A Statement Issued By The Jerusalem Patriarchate Regarding The Recent Radicals' Attack On The Christians Of The New Gate Area

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by: Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem | Published: February 02, 2023

In the aftermath of the attack on Christians in Jerusalem.

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem:

“We will work to prevent the marches of Israeli radical groups.”

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem condemns the violent attack carried out by members of Israeli radical groups targeting Christians in the New Gate area of the Old City of Jerusalem last night. The Patriarchate affirms that allowing members of such radical groups to freely march and roam around the neighbourhoods of Jerusalem while armed and having declared criminal intentions, is considered as complicit in the attack and displays unwelcomed leniency with the criminals.

The Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem calls for protection of the unarmed people of Old City from radical aggressors who aim to change the diverse character of the city of Jerusalem and its cultural and religious mosaic, determined to limit it to one character being their radical definition and depiction of what a Jewish character should be.

The Patriarchate, along with the rest of the churches of Jerusalem, will resist with all their strength, by the mercy of the Lord, the goals of these radicals. The Patriarchate calls upon the authorities not to allow the repetition of such marches that led to last night’s attack on Christians in Jerusalem. At the same time the Patriarchate upholds its right to take the necessary legal action to prevent such violent marches from reoccurring.

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