Joe Biden Completely Forgets What He’s Talking About In Excruciating Press Conference (Video)


by: The Sun | Published: March 25, 2021

CONFUSED Joe Biden completely forgot what he was talking about and mumbled incoherently at the camera before walking away from the podium mid-question in an excruciating press conference.

The president took questions from reporters for the first time on Thursday afternoon, but quickly began to make mistakes.

AS he finished answering a question about filibuster, Biden appeared to trail off-thought, ending with a pause, concluding "anyway."

"...If you hold near and dear to you that you uh um like to be able to um...." Biden said, before concluding "anyway."

Biden then closed his eyes and appeared to struggle to form the next sentence.

However, after seconds of confusion, he quickly told reassured viewers "we're ready to get a lot done."

He then appeared to call out a name from a list of White House reporters who were quizzing the president.

Going back to his list at a later point of the conference, Biden asked "where am I" before asking CNN's Kaitlan Collins for another question.

Ominous And Confused Press Conference by Joe "The Lizardman" Biden (.mkv video, running time: 1:42)

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