Oklahoma City Innocence?

by: Jake Arminius | Published: August 28, 2019

So, the Anglo-American, sometimes the Franco puppies get to tag along, Empire fabricates a war on Iraq because some Kurds got gassed for being nomad fuckheads, and other fallacious reasoning. This is how it operates over there, stability is only through a strong arm. The same gas the West supplied Saddam with in massive quantities to mass gas Iran in a war they started through using Iraq as a proxy.

Here comes along this soldier, and is gung ho, is involved in heavy fighting in one of the most iconic units in the military of America. Becomes disillusioned, and gets angry that the FBI and ATF would shoot a woman in the head holding a baby standing in her doorway (Ruby Ridge), burn down 70+ separatists with families at Waco. He gets the blame and never denies, he did it alone when it is known he has accomplices, and never rats. 60 minutes has the gall after the American government destroys a country for some vaguely guessable reasons and millions are murdered and the chaos from it is still ongoing in Iraq, destroys the future of a generation of many millions more; to whine about ~168 American lives. Then the interviewer mentions McVeigh’ s “killing indifference”. How many young men did they train to murder with killing indifference foreigners in a foreign land? Trying to play the sympathy card when the dog turns and bites the master is pathetic typical of the media and a pathetic parlour trick.

The Oklahoma City bombing was not some random shopping mall of some random civies. It was an ATF HQ and it was a Federal building. All government workers of a government that murders their own citizens for not wanting to play their ridiculous game. Government workers of a government in perpetual war with the world that is a war of greed and power with no righteous cause. They are accomplices to vast crimes. Over and over the media said/says innocent. Innocent of what? So, at Nuremberg following orders did not suffice but when it involves America it does? When a combatant unit is at war all members of that unit are not ‘innocent’ and are combatants, so how can government workers of a government at war around the world claim to be innocent? You have a choice where to work in America, you can make a moral decision or you can rationalize away that the organization you work for is murdering real innocents foreign and domestic and get the material benefits of being morally bought off. If you take the sell out route then you have no moral right or authority when a combatant treats you like the combatant you are to claim innocence.

CNN got special government privilege for exclusive rights for embedded indoctrination. It was a first, it was 24 hours of constant propaganda and it put CNN on the map. We only say CNN as a brand because of the first Iraq war. Newspapers had articles of more than 2000 words justifying the war and singing the praises of democracy. Here in Canada it went unquestioned in the media in any meaningful way and Saddam was the new Hitler Lie. The average family man would suddenly hate him when a couple years earlier he was America’ s second best friend in the Middle East and they never heard of this Saddam Hussein before. Hate him for what propagandists told him to hate.

Innocent victims? Bugger off wanker. A society wide, continent wide, mass condoning of the rape and murder of a country, nary a thought or wrinkle on the forehead to fill the pockets of a few and satisfy the Talmudic dreams of a fewer makes so called innocents accomplices. Tragic, yes. Compared to the receiving end of the West a few Western accomplice lives are not even worth a mention. What do the Yiddish care that control the world? More goyim murdering more goyim while the Yiddish do not get accused of their crimes while patsies are suckered and their lives and the lives of others are ruined.

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