Lamentation on Karabagh (ՂԱՐԱԲԱՂԻ ՈՂԲԸ) by Hovhannes Shiraz

Karabakh is my mother's call,
Calls me with hope,
Karabakh is my tulip
Red but has black in heart.

The one tearing you from Armenia
Not the brother of Armenia,
In both of us you are a miserable
You are my baby, oh, Karabakh.

I can't keep my grief silent anymore,
Oh, me and you, Armenian Karabakh.
You are Armenian land from that head

Astvats my mountain...
You will be swallowed by the mugs,
They will do your dice, oh, Karabakh.
You haven't been squared, you have been taken away,

To forget the songs Armenian...
We can't even get rid of death,
We are one spirit and one body,
You are my Gharsi, my Sasuni,
My Masisi Thai Karabakh.

Ah, when will you get out of prison?
Holding from Nakhichevan's hand,
Come home forever, with Masis,
Ghars and Van holding hands,
Which nation should we perform Masis
Caught from the caravan narrow,
Again in the nation's pool
Be baptized Armenian,
Armenian Karabakh

Tags: Poetry, Armenia

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