[Manifesto] Civil War, Balkanization and secessionist ethnostate : 'Project Burgundy' as a new French Revolution

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By: https://www.T.me/GalliaDaily | Published: September 03, 2020

Discover the manifesto of the French far right which foresees the racial balkanization of the country and the formation of secessionist ethno-state serving as a sanctuary for Europeans.

Disclaimer: this article has been translated for information purposes by Gallia Daily, a french media publishing in English.

The comments made in this article do not represent the position of Gallia Daily.

Context: Democratie Participative (or / DemPart /) is a satirical website with a major influence in the French far right. Delivering both humorous articles and in-depth analysis, this site has gained national fame by trying to rehabilitate the National Socialist doctrine or by claiming to bring France out of "the moral matrix of World War II", which would act as the prison of the European peoples.

As a result, the site (which is one of the most visited political sites in France) was banned by government order.

This very controversial site is therefore a kind laboratory of ideas and acts as the vanguard of the French far right. Here, this article demonstrates how the far right, in Europe and especially in France, is entering a post-national logic, where civil war, balkanization of the territory and secession are seen as the major events to come and to prepare for. This marks a profound break with the former nationalist right-wingers.

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Creating a white ethno-state in France... What an idea !

It would have seemed totally absurd 5 years ago. The fact that it resonates with a certain number of people reflects the progressive awareness of the historical upheavals we are experiencing.

Naturally, it will provoke very strong opposition, from the far left to the far right. But who cares ?

We need a concrete horizon for French and European nationalists, a horizon that is capable of reviving hope in our peoples, a horizon that they know they can reach if they dare.

Europeans living in the ethnostate of Burgundy

Of course, this idea will still be derided for a while, but it is not important. What is important is to anticipate what will happen between now and the middle of this century, and even more so at the end of the 21st century.

The demographic outlook in France is irrefutable: whites will be in the minority by about 2060. Mass immigration, white denatality, non-european supernatality, emigration of native French due to lack of economic opportunity, mix-racing… these are all systemic phenomena that will produce perfectly predictable effects.

Entire cities and departments will be overturned well before the middle of the century. Or have already fallen over, as in Seine-Saint-Denis.

All this will lead to upheavals unprecedented in the history of France and Europe. To this must be added the inevitable financial bankruptcy of the French state under the weight of debts and pensions.

Non-european newborn babies in France, 2016 (AFDPHE)

Faced with such a radically new situation, radically new solutions are needed.

The situation in France is too serious for us to have time to waste by voting again for civic nationalists like Le Pen et al...

The most clever french politicians, like Macron, understood everything that is written in this manifesto. They talk incessantly and more and more about the current problem, the risk that threatens France: "separatism" and « secessionism ». The separatism of immigrants on the one hand, and of whites on the other.

The French elites denounce this phenomenon: because the leftist bourgeoisie of the cities fear being caught in a pincer between these two beligerents. And the elites are right to fear this eventuality. They put their finger on a fundamental strategic problem of France today: yes, the fate of our country will be similar to the fate of Yugoslavia, South Africa or Lebanon.

A breakup. A balkanization.

Political map of France : Purple : liberals //// Grey : nationalists

And the french elites are faced with this paradox: our leaders would like to avoid this violent break-up, but at the same time they want to be able to continue to import and provide social assistance to the millions of immigrants from Africa, for moral reasons (anti-racism, ethno-masochism) and economical ones (immigrants are a cheap labor force).

They want their cake and eat it too: they want to continue importing immigrants while avoiding balkanization.

This nothing more than squaring the circle. It is a paradox. A logical impossibility.

France will explode.

Therefore, it is time for French nationalists to work on concrete solutions.

The Yellow Vest movement, November 2018 : a prologue to the french Balkanization


This is why today we want to present French and Europeans, with the embryo of a project that is destined to be realized in the future.

Project Burgundy.

We are talking about the de facto dissolution of the French nation-state and the advent of one (or several) white ethnostate on French territory with the vocation of replacing the bankrupt French Republic, to provide french (and europeans) with a place to live and thrive.

An ethno-state of this type would aim to remedy the fundamental question of the vital space that a race needs to live and prosper.

Of course you will always have people who will want to believe these stories of "one and indivisible France", of "mixed and inclusive France". But there is no need to get intoxicated with these reactionary and retrograde, utopian and counterproductive Hebrew stupidities.

The recent racial riots in France following the death of black porn actor George Floyd demonstrate that the borders of democratic states no longer have any kind of meaning, since the globalist supremacy knows no geographical limits. This is an international struggle.

For those whites who are somewhat in tune with reality, the only viable option is to build a white state in post-French France. Create a white French enclave within the African French state.

This is, at the very least, an unavoidable defensive solution.

Yes, this project is an absolute rupture with French nationalism, which has always conceived of France as a unified, indissoluble and indivisible territory: we went to war with Italy to retake Savoy, with Spain for Roussillon, with England for Normandy, with Germany for Alsace…

But the urgency is such that we have to imagine emergency plans, and in the short term France as an integral entity will not be able to survive the African pressure and the ensuing break-up.

This is no longer about «saving France». It is a question of saving a few French people, by sanctuarizing a territory. An enclave from which, in the long term, a military, cultural, territorial and racial reconquest of the entire country can begin again.

A nation is its people. If we save enough frenchmen and frenchwomen, France will survive. Because the french blood and culture will be alive.

The key of all this plan is in the political momentum.

This project of secession seems unimaginable. But under the terms of serious political turmoil in France, this project could well come to fruition. And if at the heart of these historical convulsions our ethno-state were to emerge, it would be able to purge itself from within and then hold in respect the low humanity that would surround it, while carrying out a patient work of state-building. Our republic would then have no difficulty in magnetizing the quality white material of the surrounding regions.

And from there, thanks to this enclave and the outposts of white resistance, it would be possible to stabilize the political-racial situation and then use this state as an offensive base.

Of course, you will have people who will state the long list of obstacles to discourage any revolutionary enterprise. It must be reaffirmed from the outset that only the will is important. We must be ready to think the unthinkable.

A secessionist white republic is in many ways far more realistic than believing that a France populated by Congolese, Algerians and gypsies, supervised by transgender Jews, could be viable for Whites or even just functional.

We must therefore begin to think of solutions to our deleterious situation, without setting limits and without allowing ourselves to be locked into the political models of the past (nation-state, democracy, parliamentarism).

Hence this great project that we propose: the White Secessionist Republic of Burgundy. It is at once a project, a concept, an ideal, an idea, a political theory, a state model. It is our future.

Great Seal of the White Republic of Burgundy


The location of this territory and this sanctuary is the first question to ask. The debate is open. Here we are talking about a White Republic of Burgundy. It is indeed a viable project for the reasons we will express. But in the long term, a multitude of ethno-states cooperating together could see the light of day on French soil. The White Republic of Burgundy is only the first of them, and serves as an example.

Why Burgundy? We are particularly sensitive to the need for borders with neighboring states such as Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany. These are neighbors that will allow our our state to develop.

In grey : France /// In red : the White Republic of Burgundy

See the map, you will notice that this territory is not limited to Burgundy strictly speaking'. Lorraine, Alsace and Savoy were added. Belgians have also proposed to associate Belgian Luxembourg, as far as Bouillon, to this project of a racial state.

There is a strong ethno-autonomistic feeling in Alsace-Moselle and it is possible that Alsatians and Moselle people will protest against this Burgundian project. What we should say to them and other grassroots regionalists, is that our White Republic would offer Alsace liberties that are out of all proportion to what the Judeo-African republic located in Paris can offers. The same goes for Savoy, whose state history should not be overlooked.

Jura mountains, in the White Republic of Burgundy

The White Republic of Burgundy would be bigger than England and would have around 12 million inhabitants, more than all Scandinavian countries combined. As we said, it would occupy a strategic space with numerous outlets towards Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Access to the Rhine is particularly important, which makes Alsace's participation in such a project essential. Its surface area is considerable, but Burgundy region, as Franche Comté or Savoy have a fairly low population density, so there is a lot of land available.

Typical landscape of the White Republic of Burgundy

Geographically, the territory of this state is composed of mountains (Alps, Jura), large impenetrable forests, plenty of very fertile plains (known to produce the best wine in the world), hills for cattle, several rivers and lakes offering possibilities of water and electricity supply.

The choice of a territory for our ethnostate is naturally open to debate.

Typical town in the White Republic of Burgundy

It goes without saying that all the current territory of Burgundy will not be totaly savable. Ethnically replaced cities like Dijon will have to be ethnically purged of the dregs that were imported there. But this is not really a problem. What matters is to bring together white people who are aware of who they are and what they need to do to ensure their survival as a group.

And that’s what also makes possible the rebirth of Burgundy as a state, in addition to its historical foundations, is that it once existed as a real state : Burgundy already has already an identity.

We already have a flag.

Cross of Burgundy : historical flag of the Duchy of Burgundy

And we also already have a government palace

Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, in Dijon

This concept of the White Republic of Burgundy, can exert a powerful force of attraction on spirits seeking a North Star in the current night. And the imagination is a crucial element in mobilizing people.

We are not unaware that a state of Burgundy was Léon Degrelle's project. Degrelle himself was looking for a great historical myth that would bring the Belgians and French out of their inferiority complex in the face of their powerful neighbors, including Germans.

Thus, in the short term, the Burgundy Project must already advance into the collective psyche and inflame the imagination of those who are likely to be receptive to it. The Idea of a racist Republic of Burgundy, the first free white state in Europe in struggle for racial reconquest : this is a cause worth fighting for.

It is simply necessary to give concrete and tangible form to white secessionism, an object on which it can be permanently fixed. An image. A myth. A dream.

This does not rule out the possibility of other white republics on French or European territory. All this is still very new, but we have to start somewhere.

This Burgundian movement has real potential. Much greater than that of the leftist autonomous zones like Seattle.

Flag of the Cross of Burgundy mixed with the Confederate Flag


French and European nationalists who support the idea are of course wondering how to get started. It won't be a path of roses, everyone is aware of this, but we prefer to point it out right away.

Secessionism, especially if it is racially motivated, will not be identified as an innocuous initiative by the regime. The regime will immediately identify any attempt of secession as a systemic threat.

BUT, it must be understood here that such a project, even before it comes to fruition, would be enough to cause the collapse of the French republic. Just like Communist Yugoslavia once collapsed under the weight of ethnic and religious centrifugal forces.

Such a perspective would plunge our elites into terror.

For if France collapsed, the entire EU and then the entire Western European bloc would undoubtedly collapse. The Balkanization of France, the pivotal and central state of Europe (and therefore of the world), would have the effect of opening a voracious black hole that would definitively suck in all the leftist democracies that emerged from the Nuremberg Trials.

This project is not insignificant. It is a sign of the liberation of France and, by extension, of Europe.


1) Propaganda : spreading the myth

 The first task of the Burgundian movement is to make the Burgundian idea known as a separatist idea and to invite the creation of other white republics (the hypothesis of a federation of white republics needs to be studied). We must therefore focus on it so that the last white man in France and Europe will be exposed to our secessionist idea at some point. Hammer this idea until it becomes known to the general public.

Its media potential is enormous as the project is so explosive. Faced with the inevitable torrent of Hebrew bile that we will receive from the Lugenpress, we will obviously be entitled to the evocation of "Nazi mysticism". This is one of the reasons why we have chosen Burgundy: the myth already exists in a latent state, it is enough to feed it to give it life and astound the spirits.

French and Belgians volunteers swearing oath to the Waffen-SS

Even if the matter is serious, it must be as entertaining and captivating, using memes, imagery, videos, pictures, humor, beauty...

No one today expects such a movement to occur. A movement that has nothing to do with the usual regionalism (independist usually being Marxist and Third Worldist).

Project Burgundy is a political UFO in european and french politics.

In order to spread the idea, one needs an easily reproducible symbol to represent it, even on the walls. Slogans, memes, pictures are also needed. Do your part.

Some people ask for signs of recognition. If they are discreet, it is a possibility. Pins with the Croix de Bourgogne are commercially available, as are flags, all this on mainstream sites like Amazon.

2) Organising

To spread the idea, you need an instrument dedicated to propaganda. This is where the organization begins. Initiatives must be proposed by everyone and everywhere. Both in France and the rest of Europe. And of course, all of this independently of any existing political movement. A multitude of independent cells are needed, all feeding this project.

The creation of an official organization is a possibility, but it implies that it should limit its initiatives to what the law of the regime allows. This is by definition very limiting. Police surveillance is automatically added. The police like nothing better than being able to file and infiltrate.

Whereas, a discreet network can already act asymmetrically (non-violently, that goes without saying) to advance the idea.

The philosophy of the project is to proceed with discretion. The key to successful implementations is never to unfurl banners or engage in any provocative action that might attract the enemy's attention. Like the Werewolf of WW2. This is not traditional political activism, but to give a healthy and serene future to the future white generations in this sanctuary, and to makes those who live there happy.

3) Creation of a common history

History of the Dukes of Burgundy (YouTube)

4) Colonization

This term may seem inappropriate: the French cannot "colonize" their own land. But everyone will understand that it is a description of the settlement of whites on the territory of the white state of Burgundy.

It is already possible to call Native French to settle in the future state. Especially those seeking to flee the large racially devastated cities. When you think about leaving the city, if you don't know where to go, then pick Burgundy ! It must be a reflex for everybody now.

Without necessarily being easy for everyone, such a settlement is much easier for a Frenchman than for a Jew who wants to make aliyah in Israel or an American who want to go back to Ireland. This geographical transition is almost painless for a native Frenchman, and still very easy for any other European.

"HOMELAND", propaganda poster

5) Participating in elections

It goes without saying that our project is not democratic in the left wing way. But in the medium term, participating in elections for reasons of pure propaganda could prove very useful.

Since our project is racist and secessionist, the regime would legally prevent any electoral participation that explicitly evokes the fundamental goals of a white republic of Burgundy. But once again, electoral unrest offers a real advantage in terms of propaganda : in the word «bad buzz» there is still the word «buzz». And a secessionist party running in european election or national ones could trigger a chain reaction.


Once the project is known to everyone and on track, all we have to do is wait: wait for France to explode.

French Commandos, 1950s

CONCLUSION : What to avoid

Some people will want immediate answers and complex plans, but that's not usually how things work in politics. It requires a great deal of flexibility, an ability to adapt and invent. You also need to remain very minimalist in your approach to a problem and avoid getting bogged down in the search for sophisticated answers.

The idea remains simple and must be promoted simply: a white republic created by and for whites on part of the current French territory.

The racial pressure induced by extra-European immigration will carry 90% of the project. We have nothing to worry about. People will come to us, asking to be saved, asking for a safe place to stay, etc...

Even if the project fails, at the very least, it will still be able to create a common myth and a racial community awareness in France and Europe. Even if this project does not see the light of day as such, it will nourish minds and force everyone to mourn France as a nation, to finally enter into the post-national dimension, in a dynamic of imminent balkanization and therefore in a pre-insurgency organization mode...

Oppositions or demoralizers must not be taken into account. Assume that you will be insulted as you are already insulted every day. Only the reason for the insults will change.

There will by definition be extremely strong opposition from all sides. But the idea is self-sufficient in itself and does not need to be validated by our opponents to exist. We only need to believe.

We must not cultivate what divides but what unites. If a secondary issue divides, it must be ignored. Unite.

We must not begin by telling ourselves what cannot be done but, on the contrary, what can be done. Act.

The future is coming.

"White man, raise your flag !" | Republic of Burgundy

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