Social Credit: An Impact by Ezra Pound


In the summer of 2003, I was shifting through dozens of books and a large quantity of information on Ezra Pound (1885-1972). It is clear by now that his mind has left a major mark on the universal human “kulchur” in general. His Cantos, letters, friendships and influence keep resonating in a growing and everlasting manner, slowly shifting into timelessness while the works and names of his endless opponents and tormentors, dissolve and disappear into nothing. On, the search for the name Ezra Pound will bring several thousand results and hundreds of different publications, even the little known musical items he has written and videos on him are available. On e-bay on any given day one will find about twenty of his books, publications and photographs offered by sellers. Yearly conferences follow each other from Idaho to Florida and Italy, in June 2007 a conference will take place in Venice, Italy and in June 2008 one is already scheduled in an alpine castle in Merano, Italy.

Pound has been propelled by the sheer force of his intellectual power into the forefront of western culture again, regardless of the constant, incoherent whining of his opponents about “treason” and his supposed mental problems.

Just what is the force that he has applied in his work, what was the guiding principle that kept moving him to the top while millions of others were dissolving into the shadows? At the center of his life and his works is the single poem The Cantos that he began early on in his career and continued working on for the rest of his life. The Cantos (this most difficult reading material) is nothing less or more than an examination, a record of human history and culture in the light of the good and the bad, the heroic and the cowardly, the constructive and the degenerated. The Cantos is the result of a powerful analytical mind, shifting through human history, analyzing the players, the builders and the destroyers of this complex structure that has moved us out of the stone age toward the light that we have been seeking forever - “The Poundian Struggle.”

The Cantos reaches into the very center of human existence and deals with the issues, decade by decade, century by century, player by player in a rather non compromising manner and some of those who have been found too light happened to come to control the entry doors to the mental institutions in the United States of America in the Twentieth Century. “The inmates running the loony-house!” as some might say.

While reading Social Credit, one has to take into consideration the social changes Ezra Pound was observing and had to deal with during his early career. The early twentieth century, when America was still a robust, healthy white Christian nation, when the first signs of decay started to develop. In 1913 very few had understood clearly that the “Federal” Reserve System, the starting manipulations of Wall Street and the forming of the ADL could be the seeds of a destructive process for America. The analytical genius of Pound was adding up these events decades before the average political mind. He followed the destructive murderous rampage in Russia as the first communist revolution under an overwhelming Jewish supervision that ground down nation after nation, killing tens of millions of White Christians. It was his job, his sacred duty to discover the weaknesses in the Western Societies that had exposed them to future failure. This work left him no space to compromise. He had established early in his career usury as a major problem in our social structures. The “Federal” Reserve system by any means was recognized by him as an institutionalized form of usury, on a scale that has never been seen before. The concept of the system is rather simple and once we understand it, it is rather clear: We have been living together with the largest, most widespread criminal conspiracy since 1913. The roots of this problem went all the way back to Presidents Lincoln and Garfield. Lincoln had issued his Greenback, non-interest-bearing notes and Garfield had taken a hard stand on currency problems just before he was assassinated. Next in line was John F. Kennedy, who had already started the process of issuing money, controlled by congress. It seems that the standard punishment for US Presidents for trying to take control of the monetary system was public execution, with a bullet to the head.

Pound had published “Social Credit: An Impact” in London in 1935 as an alternative to the usury ridden central banking system. The idea of “Social Credit” was originally worked out by a Scottish engineer Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952). Douglas had presented his idea to the Canadian government in 1923. Pound became a successful promoter of the idea and dedicated his booklet “To the Green Shirts of England”. Although the concept of social credit has survived in different political movements I was able to locate only a single copy of the booklet in 2003. This one copy of the original 1935 London edition has been sold for close to US$ 300.00 with shipping fees out of England. It seemed that these harmful ideas had been eradicated from western societies by invisible hands. Finally, in New Zealand I found a photographic copy of a 1951 edition, presented here to the reader. (Renaissance Press Reader’s Club, P.O. Box 1627, Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand, an excellent list of publications)

Although the text of Social Credit was difficult to get the effects it has created have been resonating over many decades. Charles Bernstein (University of Buffalo) might be representing the typical Jewish intellectual opposing Pound in American society on this issue:

“I wrote a follow-up piece to “Pounding Fascism” (which is in A Poetics) called “Pound and the Poetry of Today” [subsequently collected in My Way: Speeches and Poems]. It was published in The Yale Review in 1986 (I don’t have the exact citation handy). The speech was originally presented at the Pound Centennial at Yale: an occasion at which at I was made to feel (and no doubt also made myself feel) very unwelcome. I was just about the youngest person invited to speak, and the only Jewish one; it didn’t seem a coincidence that I was also the only person to raise the question of Pound’s fascism at this occasion. The spirit of the supposedly academic event was set by the Pound’s daughter asking us to observe several minutes of silence in honor of the anniversary of her father’s death, which coincided with the Yale event. In keeping with this reverential spirit, the tone of the event was solemn and studiously respectful. In contrast, my speech would have seemed boisterous and structurally irreverent; though insofar as this was so it was oddly more in the mood of the putative subject. While I was excluded from some of the social occasions set up for the participants (for example the lunch just before my talk), I was invited to a formal dinner at one of those Yale halls filled with dusty oil paintings of important Yale men (fortunately, Susan Howe, who was living in nearby Guilford, came to the dinner with me). This was the sort of occasion where you’d hear people murmuring to one another, “you know, despite it all, maybe Pound was right about social credit” (and maybe some other things too). Creepy. “ and “Casillo and Sieburth actually brought me back to reading Pound; that is, reading through the fascism and masculinism brought me from a passive, largely unarticulated, aversion to Pound, to an active, and ongoing, interest in all aspects of his work.”

In other words to this very sophisticated Jewish user of the English language “fascism and masculinism” are equal and a most horrifying phenomena and “murmuring.....about social credit” is the ultimate “Creepy” thought crime of the late part of the Twentieth Century. Bernstein and similar “intellectuals” can be titled actual Zionists for viewing Pound through the glasses of their own political inclination while paying no attention to his giant cultural work that intruded into all aspects of Western Culture. Pound actually organized a series of concerts in Italy in the 1930’s to bring Vivaldi’s music to the attention of the general public and he had countless important cultural contributions in his life – besides his own writings.

However, by the average “American” critic like Brad Darrach of the Time Magazine Pound’s work is described as “Poetry and Poison” and the important fact is that Pound called FDR “Franklin Finkelstein Roosevelt” in the 1930’s.

As a result of his political activities Pound had been imprisoned and kept in an open cage in 1945. There is no question; the treatment was a calculated effort to mentally and emotionally wear down the sixty year old man before he was to be transported back to the US. Later, in 1946 he was found “insane” and he was institutionalized at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. where he was kept until 1958 when the charges of treason against him were dropped. When he was asked about his homeland after his release, his famous reply was: “America is a lunatic asylum.”

Pound was never tried for treason! The charges were based on his broadcasts of carefully worded political opinions at the Rome Radio in Italy. His speeches were centered around his political opposition of the US entry into the war against Germany and Italy, the US monetary system, based on usury and the ruling class of America at the time. He was very much aware of the line that separates treason from freely expressed political opinion and he never crossed this line in his broadcasts. As Michael C. Piper points it out in his article in TBR (December 2007) the full text of Pound’s speeches were not printed in the US all the way until 1978, making it impossible for the citizens of that country to check the orchestrated lies of the hostile establishment.

Throughout his very long literary career he regularly directed, challenged and motivated writers in their work: Four of his protégés have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and Pound actually participated by guiding them and editing their work. (William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Eliot)

As Pound was grinding down the years at St. Elizabeth’s he received a large number of visitors on a regular basis. One of them was Eustace Mullins, a twenty-five year old writer who just served over three years during the war in the US Air Force. Pound supplemented Mullins’ income by $10.00/week for a short while in order to start him off on the investigation of the Federal Reserve. As a result, Mullins had written a book: The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, the best work on the issue that follows the whole system from its conception to realization and beyond. (TBR BOOKS, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C. 20003 USA, 1-877-773-9077, )

Mullins made a lifelong study of the Federal Reserve and the connected monetary manipulations. His book has been published several times, 10,000 copies of a German edition have been burned by government agents, in Germany in 1955 and their act was upheld in an April 21, 1961 decision by judge Israel Katz of the Bavarian Supreme Court. (The book was published again and circulated in Germany in 1980) Mullins might easily receive - and he well deserves - a Nobel Prize for his work if and when we return to an orderly social structure.

Pound was an exceptional soldier for his cause: He never even considered giving up! But what has happened to the subject of this struggle, the United States of America?

As the mushrooming Masonic Lodges, secret societies, Jewish political organizations and larger and larger number of Jews had infiltrated the country the real power and decision making process was slowly shifted away from public life into the hands of the manipulators who were operating in the background. The foreign hands in control of the monetary system and credit were the inner core that directed the power of creativity and productivity of this land - toward the destruction of this land. In the first decades of the twentieth century the focus was on the economical and later on total cultural and educational subjugation. The American social structure, culture and economy had been literally reshaped to fit the needs of a predatory/parasitical class that has kept growing out of control like cancer in the human body. The soldiers whose pictures we watch almost every day as they raise the flags of victory over Berlin had only a few years to enjoy their victory. A short ten years after the end of the war the creation of the new enemy had been completed and American children were exercising their civic duties by hiding under school tables, preparing for a Russian nuclear strike. Starting with the First World War a sequence of perpetual wars have been created with a single goal in mind: to secure the permanent power of the underground ruling class. The 20th Century had become a century of external conflicts for the US first, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union the next logical enemy - the domestic terrorist had been found and created. It had taken five long decades of continuous labor, untold billions of dollars, millions of misplaced and murdered Muslims to arrive to the desired position: the start of a permanent war with a new enemy. In the last decade we have witnessed an ever escalating level of bloody mass murders on American land: First it was the 1993 explosion at the World Trade Center in New York, as it turned out the explosives were mixed by an FBI informant. Then the mass murder at Waco, Texas, with the direct involvement of the US Military. The Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the Weaver family in Idaho and finely the 9-11 mass murder. At every one of these events the bloody hands of the US Federal Government were either directly involved in the murders at worst, or manipulated the investigation prior, during and after the event to cover for the murderers. In all three cases: in Oklahoma City, Waco and New York the remains of buildings were cleaned up in a manner so examination/reconstruction/verification of the actual events by outside experts had been made impossible.

Our brand New World Order is backing itself into a corner where the only option for securingher domestic position and fight off the growing tide of revolt inside the gates will be by maneuvering the general population into a frame of mind where people will throw themselves into the arms of the government for protection against increasing “terrorist acts”. It is very possible that we will witness unspeakable and untraceable terrorist acts around us and the majority of our compatriots will be mentally and emotionally properly prepared to jump to the false conclusion that they have been targeted by an outside group.

We have already arrived at a condition where there is clearly a lack of rational thinking noticeable in both the public and the leadership in America. (Most Americans secretly subscribe to the unspoken assumption that the Bush administration started the war on Iraq in order to secure inexpensive long term oil supplies, while the reality is that this very supply has been excluded from the international market by US force, for well over a decade now. At the same time there are no concentrated programs of any type to switch the US at least partially to alternative energy sources while the second generation of oil barons is running the White House...)

The gap between the US and Europe has dramatically widened with the Iraq War. Already, starting in the 1980’s a united front of nationalist leaders stepped forward and slowly secured five to thirty percent of the votes in different European countries. The main issues were immigration, national and financial independence. Jews were generally excluded from the new right of Europe, not like in the US where the so called neo- conservative movement was an exclusive country club for Jews and Israel firsters.

In Russia and her satellite states as a result of their murderous rampage during the communist era, Jews have been excluded from the upper levels of political power and generally were encouraged to leave these countries. By the year 2003 about 60% of the European population see the State of Israel as the biggest threat to world peace while the US has continuously kept pumping money, nuclear arms and all sorts of military hardware into the “Counterfeit State of Israel” (Here again, we are witnessing an irrational behavior, this time on the part of the US religious, “Christian Fundamentalist” community: The present Jewish population of Israel and of the US is accepted by them as the true genetic and cultural descendents of the biblical Israel, in reality they are dealing with a predominantly Asiatic group that has revolted, conspired on a socio-economical, racial platform against the interests of America and her white population. It is also true that the leaders of the religious, economical and political organizations in the US do not really have the luxury for even the slightest dissent: The punishment for political incorrectness is severe and instantaneous. They better keep a constant eye over their shoulder, a single incorrect statement will bring the IRS, the FBI, the ADL and other members of the alphabet soup group to their doors and these people do not always knock before they enter...)

The general public in the US is so ill informed that several decades after the Israeli attack against the US Liberty less than one percent of the American public knows about the true nature of that event. The media is so heavily saturated by Jews and their agents and court historians that no historical perspective can form in American society on the reality of events.

On balance the New World Order is dead! Even the fractured, compartmentalized opposition of China, Russia, Japan, the Muslim States and the New European Right is more than enough tokeep it from any form of true global domination, financial or military.

The real question of the decade is: What will happen to the white population of the North American continent? They have been led to the gates of hell by the millions of Jews whom they had originally saved from the very same institution - hell itself. For almost a century now they kept sending their children to far away places to die for - to serve the Jews and now the war is coming to their own cities, a war that has never been their own and where it does not matter if they win or loose, in the end they can be only losers as long as they give up their self-determination. (As the old European saying goes: “When you mix with the swill the pigs will eat you!”)

Some of the friends of those hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have thrown away their lives to involve themselves in the European conflict are still driving around in America, and when they are coming home from Mexico they are shaken down for their personal medications at the border by the very same border guards who were unwilling to stop the tide of millions of colored immigrants to their land. When they make it home after passing through the massive third world population groups of South California and the regular yearly summer festivities of hundreds of thousands of perverts of all sorts they arrive to a home that may or may not be theirs for as long as over 1,000,000 attorneys in the USA, (over 200,000 only in the Sate of California) are looking for a golden opportunity to create a reason to share in the fruits of their labor. They can not buy health insurance anymore.

The population of the US was slightly over 90% white when they returned to celebrate their victory, the government says that it is around 70% white today and we all know that this 70% includes a lot of things that we have no desire to associate with and then there are the ten to fifteen million illegals, mostly colored in the country and when we add this all up it amounts to about 60% white population plus the real wages adjusted for inflation cut into less than half all over the country in twenty years, and their children and their grandchildren are bussed off to the holohoax centers by compulsive Jews who are known to steal the money that has been appropriated to them by their servants in government offices.

If our soldier has managed to keep enough money to have children and grandchildren while negotiating through the maze of over 10,000 pages of IRS regulations while listening to incoherent answers to his questions in strange dialects when he was calling for clarifications, and those kids happen to organize a European Student Club in a sea of colored activity they will be beaten into submission and labeled extremists today - and most likely domestic terrorists tomorrow... His children will not learn about their true identities and history and when a 9,500 year old complete skeleton is fished out of the Columbia River that does not fit the idiotic theory that absolutely anything and anybody who was able to crawl, swim, fly or float on this planet made it to America - except the white man - then the order will be issued directly from the White House to cover this rare and most valuable anthropological site with loads of rocks, just to make sure that no additional items will be found and a group of degenerated clowns - called lawyers and judges - will produce a ten plus years, never ending “legal battle” over a issue that can be sorted out in five minutes by a high-school kid.

In case our soldier has enough gas in his car (60 to 70% of the price of gasoline is tax) andmakes it back to his minority infested neighborhood he can not really assure his relatives of a bright future: The largest industries are the drug, prison and government industries, “employing” over half the total work force of the country. While the EU countries were smart enough to keep and protect their basic industries in the US it could be a major challenge to locate a single individual who can manufacture a pair of shoes. Our soldier will have these inexpensive necessities as long as the population of China is willing to work for less than a dollar an hour - for about ten more years at the most. In his own town he rightfully feels safe for several more years, until the minority population reaches the 60 or 70% level, after that point with a single major labor strike the Mexican population can and will take political control of the Southwestern United States, the dissolution of the white population will rapidly increase and we will see if there are enough Jew newspaper columnists, superior court judges, FBI agents and police officers to drive every single truck to deliver food and basic supplies to the larger cities of the area while keeping a prison population locked up that is approaching the three million mark. The undisputed leader of the black population, The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is openly following a separatist agenda, waiting for the first sign of weakness from the US Federal Government.

As our imaginary soldier settles down in his well financed home, thinking about what the future holds for his family, the sudden realization comes crashing down on him like a rubber truncheon from the clear blue sky: “I could have been a lot better off if we had lost that stupid war!” Sorry Joe, that is life in the zoo, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose - and sometimes you loose when you win.

Social Credit – as Pound properly recognized it at an early stage – is the proper medicine. The international populist movement can greatly benefit by focusing on the fact that the right to create money and credit were high jacked in a wide spread criminal conspiracy.

And in the meantime Rapallo, changed into something that is the exact opposite of what Ezra Pound struggled for. The sleepy little Mediterranean resort town of the 1920’s with a population of 5000, grew tenfold to its original size.

Today it is the playground for real estate manipulators, who sell and buy handkerchief size condominiums in the 3 to 500.000 dollar price range. On every block of this town there is a real estate office and a bank and not a single sign in the whole city of any productive activity.

No wonder that the locals want to manage Ezra Pound’s 30 years of residence in their city into oblivion. The undisputed local expert on Ezra Pound is Seignior Massimo Bacigalupo., a professor of English Literature at the Genova University.

And when the possibility of setting up a full time exhibition on Ezra Pound is mentioned to him, his reaction is instant and to the point: “It would have to go through me!”. The locals have a lot to lose since their sole income is coming from tourism and real estate manipulations. By the time I made it to the city library, set in a beautiful Mediterranean garden landscape, the librarian is reluctant to show me the collection of old issues of ‘Il Mare’, the city’s weekly newspaper of the1930’s. Pound often wrote in the paper.

The memory of Ezra Pound must be cultivated into a politically correct version to fit the taste and needs of this 21st century Rapallo.


VALID money issued against goods by a private industrial company. This money functioned. It was never repudiated. The text reads: “Will pay to bearer on demand. Fifty Cents IN MERCHANDISE OR LUMBER.”

This money fulfils the primitive condition of honest money: the man who issued the money HAD the goods. My grandfather maintained the value of his money by himself watching the gang-saws, the planks of the Chippewa Company were an inch and a quarter thick before planing, a foot of lumber after planning was one foot square and an inch thick, no scamped planks were delivered.

The public paid NO USURY for the use of this purchasing power. Nevertheless an adequate issue of money is more important than an exactitude in its value per unit (see Orage’s postscript, p. 15). The function of money or of a currency and credit system is to get the goods TO the consumer, that is to the whole people.
114b Queens Gate, London, S.W.7.

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