BLM EXCOMMUNICATED: Priest Denies Communion to All Members of Black Lives Matter


By: Fr.Joseph Gleason | Published: June 22, 2020

"As a priest in the Orthodox Church, it is my duty to ban members of Black Lives Matter from receiving Communion. I will not desecrate the precious Body and Blood of Christ, by allowing it to touch the unclean lips of those who are members of that satanic organization. If they want to take communion, they will have to find some other church."

"Members of Black Lives Matter need to get on their knees, and ask forgiveness for their participation in this godless movement."

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist, Marxist organization which promotes abortion and homosexuality. This wicked group was founded by lesbian feminists, and has received tens of millions of dollars in funding from the atheist George Soros.

To support Black Lives Matter is to turn away from Christ, and rejection of Christ makes a person unworthy to take Holy Communion.

Therefore, as a priest in the Orthodox Church, it is my duty to ban all members of Black Lives Matter from receiving Communion. I will not desecrate the precious Body and Blood of Christ, by allowing it to touch the unclean lips of those who are members of that satanic organization.

If you are willing to renounce that organization, and to cancel your membership in that group, then you can come to confession. You can be absolved of the sin you committed by joining Black Lives Matter. After that, you can take Holy Communion. After — not before. Until you demonstrate repentance, you will not receive the Eucharist.

Black Lives Matter is rotten to the core, and has been since the moment it began. This can be demonstrated by considering the founders of the movement, the activities of the organization, and the published statements on the group's website.

The Unholy Founders of BLM — Lesbian, Feminist, Marxist

Black Lives Matter was founded by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Opal Tometi, & Alicia Garza. Two of them are neo-marxist community organizers in the tradition of Saul Alinsky. All three are feminists. Two of them are lesbians. And these low-class women have made it a point to include their perversions at the very heart of the Black Lives Matter movement:

"it is not a coincidence that this iteration of the black freedom movement is led by queer folks. It's not a coincidence, but that doesn't mean that it's any less challenging"
—Alicia Garza (cofounder of Black Lives Matter)
"My queerness, my blackness, my womanness, shaped Black Lives Matter."
— Patrice Cullors (cofounder of Black Lives Matter)

"Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks . . . and all Black lives along the gender spectrum."

— Alicia Garza (cofounder of Black Lives Matter), The Feminist Wire

"We have to look at queerness as a means towards challenging normativity.”

— Patrice Cullors (cofounder of Black Lives Matter), HuffPost
"BLM is inherently a movement sustained by a politics of blackness that is... unapologetically feminist, womanist, and queer."

The Unholy Activities of BLM — Promoting Abortion, Marxism, & Homosexuality

Promoting Abortion

Black Lives Matter advocates the murder of unborn children. An article in Color Lines described how Black Lives Matter Partners with Reproductive Justice Groups to Fight for Black Women.

In this article, one of the BLM founders says that abortion rights are an integral part of BLM itself. As she herself states:

"reproductive justice is very much situated within the Black Lives Matter movement . . . So we certainly understand that BLM and reproductive justice go hand in hand."
— Alicia Garza (cofounder of Black Lives Matter), Color Lines

She also joined forces with Cecile Richards — former CEO of Planned Parenthood — in order to start the political activist group, Supermajority, promoting an array of liberal feminist agendas, including abortion.

Promoting Marxism

Black Lives Matter advocates Marxist theory via the guise of the Black Liberation movement. A Marxist history archive on Black Liberation is available on the website. One of the founders of BLM explicitly states her desire to use Black Lives Matter as a tactic for furthering this Marxist agenda:

"Black Lives Matter . . . centers those that have been marginalized within Black liberation movements. It is a tactic to (re)build the Black liberation movement."
— Alicia Garza (cofounder of Black Lives Matter), The Feminist Wire

As stated by a Socialist Alternative article on Black Lives Matter and Marxism,

"To go forward, this movement needs to connect racism, police brutality, and economic demands."

Garza and Cullors are two of the founders of BLM. One of the most infamous members of the Black Panthers, Assata Shakur, serves as the ideological inspiration for Black Lives Matter, with Garza and Cullors both admitting that she is one of their heroes.

A Marxist revolutionary and also a member of the Black Liberation Army, Shakur is on the FBI's most wanted terrorists list, and she has a two million dollar bounty on her head. In 1972 she shot and killed a New Jersey state trooper. She was convicted of eight felonies, including murder, robbery, and assault. Then she managed to escape prison in 1979. She escaped to Cuba, and continues to live there to this day.

This terrorist is someone who BLM holds up as a role model and inspiration, and they quote her at all their events. For example, on one video of a Black Lives Matter event, they said:

"So this is how we close out every meeting, every event, every action, every freeway we've shut down, every mall we've shut down, you'll hear this chant . . . this is from our beloved Assata Shakur."

The BLM founders actually honor an FBI-most-wanted terrorist at every BLM event that they hold. They themselves admit it.

Promoting Homosexuality

In numerous cities, Black Lives Matter has had a consistent presence in numerous homosexual "pride" parades, incessantly pushing their godless agenda.

The two loathsome groups worked hand-in-hand in Los Angeles and Toronto.

And they worked together in numerous other cities as well. The reasons for their activism are not hard to figure out. In this article, Why Black Lives Matter is Toronto's most effective LGBT movement, the author makes it clear:

"The group, like many other Black Lives Matter chapters, is organized mostly by queer and trans people..."

Unholy Statements Published on the BLM Website

The Black Lives Matter official website makes no secret of its support for homosexuality, feminism, and transgenderism. And true to their Marxist beliefs, they favor community rule, openly attacking the traditional family:

"We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and 'villages' that collectively care for one another"
"As a network we have always recognized the need to Center the leadership of women and queer and trans people."
"We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual"
We... do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women... We engage comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.

Homosexuality + Marxism + Abortion = Excommunication

As a priest in the Church, in good conscience I cannot give Holy Communion to anyone who is a member of a group that has so clearly sold itself to Satan. While I am grateful to live in a peaceful location where BLM members are extremely rare, I believe it is important to speak publicly on issues that are this serious. And if any BLM members happen to go on a trip, and find their way into the church where I serve, I do not want them to attempt taking communion, unless they are first willing to repent of their sins, including their sinful affiliation with BLM.

Anyone who joins Black Lives Matter does so either out of ignorance, or out of extreme impiety.

After reading this article, a person can claim ignorance no longer. Black Lives Matter actively promotes evil, promoting abortion, Marxism, and homosexual perversion. And no one who promotes these things has any business approaching the Lord's Table.

Members of Black Lives Matter need to get on their knees, and ask forgiveness for their participation in this godless movement.

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