Pax Human Rights

by: Jake Arminius | Published: April 10, 2022

To remove religion you remove a moral order. The real meaning behind "New World Order", Novus Ordo (Vatican II), and what do you replace it with? A state moral order and who does the state answer to?; the very state that disobeys it's own rules for it's own power? Now to remove personal responsibility, and a personal moral compass, you dumb it down to a state supplied moral order: human/civil rights. The Ten Commandments is obsolete, en passe, the state needs an avante garde system, open to emendations, ratifications, and debate; a debate defined within the State' s narrow limits.

A system defined by it' s own terms and it' s own theology, the state becomes the Worship of Baal, a rotating personality cult, always "progressing", always redefining, so that this system leaves every generation without a foundation and a ship tossed by a merciless Neptune.

Those that do not agree or fight this Novus Ordo are to be intolerant of the tolerance a monolithic structure imposes that is only tolerant of itself, the Iceberg only has a closed hierarchy, and like Islam and Pax Romana the only peace is within. This Novus Ordo is now a political order masquerading as a defender of the rights a state decides to grant or take away.

The yearning for transcendence is funnelled into nihilism for there is no statistical model for the deepest expressions of Life and the Divine; it cannot be punch carded, counted, organised, and advertised. You now have your civil rights to live within civil society defined by your oligarchs. Your race, culture, nation, civilization, is a number and if it is not then it must be realigned into a cold, demonic, mathematical equation. Your rights are now not individual, not granted by God, not defined by Natural Law or any push and pull of effect and cause. It is a piece of paper legalized by a state oligarchy. Emotion is diverted into endless distractions and any solidity of the Person is now washed away into hedonism.

Violence within Pax Human Rights is unacceptable, it is only acceptable as a tool of political terror, it is only acceptable to those without the Pax Oligarchy on the receiving end. Dissidence is hate towards the violent and hateful, towards the peace of the overlords. Their peace is theirs and not yours, you are to be a tool to ensure it, violence and hate is a Right only beholden to them.

Religion therefore is bigoted, hateful, <insert brain dead over emotional pig shit term(s) here>, towards the Rights of the State since your Rights are a tool of manipulation instead of being the expression of something not to be counted, organised, and made into an equation so a bureaucracy can run autonomously. All those generations that made you are a background, another check mark to loosely define your ancestor' s experience and struggles.

Now you have your Human Rights, there is no need for the Ten Commandments, no fear of an afterlife since science proves there is only this hedonistic life to be governed by a soulless State. No need to think of your words and deeds because the punishment is not so bad, everything is provided for, and you learn new techniques of queerdom. The diapers are provided. Just shuffle in line and get your slop boy, no need to think about anything higher. Don' t ask the wrong question and all is provided from cradle to grave and that empty feeling, desperation, drowning feeling? We have a distraction for that!

Authority is now without limits and restrictions and invalid since it has no continuity, no heart, no mind, it is an automaton; the cold metallic gears endlessly chugging away. Your Human Rights are now a tool to bludgeon those who dare to be a Being. You are in a Democracy subjected to a badly written play that is in a constant state of International Revolution steam rolling anything considered not diverse enough, not multicultural enough, not within the Slave System, not to be exploited by the Shekel. Any individual creativity that could free your tortured soul from the prison of Pax Human Rights is not a Human Right. Welcome to the Novus Ordo. Enjoy your stay serf.

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