Oh, What Fools We Have Been by William Baxter

by: William Baxter | Authorship Date: February 08, 2020

Canadians were once very proud and loyal citizens. At some point something happened very subtly, which caused citizens to gradually and many times unknowingly, lose confidence and pride in being Canadian. Nobody could pinpoint what had occurred, nor did they really care to know, which has been unfortunate to say the least. Canada was changing ever so subtly, but it definitely wasn't for the better. Many Canadians are ignorant, as they remain unaware that our government is supposed to work for, with, and on behalf of their citizens, and especially for the betterment of our society as a whole. So what happened? Now we all work for and on behalf of them!

Canadians have proven to be very foolish and terribly naïve people. Collectively, we have been had by a supposed government, that has actually become a massive criminal organization. We are not citizens, because citizens are people who have rights, which we apparently do not, and citizens are supposed to be protected from our government, but we are actually under attack by our government. Actually, some of us wrongfully feel we have rights, while the rest know better, as they have been denied their true rights. The majority of Canadians are victims, victims of a soon to be exposed communist regime that is apparently running our country. This regime is not new, nor have they recently taken over. In fact, they have been in power for several decades, operating under different political party’s names. You see, the people we have unknowingly considered as citizens of Canada are not being governed, they are being controlled! Yet who's voicing our displeasure?

Repression is a word that has never been associated with a country such as Canada. However, people who live and many times suffer within this country have been unknowing victims of repression, for several decades now. Many people have never really trusted our government, but they have full-heartedly trusted our mainstream mass media, which has been a grave mistake. Our public media organizations have allowed themselves to be intimidated and otherwise controlled by an evil entity, which has been known to us as our government. These media giants have conspired to betray each and every “citizen,” as they have failed to disclose all news, good or bad. As a result, people's stories of crimes committed against them by our own government, have been suppressed and or censored for several decades. This in itself is a huge story, but it is nothing compared to what has been hidden from us all. When you finally learn the truths, you will surely be astounded, appalled, embarrassed, and now possibly living in fear.

Oppression is also a word that is rarely seen in media articles pertaining to Canada, nor is it a word used to describe any part of the lives we lead in Canada. This is ridiculous, as oppression is now everywhere, in everything we do, and in they way the majority of Canadian people are treated. Canadians are in fact, a very oppressed society. However, few people amongst the wealthiest ever feel this, as it is a cruel and inhumane control measure used against mostly vulnerable people. Any Canadians in a wealth class lesser than lower middle-class have increasingly become victims of oppression, for better than forty years now. In Ontario especially, the working class are the most oppressed of all citizens, because they have actually been enslaved by Big Money, after having been sold-out by our evil government, after having become victims of extortion themselves. They truly are recklessly incompetent morons! Why have our Canadian people been so passive, so quiet, and so well behaved? The answer is kind of embarrassing, as the truth is, Canadians are dumb. Canadians have become victims of a retarded public education system, which was purposely set-up to dumb-down and mislead them. What's more, Canadians have become victims of their own selves, as the native-born amongst our population, have naturally never dared question authority as they have preferred to be good little soldiers. By not even questioning the illegal advances of our government, has just embrazened them to become much more the enemy of the people.

Censorship is not something new within Canada, it has been used quite proficiently by our government for nearly half a century, of course unbeknownst to it's people, as they are so naïve. Not only have Canadians become victimized by this quite near illegal act, people throughout the world have fallen victim to our government's mass suppression of the truth. Our government has used digitally-enabled sleuthing software to hunt-down, and subsequently censor or fully remove stories posted on the internet, that portray our government or certain corporations in a negative light. This would obviously be unnecessary unless they had something to hide, and boy do they!

Canada is nothing near the country it appears to be, as it has been falsely portrayed to all. People worldwide have become victims of a cleverly orchestrated illusionist act, put on by our government, but shamefully the people of this country have been fooled as well. The ignorant people living within Canada have failed to listen to their fellow “citizens," who have previously attempted to disclose our government's dirty secrets. As a result, they have only encouraged this evil entity we call our government, to continue and in fact increase their attacks upon more Canadian people. Canadians should be ashamed of themselves because they now look like morons, as they must have been deaf, dumb, blind, and pretty much stupid, to miss what was in front of them all this time.

As it stands at this point in time, mass crimes are being perpetrated upon people's of Canada, every minute of every day now. Myself and my family have become victims, as our government have destroyed our lives, all in the name of protecting their corporate overlords, and their own dirty secrets. When do you suppose you will be victimized, or have they already gotten to you? Now, what are we going to do about it? Or, are we going to remain good little soldiers, by succumbing to their illegal and unconstitutional advances? I suggest you consider the futures of your children, your grandchildren, and for this once great country of Canada. Please stand-up!

Tags: Canada, Democracy, CulturalMarxism, Communism

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