Black Book: The Tragedy Of Pontus 1914-1922, Enlgish/French


The Central Council of Pontus fulfils a sad duty in publishing this Black Book.

We are anxious to give to the civilised world a real picture of the ills which the Turks have inflicted upon a small and noble nation whose fate and mission ever since the ancient times has been to fight for its independence moral and political and suffer for freedom and civilisation.

In this pamphlet we have published official statistics drawn from the archives of the Oeucumenical Patriarchate, and reports describing the crimes committed by the Turks against the Christaind of the region of Pontus.

Since the year 1914 the Ottoman Government, on the lines of a plan organised and premeditated has caused more than 1,500,000 Greeks and Armenians of Asia minor to be massacred by its local agents. The infortunate Greek populations of Pontus have been decimated by murder and privation, have witnessed their chruches profaned, their daughters violeted, their wives dishonoured, babies snatched from the arms of their mothers and hurled against the walls, old men and children burned within the churches and priests massacred under the portals. These unheard of, unnameable atrocities have been commited by those very beings, whom the conscience of the civilised peoples and of their rulers, has placed outside civilised Humanity, and declared them excluded from the family of nations, as unworthy and incapable to rule other peoples, particulary Christians.

The Central Council of Pontus, appeals to all high-minded and humanitarian men and women and hopes that the conscience of the civilised world will be rouse sufficiently to stigmatise the horroes denounced, horrors, which merely to tolerate, would be a shame to Humanity.

Central Council of Pontus
15, Paparigopoulo Street
Athens 14th January 1922

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