Mike Hoare or What 50 Whitemen Can Do

Source: https://t.me/SouthAfricaReports/1836

by: South Africa Reports | Published: August 11, 2020

The legendary Mike Hoare, veteran and mercenary, with the help of a few men from Durban, South Africa and Rhodesia attempted to overthrow Albert Rene's communist government in the Seychelles, 1981.

"Mad Mike" Hoare and his middle-aged mercenaries flew to the Seychelles under the name of a rugby team, Ye Ancient Order of Froth-Blowers, with a Royal Swazi F-28, dressed in tracksuits and denim pants. At the airport, a gunfight broke out after one of the airport security personnel accidentally discovered a concealed weapon in one of the bags.

Hoare and his mercenaries occupied the airport for several hours and gained access to the control tower, while a second group continued fighting in the mountains around Pointe Laroue.

Meanwhile, the Seychelles government organised the active military guard to retake the airport. With the sudden influx of soldiers, Hoare decided the best route would be to get out of there.

They hijacked an Air India plane and forced the pilot to fly them back to Durban after refuelling.

The coup was ultimately unsuccessful, but despite them being heavily outnumbered they managed to put up a big fight against an active army for about 8 hours.

That was 50 White men. Imagine what you could do with 100 men, let alone 1 000. Don't underestimate the level of violence that you could use to your advantage.

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