New History Of The Jews by Eustace Mullins


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"When I first encountered Jews, I was mildly disturbed by the cool manner of self-confidence with which they regarded me. I did not understand that they were looking at me from their pedestal of self knowledge, while I did not yet know who I was, who my enemies were; or who my friends were. In almost every instance, the gentile fails to understand what is going on in the struggle between the biological parasite and the host people, or if he does get an inkling of what is going on, he finds out too little and too late.'
'A scathing attack on the Jews as the biological enemies of Christendom. The Jews are portrayed as a parasitic people who exist wholly by usurping the wealth of gentile host-nations. A remarkable work, highlighted by its support and repetition of the blood libel in Chapter Six, 'Jews and Ritual Murder'."

Download: Mullins New History of The Jews by Eustace Mullins (.pdf)

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