, the CDC & UK government’s own data shows that unvaccinated people under 50 years old with no comorbidities who catch either COVID-19 or Delta have almost no real risk of hospitalization or death, let alone teenagers and children.

A 94% reduction of a 0.01% risk of severe symptoms isn’t worth risking vaccine side effects, more lethal variants, ADE, etc, especially not for young healthy people with no comorbidities and with their entire lives ahead of them to have to deal with the above risks & consequences.

Download: COVID Vaccine Hesistancy Version 3 (.pdf)

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