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The significance, importance and effects of martyrs on religious or secular power systems and on revolutionary movements has always been known and exploited by the tyrants of Church and State.

Indeed, when the tyrants had no true martyrs they created them. A Roman general on his way to crush a revolt in Palestine nearly 2,000 years ago remarked that it was strange, since Jews wrote the laws of Rome. As Bob Miles used to say, "Thieves have power struggles amongst themselves." In the end, however, the victims are made into martyrs for the greater conspiracy.

The Judeo-Christians, ever eager to emulate their Jewish masters, perfected the art of creative and false martyrdom. With the possible exception of America, the religion from Rome has been the greatest mass murder and torture machine ever inflicted on the White Aryan race. The numbers killed, tortured and enslaved in religious wars, inquisitions and power struggles boggles the mind. Bodies torn apart on the rack, tongues torn out, molten lead poured down throats, eyes gouged out, boys castrated in Vatican choirs, and on and on. The Protestant offspring of the Roman whore, with their burning at the stake of witches, heretics and non-conformists, were no better. Yet in monstrous hypocrisy the Christians sing the praises of their fictitious martyrs.

Robert Jay Mathews, of whom we shall speak more, was a real, flesh and blood man who sacrificed his life in the pain of being burned alive in Federal flames, because he loved his people. Even if the motive force of the universe had turned itself into a mortal man(Jesus) in order to have himself killed by mortal men, in order to keep himself from turning men into hot dogs at a divine and eternal weenie roast(hell), the sacrifice would not exceed that of Bob Mathews's. And to equate allegory with reality is suicidal. But the point I am making is that wise men understand the power of martyrdom. It is the blood of martyrs that stirs an oppressed people. We must honor above all things those who have given their lives or freedom for the preservation of the folk. If we fail to honor the memory of our heroes, then we are miserable ingrates who rightfully perish in the Zionist New World Order.

It is, of course, impossible to know the names of even a small percentage of our honorable ancestors. The 4,500 unarmed Wotanists murdered on the banks of the Elbe by Charlemagne's insane Christian army, for example, the millions who died on the Eastern Front, the million starved to death in Eisenhower's POW death camps, the children fighting to the last in the rubble of Berlin, the soldiers of the Southern States in Confederate Grey, the women and children burned alive in Dresden and Hamburg are among the unnamed. They must not be forgotten. Still the folk are moved by the exploits of individuals with whom they can identify or whose deeds were exceptionally heroic. So here we shall pay homage to a few we all know.

First and foremost in America, in my opinion, we must remember Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and Bruders Schweigen leader Robert Jay Mathews. Overseas, no man ever symbolized better the qualities of loyalty, honor and eternal courage than the martyr for peace, Rudolf Hess.

Among billions of mortals who have inhabited the earth the last few thousand years, providence has seen fit to send among us only a very few of those divinely inspired and selfless individuals who stand resolutely against the tide of decay, decadence and death. Such men are identified by their courage, by uncompromising integrity, by ability, by willingness to sacrifice and by perseverance.

All these qualities we see in Commander Rockwell. Although blessed with talents as an artist, writer and speaker who could have prospered mightily within the system, he sacrificed all for integrity and the preservation of his people. He came to us at one of those junctures in history when a last chance was evidenced, the last small chance that a man of tremendous charisma, determination and talent might establish a political movement for the preservation of the White Aryan race. Commander Rockwell's dreams and his life were snuffed out by a vile and treasonous assassin named John Patler in August of 1967. May the name Rockwell be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

Some 16 years after the murder of Commander Rockwell another true hero of the folk rose up to keep the flame of resistance to genocide burning. His name was Robert Jay Mathews. By this time in America and in most of the once White nations it was self evident to all White men of integrity that there were no possible peaceful solutions available to stop the Judeo-American, Judeo-Christian murder of the White race. A guerrilla army in conjunction with migration, plunder and destruction of the Zionist Occupation Government's various organs of power were the only remaining options in the struggle for our racial survival. Of course, that is even more true today, although the cowards of the C.R.A.P.(Christian Rightwing American Patriots) continue to deny reality and to honor the institutions of our executioners. Robert Mathews was the absolute epitome of purity of purpose, integrity, courage and determination. When he formed the Bruders Schweigen on the Pagan holiday of the Autumnal Equinox in 1983, he estimated he would live a year before dying in battle with Zionist Federal murderers of his race. Yet he marched to his fate with unwavering courage. On December 8, 1984 Bob was murdered, burned alive by Federal cowards and traitors. May the name Mathews be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

Rudolf Hess must rightfully be honored as a martyr among martyrs. He was a greater influence in the Third Reich than most know. Some say he was even the major writer of Mein Kampf, although graciously allowing all credit to go to Adolf Hitler. Over nearly a half century of unjustified imprisonment, much of it in solitary confinement, Hess never betrayed his race, or his leader or his comrades. His attempt to bring peace between the then Aryan countries of Germany and Britain ran counter to the Zionist aim of genocide through fratricidal war. So, he was hated with passion by the world's talmudic rulers. Finally, as an old man he was severely beaten and hanged in his solitary prison, as a final act of cruelty. May the name Hess be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

Certainly those of us who have long been active in resistance to the Zionist murder of the White race cannot forget the saga of Gordon Kahl and his family. Gordon was a World War 2 veteran who, like so many others, once thought he served a noble cause. When he later became aware that America was a Zionist conspiracy to destroy the White race he began to teach against the income tax, evidently realizing that we are ruled and destroyed by the tax money extorted from our folk. One thing led to another and eventually there was an armed confrontation, as several Feds shot and wounded Gordon's son Yorie, Gordon shot back, killing two of the treacherous ambushers. Yorie, for the crime of being a Federal assassination target and surviving, spends his life in prison, while Gordon was hunted down and murdered by the Federals. Ever since, Gordon's courageous widow, Joan, has been attempting to secure justice and the release of her son. The Kahl saga is one that should sadden and infuriate us all. May the name Kahl be reverenced as long as the Aryan race lives!

The best known, and deservedly so, woman martyr in America is Vicki Weaver. Even the FBI psychological profile reportedly stated that she was the pillar of strength in the Weaver family. Recent events would seem to indicate the profile was correct, since her widower has not avenged her death. Even worse, he appears to have adopted the defeatist and suicidal party line of the C.R.A.P., that there are peaceful solutions. At any rate, the Weavers were White separatists who wished to live in the wilderness of North Idaho, as far as possible from the Federal race mixing programs, so they were picked as easy targets by the Federal integration police. The Federal assassins first murdered Vicki's 14 year old son by shooting him in the back. Then, they blew Vicki's head off while she held her infant daughter in her arms. In case any of you still think there is mercy or justice in the hearts of Federals, this should be the final step necessary to disabuse you; it is a foolish notion. Police are mercenaries and they serve for paychecks. They are always the enemy of freedom-lovers under oppressive governments.

Regrettably it is impossible to list all the martyrs of recent years, but there are a few names more which must not gounmentioned. Joe Tommassi, founder of the National Socialist Liberation Front, was assassinated in 1975. Joe was among the first to face the reality that there was no peaceful solution. Kathy Ainsworth, a pregnant, White activist was assassinated by the FBI. John Singer, Arthur Kirk, Joe Rowan and Eric Hanson must not be forgotten.

Remember always, these are not fictitious or artificially created martyrs. These were real people, true heroes of your race, who gave their all for a future for your children. They should be held in reverence and awe. Their names should be on the lips and in the minds of our children. They provide strength in death, just as they did in life. They valued freedom and Nature's highest law, the preservation of one's own kind, more than life itself. We must collectively follow their example or our race, not unlike the dinosaur, will find extinction an inescapable reality.

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