“Education Department Shuts Down ITT Tech” – The Mediocre War Against Anything Non-Mediocre Targets IT

Source: https://thesharpenedquill.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/education-department-shuts-down-itt-tech-the-mediocre-war-against-anything-non-mediocre-targets-it/

by: JakeArminius | Published: January 15, 2019


It appears the article is neutral and well balanced until this sentence;

"The school had many of the warning signs of a poor-quality institution: aggressive recruiting tactics, high dropout rates, low loan repayment rates, grade inflation, and a large percentage of revenue derived from government subsidies."

Aggressive recruiting tactics? Versus Ivy League or fully funded public schools? Public schools are so aggressive in their recruiting tactics you get fined and/or jailed for refusing their indoctrination. Get enough like minded together in one place and they burn you down like Waco. High dropout? Compared to what is the question I have. It is the field. I have known many young people who loved their computers and wanted to get into IT. Once they start working in the field and studying they find out they do not love their computers but gaming and lose interest in trying to fix logic machines that are highly illogical to us illogical beings. The tipper was “low quality institution“. The industry says otherwise.

Another little snippet of something very serious and disturbing and talked about like some interesting little gossip at the old hens table:

"The Department demonstrated its ability to bring down a school in a matter of weeks. The Department required ITT Tech’s parent company to post a letter of credit worth $153 million—on top of the $94 million the school had already posted—to provide a buffer against closed school discharges. At the same time, the Department forbade the school from enrolling new students on federal student aid. The double hit—cutting off the school’s main source of revenue while dramatically boosting their collateral requirements—was, predictably, too much for the school to survive."

The government used economic warfare to target a technical school that was higher quality, a bastion of White technical superiority, to dump students into lower quality schools? Well, we can good-bye to North American technical superiority and innovation in computing now. Unless business gets smart and starts hiring the few exceptional students at the top of university computer science and the self-taught. On the other hand this makes contributing to open source software as a job application more prevalent.

After reading this article my mind immediately went back to the mention of the lawsuit, by the Attorny General. Then I thought it must not be coincidence that her lawsuit and the economic warfare against ITT by the Department of Education were close enough in stated greivances to be nothing other than a targeted attack. As usual the typical profile comes up when dealing with “conspiracies”, the only conspiracy of course being that the only conspiracy is the denial of patterns that cannot be coincidence.

The observed coincidence was not enough for me though until I looked up the Attorny General’ s public profile. So we are looking for more then three generic patterns one finds with the racial and background characteristics of bastards associated with the present elite and abusers of public trust.

  1. The Semitic protruding lower lip. Usually one will find a receeding chin. In the Slavic characteristics the upper lip is also thick and a thick lower lip. In the Semitic the upper lip is noticably thinner than the lower which has that ever smirking, downward curve. Look here: https://www.johndenugent.com/english-neanderthals-and-semites/
  2. In the 1800s to 1960s the labour movement (manifested as worker parties), real socialism, was the backdoor of the Bolsheviks to power after intfiltrating them. From the ’60s on it swtiched predominately too civil rights. It is no mistake nor coincidence that the civil right leaders were all members of the Communist party and if not at least their most influentual mentor was a Bolshevik. No surprise with Maura Healy, she has the atypical Bolshevik resume and one that is pretty damn impressive of that ilk. “Healey is an advocate for a more equal and inclusive workplace”, “As a civil rights attorney, Healey is committed to ensuring that all residents are treated fairly. As former head of the office’s Civil Rights Division, Healey was the architect of the state’s successful challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act and argued the case in federal court. As Attorney General, she has advocated for marriage equality and in support of bills to fight discrimination against transgender people. Prior to her election, Healey helped lead the Attorney General’s Office as head of the Civil Rights Division and as Chief of the Public Protection and Business & Labor Bureaus.”
  3. Another characteristic is when in office playing the populist card but have worked with major international conglomorates in the past. For a lawyer this means something like; “Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, Healey was a junior partner at the international law firm Wilmer Hale (formerly Hale and Dorr), where she represented clients in the financial services, pharmaceutical, medical device, software, energy, biotechnology and professional sports sectors.” Even more impressive. Not only worked for an international law firm but a junior partner! Looking at the Office’ s website my assertion is right in your face with the ridiculous slogan: “The People’s Law Firm”. I worked protecting big corporations, never apologized for my anti-traditional views, paste my office’ s front page with coloured people, but hey now I’ am reformed and fight for the White family man. Yeah, right. That is who is her enemy.

For those outside of IT, which was always a left leaning industry politically but fiercely a meritocracy within technical matters, may have not realized that while the real geeks were too busy writing software and building infrastructure that we all enjoy today the Bolshevik bastards infiltrated and started taking over important positions and started emotionally bullying people. FreeBSD, the operating system the Internet was born on, recently adopted a leftard code of conduct. They recently bullied Linus Torvalds (Linux kernel) into accepting a code of conduct because they got upset he was honest and straightforward about what he thought of shitty code and shitty corporations and shit in general. There was the uproar of then Google employee James Damore sparked with his anti-diverstity memo. Worth a good read here. One could write thousands of pages documentating it all in detail. Yet, the story is the same. The same culprits, the same operandi modus, the same patterns one finds throughout history.

What is this latest domino? After the dominos of tradition, religion, heirarchy, family, what could possibly be the attack about as the main targets are already retreating, reactionary, or becoming revolutionary? IT is predominately Whiteman which is that hated boogeyman of the Yiddish and their useful idiots. Yet, too simple in a way, a concilatory concern. How do the mediocre hide their mediocracy? Democracy! The last bastion of the Man pouring his soul into a great work is IT where the worth of his ideas succeeds or fails based on hard and cold logic. No compromises and no excuses. Either the logic is solid or it is not. If he is successful then he gets a marketing department behind him and they win by making him another mediocre person. If not then there is the code of conduct. If even further out of ideological control then one is just pushed into the margins. Until someone finds your art and shares it and the genius is appreciated that cannot be stuffed back into the box easily. Or not. Either way you must adhere to the averages or be punished. The mediocre resistance intensifies the more greatness you achieve always using mediocre methods. In this case the code word is community college.

It seems the Enemy found the last resistence to their democratic mediocracy. It past the time of being polite, civil, and with gloves on. Countless people forgotten and never recognized sacrificed a healthy life for a free internet and accompayning free software. This is our last stand. Saddle up!

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