The Sharpened Quill Weekly Edition 02


by: Jake Arminius | Published: September 17, 2018

Replace, Replace, Replace!

I can imagine the headline is exactly what the hook nosed monkey on our back says to himself in his sleep while rubbing his hands together. The international campaign to replace the Whiteman in his ancestral homelands continues unabated. What is worse; the crime from the mind of the foreigner, or the traitors that work with the foreigner to dilute and replace their homelands with foreigners making what would have been a foreign thought into a domestic reality?

It has been for years now that the use of dubious statistics have been repeated over and over as a form of hypnosis to condition us to accept racial suicide. In this case it has reached beyond the media and publisher to the Dutch Parliament: 1 in 5 Danes to be foreign-born or of foreign descent by 2060: statistics. As one can see the government is participating with the conditioning:

“The report, prepared by Statistics Denmark (DST) for the Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, proposed that almost every eighth person living in Denmark will be from a non-Western country by 2060.”

Non-Western in bureaucrat speech means not genetically similar and in most cases not European or any other Aryan sub-type. For decades the main argument to trickle in a replacement population has been labour. This argument may have had some validity before the previous generations used up all the capital of capitalism and there was plenty of work to go around. The Oligarchy contradicts itself if one pays enough attention. Right here they undercut the argument by admitting a smidgen of reality after. First the old labour argument:

“If the Danes do not start to have more children, they must come from somewhere else,” stated Sofie Carsten Nielson, who is a member of the center-left Danish Social Liberal Party, while Steen Nielsen from the Confederation of Danish Industry assessed the statistics as a “great work potential.”
“As I look ahead, we will increasingly need foreign employees, because it does not look like Danish labor will increase,” the deputy director told Berlingske. [in relation too birth and death rates being too low for corporate consumerism to grow]

Next is the admittance:

"According to current figures of Denmark’s Ministry of Finance, non-Western immigration costs the state treasure some $4.8 billion a year, whereas Western immigration composes a profit for Denmark".
"Experts also warned that the Danish government should prepare for better integration policies to avoid the worst consequences, if it did not want a society with more inequality and segregation".

So let me list this so I can sort it out.

  1. Due to declining birth rates we need foreign workers
  2. They preach high ideals for the dark flooding yet their most repeated premise is one of base materialism. Make me money you lazy cattle. Point: ...”great work potential.”
  3. The majority of the immigration has to be non-Europeans which burdens the state and creates a segregated society full of tension and mistrust. Hey, you cannot fight the man if you are too stressed out dude
  4. The words equality and inequality are thrown around with such regularity and vagueness without situational awareness or context it is a case of Never Cry Wolf. Therefore it is just fluff for a softer pillow talk amongst the post-modern and should be read out to understand the sentence, if such sentences can be understood.
  5. Their most base intention; the making of money is a profit when the immigration is European. One would think that they would act in accordance to their character as they do in every other situation yet they keep up the progressive mantra of multiculturalism which implies another motive.
  6. Although by our own words we have considered a worst case scenario, last quote, damn your lives and families we will just repeat our mantras over and above any objections from “experts” or those affected.
  7. Multiculturalism is doublespeak for Monoculturalism.
  8. I smell a rat.

It shows the willing compliance of mainstream media to sell out their countries when they allow a Turkish media outlet to propagandize the issue by being silent on what obviously concerns the silent majority. The next link is from the same source as above, The Daily Sabah. Not that I particularly like using kebab sources but this week I did so for effect.

Once again all they are concerned about is providing more wage slaves as US foreign-born population hits highest in more than 100 years. A noteworthy trend mirroring Canada is the new industry of educating Asians. Foreign born residents (what does that mean as defined?) made up 13,7% of the American population in 2017.

“The data also showed that an increasing number of immigrants were Asian or had advanced university degrees, extending a trend that has been in place for over a decade during which immigration from Mexico slowed. The share of immigrants from Mexico fell to 25.3 percent last year from 26.5 percent in 2016, while the share from China rose to 6.4 percent from 6.2 percent.”

The obvious is that the illegal immigrant population is higher than what can accurately be reported or documentated:

Jeffrey Passel, a demographer at Pew Research Center, has estimated that the actual immigrant population is likely 3 percent to 5 percent higher than the number in the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

It is hard not to think this through with the assumption that the census statistics are full of errors and altered, therefore concluding that the Founding European American population is below 50% and will quickly decline as a ratio without fresh European immigration or a return to our fertility and tribalism.

The natural historical relations between races has been families forming tribes and tribes forming Nations, and borders drawn and defended to keep racial and national uniqueness. When there is similar sub-types of the same race as a neighbour there is cross pollination of civilization and genetics. The bourgeois conception of the nation state may seem similar but it is in opposition. It is against the natural order as it places above nature interests of state and mercantilism. Instead of a biological and spiritual hierarchy of values a nation state has a hierarchy of values that benefit the parasite and trader.

Without the nation state, which has morphed into a satellite of the international state, the Replace, Replace, Replace! mantra of the International Yiddish Banker would be an annoying mosquito buzz of the insane. The spirit of a religion of The Ethnic Nation, is sorely needed and so is a return to our ancestral forms of government. No more putting the weak on top and trampling the strong under foot with the mob!

Western Hype On Idlib Turns Into Inaction

Normal Western demonization of Assad, threats, hyperbole, and the normal plethora of emotional rhetoric to cover their asses in the Sryia Foreign Intervention bombarded the Zombie Communication Networks. September 12th and the assault to clear the last area of Sryia occupied by mercs and lunatics began, which was mostly shelling and air strikes. Ground invasions usually begin after the theater of operations is softened with explosive projectiles. The big evil bear kindly allowed a corridor for the less ardent mercs and lunatics to escape along with civilians. Normal war stuff.

Then out of the blue what reeks of desperation RT (owned by the Russian Federation, sorry stepped out of line: big evil bear), was cut off cable in New York City and YouTube shut down all Syrian State channels. It is reasonable to control the information flow within reasonable limits during a major war and a war that is an existential threat. Since this is neither, except as an existential threat to Sryia, and the supporters of the “moderate rebels” are not officially involved with the “extremist rebels” then what propaganda do they have to fear?

Seeds of doubt is my theory. The propaganda (it is all propaganda after all: Propaganda by Edward L. Bernays of the Russian Federation is superior and far more convincing objectively than the insulting garbage out of the likes of our local monolithic indoctrination industry. Comparing two articles on the same thing from a Western media source compared to state RT is very striking and if one is concerned about the Decline of The West it can be despairing. Not surprising when knowing that the KGB was leagues ahead of anyone else in psychological and psychic research and the Yiddish natural talent for mental manipulation is something the intelligentsia of Russia have inherited from the Soviet Era. A confusing explosion of ideas, thoughts, quackery, and all kinds of awesome, bizarre, and outright outrageous Yakub, of the Internet has eroded their status as authority. Large doses of doubt is a corrosive element.

Quietly, the major war threatening to break out builds more tension. The tension is equal to or greater than before WW1 and there is as many entangling alliances if not more. What is the one element that is has not turned into what according to historical patterns should have been WW1.3 instead of proxy wars? An important angle to approach the question has been largely ignored in the main currents of commentary.

Too much focus is spent on geopolitical strategy, and other thinking on mechanics. The mechanics of international politics is still driven by the motives and intentions of people. An analogy is a mechanic tearing apart an engine to only find out the cause of the problem is bad fuel. So to answer the question one must look at, what do the serpents behind the scenes think?

Behind every rabbit hole is the Yid. It is no longer a secret that the Anglo-American Empire, some say Atlanticist, does the bidding of Israhel. The political demon has been long figured out: the world is run by bankers and Israhel exists to expand into a Greater Israel. What has been not looked at is the religion of the bankers except by a few. While Zionism is the ideology Judaism is the dark spirit driving it. Now, the majority of Zionists are not exactly visibly practising religionists. In this interview with Jacob Rothschild he lets out the mental position Judaism has in the mind of the Zionist. He testifies how his cartel has gives money to Hasidic Rabbis (the Lubavitch sect being the branch of the founding Zionists), that Judaism is the identity of the Jew, plus other lots of little pieces of information that fill out blanks. Identity is the keyword as it is another Yiddish Word Trick to keep state and religion married while tricking the goyim (Yiddish for cattle and this is what they think of every non-Yid) with a secular word.

It is long and complicated to prove in a linear logical way so I will shorten it. Israhel exists to full fill an erroneous Talmudic interpretation of prophecy. Alpha and Omega. The gist of it can be found in an article I read months after coming to this conclusion on my own, me and the author disagree on some points but we agree with the premise completely.

Getting back to the question asked earlier: what is the one element that is has not turned into what according to historical patterns should have been WW1.3 instead of proxy wars? Answer: waiting for the conditions to be right for the building of the Third Temple (actually the fourth temple but that is another thing) in Jerusalem.

Except for proxy actions this is the main reason Western hype keeps fizzing out from direct action that their threats and hype imply.

China, Debt, and other hooplah

The next potential superpower (E1278) RT – Keiser Report – Just before the guest Dr.Michael Hudson runs out of time he sneaks in a reference to the German Economic Miracle, well done. Another good episode! The following paragraphs assume you have watched the episode.

Looking at the holy texts of Christianity and Judaism one finds that usury (interest or the making of money off money (debt)) usury is forbidden and a base evil in Christianity and in Judaism the opposite. It was the “Jews” that practised usury and debt without pause throughout their history and it was the Yids that brang the practice too Europe and made it common practice while Christians vainly tried to fight it.

One must not look into Christianity or Judaism from the words of the Rabbi to the Pastor or his flock. The Rabbi speaks to the Christian to deceive him and to stray him off course. This is illustrated by the erranous perception the Old Testament is a holy text of Judaism. Told over and over to the Pastor who repeats it to the flock. What does the Rabbi say to the Jew? He says the holy text is the Talmud, not the OT. I challenge anybody to show me in Jewish internal literature intended for internal consumption where the OT is considered sacred to them! One may mention the so called Torah, but that is five books, a small portion and it is not of higher authority to Judaism than the Talmud.

I go on this educational rant because although in the interview Dr.Hudson elucidates a lot of what is intentionally ignored in the study of history and is really a fundamental field of study which is to understand the patterns and intentions in the great play, he repeats the common lie birthed from the liar: that Judaism was not always in opposition too Christianity and that Christianity has some basis in Judaism. The worst falsehood, once again fostered on the naive from the mouths of liars, is that the Yiddish Turk is or was an Israelite. This is the main method how the parasite is able to disguise himself from harm and deflect blame from himself while living off the wealth of the world. It is also key to indoctrinate their legions of Judeo-Christian Zionists, traitors to mankind and the Christos himself. Without this fanatic support the rest of the sane world would have kicked these miscreants to the curb long ago.

Stacy and Max play off each other and show the two main positions in debate about China. Whether or not China is the next superpower or whether it has the internal infrastructure to be a superpower. I agree with Max is it cannot sustain itself as a superpower but I think it’ s role is as a superpower to superpowers. This has always been the case. The power of China ascends and descends according to other powers in the world. A multipolar world makes China a Dragon fully awake, the Dragon sleeps in a unipolar world.

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