Final Words On Covid-19 Pandemic


by: Mark Sircus | Published: September-October 2020

Part One - Masks and Lockdown (September 29, 2020)

There is no objective scientific research to back the harsh reactions of international health officials to COVID-19.

But like dumb cows, we are being herded into the continuing drama of the pandemic...

The latest intentional scare:

  • Warnings that the U.S. could be heading for a catastrophic health crisis have become urgent...

Most pandemic models predict a surge starting in the fall and worsening into the winter that could rival or even surpass the worst days of the spring.

One well-regarded forecast sees a "most likely" scenario of more than 3,000 deaths a day in December and nearly 400,000 cumulative coronavirus-related deaths by the end of the year.

So far, everything they said about deaths has been a gross exaggeration, but they enjoy scaring us with predictions that end up not having a thread of truth.

The COVID lockdown continues to take its toll on humanity, with children's hospitals seeing alarming rises in suicide patients.

This is tragic and heartbreaking, but,

...couldn't care less about the human misery they are causing.

Even more alarming, the proportion of American children who sometimes do not have enough to eat is now as much as 14 times higher than last year.

In Syria alone, an additional 700,000 children in Syria face hunger because of the country's badly damaged economy and the impact of coronavirus restrictions, an international aid group warned.

Around the world, the story is much the same. People, politicians, and health officials who support the lockdowns are responsible for large scale human suffering and death and should be held accountable for what is happening.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said about the million deaths,

"It's a mind-numbing figure.
Yet we must never lose sight of each and every individual life. They were fathers and mothers, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues."

Why did they lockdown, and continue to lockdown in some areas, when the pandemic ended up being nothing more than a deadly flu season?

They are continuing their scare tactics with reports of almost a million deaths but how they counted those deaths is highly suspect.

The question of this century,

is there a medical reason to destroy the world via lockdowns...?

If you get infected, your chances, according to the CDC, of surviving are as follows:

Age GroupProbability of Survival

These are the real chances of dying if you are infected with COVID-19, according to new numbers from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  • 1 out of 34,000 for ages 0 to 19
  • 1 out of 5,000 for ages 20 to 49
  • 1 out of 200 for ages 50 to 69
  • 1 out of 20 for ages 70 and up

Over the course of six months, the United States, as well as the entire world, has succeeded in bringing itself to its knees, economically, socially, and politically for no real medical reason at all...

Death rates have bottomed out but do not tell that to particular groups of politicians who have gone rabid with power and control issues. They should be in permanent lockdown, not healthy people.

The Wuhan coronavirus has been very deadly to people over the age of 70, more deadly than the flu for people over 50. However, for those under 50, COVID-19 has virtually zero death risk.

A widely circulated scientific study reported that Covid-19 causes long-term heart problems. Not true...

Its authors have been forced to issue major corrections after they wildly miscalculated the risk. Everything about this pandemic has been overdone.

Estimates of COVID's lethality have been dropping regularly.

In March, when most of the nation went into lockdown, Dr. Anthony Fauci estimated the mortality rate at about 2%, and the World Health Organization pegged it at about 3.4%.

Those earlier numbers, which were far more frightening, got extensive press coverage.

Very little media attention, however, has gone toward the new numbers, which tell us that we have allowed a select group of officials to suicide our present civilization.

Remember the original storyline?

No treatment, no vaccine, and vastly overestimated death expectations.

The truth is that many medicines do exist, natural and pharmaceutical.

No vaccine is needed because only getting more sun, as Dr. Fauci is now recommending, plunges the death rate.

So do steroids used for asthma patients, and medicine used for malaria when used with antibiotics and zinc.

People do not die from COVID if they have enough vitamin D in their blood!

Even gargling with iodine does the virus in.

So lockdowns were utterly wrong and cruel.

COVID-19 patients who get enough vitamin D are 52% less likely to die of the infection, study finds.

Boston University's Dr. Michael Holick found in his previous research that people who have enough vitamin D are 54 percent less likely to catch coronavirus in the first place.

With the world now reported to have passed the million mark of COVID deaths, at least half of those deaths could have been avoided if proper treatments and the sun was employed instead of subjecting populations to lockdowns and masks.

The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus this year is now double the number of people who die annually from malaria and about double the number of global deaths from influenza.

Soon, they might have an unneeded vaccine, but half of all Americans have said they will not take the shot. That means it will not work.

No herd immunity is possible at low vaccination rates.

Are they going to force a hundred and fifty million Americans to take a vaccine with dubious safety and effectiveness ratings?

A majority of Republicans say they definitely or probably would not get the Covid-19 vaccine if it were available today, according to a new poll.

The British Empire Strikes At Its Own

Britain under Boris Johnson is introducing a Tracing APP, which may soon become mandatory.


every time you are out and went to a restaurant, and one person shows up with an infection; you are supposed to quarantine for two weeks.
You step out the door and pass someone else; you must quarantine for two weeks.

There is no way this is justified with a virus that was man-made and is no more deadly than the flu.

"Boris's new COVID restrictions are unscientific mumbo jumbo and an exercise in futility that will wreak havoc on millions," writes R.T. News.

The British public is much better informed about COVID, much less stupid than in March.

They will not countenance another lockdown imposed by politicians who have mishandled the pandemic at every turn.

A looming second lockdown in the U.K., as part of the Government's haphazard approach to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, is destined to fail for one reason:

"the revered 'Blitz spirit' that we're all in this together has vanished. Now it's everyone for themselves."

After seven months of the pandemic, not only a viral one but a political, financial, economic, and personal one, it is time to take stock of where we are and where we are going.

We have many intelligent people and doctors who have weighed in on different aspects of the pandemic:

  • it is only a matter of listening to what they say to come to the truth about what health officials are doing that has brought humanity to its knees...
  • We can always divide the world into those who are willing to listen and those who are only interested in listening to themselves and all those who agree with them.

At this point in history, many of our lives might depend on our ability to listen.

It is a pity that we did not come to a consensus before we let health officials instigate the takedown of human activity.

Did we collectively lose our minds?

Or are we that submissive or so conditioned by propaganda that we cannot see the forest for the trees?

Hundreds of doctors in Europe have signed an open letter urging politicians to end the lockdowns...

"The current crisis management has become disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.
We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and all our civil liberties."

So far the letter has been signed by 435 medical doctors, 1,439 medically trained health professionals, and 9,901 citizens.

The mainstream narrative is corrupt, a strange scam that does not listen, does not incorporate input from anyone but its self-perpetuating self. It is under the total control of corporate interests that own the media lock stock and barrel.

We hear what a very small group of controllers want us to hear and read. Thus they inflict maximum damage on the human race while we allow their stratospheric arrogance to rule supreme.

Mike Whitney writes,

"When someone lies to your face relentlessly, repeatedly and shamelessly, they are expressing their loathing for you."

This describes the people at the top perfectly...

He also asks:

"Which party has imposed the most brutal, economy-eviscerating lockdowns and the most punitive mask mandates, while steadily ratcheting up the fearmongering at every opportunity?
Which states suffered the most catastrophic economic damage due in large part to the edicts issued by their Democrat governors?
Which party is using a public health emergency to advance the global "Reset" agenda announced at the World Economic Forum (WEF)?
Which party is using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs (in the US), roll-back basic civil liberties, and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street bankers, Silicon Valley technocrats, and Davos elites?
Which party...?"

No one would have guessed that COVID would be the first political virus in history...

Each day, in "COVID panic land," statements are issued that are never seemingly challenged, or even questioned, or even unpacked, or even "quizzed" for minimal coherence.

That spells politics...

Some politicians are recovering their senses.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week formally lifted all statewide COVID-19 restrictions in the Sunshine State, promising residents that his office would pursue no lockdowns as it moves forward in managing the coronavirus pandemic there.


Though no one I know doubts that there is a virus, many medical doctors have described the coronavirus pandemic as a hoax...

Many have delineated how politicians and drug-industry tycoons have used it to make the rest of us victims of the greatest crime in history.

  • Billionaires' wealth increased by 845 billion during the first six months of the pandemic.
  • Because of this crime, we are entering a time when the major systems that have supported humanity are beginning to fail - threatening a collapse of organized life.
  • The virus is nothing compared to what is coming and the deaths from starvation.
  • The United Nations is already warning that hundreds of millions are at risk.
  • The pandemic is pricking the bubble of modern civilization.

Doug Casey says about America,

"We are heading for the double whammy of a political crisis and a thundering financial breakdown at the same time. This perfect storm will gravely impact the personal liberty and financial security of EVERYONE."

Part 2 Sweden, Pennsylvania, South Dakota & Denmark - Standing Against The Narrative (October 02, 2020)

Before we look at those places around the world with soft approaches to the pandemic, and the successes they have had, everyone needs to know that the pandemic has taken on a shroud of fantasy.

Its an illusion, many say, a scam even though the virus is real, though probably man-made.

We still hear panic coming from many health officials and politicians. Yet, death rates have flatlined, reports of astronomical false positives are in, and if you have lots of vitamin D in your bloodstream, the chances of dying are almost zero.

Only six percent die from the virus alone...

The rest died from usually more than one precondition leading older people to their death beds within the year anyway. Yet there is nothing but hysteria fueling the mad and desperate race for vaccines that are already proving to sport serious side-effects in test subjects.

Participants in two leading coronavirus vaccine trials told CNBC that they are experiencing high fever, body aches, bad headaches, day-long exhaustion, and other symptoms after receiving the shots.

Luke Hutchison, a 44-year-old computational biologist in Utah, said he was bed-bound with a fever of over 101, shakes, chills, a pounding headache, and shortness of breath after receiving his second dose in Moderna's phase three trial.

Another participant, testing Pfizer's candidate, similarly woke up with chills, shaking so hard he cracked a tooth after taking the second dose.

"Are people to be left to die...?"

Vaccine pleas fill the most recent U.N. summit. Hysteria pure and simple!

Perhaps they should be questioning how many people are going to die or be permanently injured, vaccinating billions with a rush job vaccine.

Though increased testing, most of which are fraudulent, authorities are continuing to report new "cases" in a way that favors continued pandemic restrictions of endless mask-wearing, physical distancing, and in some cases, lockdowns.

Only 0.2 percent of people who test positive for COVID-19 end up dying at some point after being diagnosed.

This 99.8 percent survival rate is significantly higher than the one proposed by Fauci back in March and April when he falsely claimed that upwards of 6 percent of COVID-19 patients would die from the virus - meaning Fauci incorrectly claimed that the novel virus was 20 to 30 times more deadly than it is.

That seems like a crime against humanity, at least against the American people.

The American Institute for Economic Research writes,

"What has remained a mystery is how it is that so many governments in so many different places on earth could have adopted the same or very similar preposterous policies, no matter the threat level of the virus, and without firm evidence that interventions had any hope of being effective.
In the course of two weeks, traditional freedoms were zapped away in nearly all developed countries. In a seriously bizarre twist, even the silliest policies replicated themselves like a virus in country after country."

Sweden, Pennsylvania, South Dakota & Demark Against The Narrative

What is interesting to study are the countries and states that have not followed in lock-step with lockdowns and mask-wearing.

A Federal Judge recently ruled Pennsylvania Governor's shutdown orders are unconstitutional!

This strikes down Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's virus restrictions that required people to stay at home, put limits on gatherings, and ordered "non-life-sustaining" businesses to remain shut down.

One can only imagine, at least in the United States, that there will eventually be a wave of lawsuits since politicians and public health officials do not have immunity like the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines do.

Entire societies are "being played" by those in power.

Health officials need to keep the fear factor going for that is all they have going for them as death rates plummet even though infection rates are going up as they test more and more people.

What they do not want us to dwell on is the success of countries like Sweden, who controlled the virus without all the lockdown violence health officials have been advocating.

Sweden's Approach Debunks the Hysteria

An emergency physician working in Sweden, Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, has a lot to say about what happened in Sweden.

The governments, press, the WHO, the U.N., and all those hiding in COVID fear do not want to study and listen to the medical wisdom that is coming from this or any other doctor who is not stuck down by the mainstream narrative that seems to have no central source

Dr. Rushworth said:

"Sweden never went into full lockdown. Instead, the country imposed a partial lockdown that was almost entirely voluntary.
People with office jobs were recommended to work from home, and people in general were recommended to avoid public transport unless necessary.
Those who were over seventy years old, or who had serious underlying conditions, were recommended to limit social contacts.
The only forcible restriction imposed by the government from the start was a requirement that people not gather in groups of more than fifty at a time.
After it became clear that COVID was above all dangerous to people in nursing homes, an additional restriction was placed on nursing home visits.
At no time has there been any requirement on people to wear face masks in public. Restaurants, cafés, hairdressers, and shops have stayed open throughout the pandemic.
Pre-schools and schools for children up to the age of sixteen have stayed open, while schools for children ages sixteen to nineteen switched to distance learning."

As the rest of Europe and the world remains under the grip of draconian rules and the threat of new lockdowns, Sweden, which allowed its citizens to remain free throughout the entire pandemic, has pretty much declared victory over the coronavirus.

The country now has one of the lowest infection rates on the planet, and it is difficult not to admire how it has handled the past year, with no strict lockdown or compulsory face mask rules.

"Sweden has gone from being the country with the most infections in Europe to the safest one," Sweden's senior epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell commented to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The most up to date data show that Sweden is being spared the ongoing European surge as coronavirus infections, which are staying low when everyone else's is going up.

'Pandemic fatigue' leads to a resurgence of coronavirus in Europe where cases recently hit new records in France and Spain.

Sweden's chief epidemiologist puts their low number of cases down to their light-touch 'sustainable' approach. Sweden's success is kryptonite for lockdown and mask advocates.

So threatened by Sweden, the mainstream narrative has had to attack them repeatedly in their attempt to justify the more aggressive 'Chinese' approach.

An Online Student Attended a Rooftop Party. He Was Reported to N.Y.U. and Suspended Indefinitely. Universities are punishing kids for partying, after cashing their tuition checks, of course.

We keep hearing that there is simply no way to stop this virus without repetitive lockdowns and universal mask mandates.

With extreme policy measures put in place, the politicians and public health officials tell us that we will have to wait for a vaccine to even think about our "new normal" following the COVID-19 pandemic.

England is bracing for its next lockdown and further descent into economic hell.

Sweden shows how unnecessary all of the interventions to "fight" the virus are. Sweden shows us that a rational, evidence-based approach to the pandemic is working quite well.

In Sweden, there are no masks, no lockdown, no vaccine, and, most importantly, no problems like the economy and peoples' lives imploding.

"The whole concept of "lockdowns" is exactly upside down, exactly the wrong way any sane society would respond to this circumstance. It's the vulnerable who should be shielded while nature takes its course among the general population, who should go about life as usual."
Dr. Ron Paul

Life has largely returned to normal in Sweden, and it all happened without the economy-destroying non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) demanded by the "public health expert" class, who guaranteed that chaos would come to every country that disobeyed their commands to hit the self-destruct button for their nations.

It has become clear that Sweden's pandemic strategy is working.

South Dakota's policies echo many of the same values and approaches as Sweden, and both have uncoincidentally experienced positive outcomes.


Denmark boasts one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world.

As of August 4, the Danes have suffered 616 COVID-19 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. That is less than one-third of the number of Danes who die from pneumonia or influenza in a given year.

Danes are not wearing face masks, and local authorities, for the most part, are not even recommending them.

Danish health officials note that there is little conclusive evidence that face masks are an effective way to limit the spread of respiratory viruses.

Despite a global stampede of mask-wearing, data show that 80-90 percent of people in Finland and Holland say they "never" wear masks when they go out, a sharp contrast to the 80-90 percent of people in Spain and Italy who say they "always" wear masks when they go out.


Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology in England, said

"Lockdown was a panic measure and I believe history will say trying to control Covid-19 through lockdown was a monumental mistake on a global scale, the cure was worse than the disease.
I never want to see national lockdown again. It was always a temporary measure that simply delayed the stage of the epidemic we see now.
It was never going to change anything fundamentally, however low we drove down the number of cases, and now we know more about the virus and how to track it, we should not be in this position again.
I suspect right now more people are being harmed by the collateral effects of lockdown than by Covid-19."

Meanwhile, the health minister warns 'hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk if we do not follow the rules.


Chris Martenson, in the above video, says,

"I was very worried about Covid-19 six months ago. Afraid even. Today? Barely worried at all.
This video will take you through the science behind that shift in viewpoint. Very strong data from Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, combined with the powerful protective effect of having sufficient levels of Vitamin D combine to provide what appears to be a very effective approach for managing Covid-19 the disease."

Ron Ross, writing for the American Thinker says,

"A curious but fortunate characteristic of virus epidemics is their limited life spans. No one knows why, but guesses include herd immunity and mutations of the virus."

The ruling class spends billions in resources every year brainwashing its citizens into adopting a zero-dissent hive-mind belief system that completely aligns with their controlling narratives, stating truths that oppose these narratives, by its very nature, will always draw the ire of many.

The truth will calm us and right the wrongs that many are ramming down our throats, yet the truth is the last thing being reported to us.

They say Kennedy was killed by a loner, that titanium engines from the jet that struck the pentagon just disappeared, vanished into another dimension, that the World Trade Towers could come down almost at the speed of gravity because of plane strikes in the upper floors (the towers were designed to withstand such an impact), that it is getting warmer when it is getting colder because of the grand solar minimum we are entering, and the stories "fake news" goes on and on.

People and organizations that are against truth are against God.

For if God is not a reference to the truth, I do not know what is. It is unbelievable but true that there are people with power who do not want us, the people, to see the truth.

What do we call these people but sociopaths?

Bill Gates argues that the only way we can truly eradicate COVID-19 is to vaccinate everyone in every country. He has his own agenda that no one in their right mind would like.

The next installments in this series takes another good look at masks, which make excellent muzzles.

Masks hold the potential to reduce the vitality and health of the billions who are wearing them.

  • Did you know that?
  • Do health officials even warn about such things?

With infection rates soaring and death rates plummeting, despite the hysteria of reaching the million deaths level, it means the threat is receding to a level where we do not need to worry about it anymore.

We have plenty else to worry about!

Part 3 Final Words on Masks (October 06, 2020)

We have to stop that deadly virus that is so incredibly virulent that, according to the CDC, 99.8% of those exposed to it survive.

Wear your masks is the order of the day, but along the way, many, including the Surgeon General of the United States, have said it is a waste of time.

That did not stop Germany from becoming the first country to impose a fine on all non-mask wearers.

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced during a virtual meeting in September with state governors that almost the entire country will be under a 50 Euros minimum ($59) fine for breaching the national mask mandate.

The use of face masks has become a highly politicized issue throughout the pandemic, with some individuals claiming that wearing a mask can negatively impact a person's breathing and put their health at risk.

Others say it is a useless barrier that lets viral particles in and out with ease.

Regardless, the central authorities in our world want you and your children to wear one.

Health officials have gone back and forth on masks, but in general, they like to assure the public that face coverings can safely and effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19 respiratory droplets.

Now, in what might be seen as a desperate move, they are promoting their safety with a study that assesses the changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels trying to put the best face on the dangers of mask-wearing.

In this study, researchers compared the breathing of each individual before and after wearing a surgical mask for thirty minutes that included a six-minute walking test.

At the mark and 30 minutes after the walk, researchers found no significant changes in oxygen saturation or carbon dioxide levels.

This study might fool part of the public, but there are other studies that suggest N95 masks can cause significant hypoxia and hypercapnia that resulted in reductions in blood oxygen.

In one study, researchers examined the blood oxygen levels in 53 surgeons using an oximeter. They measured blood oxygenation before surgery as well as at the end of surgeries.

The researchers found that the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels (pa02) significantly.

  • The longer the duration of wearing the mask, the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels...

It is interesting that the present study only went on for 30 minutes.

  • By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.

"Do your part - Wear a mask"

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended as much since April.

But in the months since, the cloth coverings that muffle voice and fog glasses and soak sweat and serve as a general annoyance have become a part of pandemic politics when it is a medical issue.

Politicians might as well be weighing in on quantum mechanics. It is important to note that until recently, the CDC did not recommend wearing a face mask or covering of any kind unless a person was known to be infected.

There is a difference between the N95 respirator mask and the surgical mask (cloth or paper mask) in terms of side effects.

The N95 mask, which filters out 95% of particles with a median diameter >0.3 µm2, impairs respiratory exchange (breathing) to a greater degree than a soft mask and is more often associated with headaches.

In one such study, researchers surveyed 212 healthcare workers (47 males and 165 females) asking about headaches with N95 mask use, duration of the headaches, type of headaches, and if the person had preexisting headaches.

The pore size of cloth face coverings ranges from ~ 20-100 microns. The COVID virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain-link fence will not keep out a mosquito.

Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety.

"Expanded masking protocols' greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety," writes Dr. Simonie Gold

Unfortunately, no one is telling the frail elderly and those with lung diseases, such as COPD, emphysema, or pulmonary fibrosis, of these dangers when wearing a facial mask of any kind - which can cause a severe worsening of lung function.

This also includes lung cancer patients and people having had lung surgery, especially with partial resection or even the removal of a whole lung.

Decreasing the amount of oxygen people are breathing, by forcing people to wear masks, is not such a good idea. Under the mask, O2 readings drop from a regular 21 to an unhealthy 17.5, ringing the alarm of the official OSHA devices that measure such things.

The usual amount of CO2 in the air is approximately 400 ppm, when measured around the nose of mouth, would be higher.

But wear a mask and concentrations shoot up to 5,000. This is not healthy. Carbon dioxide in the air we breathe usually is at 0.0390 percent. When we breathe out, it is 4.0 percent.

The minimum oxygen concentration in the air required for human breathing is 19.5 percent. Approximately 78 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen gas, while only about 20.9 percent is oxygen.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, determined the optimal range of oxygen in the air for humans runs between 19.5 and 23.5 percent.

The importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment in immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte.

This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called the Tregs.

People with cancer, especially if cancer has spread, will be at further risk from prolonged hypoxia as cancer grows best in a microenvironment that is low in oxygen.

Low oxygen also promotes inflammation, which can promote the growth, invasion, and spread of cancers.

Repeated episodes of hypoxia has been proposed as a significant factor in atherosclerosis and hence increases all cardiovascular (heart attacks) and cerebrovascular (strokes) diseases.

I wonder what the Surgeon General had to say about facemasks - Does it matter?

"Florida Sheriff Orders Deputies & Staff NOT to Wear Face Masks," reads the headline.

"Marion County Sheriff Billy sent an email Tuesday informing the 900 people working in the department that 'when you are on-duty/working as my employee and representing my Office - masks will not be worn,' the Ocala Star-Banner reports.

Here's what Dr. Fauci says:

"There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it is not providing the perfect protection that people 'think' that it is."
"And often, there are unintended consequences: People keep fiddling with the mask, and they keep touching their face."

Government officials in the Netherlands will not ask citizens to wear masks, as they say, there is no clear evidence that doing so would slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Instead of mandating facial coverings, the country will seek a solution that includes more physical distancing.

"Because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has decided that there will be no national obligation for wearing non-medical masks," Dutch Minister for Medical Care Tamara van Ark said.

As America waits for a COVID-19 vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's director Robert Redfield said we all might be better protected by simply continuing to wear masks.

"I might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine," said Redfield, in testimony given to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Do Your Part - Wear A Mask...?

James Grundvig says the masks are the Swiss Army knife of the architects' tool box:

  1. They control people and make them subservient
  2. They allow AI face recognition software to identify people with masks on and off
  3. They prevent full communication using facial expressions

Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer.

The bottom line is that if you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.

  • ''The end goal of masks is to make you fall in line and to roll up your sleeves in the biggest biological experiment in history." -Dr. Russell Blaylock

"As for the scientific support for the use of face mask, a recent careful examination of the literature, in which 17 of the best studies were analyzed, concluded that,

None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection.
Keep in mind; no studies have been done to demonstrate that either a cloth mask or the N95 mask has any effect on the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
Any recommendations, therefore, have to be based on studies of influenza virus transmission. And, as you have seen, there is no conclusive evidence of their efficiency in controlling flu virus transmission, concludes Blaylock."


Gary D. Barnett, writing about how the beauty of life is being destroyed by lockdowns and masks says,

That is the beauty of love and caring. It was once said that "love is a many splendored thing," and that may be an understatement, as what more defines the human spirit than love?
Today, people are wearing harmful and useless masks; they are told not to get close to any other; they are voluntarily, for the most part locking themselves inside home prisons and are not even allowed to work or be with co-workers.
People are becoming unrecognizable zombies, frightened of all strangers, friends, and even family.
Romance and passion are shunned and in some parts of the world forbidden due to this virus hoax, so many have acquiesced to this travesty, and now most all communication is via a cold and impersonal computer screen.
The idea of a robotic humanity without feeling now seems possible, and is even being promoted; and in some parts of the world, it is being actively sought. This insanity is no longer science fiction, but is on the verge of reality.
No good can come from this horror."

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