JEAN RASPAIL : the coming civil war in France and Europe

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By: | Published: September 03, 2020

Between civil war, separatism, ethnic replacement, apartheid... discover the vision of a prophet on a not so distant era.

Disclaimer: this article has been translated for information purposes by Gallia Daily, a french media publishing in English.

The comments made in this article do not represent the position of Gallia Daily.

The passages in [square brackets] are additions by the translator.

Context: Jean Raspail is an important figure of the French nationalist right. He is best known for his book "Le Camp des Saints" (The Camp of the Saints), published in 1973, which prophetically recounted the fate of a Europe facing massive immigration.

Raspail had a major influence on French and international thought: for example, President Reagan would have been "transformed" by the reading this book.

Here, for the first time, we are translating into English a translation of an interview by Jean Raspail for the mainstream newspaper "Le Figaro". [Source]

This interview is interesting because it does not talk about the past, but about the future: Raspail gives his vision for France and Europe in 2050.


I am convinced that our destiny as French people is sealed since French President François Mitterand said to non-europeans «make yourselves at home”.

They are at home. Non-europeans are at home here. They are at home in this "Europe whose roots are as much Muslim as they are Christian," [according to President Chirac].

This situation is irreversible: in the 2050s there will be a definitive shift that will see the "native French" make up the oldest half of the country's population.

The other half of France [the youngest half] is made up of Africans, North Africans, Blacks, and Asians of all origins, but mostly from the inexhaustible reservoir of the Third World, with a strong Islamic dominance, including jihadists and fundamentalists.

Map of non-european newborn babies in France (Source : AFDPHE 2016 report)

This dance has only just begun.

France is not the only country concerned. The whole of Europe is marching to its death. There is no shortage of warnings: from UN reports (which is delighted about this demographic trend), to the inescapable works of Jean-Claude Chesnais and Jacques Dupâquier, in particular.

But these warnings are systematically hidden. And the French Institute of Demography [INED] encourages disinformation.

The almost sepulchral silence of the media, governments and community institutions on the demographic crash of Europe is one of the most staggering phenomena of our time.

Not to mention the fact that the "native French" are constantly being bludgeoned by the relentless drumbeat of human rights, of "welcoming diversity," of «inclusivity» dear to the [liberal] bishops.

The French are enslaved by a whole arsenal of repressive "anti-racist" laws 1, conditioned from early childhood to cultural and behavioral "mix-racing," to the imperatives of a "plural France" and to all the excesses of ancient Christian charity.

These Frenchmen have no other resource left than to lower their eyes and blend into the mold of the new French Citizen of 2050...

When there is a birth in my family or among my friends, I cannot look at this baby without thinking about what is being prepared for him in the carelessness of the "ruling elites". I can't help but think about what he will have to face in his manhood...


Let's not despair.

Certainly, there will remain what in ethnology we call «isolates», [or enclave].

Political map of France, 2019. | Grey : nationalists / Purple : liberals

Isolates, enclaves... That is to say, powerful minorities, perhaps about fifteen million French people, not necessarily all of white race, who will still speak our language in its almost entirely saved integrity. A powerful minority that will persist in remaining imbued with our culture and history as it has been passed down to us from generation to generation. This will not be easy for them.

These enclaves of Native French representing the «french continuity» will face all the other [non-European] "communities" that we see being formed today on the ruins of "integration", non communities which in 2050 will be definitively and undoubtedly institutionally established.

For a while, this community, composed of the remaining of Ethnic French, will still survive, relying on its families, its birth rate, its endogamy of survival, its schools, its parallel networks of solidarity, perhaps even its geographical areas, its portions of territory, its neighborhoods, even its safe places and, why not, its Christian and Catholic faith (with a bit of luck if this cement still holds).

But then ?


That will not please. The clash will come at some point. [The new majority will slowly eradicate the last french enclaves].

Something like the elimination of the kulaks [by communists in USSR], an elimination by appropriate legal means.

And then what?

And then, the French having definitively disappeared, France will then be populated only by hermit crabs. These non-Europeans will live as at home in the shell "France". A shell which, however, belonged before to a completely different people, now disappeared. This process has already begun.


BUT, there is a second hypothesis that I cannot formulate other than in private and which would require me to consult my lawyer beforehand.

This second hypothesis is that, starting from these last enclaves, the Native French people will resist until engaging in a kind of reconquista. A reconquest no doubt different from the Spanish one, but inspired by the same motives.

There would be a perilous novel to write about this. It is not I who will take care of it, I have already given enough. The author of this new prophecy is probably not yet born.

But this book will see the light of day, in the right time. I'm sure of it...

Drawing from a french far right ethnostate project : the White Republic of Burgundy


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