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by: Jake Arminius | Published: September 10, 2018

Typical French Aggression

First order of faeces, as always is the case with faeces, involves the French (Anglo Canadian what did you expect?). In barely concealed hyperbole France’ s Foreign Minister played the sage and threatened as a bully at the same time by stating that Sryia won the war but still had to "win the peace". By itself it is just innocent analysis hardly anyone can disagree with except other puppet leaders chimed in warning Sryia to not obey nature and reclaim their territory in Idlib province. Would this not be following some principle of democratic rule to bring back your people into their rightful territorial fold? This is just building of pretext for further criminal aggression through advertising. As the West has repeatedly broke every principle they shout from the pulpit it appears they are running out of creative rationalizations.

Freedom For Me, But Not You

While the Yiddish Turk (Jew) cries for their own freedom of speech to spread their lies and filth on the unsuspecting and naive, they are using Facebook to jail Palestinians. For questionable reasons. The examples the VICE article focuses on is quite laughable. For honouring a family member that was marytered. Or rightful complaints about Palestinian erosion of control of their Jerusalem. Plenty of incitement charges which is their new/old foolproof charge across the Western world to admit you are not guilty of a crime but they think you are guilty of a thought crime while in legal norms crime is attached to an action.

I do not care about this in itself, Judaism and Islam deserve each other and it is nice they have a common law relationship based on sadomasochism in a cursed land. It though, is illustrative of Yiddish Hypocrisy at it’ s finest. September 2016 and Facebook announces with Israhel that they have an agreement to monitor incitement on Facebook. By this time Facebook had plenty of practice weeding out what it considered deplorable content and temporarily suspending convicts from social interaction on it. Can look but not touch. Raise your hand reading this who have experienced this. Damn, that is a lot of Whiteness. Typical of the Yiddish, Facebook denied cooperating with Israhel to VICE News, for the referenced article, despite an earlier public announcement to the contrary. The legal fact is that Zionists drew first blood.

Canada And The Ukraine

I have long wondered what Canada is doing in Ukraine. Until very recently I guessed it was because of membership in NATO and Canada’ s tradition of losing blood for Empire. I came across this: Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland: Ukraine and the Toronto Globe & Mail exposé – Soros is a “close friend” and it is much worse than I originally thought. It goes back too WW1.2 and George Soros, the Soros connection is not surprising since Traitor Trudeau (Yidnada’ s Prime Minister) willingly admits his admiration and cooperation with Soros.

The culprit is Canada’ s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland whose Ukrainian grandfather escaped the Polaks and came to Canada to a farm in Alberta. One of her real estate assets listed, reported to be able to serve in her current position, is an apartment overlooking Maiden, the square renamed after a Western backed coup severed Ukraine from Mother Russia. This was the location where protestors were shot by what appears to be agent provocateurs while the police were blamed for starting violence against protestors. It worked and Ukraine was torn in half.

Soros, Trudeau, Freeland, uncredited

There is quite a rabbit trail to follow just from the referenced article and the links contained within and would require a lengthy article too sort it all out and present a linear synopsis. So I will wander a little so those that have interest and read the article have some background.

The largest Ukrainian Easter Egg (Pysanka) in the world is in a small farming town outside of the capital of Alberta. I remember as a young lad seeing it in Vegreville and it was a marvel to me. Many years later after not seeing it for awhile I passed through Vegreville and made a point to visit it as a mature adult. Still impressive but not as large or awe inspiring as young and fresh eyes perceived it. What one misses with the eye is that to this day it is an engineering marvel of the world. Slavics were at the forefront with Northern Europeans in developing and farming the Canadian Prairies. Travelling Saskatchewan and Alberta one can see their descendants and beautiful Orthodox churches. The Slav is an integral part of the Canadian West.

Chrystia Freeland is an example of the power of the Yids over Whiteman and the effectiveness of their mind programming in Canada. Her grandfather was a Reich collaborator in the Galicia reconquistida during WW1.2 being editor of a magazine and with the last name of Chomiak. Galicia is now part of Ukraine, but before WW1 and the redrawing of European borders by the AlLies and Soviets it was a small kingdom. John Helmer has made a big deal of her grandfather’ s “Nazi” background but the media and government shrug it off as conspiracy theory and with the standard rationalizations. Normally if the Zionists do not like a person this would be the end of a public career. Since she is a main mover of putting Canada into something that is of no concern of our military yet that benefits the Western destruction of nations through democracy the Zionists cover their pet. Imagine how her grandfather would feel if he saw her granddaughter working for the same people he was helping to liberate Galicia from? A second generation in Canada and already she has forgotten who her ancestors were and who their enemies were.

After being elected there was a big show about a disproportionate amount of women being selected for Cabinet although the media played it off as a victory for women. Freeland was one of these selected, not on ability, not on experience, but as can be shown to further World War and specifically her because of her Yiddish induced twisted view of her ancestry and European history. Also, her ability to gather the Ukrainian vote in Alberta. Canada is now firmly marching with the rest of the West to sever Ukraine from Russia which it gave birth too and where it belongs and always has. I present an article written by Chrystia Freeland in the February 2014 issue of Prospect magazine titled Kiev protests: Ukraine’ s democracy fatigue. It mirrors the present neo-con faeces about their boogeymen Russia and Iran. She has insider information directly from the Ukraine can be stated without the slightest doubt. Yet, in 2014 in this article for Prospect magazine she is spewing the official line. Despite the long and deep history of Ukraine which never showed a natural inclination for a Northern European concept of individual rights, democratic participation, and the English conception of Rule of Law which is a must to mention for the democrat demagogue. Neither was it under Pax Romana for Western European concepts of law to become part of the national ethos. Another case of aggressors claiming that their foreign ways are part of everybody’ s natural yearnings or national heritage which is another one of their Big Lies.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain Ukraine was independent. Not yet being molded by Western subversion until the Orange Revolution of 2004-5 the natural racial and national inclination was towards Russia. This is when the Ukrainian Oligarchs in partnership with the West started to rape and indoctrinate the nation en masse. In the aftermath of geopolitical intelligence wars the Ukraine was stuck with Tymoshenko the Jewess Oligarch, who by no coincidence is making a comeback for the next elections. Ukrainians being tired of the Yids that have been in power since Euromaiden maybe these deviants think the Ukrainian forgot the last time the Jewess was in office. Democracy has only forced the Yid upon Ukraine as politicians and oligarchs after hundreds and hundreds of years of trying to get rid of them. “You are free from the Bolsheviks who committed the Holodomor, here is a more kindler, gentler democrat Yiddish Turk”. Fuck off, the grass does not grow where the Turk treads!

“Yet even as Ukrainians are proving to be willing to fight, be tortured, and even die in defence of democratic values, the western democracies that Ukraine admires are being trounced in their geopolitical tug-of-war over Ukraine with Russia. Putin’s first victory came with Yanukovych’s U-turn in the autumn: years of painstaking European diplomacy were undone by a weekend of bribes and threats in Moscow. As the protests in the Euromaidan grew, the Kremlin upped its game, offering Kiev a monster $15bn of support.”

Chrystia is well trained or an enthusiastic student of the Western Lie and putting words, ideas, and anything they can for their own cause into other people who have no idea these things were what they said or thought. People were protesting because they wanted money to live. No high ideals at all. Yanukovych did no U-turn and it is a big accusation to accuse Moscow of bribing and threatening someone who was friendly towards them. Kiev was broke. This U-turn she talks of is that Yanukovych did not accept debt to the European Yid and instead accepted a loan from Russia. By not accepting debt and later servitude to the EU and instead keeping debt close to the heart this sent the West into a frenzy. What do you mean no Troika in Ukraine? Freeland surely knows the difference between support and a loan and because she fails to mention this “European diplomacy” was loan negotiations she tips her hand.

Then she rambles on about the fatigue of democracy, as if she is trying to rally the troops. This fatigue has been a common theme amongst the Left the last few years although the election of Trump has given the Left a bogeyman and has sparked the last hoorah out of them. Get the hint: democracy does not work for the Folk and the capital of Capitalism was used up by previous generations. Democrats are zealots who refuse to see any reality with an impressive arsenal of sophisticated lies.

“Today, the strong-arm bosses of state capitalist countries and their business cronies exercise authoritarian power at home, while enjoying the perks of capitalist democracy on holiday. They own lavish pieds-à-terre in London and New York and homes on the Côte d’Azur and in Switzerland; their children go to Eton and to Harvard.”

Then is the blame of every people of every country in the world laid squarely on the Russians: the elite spending tons of money for vacations and luxury off the sweat of the worker. Do I read a hint of neo-Marxism there?

This is offensive to one of British blood on the maternal side:

“This is the Magna Carta impulse, when the barons, who have benefited from the status quo, decide they want dignity, too”.

This is what happens in Canada, the faeces of the Quebecois runs everywhere. No, the nobles had enough, who they were closely tied too the peasants and the health of one effected the health of the other, of whimsical and oppressive Kings and came to King John With a list of demands. Almost literally saying “sign or die”, these are the rights passed down to us by our Germanic and Norse ancestors as oral tradition and they are going to be written down and signed into Law.

“Ruling like Stalin is ultimately a domestic issue and a domestic fight, but it is up to us whether authoritarian rulers and their cronies can simultaneously live like Abramovich.”

Coming from a Ukrainian this is surprising as Putin has never committed a Holodomor as what happened under Stalin when the Bolsheviks starved and executed over 7 million Ukrainians for being White, for being Christian, and holding onto land the Soviets seized on paper. Here is the difference between the Aryan Soul and the Yiddish Demon: the Yiddish attacks through pen and briefcase the Aryan demands honour and a fight. As she continues it is peculiar how much time she spends not saying sanctions but arguing for sanctions.

The ass kicking Russia put on Georgia for invading South Ossetia was still fresh and she in her democrat demogouge way has to inverse what happened and make it a case of Putin putting uppity countries in place.

“That’s why Putin will fight so hard to thwart the Euromaidan, and why we should all hope the west manages to shake off its democracy fatigue and act more forcefully in Ukraine. Precisely because Ukraine matters so much to Putin, it should matter more to us. This is a fight about the domestic viability of state capitalism and the international resolve of western democracies. This is 1956, 1968, 1981, 1989 and 1991. Let’s be sure we are on the right side of history.”

Everything I said on how she thinks is in full display, ribbons and all. A theory of conspiracy that has a public record money trail (Washington spent $5bn over 5 years in political subversion); was that Euromaiden was a Western operation. Looking at who came into power after, it is insane to not connect the dots otherwise. Freeland wrote this while a Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and published February of 2014. Three years before her appointment as Foreign Minister and months before the Western coup in Ukraine finalizes she writes as quoted above: “... act more forcefully in Ukraine”. She brings up the worker strikes of Eastern Europe as if they gave a shit about her post-modern ideology. The Left will cry appropriation as they appropriate everything in sight. The last sentence of the quote is something that one will see being used over and over again in popular and academic literature when talking about their perceived moral high ground. It is directly borrowed from Bolshevik literature and the Bolshevik goal of international revolution. During her whole long winded article this neo-Marxist is talking about revolution in Ukraine under the guise of Democracy in a pattern that repeats itself time and time again in only what could be called apologetics for international revolution. To expose everything she wrote in the article would be longer than the article itself, I leave it as is and move on.

Canada, which was one of the last stalwarts of Old European Civilization has been completely hijacked by Bolsheviks. Canada is now step in step with the rest of the West in the of International Revolutions of Democracy with some of the same slogans wrapped in new terminology. It probably has been for awhile discretely. Another thing that matches post-modern society with what the Bolsheviks did to the White Russian; the propagation of hatred against the White and the elevation of the Yiddish Turk as a deity. One of the most insidious publishing icons of Canada is Maclean’ s magazine. On November 28, 2017 they published the article A peacekeeping force on the Russia-Ukraine border?. The anti-European campaign against Ukraine and Russia becomes more clear than the cheerleading article by Chrystia Freeland showed. The amount of demagogue rhetoric in this Macleans article is appalling although to the Social Democrat it is award material. Idiot boy (PM Justin Trudeau) entertained the Yiddish Poroshenko in September of 2017 and after saying he would support it. How original since Putin earlier had suggested it. Kurt Volker, US Special Envoy to the Ukraine at the time, who display signs of schizophrenia which is common in the US government has the audacity too blame a supposed invasion of Ukraine by Russia as the cause of what is the effect of years of heavily funded Western propaganda. Quoted below it also points out the US is perfectly aware of the natural Ukrainian-Russian bond.

“What Russia wants is a more friendly government in Kiev,” Kurt Volker, the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, told Maclean’s in a telephone interview. “They want a Ukraine that sees itself as connected to Russia. But by invading and taking this territory they’ve produced the opposite: they’ve produced a more unified, more nationalist, more anti-Russian, more pro-Western Ukraine. So they’re actually producing the opposite of what they called for. Which is why they might be willing to rethink. ”

Let me rewrite the quote how it should read free of pathological schizophrenia:

“We want a Ukraine that is severed from Russia and put in fake serpents we call nationalists for chutzpah. By invading with pen and briefcase this territory we have a produced a fractured and hurt Ukraine that has been polarized because we just do not give a fuck. The rhetoric of the International Revolution of Democracy has as much weight as it did when we were Bolsheviks. We are rethinking if we can invade Eastern Ukraine but are cowards so we shell it with blind artillery fire.”

Yep. That sounds more correct.

The UN practice of peacekeeping is a Canadian Social Democrat invention and made famous by a Lester B. Pearson. Another low life the Canadian Establishment tries to tell us as a hero. The shining example, as they think, is Cyprus where Turks invaded Greek Cyprus. Canada put itself in the middle and this has been a model ever since. Greeks defending themselves was bad, never ending Turkish aggression was good. In the sick mind of liberalism rewarding 1400 years of Islamic invasions against Kin is peace. Only one example of Canadian Social Democrats betraying our homelands. Bombing Serbians, the Great Kinslayer Wars of WW1 and WW1.2, presently training Ukrainian puppets, ceaseless propaganda of foreign ideologies, on and on. Canada is portrayed as a great peacekeeper but I will let one picture refute this and leave a nice coup d’ grace until next week, the Kuwaiti Highway of Death:

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