Whiners, Whiners, And More Whiners

by: Jake Arminius | Published: November 27, 2020

In this age of mass zombie hysteria, pick your own cute literary sounding term as it will probably fit in this post-millennial insanity, the West has become in the simplest reduction Whiners. Shall, it be the New Orient West instead of the Old Occidental West considering that the old ideals and virtue that made it the ascending Civilization for the last three thousand years is held on by a few with their fingernails bleeding from being scraped, raw as they hang on to the rock face as the rest of the crabs in the pot grab his ankles to drag him into the Abyss?

There is whiners to the left of us and whiners to the right of us, and we are stuck in the middle of the whiners. This sounds as whining but in this Lunar Age any observation is almost quite literally a whine to the unwashed masses unless one is of a Lunar mindset then it is now a cause to crusade over. It is common these nights (the correct literary allegory is day yet we are more in a night than a day) when I make an observation the whiners, or the opposite, the apathetic to the point of Zombie Apocalypse participation ribbons, I' am told I' am whining.

Whining is an emotional and subjective complaint with no justification or cause, a common trait of the Left and ill. Exaggeration of a perceived negative while ignoring a weightier positive the perceived negative being something small or inconsequential, the continuing public nagging of a personal perceived perception of what a majority does not care about or think is relevant or thinks is unimportant. A hysterical manufacturing of an issue that is non-existent after an objective analysis. On and on it goes until one gets into Yiddish Psychobabble where intellectual investigation reverses itself and turns into a; Whine, we get the idea though. Here is an incomplete, cobbled together list. Feel free too add more in the comments.

The present Big Whine, or Big Lie, is the Big Covid Lie. Perpetuated and organized by the World Health Organization that should be renamed the World unHealth Oligarchy of the Unhinged Nincompoops (UN for the abstract challenged). The common effect of the Zombie Apocalypse is this non-thinking:

"If one person out of a million dies of an unknown, lied about, scientifically unproveable to exist as they say virus; we must throw millions of other people under the bus and I must wear my Submission Mask to be a good person to help combat the longest lasting flu to have ever existed because a criminal organization of the Unhinged Nincompoops told my criminal politicians and criminal media so and they told me so. In the age of the Information Highway I' am too childish and dumb to research their false claims. I' am a good person because I follow criminal guidelines and do not question my Masters or question the moral superiority of my ignorance and stupidity! I shall be a Whiner and glare and rat out those that do not wear the Submission Mask because I' am a useless, idiot, Whiner Child".

Next is a correlation to who actually controls the world and which tribe. Black Lives Matter (only to White Liberals and Yids) and Antifa. This is a whole new level of Whine taking advantage of the COVID Whine. What is eerie of the present time to the learned of real history of the 1900s is how period after WW1 too the end of WW1.2 is repeating itself. The script of the 20s and 30s is playing itself out again with exacting details of the pattern mentioned. A civil and cultural war across European Nations and Colonies, orchestrated as an undivine comedy of an Oedipus type tragedy with the same actors of a hundred years ago. Antifa is an exact spitting image of the Antifa of the Weimar Republic funded by the same foreign Yiddish families of bankers, the same foreign Yiddish ideologies, the same foreign Yiddish methodologies. Black Lives Matter is the result of decades of foreign Yiddish intervention of America. The distinction of the Weimar Republic Antifa and the present Antifa is instead of being directed from Soviet Moscow they are directed from Tel Aviv. Or is it Jerusalem since Trump trumped Europa by recognizing the Cursed City as their capital of Edom? So, what is the main crying point of BLM? A lie. That Blacks in America are being shot, or oppressed in other ways, disappropiatly because Blacks are saints in their demented reasoning while objectively Blacks are disappropiatly criminals. This is the "A hysterical manufacturing of an issue that is non-existent after an objective analysis" Whine. Antifa' s great Whine is an over active imagination of boogeymen, nervously clucthing their safety blanket as they check under their bed for the fascist or nazi after watching too many unHistory Channel documentaries with CNN fear mongering in the background. They are the feminist with a rape fantasy crusading against a rape culture out of guilt of their own deepest darkest desires.

Anti-Racists. That pecuilar pathology of racisism who think their shit doesn't stink, the pathological exercise of self-denial that the worst racist is the one racist against their own kind. In the venacular and for the rhetorically unencumbered: Traitors. Here again as pointed out above we have a situation of spoiled brat whiners having an over active imagination. While whining about imagined boogeymen they (White Liberals) stick their naked ass up in the air to be sodomized by darkie dogs meanwhile feigning moral righteousness, the pathological whining type that sell their sons and daughters to foreigners spouting the betrayel of family, kin, nation as a moral virtue. After getting short of breath and bored of mundane whining about racism they move onto other nonsensical pastures of bigotry, discrimination, other deities of their whining pantheon. While the Acropolis is built on rock their Temple's foundations are built upon the shifting sands of the desert, shifting and cracking as the wind of their Whining gives a fluidity to the Dunes of Absurdity. Conflating Pride as Hate the Whiner foams stupidity at the mouth ignoring his own sense of inferiority. Only if the prideful and strong are White though. Otherwise they are to be pets to be treated as a perverse toy, petted and fondled and raised upon a pedestal of shit their pet brang from their homeland as a momento.

Next up to the plate is the immigration Whiners. A hard one to categorize as the Whine is so entrenched under Cultural Marxism (it is interesting to note during the Weimar Republic they were subjected to the same sniveling and it was called Kulturbolshewismus in German at the time) and wacism, imagine Elmer Fudd saying "racism", that a strong urge to backhand these weak invalids becomes a habit. Under their creed against all logic and observation people that separated themselves for untold millenniums will now magically get along and keep their bloodlines and cultures, religions pure in a homogeneous multicultural utopia without dilution or war and not feel threatened with the dissolution of their heritage and act accordingly. These Whiners are worse than the anti-wacists. Having no respect for themselves, ancestors, or others, their sense of inferiority is past suicide, feeling that viper pit where a soul should be, could be filled by importing pets. Little do they realize they are weakening the host and the leech. Somehow through the sprinkling of a faerie dust they only seem to posses, unlike us Europeans others will assimilate when sprinkled with this faerie dust. Apparently since we have never assimilated we never had unicorn breeders to anoint us with it and according to the pathological liars the Chosenites have been chosen to exclusively distribute this faerie dust. Someone tell them it ain' t working and they have been duped.

Striking out over and over is the delusion hunters. Day and night they pour over retard echo chamber minutes, the more sensitive call these chambers universities and the minutes textbooks, looking for one sentence to expand into a progressive cause. Poor lonely sentence it needs it' s family the paragraph and it' s tribe the chapter, and it' s nation the book. Where is their outrage at their peers genocide of language and learning? Slavery where they extrapolate less than one percent of a race in a specific time into the whole race for perpetual generations, ignoring the much larger ratio of Yiddish and Arabian enablers who still are heavily in the slave trade. Millions of Whites died ending slavery for what now? Colonization? According to them you are muh wascist either way. Take away our technology, law, order, and the savages are back to their primitive standard of life. Don' t and their wholesale adoption of colonization is not victimizing oneself but being oppressed by muh whitey. Once again the delusion hunters pick a few apples out of an overflowing basket of healthy apples and cry with crocodile tears "look there the whole basket must go". Let me rub my finger and thumb together as I play the world' s smallest violin. Hell, let me get together the rest of the world and we shall have a silent concert. In such an ensemble one would wonder why there is so many mongrels if the delusional were speaking for the victims, long ago dead. Surely, it was not so bad as to not breed with muh wascists. I surmise sex was much more entertaining than whining.

The whining is never ending from every angle about every insignificant thing. Contact me or comment here if you have other Whines you have mocked as I could not possibly cover them all.

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