Current Reality by David Lane


This chapter will deal largely with concepts contained in two articles I wrote some years ago, "The Right Wing: Cowards, Liars and Screwballs" and "Tri-colored Treason." If I deal primarily with the American ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government), it is not that I do not recognize the situations in other, once White countries such as France, England and across all of Europe. But the fact is, America is the police department for a World Zionist government. It is by American military and police powers that the White race is denied not only White nations, but exclusively White schools, neighborhoods, organizations and everything necessary for our continued survival as either a biological or cultural entity. Neither the intent nor the effect can be denied. It is delibeate, malicious genocide, the extermination of our species. Those who resist are destroyed socially, politically and economically. If we continue to effectively resist, we are imprisoned or assassinated.

Despite all this, the deceivers who have directed the Right Wing for many decades continue to proclaim divine status for the selfsame religious and political institutions which exterminate the White Aryan gene pool. Equally treasonous is how they continue to echo their Jewish masters in reviling the 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler. They know full well that the Germanic peoples of central Europe have for thousands of years been the defenders of the White race. In 9CE. Hermann defeated the mixed race legions of Rome in the historic battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Without the sacrifices of his Teutonic warriors, the beauty of the White Aryan woman and our kind of civilization would probably not exist today. Nearly eight centuries later the mixed race hordes of the North African Moors invaded Europe. They conquered Portugal, Spain and started into France. They were finally stopped by a Teutonic tribe called the Franks, for whom France may now be named. Again we owe the very existence of our race to these Germanic heroes. Every time you use a White man's invention, from the mundane such as toilet paper, indoor plumbing or central heating, to the more sophisticated such as symphony orchestras or modern communications, you should fervently thank the Gods for the Germans.

Four hundred years after the Moorish invasion our sacred European homeland was again threatened, this time by the Golden hordes of Genghis Khan. Europe was defended by German infantry combined with Polish cavalry as a last line of defense. Does your Right Wing "leader" tell you that the Mongols of Genghis Khan were the same race as the American Indians that our masters falsely call Native Americans? Does he tell you that they took our people, especially our women, as slaves? Does he tell you that the North African Moors took our people as slaves, our boys to be castrated as eunuchs, our girls as harem toys? Hardly, for a Right Winger serves the Jewish conspiracy to destroy White racial pride and knowledge of our history and heritage. Instead, the Right Wing leader uses the Jewish buzz words of Nazi, Gestapo, Stormtrooper and the like as examples of tyranny.

Jewry knew full well that to exterminate the White race it was necessary to destroy central Europe, now called Germany, as a racial state. That is what the World Wars and especially WW2 were really about. Germany was simply filling its historic role and duty as defenders of the White race. Your Right Wing "leader" knew this and he knows it now. But, of course, the military veterans who abound in the leadership positions of the Right Wing could no longer strut about the V.F.W. halls, swill their booze and brag of how they "smashed the Krauts" if they faced the truth. They could not present themselves as paragons of virtue if it were known they fought to exterminate the White race. They do not tell you that Germany was outnumbered 10 to 1 in manpower, that the Soviet, American, French and British Empires had over 140 times the land area and thousands of times the resources of Germany. How, then, could they boast of their heroism in destroying their own kind and our ancient homeland? I have, however, heard them brag of how they could have the favors of starving German girls after the war for a candy bar or other small items of food. Knowledge of this sickens me.

The time came that I could no longer stomach Right Wing hypocrisy and its effect was too destructive to ignore, even if it cost every supporter and friend I had. It was necessary to pen some brutal truths. A favorite tactic of the deceivers calling them-selves leaders was to divorce the Federal government from the entire entity called America. It is a technique of double-think that neutralizes, because no one takes action against that which they perceive as "theirs." It is why I have taught that an enemy must be demonized. Our masters know this and thus we have "Hitlers of the Year" without end, Slobodan Milosovic, Saddam Hussein, Noriega, homeni, Hirohito, Mao, Stalin, and on, and on and on. Sometimes whole groups are demonized, Japs, Arabs, Islam and above all Germans or Whites in general, particularly men. This game has to be exposed.I begin with demographics.

The White race comprises about 8% of earth's population. Due to abusive taxation we have had to curtail family sizes and now we average far less than replacement. Meanwhile, our taxes are used to breed Colored families of a dozen or more children. As a result we are a comparatively old race. The relevant statistic to survival is the number of White women of childbearing age or younger. About 2% of earth's population is young White female. In addition our masters force us to accept immigration by millions of Coloreds each year into the once White countries. Finally, the propaganda promoting inter-racial mating, particularly between White women and Colored males, is unceasing. We must now speak with the eloquence of emergency and act with the fanaticism of desperation. We must finally realize that political, religious and economic systems can be destroyed, rebuilt or replaced, but the death of our race will be eternal. It is beyond just setting priorities. Survival is the only issue. It is true that a country is made up of far more than just the government or politicians in power at a specific time, just as the deceivers have said. But, let us look at America then, in all its aspects. I have divided this country into the following categories:

  • Military
  • Police
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Religion
  • News media
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Demographics

When I am through, if you are still able to say the words "White American," then leave the company of sane men, for you can no more be both White and American than you can stop the motion of the planets. The singular intent of America in all its facets is to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. How can you be what destroys you? If you are not an implacable enemy of every facet of America listed above, then you are a traitor to the existence of our race. If you support the aims or the continued existence of the entity known as America, then your treason cannot be calculated in the words of mortals.

1) Military power

We have already discussed the motives and actions of America in the World Wars. We should, also, consider the Civil War. It was fought by the South or Confederacy to preserve the idea of limited governmental power through the vehicle of States' rights or a government closer to the people. The intent of the North was to create a central government and in effect destroy the original constitution. The rape of the South, Sherman's Scorched Earth march through Georgia and the horror of reconstruction were all enforced by United States military forces flying the red, white and blue. American military power has been the enemy of the White race and the tool of Jewry and international finance ever since. As former Marine Corps commandant Smedley Butler said in his book "War is a Racket," all of America's wars are fought to make the world right for the bankers. How fitting that the Marine Hymn glorifies foreign wars from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli. Far better it should sing of enforcing immigration laws on the shores of Florida and the borders of Texas or California. A more recent legacy of the American military was to set up racially integrated military bases all over Europe and America in order to hasten genocide through miscegenation in small communities everywhere. This was the real reason for the phony cold war. It was not a defense against the Soviet Union, as the same Jews such as Armand Hammer have always controlled both the Soviet and American Empires. As can be seen by recent events, the Jews were able to dissolve the "Communist menace" any time they wanted. The entire 70 year Communist experiment was in fact always financed by Capitalists from the West. Some of you with honest memories may remember pictures of the 101st Airborne using bayonets to integrate the schools of Dixie. No, let us cut the euphemisms, to murder our race in Dixie. Then there were the meat grinder wars in Korea and Vietnam, which killed or maimed hundreds of thousands of our finest young men. America did not even have the decency to account for 10,000 men missing in action or possibly prisoners of war. In more recent times America's military has distinguished itself by slaughtering a quarter million helpless Iraqis in operation Desert Turkey Shoot. Five thousand medals were passed out to commemorate a victory over 60 Cuban farmers in Grenada. Many hundreds if not thousands of civilians were killed in Panama. The U.S. Navy shot down an unarmed Iranian airliner with 290 civilians on board in an attempt to provoke a war with Iran. A massive bombing raid succeeded in murdering the Libyan president's infant daughter. American military forces aided American police powers in burning alive 87 innocent people, mostly women and children, in a church in Waco, Texas. So wear your medals proudly, you heroic defenders of the obscene thing called America.

2) Police power

I will never forget the pictures of mounted police under Federal court edicts clubbing the White mothers of South Boston into bloody submission. This was because they protested the racial integration and destruction of their neighborhood schools. Again translate, the murder of their race. Remember always, the boys in blue serve the Jew. Do you remember Kathy Ainsworth? She was a beautiful, young lady school teacher who protested racial integration. She was pregnant when the pigdogs of the FBI shot her through the belly, killing her and her baby. Do you remember the Weavers? First the Federal pigdogs murdered the son, shooting him in the back. Then a Federal pigdog sniper blew Mrs. Weaver's head off while she held her infant daughter in her arms. Do you remember how the Federal pigdogs burned Robert Jay Mathews alive on Whidby Island? How about the murders of Arthur Kirk, John Singer and Gordon Kahl? Gordon Kahl's son, Yorie and Scott Faul still rot in prison with life sentences for the crime of not dying when they were targets of the Federal pigdog assassins. I suspect that when America's police powers murder the last true White man and drag the last true White women and girls off for integrated recreation, the "patriots" will still be waving the Star Spangled Banner and singing God Bless America. Cowards, Liars and Screwballs.

3) Economic tenets

America is the land of $4.99 instead of $5.00. It is Jewish in spirit, soul, practice, language and morals. A healthy nation is founded on heritage, race and culture. As Roosevelt said. "The business of America is Business." There exists a mindless pursuit of money and pleasure while the race dies. Once I pointed out to another real estate broker that by selling homes to Coloreds in White neighborhoods he was committing race treason, that soon Negro boys would be with White girls. "So what?" he responded, "Their money is just as green as a White man's!" My own mother was a loyal American wage slave for over 40 years. She even worked in a shipyard building "Liberty Ships" during America's great war to murder the White race and destroy the liberty of all men verywhere. Today she is destitute. The small home she saved money to buy in a once safe, White neighborhood is gone. She couldn't afford the ever rising taxes and she couldn't go outside the door without fear of being mugged by Colored gangs. Your vaunted Capitalism used her up and threw her away. The money she paid to what was supposed to be a social security trust fund was used to breed tens of millions of non-Whites and to enforce integration, i.e. the murder of her race. Virtually all business in America is conducted by usury. The C.R.A.P. know their own holy book condemns usury and they know usury is the charging of interest ay any percentage. The only difference between 4% and 10% is how quickly the Jew bankers foreclose on the nation. They know that money must be restricted in its use to a store of value and a medium of exchange. I could write a book just on your Capitalism, but then the C.R.A.P. would call me a Communist, as if one Jew system were better than another. How many Right Wing flim-flam artists and deceivers have bilked the patriots over the decades with their hard money seminars, their constitutional money books and the like? As if the Jews did not already own most of the world's gold and silver. As if they could not manipulate its value relative to goods and services just as any other commodity they control. Of course the bottom line is, who cares what money system the Colored races of the world adopt after the Jews have exterminated our race? Again, the Right Wing, cowards, liars and screwballs. Wave your red, white and blue murder rag. Better yet, manufacture them and sell them for $19.99 a piece. It is the American way. It is the capitalist way. I spit upon your stripes and stars, used by swine to sell used cars.

4) Political tenets

Democracy. Never mind that all history and its best minds have declared there is no more vile form of government than democracy. Like the mindless masses you pretend to serve, you parrot the words of your Jewish masters. Long ago you forgot how to think, so you choose between the fatal alternatives presented by civilization's executioners. In a democracy the noble man is condemned to obscurity, prison or death, while scum, liars and degenerates rule. Civilizations have cycles. Sometimes a strongman is needed. But pick one who has demonstrated devotion and dedication to his people. Other times, permit a republic. But, forsake elections forever. Let those of good character have their names thrown in a lottery. Then let a drawing be held to pick the administrators of a limited government and let them serve short terms only. Thus you eliminate the seekers of power and honor the guardians of the folk. Till then, wallow in the filth of your democratic pigpen. It is a fitting place to bury your red, white and blue fag rag.

5) Religion

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker became millionaires fleecing the gullible, the credulous, the simple-minded. Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart and Billy Graham preach the wonders of racial mixing and suicide, for Jesus loves every fellow, black, white, red or yellow. All history, common sense and natural law declare that the White race cannot share its Gods or religions with others. If Jesus loves Negroes and Mexicans, then expect a percentage of our daughters to mate with and produce more rainbow creatures for Jesus to love. If Colored races are in your temples, they will soon be in your bedrooms. So today the churches give our treasure to the Colored world, they defend the chosen people of Israeli, they promote inter-racial congregations and inter-racial marriages, they help bring colored immigrants into White nations and of course, all they do is tax-free if they promote genocide against the White race. So take a tax break from Uncle Samuel and wave the abominable rag.

6) News media

Yes, we all know it is owned and controlled by that damnable racial-religious tribe. But shall we forever excuse the fellow travelers and traitors of our own race? Shall we forever apologize for supposed ignorance? Night after night boobus Americanus watches in a trance as the evening anchor team on the electronic toilet spews their destructive garbage. Often the anchors are a White woman and a Colored male. It is of course deliberate for the subliminal effect. Then the American zombies debate the artificial poison which is presented as news. While Federal judges bus millions of little White children into Colored jungles where no sane White adult would go without shotguns or police protection, the mindless masses salivate over the OJ Simpson trial. Rush Limbaugh tells us a primitive alien called Clarence Thomas with a White wife is a "conservative" and an "American hero." So the zombies applaud a murderer of their race and cheer for his appointment to be one of the nine swine on the supremely obscene court. One year the Jews-news media tells the sheep that Iran is the great Satan and the Jew-nited States supports Iraq. The next year Iraq is the great Satan and the sheeple are in a frenzy to slaughter helpless Iraqis. The American news media are one lousy, never-ending line of anti-White, genocidal, malicious propaganda. And the gullible goyim eat it up like candy.

7) Entertainment

The vast majority of all females featured in entertainment are fair skinned, beautiful Aryans. Almost always they are paired with dark, swarthy Jews, and recently with other self-evidently non-Whites, as much as Hymie dares. Homosexuality, booze, drugs, infidelity, pornography, multi-racialism, violence, historical distortion, holy-hoax propaganda, materialism, hedonism, the glories of democracy, feminism and hatred of the White man is the purpose and effect of so-called entertainment in America. We watch as Lisa Presley marries Michael Jackson, as May Britt marries Sammy Davis Jr., as Madonna fornicates with Negroes, and on, and on and on. The entire effect of the American media is White genocide. So God bless America and the red, white and blue. Nay, may the Gods eternally desecrate the vile rag. I puke at the sight.

8) Sports

The only reason sports are a viable economic concern is the nature-given instinct called the territorial imperative. Nature gives each race and species an instinct to conquer and protect territory in which they can propagate and protect their own kind. Perversion of this instinct causes them to cheer for the misnamed "Denver Broncos" or "Dallas Cowboys." The players don't even come from Dallas or Denver. Even worse, most are Negroes with a bevy of blonde girlfriends. Our folk pretend to ignore the obvious message as the camera swings back and forth between the scantily-clad, White cheerleaders and the Negro athletes. The entire enterprise serves the Jewish conspiracy to hasten the death of the White race using a perversion of the territorial instinct. Once I spoke to a group of Nebraska farmers. I said, "There is hardly a farmer in Nebraska who would not strip his own daughter naked and give her to the biggest buck Negro in America if the Negro would get one more touchdown for Nebraska's big red football team." The fact is, they do worse; they send their daughters to the University of Nebraska to be brain polluted by Jewish propaganda and to be seduced by the glamour of dating the star Black running backs. The coaches are the worst racial criminals and degenerates of all. In effect they pimp impressionable young White co-eds to Negroes to build their teams. The prime example is the Colorado university football coach, who for all practical purposes pimped his own 15 year old daughter to his Negro quarterback in order to build a national championship team. America's inter-racial sports are deliberately created and a major source of the brain pollution that destroys us. Every natural law for species preservation is violated. Many coaches, like the aforementioned Colorado coach, are leaders of a campus athletes for Christ group called Promise Keepers, which teaches how Jesus loves our Colored athletes. And of course, if Jesus does, so must your White daughter. Inter-racial sports destroy the senses of uniqueness and value necessary to racial survival. They make heroes and role models of other races. It makes sex symbols of aliens. And every game is preceded by playing the Star Spangled Banner; it is the American way. I would not contaminate my toilet with your red, white and blue rag of perversion.

9) Demographics

This is not a White country. The ZOG admits to a figure of approximately 70% White. Given that Jews who mean to exterminate us are counted as White, that millions of Hispanics are counted as White, that illegal aliens are ignored and that the ZOG lies, we may be 50%. Additionally, due to heavy taxation, the proceeds being given to Coloreds to breed like flies, we are a comparatively old race. Considering those of child bearing age or younger, we may be a distinct minority already. That means in another generation America will begin to resemble Africa and other Colored areas of the world. I repeat, the day is coming if there is not a revolution soon that American police and military powers under command of the Jews and comprised of Negroes, Mexicans, Orientals and vicious race traitors will attempt to murder the last true White men. Then the last true White women and children will be carried off for integration and sport. Both sides in this final conflict will be singing "Jesus loves you," and waving the red, white and blue. What a sick, macabre joke.

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