The Symbolic Stand: Trump Wins Election

by Jake Arminius | Published: November 10, 2016

White America’ s Stand

The election is over and Trump stands with laurels. The oblivion of consensual Bolshevism has taken a blow to the gut, Yiddish Imperialism under a stained flag has to take a look to see if it can see it’ s toes. Millions of shitlibs are sobbing quietly and loudly, dark tears of spoiled hubris. That is the sweet wet spot. The look on the destroyer’ s spoiled, entitled, pathetic, weak, faces. The look of an evil witch’ s supporters; journalists, plebians, suits, yuppies and metrosexuals, and other deviants, could not be bought as their hubric dreams collapsed. It was so satisfying to see the smug arrogant look wiped off their faces it felt sexual. How long have we waited to see that? A long time.

Despite obvious rigging, absurd propaganda, hordes of zombie parrots, and a vast complex of social and educational programming, the heart and spirit won. It was not about Trump and Clinton, per se. It was about ideals and values, about the basics. Family, Kin, Religion, and in an almost Rubicon simile; the Republic. White America finally took a stand, finally decided that a line had to be drawn in the sand, that the blood of ancestors was something worth fighting for. That what built the Nation, what was almost lost, is worth keeping. The children are worth it. This stand was not just between two personalities, it was a final say against pure open evil and a stand for forgone memories of a past time. Unbridled corruption and a the decadent mud slide of degeneracy has to stop. Let us hope the inertia is carried forth and the Will is strong enough.

What is remarkable was that an election campaign was mostly carried by the Folk. The Trump barely had to spend money, his supporters, and the supporters of a new America in the form of an old America did most of the campaigning. A campaign where the Folk decided their candidate and decided their outcome. Despite all the Yiddish, corporate, traitor money and sweat, despite the years and generations of slow brainwashing, with the odds stacked against them, they pulled through. This is not a story of Trump defeating Clinton. This is a story of White America carrying Trump to victory and taking their future in their own hands. As much as they can with tied hands. Things like this happen when people are pushed into a corner and are pushed for too long. When the dignity of what they hold dear is mocked.

To vote Trump was to vote against Clinton, was a vote of defiance to the Bolshevik Change wrought upon a hurting child reeling from the Neo-cons. A whole generation has gone by from the first term of Hillary, err Bill Clinton as our future and posterity was eroded and then under the Kenyan openly attacked and mocked. They tried to beat us down with the trigger words instilled in youth. Nazi, hater, bigot, oppressor, they yelled over and over from their crumbling parapets. As the stone beneath their feet crumbled, as they cried wolf too many times, as their true nature became unmasked, these psychopaths screamed even louder. The high pitch squeel became too annoying to listen to any more. Something had to be done.


It is necessary to take a moment and give out a long and relaxing sigh of relief. The rest of the sane world did. Those that understand true America, the America of Toqueville and Andrew Jackson, of Patriots and Confederates, of honest good White America, hard working, and hard playing, of a big heart and a bigger mouth, of Mark Twain, country music and Rock and Roll, of God and Liberty, we all are relieved Satan’ s Little Helper and her Nesquick red diaper baby are out. Yet, it is only breathing room. A respite to gather ourselves again.

Some time to continue the Struggle and to forge ahead along a path still in need of clearing. For the Presidency is only a face and the dark wizards of usury and grey cardinals still pull the strings. The voices of Folk are being heard amongst themselves and growing louder against the Enemy. A paradigm shift has been seen taking form into political action. From the mists new thoughts, ideas, old traditions and wisdom, are transferring from the cloistered genius and keepers to a broader audience. More are gathering courage to speak, or they are just fucking pissed. I wager both. Either way the effect is what counts.

Here is beginnings as the Folk bringing Trump to victory is only a start. A symbolic act of defiance of a doom and oppression we can see coming. A symbolic ‘no, we are not going into the night quietly’. Very huge symbology though. A symbol contains so many memories, emotions, thoughts, wisdom, that it cannot be represented through words but by an image, that it is so powerful that time cannot erase it if held in the hearts of the Folk. This symbol and image is what will get us through the dark cold night and bring the Light back for the children.

Back To The Night

The celebrations are too early and too enthusiastic. Having spent the last eight years fully entrenching themselves within all levels of government, it would be very hard to deconstruct the Neo-Bolshevik-Neo-Con-Neo-Alinsky Cartel through normal procedure. Following the thread backwards the timeline of entrenchment is longer. With a full bench on the Supreme Court where vacancies are through death, and lately murder, I have a gut feeling the present Snakes are going to take awhile to croak. High level legal direction will be in the hands of the Enemy for awhile yet. While a large number of Muslims flood our Nations the Kenyan decided too go full traitor and installed Muslim Brotherhood throughout the high levels of government. Top level military officers that took their duty seriously, were conservative, have been purged from the brass or for the few remaining of the Old School; silenced. A witch hunt against the very institution, even if flawed but everything is, that is a last line of defence on the street against the chaos of darkness. Having been a street kid I thought I would never say this; but the police have my sympathy and respect. You do not go around assassinating officers and attacking police because you didn’ t have a father to slap you upside the head when you were being stupid or a punk. Weak cowards.

As previous action and action right after the official declaration these psychopaths of all classes are going to get very vehement and are going to pull every Alinsky, Frankfurt School, Commie bastard, dirty snake trick in the grass out. People with such narcissistic sociopathic delusions do not tend to question themselves and their beliefs when faced with such a rebuttal of their utopian fantasies. It does something to them, it makes them more unreasonable, it makes them more violent, it drives them to further outrages. Any sane self control mechanisms are completely fried when faced with such situations, survival instincts are twisted to suicidal instincts. Bringing everybody down with them in their spoiled brat tantrum is a thought they will have. When their ideology is the social norm they can be conciliatory. When it faces another ideological challenge and they do not know how to challenge it back fairly and cleanly the reptiles shed their pretty skin. If you think the Jesuit Inquisitors were fanatical then you are not paying attention. After careful grooming and generous funding the Enemy has hordes of these slime. BLM will probably start burning cities down, all in the name of social justice and false reasoning as is their Neo-Alinsky trademark. Imported Mexican (burrito) drug cartel. Marxist pale skinned traitors raised by hippies and yuppies who sold out their youthful idealism for a fistful of dollars and a higher indoctrination. Black Panthers may practice what they preach and start hunting down Whites to murder. If they have not already and it has been missed. What was once an almost tenable racial situation has been turned into a Middle Eastern style shit show by the very people who preach false utopias and so self-righteous in their fanaticism they make the Jesuit and Muslim look like reasonable chaps. If they were a danger to themselves and those around them it would not be hard to deal with. When they are such a deadly danger to the Western concept of society and Civilization and directed and fed by those that wish to destroy us, they become very dangerous. Do not underestimate your enemy.

Imagine the absurdity that will be coming out the mass media, or even the alternative media. I saw some foaming right wingers for Trump. Fear did not have the effect they thought it would, the old cliché libtard trigger words are losing effect, the internet is loosening the sheeple effect for just enough people that there is a critical mass effect waiting to happen. As mentioned before, any sane mechanisms are fried. Normally things would quieten down as people adjusted to the ideological shift. We live in epic historical times though which means things get fucked up in epic proportions. So instead of checking themselves and their prejudices and fears as they preach, the Talmudic gene kicks in. Mass media is going to go full retard and past Orwellian imagination, zombie Bolshevik hordes are going to be riled up and fed neat little phrases to fuel their mindless violence. Shitlibs feel threatened. Usually they would just tire out and shut up, but they are engineered and their masters know exactly what buttons to push to get them frothing again.

Meanwhile one of the largest military build ups since Stalin gathering two million troops on the Eastern Front preparing for war for the International Yid, has gone largely unnoticed. Considering the amount of different states of differing alliances sending military personal and military hardware do we have to question something is going to go haywire? I think it is a safe assumption it will. Add in the Clintons funneling money to Islamic Mafias while subverting parts of the military to help, a five year proxy war in Sryia, ongoing proxy war in Ukraine, is it unreasonable to suggest that things have gone so far that they cannot be stopped? Do we think NATO will pull back just because the President said too? Situations take a life of their own as tensions become so tense they are fault lines, when the people in the situation are so far into it that there is no way out or they do not see a way out, when there is multiple outside pressure points, this is when situations own people and they are along for the ride with no possibility to jump out of the speeding train.

Although they sold out long ago the Churches crossed the threshold were there is no return or forgiveness. Failing their duty and their very purpose they allowed gay marriage. Many fought to be fair. The majority though went along to get along, accepted an anti-thesis to a fundamental principle. Very anti-Christ. When gay marriage is accepted any deviance becomes acceptable as the ground to defend against any deviance is compromised. Heterosexual marriage as a religious sacrament in defence of family and the right to folllow the natural desire to reproduce a race homogeneously are the two principles to ensure our survival. Acceptance of gay marriage by any religious institution or leader is a betrayal of trust, anything Divine, anything Sacred, or their Duty and responsibility.

I observed a disturbing personality cult worship from all the various flavours of the Right in Donald Trump. This is something of the Yid and the Left. Pop stars, athletes, movie stars, the list goes, worshiped as minor deities has become a part of North American common life. It is detrimental to the worship of the Divine as you can only serve one master. Emotion is a conduit and if energy is siphoned to false deities how can the reflection and respect of true Divinity be attempted successfully? This Baal worship (personality worship) is unAmerican and a foreign practice. Founding Americans tended to be practical thinking, straight shooting, God fearing people. Present day worship of corrupt personalities is a mark of the decadent and weak, and especially coming from a land that became great through practical and sober values, generations ago. Similar to the gladiator games it is a distraction, so the plebs do not rise up and take what is owed them from those that stole it. Donald Trump made his money from the Yids, is surrounded by the Yids, has always supported transgender freaks. Visiting renown gay orgy clubs, being good friends with freaks that are corrosive to family values. Public support of Israhel, an enemy that pretends to be friends with America but attacks her with impunity and has drawn in America her bitch into criminal wars. This is a man that is corrupt and not worthy of the deification given to him. It was necessary to vote a lesser evil in, but make no mistake, this is a man that surrounds himself with those that hate us. Voting a lesser evil is stupid and unprincipled, yet it was practical. The evil of Hillary and crew is so apparent, the direction they would have taken, are serious enough that not voting on a principle was worse than breaking it and unreasonable in such extreme circumstances. Maybe Trump has a change of heart, maybe a conscience kicked in, maybe he has had enough of the snakes he has been friends with and business partners his whole adult life. Nice thoughts. Donald though is not a god waving a magic wand that will fix America. Was he in on a plan to start a racial and/or civil war? To get a religious fervor going and use that to manipulate people to snap? Well, it is conjecture and they did allow an election I thought they wouldn’ t. Maybe they were wary of not backing off a little.

Morning Comes

In my rambling I highlighted the main issues in my mind as I write this. I wanted to show a little that to get here it was hard, and it will be harder to continue the Struggle then it has been so far. They will now use any means they have to reverse this and lash out in revenge. Finally, these smug arrogant bastards have a reality staring them in the face. A Stand was made, symbolic as Trump even if sincere will be working against a structure built over years and reinforced through long term social engineering. A battle in the ideological war we are engaged was won and it was only one battle. Something though, to take pride and relief in. If this inertia is continued and we step up then further victories could be had. Bolshevism has taken a blow. Well done, and good work Folk.

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