Sons of The North

by: Jake Arminius | Published: July 18, 2021

Sons of the North
Eyes shining bright
We are a wolf pack
Divided by the Enemy
Lands of the Midnight Sun
Ours, stolen from us
By thieves of the Lunar Eclipse

Sons of the Solar
Furrow your brow
Pallas Apollo be our guide
Sign of the Cross
Is our honour
Swatiska is our symbol
Turning across time
Mongols hold sacred still
Our wheel, why do we not?

Third Rome a divine gift
Sacred Europa an inheritance
Byzantium overrun
A thousand year kingdom
A thousand year Reich
Upon the walls of Constantinople
We stood steadfast and strong
Blood stained
Blood eagles soaring
Another kingdom lost

O’ North Wind
Why so silent?
Did the Ravens
Tell you
Silent, cold breath?
Tricking Wodan once again?
Once you blew
Our name
Once you blew
A Divine breath

Achievements of the body
Achievements of the mind
Achievements of the soul
We proved we
Are mighty men
Of the North

Upon foaming sea-dragons
We sailed Neptune’s mane
By the axe we
Chopped tree and man

Our Runes
We carved
From America too Constantinople
Far and wide
Our feet treaded
An earthly rainbow bridge
From East to West
The Old Gods paved for us

We beheld the
Glory of a frigid North
Our names still held
In written annuals

Woe to us
Divine breath taken away
Wolf and Bear
Raven and Eagle
Are our totems
Primal and vital
Spirit still raw
Unrefined and unpolluted
Unconquered Sons of the North
Our ancestors call

Sons of the North
See your ancestors
In the mirror
They bequeathed
Your reflection

See that reflection?
Blood, sweat, and tears
Were the price
Paid in full
So you can see
A pale reflection
Of what you
Could be

Steel your heart
For glory
Only earned through
Worthy deed
Fire and ice
Be your

A final battle
Is at hand
Bathed in luxury
And suicidal ideologies
Uncoil the Serpent
In your mind
Let it not
Swallow its’ tail
As does the
World Serpent

Sons of the North
Keep thee chin up
Keep thee eyes bright
Spear the Giants
Hammer the Enemy
For it is us
They fear with
Pride in our backs
Honour in our hearts
Bravery in our guts
Rage in our eyes

Sons of the North
We are the North
Let not the Lunar thieves
Steal our
Northern Light

Tags: Poetry, BattleCry

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