Is Trump A Distraction?

by: Khronosschoty | Published: December 14, 2020

Trump isn’t showing signs that his going to battle this fraud in the way it needs to be battled! Don’t count on Trump to save you or us! Rise up now and take back what’s ours!

Suddenly I get the creepy feeling that Trump is, once again, just a huge distraction. The election is fraud, but I suspect elections have been rigged for a long time now. Trump claimed last election was rigged and he won despite it. Democrats claimed the election was rigged and had a conspiracy theory that may or may not be true!

So I ask , is anyone really claiming elections haven’t been rigged? Apparently the Supreme Court can just abandon ship and not fulfill its primary duties whenever it suits them. The message from the Supreme Court is just election fraud is fine by them.

So I got this creepy feeling that Trump is a distraction. He should be mobilizing and utilizing every power and support he can against this election! If Trump doesn’t act courageously then what his doing is sedating the people who would maybe do something about all this; because those people will continue to wait for Trump to save them!

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