The Loot, Rape, Assimilation, And Acquisition "Civilizational Model"



It's always a wonder why The True Armenian Voice is shut out and replaced with the "politically correct" fascist muzzle. My answer to this enigma is that those "cultures" whose own background is that of loot, rape, plunder, assimilation and acquisition will be sympathetic to the Turkish Narrative. Armenians find themselves shamed, ignored, intentionally misunderstood, in the most vulgar manner "equalized" with their murderers and rapists as "equally liable" such as the disgusting display of being forced to accept the fakery on Khodaly by so-called "Human Rights Watch" or Amnesty International and peers, and forced to accept an Opposite World history model constantly written by those who sympathize with the Turkish Narrative due to their own parallel "value systems" we euphemistically label as "globalism."

The job of any self-respecting Armenian is to take William Saroyan's advice omitted from that famous quote of his on Armenia Reborn, the part that says "See if we don't laugh at your Big Ideas, you sons of Bitches." Saroyan knew well that the "big ideas" of globalists and their "Kumbaya, Forgive Turks" narrative are the Ideas of Sons of Bitches.

"In 1920, the largest orphanage in the world was in Gyumri, where there were more than 20,000 Armenian orphans whose parents had been killed by the Turks in Western Armenia.
These children were rescued from Turkish captivity with a gold coin և rescued by the US authorities և non-governmental organizations.
In 1915-1916, American-French missionaries released 814,000 Armenian children from Turkish captivity and placed them in special orphanages in more than 70 countries around the world. These are the grandparents of the modern Armenian Diaspora in the world. Another 20,000 children were placed in an orphanage in Gyumri.
These are the grandparents of most modern Lennakans. And about 360,000 more Armenian children remained in Turkish captivity. They were converted to Islam, given Turkish names and banned from remembering their Armenian parents. Now they have several million descendants in Turkey, who are officially considered "Turks" and "Kurds". These are the so-called "crypto-Armenians".
This topic is forbidden in Turkey. However, modern technologies (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.) make it possible to transmit this truth to all mankind. Today we have the opportunity to show the whole world archival photos and documents. The time has come for the rebirth of our nation. And it depends on our right actions. It is time to put an end to lies, hypocrisy and evil. We must bear the truth and goodness. Because the truth is on our Armenian side."

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